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Ankous Shadow Slayer seems pretty solid.

Why no enforce blunt weapons or non lethal damage?

No, no what i meant is the rule that lets you pass weapons, shields and etc free between your appendages, which would let you free a hand for reloading purposes.

It can help with having a less missfire rate as you are not using alchemical ammo, guess i didnt explained it.

I sincerely sugest ditching dwarf and going tiefling with prehensile tail for a two weapon build (Misterious Stranger 1/ Trench Figther 3/ Whatever u want 17) using fighter feats for rapid reload and after getting Shadowshooting on your guns retraining it or alternatively Human Musket Master 5/Inquisitor 15, whihc is pretty funny and sinergistic.

First Note -> Which point buy? Which level are you starting? Which technological leve? Knowing this helps with your questions
Second One -> The feat hunger, increased misfires and ammo problems can be dealt with a simple +1 named Shadowshooting, the problem being the money to put it in your weapon, which in turn comes to the level at which you would start.
Third One -> Which is your idea for gunslinger, i mean is your char defined as a musket master or open for other concepts?

So Fighter or any wis based caster would be nice.

Thanks for the help folks!
Got to discuss it with my player them...

They're quasi real made of pure shadow sooo no powder or any explosive material.

A good stat spread could be STR 16+2 Dex 16 Con 16 Int 12 Wis 12 Cha 8, sugest using heart of the fey alternate race feature together with reactionary and auspicious tatoo traits.

Hum u could do a battlefield control fighter with reach weapon, with feats like lunge and combat patrol it would be funny and better than just I attack every round.

At priori you could only take it once as its only listed once, as they are the same even while having lightly diferent names.

Bump, pls folks help me solve this question....

How does those 2 interact with each other?
Can a shadow shooting gun missfire considering the shadow ammo is not explosive or anything..
Also its affected by environment like water or similars?

Well from a viability perspective rogue and guns dont mesh well together as its very hard to get sneak attacks at distance as you can't flank and all.
So Slayer would offer more bang for your buck as studded combat and the bonus feats helps toward the feat starved gunslinger.

I suggest looking at the Bolt Ace achetype, as it actually makes crossbows viable.

Ah it seemed to be too good to be true XD, Hum then i guess i´d Swap one of these 2 traits for reactionary or maybe killer..
Also dropping the +2 weapon for a +1 and getting a Headband of Wis +2 would solve the will save problem i guess and also would leave Mr MB with a 3900 gold surplus.

I guess that with Auspicious Tattoo and Indomitable Faith traits would validate Mr MB, forgot to add them to the build :/.
Also i´ve wondered if substituting the Belt +4 for a +2 and adding a helmet of cyclops together with a bracer of falcon aim would have positive effect on the DPR...
And also why no one uses this amazing item (Cyclops Helm)?
From a straight DPR a guaranteed Hit/possible Critical is not very valuable for 5600 GP?

Firstly Good night, and moving foward to the answer the Mino double crossbow as seen on Classic Monsters Revisited lacks the normal double crossbow clause that limits it from being reloaded as a free action, besides having a lower use penalty at -2 instead of the normal -4, so The feat Crossbow Mastery saying of reloading as free action permits to reload it as free action granting the full round attacking descibred on my post, or at least the PFS groups with which i play and played along agreed that this os the right interpretation of it.

Ahn hello fellow roll or role players, i´m kinda new to the forum so forgive any mistakes, also english is not my main language so no grammatical Nazisms please :).

Going forward to the build i bring to this thread the following:
Mister Many Bolts, Gunslinger Bolt Ace 5 / Fighter 5

Material Used: Core, Advanced Class Guide Classic and Monsters Revisited (Minotaur Crossbow).

Ability Scores:
STR:10 +0
DEX:22 +6 (+2 from Human, +1 from level,+4 from belt)
CON:14 +2
INT:12 +1
WIS:14 +2 (+1 from level)
CHA:8 -1


Saving Throws:
Fort: +12 Ref: +13 Will: +6

AC: 23 - Touch 17, Flatfooted 16 (+1 Dodge, +6 Mithral Shirt +1)

Attacks:(Note:I will calculate the attacks with and without the Sharp Shoot deed which enables to aim at Touch AC*).
*Touch AC taken from: nster-creation/

Normal Full Round with Hammer the Gap +20/+15, 1d8+10 (17-20/x3), 1d8 +11 (Non critable), 1d8+12 (17-20/x3) and 1d8 +13 (Non critable).
DPR: AC24 ->70,735/TOUCH AC15 ->80,12.

Maximun Full Round with Hammer the Gap, Rapid Shoot, Deadly Aim and Haste (DPR)* : +16/+16/+16/+11, 1d8+16 (17-20/x3), 1d8 +17 (Non critable), 1d8+18 (17-20/x3) and 1d8 +19 (Non critable), 1d8+20 (17-20/x3) and 1d8 +21 (Non critable), 1d8+22 (17-20/x3) and 1d8 +23 (Non critable).
->DPR - AC24: 179,76 TOUCH AC 15: 223,04.
*First attack is against normal AC as he lack Grit points.

Class Abilities:
Crossbow Maven - For starting with a masterwork Minotaur Double Crossbow.
Nimble - +1 dodge bonus while on light armor.
Grit - 2 points from stat and +1 from favored class bonus totaling 3.
Deeds - Sharp Shoot,Gunslinger Initiative, Gunslinger’s Dodge,Vigilant Loading,Shooter’s Resolve and Pistol-Whip.
Crossbow Training - Minotaur Double Crossbow.
Armor Training.
Weapon Training - Crossbows.

BAB: +10 CMB: +10 CMD: 26.

Feats - 1 Human + 4 Bonus Fighter/Gunslinger + 5 Levels.
Point Blank Shoot
Rapid Shoot
Rapid Reload (Mino Double Crossbow)
Crossbow Mastery
Weapon Focus (Mino Double Crossbow)
Deadly Aim
Precise Shoot
Hammer The Gap
Martial Focus

+15 Perception, +16 Stealth others are optional.

One +2 Mino Double Crossbow (8000 GP)
One +1 Mithral Shirt (2100 GP)
Belt of Dex +4 (16000 GP)
Cloak of Resistance +2 (4000GP)
Handy Haversack (2000 GP)
Gloves of Dueling (16000 GP)
Boots of Speed (12000 GP)
The 1900 GP Leftovers are spent on common items.

Any opinions,critics and ideas are welcome.