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So here we are. Gen 7 is behind us, and nothing known of gen 8 besides its existence. Perfect time to go back to the first region I came to love, Hoenn. This is still my original cartridge, dead battery preventing the clock from moving and all

So after realizing for the fist time that the boxes actually shift in the moving van, I climb out into Littleroot Town. Sometimes a family's gotta follow their work, and seems Johto's current Normal leader is a bit to (in)famous to replace. Doesn't take long for the local researcher to prove himself inept, but I have enough time to consider my first pokemon carefully. I know my stuff (possibly better than Birch) and decide that learning Earthquake without a currently-consumable TM is going to be important a lot later on, and so my starter is Mudkip.

Introductions to the neighbor go simply remember, lvl 5 starters don't have any STAB moves yet, I help another kid get on his journey, and stop a thug on the way to the first gym run by somebody who isn't my dad. I've picked up a few other 'mons by this point, but I have no idea what my final team is going to look like. As a kid, I thought wurmple's evolution was time- or version-locked, since I always got Cascoon. It's actually random, and I just had weird luck

Water gun wipes out both geodude, and I decide to use mud-slap and debuff accuracy on Nosepass. A few crits on the part of my opponent brings it down to the wire, but eventually poison damage from Silcoon takes them down

After another brief diversion in a tunnel with somebody who doesn't know what to do with their hostage, I get some shiny new tech given to me for free. So now I can listen to people talk to me all the time. I can't say I'll be impressed until I can start getting rematches out of them.

Rival 2:
Wingull was concerning, but I just beat it down with Mudkip's tackle. I had plenty of bugs to handle Treeko

It's been fun, but any shmuck can save the world and become champion. Half the reason I'm here is because Kanto wouldn't let me do it in style. I look at my Ralts, Huge Power Marill, Nincada, and the itinerary showing Granite Cave and decide to play with life and death. From now on, this journey is Ghost and those that would be Fairy only (and prevos, of course). Fortunately this is well away from the creepier aspects of the latter type (Mawile, especially mega Mawile, isn't concerning. you know exactly where you stand with them: ready to be torn to shreds by an effective base 200+ attack)

If I was interested in having a group of monsters with a template that could be spread (e.g. lycanthropy), how would I go about giving a PC said template? I don't think an NPC rebuild is the best option, especially since they would still be a PC at least some of the time. Am I just overthinking this and should just add the abilities?

So we have a villain intent on fusing/abducting/whatever a chunk of the material plane, and we have Lhaksharut inevitables, CR 20 Outsiders that exist just to keep this kind of thing from happening. I have a hard time believing the steps taken are minor enough to be below Axis's notice. So shouldn't the players be able to count on the support of something that basically hard-counters the final boss?

The plan was that I would go through and make conversions of the PCs and major NPCs for campaigns I have been involved with, to test out what the system can accomplish.

I'm not sure it's actually worth the effort, it seems loud and clear that these aren't well-supported under the playtest rules. Heck, the first character I made once I got ahold of the PF1 CRB is a sorcerer of a bloodline that isn't around (elemental, for the curious). I don't want to go through the effort just to mark off 30 failures.

Cleave is a pretty iconic fighter option. I'm not sure there's much that simply gets across "great at fighting" like bringing down two attackers in one stroke. It wasn't amazing in PF1 unless you were a dwarf, but one with everything going was truly spectacular.

The playtest fighter cannot gain cleave. It's Barbarian only. Patterns tell me it would be available at 12 in Core once the multiclass for Barb is online, due to the "half your level" on getting class feats via multiclass.

So after We've dropped three feats, our fighter can cleave, right? Well, not fully. Cleave has the rage trait, restricting it to during that status. So we can cleave 3/4 of the time, but not if you go toward the standard fighter equipment. Because you can't rage (and thus cleave) in heavy armour.

It is, as far as I can tell, impossible to make something you could do as a first level fighter in the PF1 CRB, or heck, even the PF1 beginner box. I would request that Cleave and Great Cleave be Fighter feats in addition to Barbarian feats and lose the rage trait.

What is the best way to go about statting an AI or other construct that has been brutally murdered and has risen to seek vengeance? There appears to be next to no overlap between constructs and vengeful undead.

