building Link from Breath of the Wild


No, this does not belong on the Pathfinder boards.

Current approach is Melee-specced Soldier with Blitz primary, Hit-and-run Secondary. Heavy Armour, phase shield, various forms of longsword (based on description of appearance, what I'm looking for is Dimensional Slice, but generalized level is a concern as much as final state).

The biggest pitfall is ranged. Aside from just throwing melee weapons, Link has an energy-strung bow with disintegration arrows. Obviously, the base bow doesn't cut it after low levels, so I have two options:

Spellthrowing bow with disintegrate spellgems. more thematic, but probably more cost than effectiveness.

Representative longarm or heavy. Currently considering Dual Acid Dart rifle for L10.

Do I need an SF alias?

Scarab Sages

The biggest problem building link is there are no shields in starfinder.

Considering It's an energy projection anyways, I fail to see how the Phase Shield isn't valid. (Of course, if you really wanted, this version of Link occasionally uses two handed weapons as well, I just went sword and board because the armour I used for inspiration had extra defence against tech weapons such as lasers and I wanted good EAC)

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