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But that would be giving away my secrets....

#0-16: To Scale the Dragon - IIRC they're the enemies in the cinematic encounter
#0-22: Fingerprints of the Fiend

#1-29: The Devil We Know - Part I: Shipyard Rats
#1-30: The Devil We Know - Part II: Cassomir's Locker
#1-33: Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible
#1-41: The Devil We Know - Part III: Crypt of Fools
#1-48: The Devil We Know - Part IV: Rules of the Swift
(I believe only parts 1 and 4 of TDWK technically feature Aspis)

#2-01: Before the Dawn - Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise
#2-02: Before the Dawn - Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge
#2-23: Shadow's Last Stand - Part I: At Shadow's Door (Shadowlodge Subplot)
#2-24: Shadow's Last Stand - Part II: Web of Corruption (Shadowlodge Subplot)

#3-03: Ghennet Manor Gauntlet - aka the most fun scenario with Aspis in it.
#3-12: Wonders in the Weave - Part I: The Dog Pharaoh's Tomb
#3-14: Wonders in the Weave - Part II: Snakes in the Fold
#3-19: The Icebound Outpost
#3-20: The Rats of Round Mountain - Part I: The Sundered Path
#3-22: The Rats of Round Mountain - Part II: Pagoda of the Rat
#3-25: Storming the Diamond Gate
#3-26: Portal of the Sacred Rune

#4-01 Rise of the Goblin Guild
#4-03: The Golemworks Incident
#4-04: King of the Storval Stairs
#4-06: The Green Market
#4-07: Severing Ties
#4-12: The Refuge of Time
#4-14: My Enemy's Enemy
#4-16: The Fabric of Reality
#4-23: Rivalry's End (Shadowlodge Subplot)

#5-11: Library of the Lion (references #1-48)
#5-12: Destiny of the Sands - Part I: A Bitter Bargain
#5-15: Destiny of the Sands - Part II: Race to Seeker's Folly
#5-16: Destiny of the Sands - Part III: Sanctum of the Sages

#6-09: By Way of Bloodcove
#6-12: Scions of the Sky Key - Part I: On Sharrowsmith's Trail
#6-14: Scions of the Sky Key - Part II: Kaava Quarry
#6-16: Scions of the Sky Key - Part III: The Golden Guardian
#6-21: Tapestry's Toil (storywise)

Module: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament

Special: Race for the Runecarved Key
Special: Siege of the Diamond City
Special: Siege of Serpents
Special: Serpents Rise

#7–10: The Consortium Compact
They have a small part (faction mission) and are referenced in #4-01

Are you looking for this sheet for the special?



I have this idea......Unchained Rogue 8 / Aether Kineticist 4

I don't know if it'll work, but I must try it.....

Looks like fun.....


Hero Lab doesn't count as owning copies, so pdfs are the next and only choice out of owning a physical copy.

Adaptive, and Endless Ammunition on the composite longhorns, with Seeking on the other longish, combined with an efficient quiver holding cold iron holy arrows.

That's a boat load of moolah though.....

Oh, and don't forget a swarm bane clasp in case the little buggers get close.

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CrimsonVixen wrote:
Crashwheeler wrote:
Wait...a succubus can suck? I thought they only drain.
What do you think triggers the draining?



Oops, I forgot to mention that part!


It's a symbol of being a Pathfinder, and has the ability to cast Light, adds +2 to survival from getting lost, has an incident for an ioun stone, and costs 250 GP. There are other variants that cost a whole lot more, and for some are worth it, while there are also vanities that cost prestige for them. No need to play the confirmation to buy one though, as you just need the gold.

I may be planning on buying an ebony wayfinder, and making it Adamantine for a mere 18,000 gp and 5 PP.


Yay! I'll just carry snacks in it for the game days I go to.

I would assume level 4 Kobold pregens may be the reason, if I recall correctly.....

I wish you the best of luck Kludde! As for everyone else, think outside the box, and use teamwork!

There is a reason as to why I don't have a stat block for this alias, haha.


Season 6:
Siege of Serpents
Rise of Serpents

(Just to name a couple not on a list.....)

DC 25; Profession(Cook)

ArdentAssailant wrote:
Wait, can you get Weapon Focus with Kinetic Blasts? I'm sorry if this was stated early. :s

from how things look, weapon focus works on blasts.

Kyo Yamato wrote:

If you use your kinetic blast to throw a flask of acid or stuff like that, do you get to deal the blast damage plus the acid damage?

Or if you throw a fishing net at them do they get entangled?

Unfortunately, I don't believe so, although I would assume the added damage would be similar to splash weapons' splash damage. I've never included the extra damage because the damage is already scary enough....


Tee hee!

I'll be grabbing the book tomorrow to see what fun things I can do are from it..... And I like the idea of not needing to bring food around for myself and other members.


Barbarian - 9
Bard - 3
Brawler - 1
Cleric - 1
Druid - 1
Fighter - 7
Kineticist - 3
Sorcerer - 1
Summoner - 6

All of these are from characters that have at least one XP on them, otherwise, I do have more.....

Flaxseed Lodge

I would recommend you also recruit in the Flaxseed Lodge, as they have quite the hodgepodge of recruitment.

Flaxseed Lodge

I like the sound of that...... Hmmmmmm.....


RobertTHEPerylous wrote:
I'm hoping that some of us will get to play undercover Aspis agents. That would be fun!

oh, it would prove most delightful indeed!


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Codanous wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Given the themes of the next APs, will the "Year of the Serpent" involve Cheliax?

I thought they said they are moving past tying seasons to AP's and instead focusing on building their own narratives.

More on topic, I am absolutely on board, I've often wanted the Aspis to play a larger role in the Society. For so long they were a low-level foil to the Pathfinder Society. I hope this actually expands on them being evil as well because so far while their stats block may say "LE" or "NE" rarely are they doing anything particularly evil. I didn't get the chance to play either of the specials though so I definitely look forward to the opportunity to play them.

Only playing Rise of Serpents, I am fully on board for Aspis shenanigans this season.

No more with the chop and mop of our breathren! This time, we shall send out better agents of the Consortium!