Not sure if I should be here or in Homebrew

Since I'm going through and writing down houserules now, I thought I might as well look at some things that have been overlooked for being underwhelming.

Would it be reasonable to either
a) move supercharge earlier
b) loosen or remove the daily limitation on the passive burn reduction

As title. neither AoN nor the PRD seem to have this as an option. Anbody know where I can find this functionality?

And I don't mean the wimpy ones seen in most fantasy either. I mean ones with the merlons full-body height and the crenels still at waist-height. In other words, using a map,


(elevation difference)


Secondly, would including machicolations (holes at the bottom to allow for easier firing downwards) change this answer?

I've finally lost my patience with people hating on defensive play.

A lycanthrope (or entothrope) are type Humanoid (shapechanger). This is unmodified by what the base animal/vermin is. Because several creatures have the ability to breathe water through the (aquatic) subtype, lycan/entothropes of those creatures cannot breathe water even in animal/vermin form (unless either part grants the amphibious SQ).

Since we probably won't get an errata on this with PF1 support being discontinued and all, what is the best way to resolve this?

1. Amphibious SQ is granted when mixing air- and water-breathers (allowing access in all forms)
2. Amphibious is granted to they hybrid while the other two use their base method of breathing
3. Hybrid defaults to the humanoid's method of breathing while the other two forms use their base.
4. Hybrid defaults to the animal/vermin's method of breathing while the other two use their base.
5. Aquatic subtype is retained, forcing all forms to breathe water
6. status quo, forcing all forms to breathe air.

On one hand, it is good we are scrutinizing all aspects of PF and PF2. On the other, general news threads aren't really the place for discussion of physical properties of various matter.

What is lava in PF? Is it viscous? Dense? comfortable temperature for swimming?

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I'm doing some things that would be much aided by more standardized polymorph spells, so I worked on filling out Vermin Shape to the same set of levels as Beast Shape. I continued to add 30' to the movements and special senses, and added primarily form-based abilities, as well as pounce at 3 (Beast Shape has it at 2) and DR in the same amount Fey Form gets it. New abilities are in asterixes. Natural armour continues the trend of being 1 more than beast shape (when more than 1)

VS 3:

Alchemist 6, Druid 5, Magus 6, Sorc/Wiz/Arc 6, witch 5
As VS 2, granting

burrow 60', climb 60', fly 90' (good), swim 90', darkvision 60, low-light, tremorsense 60', scent, blood drain, constrict, grab, lunge, poison, pull, trample, web, **compression, hold breath, uncanny leap, DR 2, attach, sudden strike, pounce, anchored, sightless, blindsense 30, malleable, strong web, water skating**

Diminutive vermin: +6 Dex, -4 Str, +1 NA

Huge vermin: +6 str, -4 Dex, +7 NA

VS 4:

Druid 6, Sorc/Wiz/Arc 7, Witch 6
As VS 3, granting

+*6* Mind-affecting, burrow 90, climb 90, fly 120 (good), swim 120, tremorsense 90, blindsense 60, scent, blood drain, constrict, grab, lunge, poison, pull, trample, web, compression, hold breath, uncanny leap, DR 5, attach, sudden strike, pounce, anchored, sightless, malleable, strong web, water skating, **extending jaw, sonic burst, rend, all-around vision, ferocity**

Gargantuan vermin: +8 Str, -6 Dex, +9 NA

I've noticed that the first post on any given page of a starfinder blog discussion is only showing the bottom half, and that links always go to the top of the discussion, rather than a specific post. I'm guessing the first error causes the second. I use Firefox if that matters.

Other blogs seem unaffected, for some reason.

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Can we drop the Druid restriction on metal armour? Every explanation I've found isn't satisfying, and having a core class thematically broken beyond playability is unacceptable. I have played saner Antipaladins than Druids, because I cannot fathom how to reconcile "I represent the freeform powers of nature" and "I cannot use a material that may well be more natural than something I can use" with anything resembling a firm grasp on reality.

After this thread considered expanding beyond the original universe, I decided to make a place for a more general setup. Feel free to add any video game conversions, whether they are characters, classes, or races.

