Crossbow Build (Tech and Magic)


Little back story first: Im new to Pathfinder and Im a Stryx fighter who mainly uses bows and crossbows who is a bit of a gear head.

So I’ve made a deal with my God and she granted me a magic crossbow that I can alter how I want and my GM is letting my mix magic and tech and build something FUN! Only catch is I have to be able to actually explain what I used to make it and how it works that’s where yall come in.

My idea it to do a crossbow that I can imbue the bolts with elemental magic, bleeding spell, Transmog, or even duplication. I just need power sources to do it. What I’m looking for is something in pathfinder that contains elemental magic. Ive read a bit and know there are the Elemental gems but they contain actual elementals(which could work) but I want to see what my options are. I know weapons made from Blood crystal add dmg but they also only do half the damage. I don’t want to make weapon OP AF but I do want something that will give me a good bang. I will have to buy these resources as well in game so cost is something to consider but not a deal breaker. We (the group) were given rights to a Dwarven mine so I have a good bit of PP in the bank.

Any help would be appreciated


I think alchemist fire and the like can be used as fuel for extra spell damage.

Like I said I'm fairly new to PF The GM said that as long as I can explain how it all works he will allow it. I was thinking about something along the lines of a rotating barrel and each barrel has an affect the bolt giving it that dmg affect. My problem is I don't know what materials have the attributes I want.

Ive found these Liquid Ice 1 d6 dmg Alchemist Fire 1 D6 Bottled Lightning 1 d8 and Acid 1 D6

Any other suggestion? Are there any stones/gems/metals that I can buy that would have the same affect?

Special material list.

Alchemical weapons list

magitech rambling:

First off, make the frame out of Horacalcum for +1 circumstance to attack.

Siccatitie chambers keep fire and frost-forged steel charged (not technically RAW), allowing for easy extra fire/cold damage.

Since Inubrix does not interact with ferrous alloys, you could have the mechanism completely sealed and still have the bolts come out. An Endless Ammunition effect would be required in this instance.

I use Shocking Grasp as a battery. We don't currently need complex circuitry, just a few coils to get our ammo up to speed. Consider an approach similar to lasers, with two portals set up at either end of the chamber. This condenses your track into something much smaller, and you simply redirect one portal to the muzzle when firing.

If pure science isn't your thing, magnetic crossbows have already existed in fiction If you're set on a physical bowstring, see if you can get shape memory alloys oscillated near their critical temperature by a prestidigitation effect or by siccatite exposure.

One last option on your ammo, one inspired by a book I read: explosive shells. steel strips on the bolt scrape flint in the barrel, igniting the fuse for gunpowder charges.

This is great this will give me a base for what I need!

I suggest looking at the Bolt Ace achetype, as it actually makes crossbows viable.

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