Of course, I'll be pushing a few more niche ones, starting with

Monado Boy:

Human Occultist (Battle Host) 10
N Humanoid (Human)
Init +5 Senses Perception +15

HP 9d8+44
AC 22 touch 13 flat-footed 21 (+7 armor, +1 Dex, +2 deflection, +2 natural)
Fort +15 Ref +9 Will +13

speed 30 feet
melee +2 construct-bane greatsword +15/+10 (2d6+9/19-20)
0 (DC 14)
detect magic
1(5/day, DC 15)
lead blades
anticipate peril
2 (4/day, DC 16)
resist energy
heat metal
see invisibility
3 (4/day, DC 17)
Dispel magic
Locate Weakness
4 (1/day, DC 18)
Locate Creature
Freedom of Movement
Rusting Grasp

special attacks Spirit Warrior (2/day), Heroic Splendor (2/day)
focus powers: Quickness, future gaze, philosopher's touch, globe of negation, sudden insight, mind barrier, legacy weapon

Str 20 Dex 12 Con 16 Int 18 Wis 12 Cha 10
BAB+7 CMB +12 CMD 25
Feats: Improved initiative, Iron Will, Improved Iron Will, Tougness, Great Fortitude, Improved Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, Weapon focus (greatsword), Power Attack, Furious Focus, Extra Mental Focus, Efficient Focus Shift, Vital Strike
Skills Climb +14, Disable Device +13, Perception +15, Spellcraft +17, Survival +11, Swim +14, Use Magic Device +17(+22 for weapons, armor or shields), Knowledge (arcana, engineering) +17
SQ Mental focus (15 total, 7 to transmutation, 6 to abjuration, 2 to divination), object reading, panolpy bond

+2 construct-bane greatsword (panolpy bond), +3 mithral breastplate, ring of protection +2, amulet of natural armor +2, 6650gp other

PC WBL and 20 point buy used

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Because I thought I should stop derailing every time it gets mentioned elsewhere.

My most recent post on the subject

I do not think the Druid should be restricted from wearing metal armour.

Between the item slot faq/errata and UWilderness, there's been a lot of shakeups to animal/plant/vermin companions. It's still pretty likely velociraptors are the best, but I'm interested in seeing what has come in and out of base viability. In particular, as a guy who likes bugs, is going for a vermin's more uniquely specialized approach reasonable, or are you still building them as a chordate with fewer item slots?

Given my propensity for character thought experiments and tinfoil hat attitude towards the First World, it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, I'm away from my bestiaries to make a representative sample of the creature type's abilities and potential non-fey allies, so I'm mostly going from memory. Let me know if there's something I'm mising.

common abilities:

  • "nature", disruption, and enchantment SLAs
  • significant movement (flight, high land speed)
  • High Special defence (save boosters, augments to touch AC, SR)
  • DR/cold iron

probable allies:
  • animals (Melee-only brutes)
  • controlled humanoids
  • plant creatures

the links with magical beasts, abberations, and vermin are fewer (despite all three being Naturally occurring)

Normally, when you need to take down a specific creature type, you use a Ranger. However, the poor Will save and no augments to it concern me. Offensive spellcasters are less likely to dominate here than anywhere else, but potential lower damage from the fey and the ability to counter-summon the support and necromany's unique aid in a military invasion of the First World (preventing respawns) may keep them on top.

In any case, I'm likely going to want to go ranged to avoid being kited. If leaning martial, is Clustered shots necessary when I'm only expecting one type of DR, bypassable with only incremental cost (because I'm not enchanting the ammo, it doesn't take the CI cost increase)?

Would be real nice if there were Paladin specializations for this...

So I'm helping somebody else make some NPCs, and one of them has the following description:
[An elven noble that is] bookish and intelligent that dabbles in both the arcane and divine. Is in the process of deciding whether or not they truly believe in a higher power

Do I run Mystic Theruge with a divine caster of a concept/ideal, a more in-between caster like a Witch, a Medium, something else?

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Does Technomatic Dabbler/Connection Inkling allow you to use spell gems or a computer's spell chips? If so, only the few you can cast, all 0 and first level spells, or the entire list?

No, this does not belong on the Pathfinder boards.

Current approach is Melee-specced Soldier with Blitz primary, Hit-and-run Secondary. Heavy Armour, phase shield, various forms of longsword (based on description of appearance, what I'm looking for is Dimensional Slice, but generalized level is a concern as much as final state).

The biggest pitfall is ranged. Aside from just throwing melee weapons, Link has an energy-strung bow with disintegration arrows. Obviously, the base bow doesn't cut it after low levels, so I have two options:

Spellthrowing bow with disintegrate spellgems. more thematic, but probably more cost than effectiveness.

Representative longarm or heavy. Currently considering Dual Acid Dart rifle for L10.

What would be recommended for a character who takes the laws of the universe and uses them, with no exterior changes, to produce impossible effects? Preferably something unique from standard magical abilities, since using established spells is hardly what I would consider glitching.

For the purposes of the Vigilante's Returning Weapon talent. I'm thinking of using Viridium or Obsidian weapons and Disposable Weapon, but I'd like a better crit rate.

Does the Nature Priest's alterations of Nature Bond,


If a nature priest chooses a domain for her nature bond, she must choose one of her deity’s domains (or subdomains) in place of those typically available to a druid.

This ability alters nature bond

lift the restriction on the Metal Subdomain if the deity offers it?

So I was thinking on the Vigilante class, specifically how it applies to non-intruige games. While it is entirely possibly to ignore any detection immunity and be in Social form 24/7, I wanted somebody who has reason to switch even if they are not interested in any sort of coverup.

The Magical Child archetype not only changes faster at an irrelevant cost if going Tony Stark, but also has different abilities for their familiar in either form. This led to an interesting idea: start combat in Vigilante form with a wand-using or flight-capable improved familiar, buff/position round 1, and then switch to social to use the Mauler archetype for the rest of combat.

Does this work, and are there any other cool combos for immediate familiar switching in combat?

What happens if a Magaambyan/Collegiate Initiate or Arcanist ceases to be Good?

Suppose I wanted to make a mounted arcane caster wearing significant armour. The Hellknight Signifer PRC has full spellcasting progression (though I would likely dip for the armour proficiency requirement) and reduces the ASF for armour by a total of 10%. this is 20% combined with mithril. It also grants Arcane Armour Mastery, but I worry about constantly using my swift action on a (nearly) fullcaster build. Should I restrict myself to ASF 20 armours, eat the swift action, or are their other ASF reductions I'm unfamiliar with?

The Ritual Gate entry reads as follows:

PRD, Lurker in Light wrote:
Ritual Gate (Su) By sacrificing one or more humanoid victims, a lurker or group of lurkers can create a gate to the Material Plane, one of the Elemental Planes, or the realm of the fey, either to return home or to conjure allies. Creating a gate for travel requires the sacrifice of five victims—the gate created remains open for 1 minute. Creating a gate to bring allies to the Material Plane requires one sacrifice for every HD of the creature intended to pass through the gate (so five sacrifices can bring a lurker or a Medium air elemental, eight can bring a Large earth elemental, and so on). The sacrifices do not need to be simultaneous; as long all sacrifices occur at some point during the hour-long ritual, the magic continues to build until it reaches the required total.

Unfortunately, the numbers don't match up with their examples. A lurker has 8HD and a medium elemental has 4. Only the Large elemental example is correct.

Is the statement of "one sacrifice per HD" correct and the examples wrong, or is there another way of counting?

I'm kind of a sucker for wierd conversions, and with Starfinder coming up, Scifi has been on my mind.

If you were making a PF playable version of the Reploids from the Mega Man X/Zero series, how many of their traits would be humanoid-like, and how many would be construct-like? Obviously, the Mind-affecting immunity is out. Just using Androids doesn't really work, since much of the point is free-thinking and free-feeling robots.

What would be recommended for a kineticist focused on ice specifically, and using it to turn a generally considered defensive element into full offence?

Cold will be lvl 1 blast, ice will be lvl 7 blast. lvl 15 expansion is open.

There doesn't appear to be an energy Water composite. Is it worth losing touch options and flavour to go Annihilator? Are there any other archetypes that increase offence potential?

One of these days, I'll fully learn the Occult classes.

This conversation started in another thread, but it was getting long, so now it's over here.

When do you think BotW occured in the timeline? Personally, I think it was middle of the Downfall timeline, between the Oracle Games and Zelda 1.

Suppose I wanted Wizard or Summoner spells on a paladin. Can I use the Mystic Past Life ability to add them to the Bard list, then use Unsanctioned Knowledge to get them to the paladin list? Or does Unsanctioned knowledge only work on spells normally on the Bard list?

Assume the GM is just as crazy as I am.

How do these work? Do I get normal shield damage against nonliving, or 0?

While pondering Battlefield control, I came to wonder if there were damaging area hazards (in the vein of spike growth/stone call) that affect flying creatures as well? Wall spells primarily do damage OR restrict movement, not both.

As many of you have noticed, the "Is the GM cheating" threads are pretty heated. One of the points brought up is changes to prevent metagaming.

I think of metagaming in the context of RPGs to be using your skills instead of your characters. Personally, I would let you do this because I like cool rules interactions.

However, I often see ingame rewards for player dialog in social encounters praised. To me, this is metagaming. Another consensus is that you shouldn't metagmine with respect to knowledge.

What makes metagaming Diplomacy so much better than metagaing Knowledge?

I'm helping a friend build a paladin at high level, and he's interested in Unsanctioned Knowledge, in particular for necromancy spells. I am aware of the fear spells from the bard list, but their effectiveness as already fallen off (pally level 17). Are there any necromancy spells that are both accessible and effective for a paladin?

How would you go about making a character that cannot be taken down non-lethally?
That is, it requires at least the effort of a Raise Dead to put them back after being removed from the fight.

The best I have is an Alchemist with Mummification and Diehard. Immune to poison, nonlethal damage, and can keep fighting below 0 HP.

Any way to get this combination earlier than lvl 10? Or to be immune to more forms of nonlethal takedown?

Edit: Elven Alchemist, for the sleep immunity.

I always liked the idea of a paladin being the champion for a group nobody else would represent. In pathfinder, this is often equated with the various darklands races. The idea is to use Eclipsed Spell on every light spell the paladin has (as a prepared caster, and 0-level metamagic, there's no cost besides the feat), but I run into a problem with Divine bond. All of the equipment options give off light, and there are few mounts with darkvision.

What should this character be doing at level 5?

Another thread about weapon enhancements got me thinking, how does the speed enhancement work with ammunition?
Do I need enough speed arrows for one full attack, or is one sufficient?
If so, can I choose to full attack normally, then pull out the speed arrow if I miss several times?

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In my area, there's a semi-orgainized play campaign going on. I am not in it due to inability to provide an adequate backstory, but I know what happens from one of my friends who is in it. Recently, the party was knocked/poisoned unconscious and left on an island without gear. Since any sort of rolling was bypassed, I couldn't believe that the GM would take away all the gear (effectively destroying several interesting builds)simply because plot. However, everybody I asked about is saying that I'm a bad player for asking the DM to be as bound by the rules as the players. What is so wrong about wanting to try out interesting mechanics, and having them not arbitrarily lost? Especially since the characters were without their main gear for around 20% of the campaign length? (It's five day long sessions, at levels, 4,8,12,16,20)

Magic items have a save bonus at 2+1/2*CL. For a black blade,
Can it add its Wisdom modifier to Will saves?
What is it's CL?

For the purposes of Weapon focus (ray), spellslinger, etc.

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Basically, this thread is for fun things to do with subjective gravity.

For example: An intelligent item chooses its gravity, and uses that velocity to move other objects/creatures, despite being normally unable to do so.

Supposing somebody makes their save, what happens to them?

Positive and Negative energies are weird. Sufficiently weird that somebody might consider researching what they can and cannot do.

How would you go about building somebody who sees the stability of Negative energy as a possible way to increase healing effectiveness? Short of trying to switch everybody to being undead, of course.

Necromancer wizard?
Cleric (negative channelling)?
Witch who deliberately seeks out a patron?

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