Missfire and Shadowshooting

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How does those 2 interact with each other?
Can a shadow shooting gun missfire considering the shadow ammo is not explosive or anything..
Also its affected by environment like water or similars?

Bump, pls folks help me solve this question....

Why wouldn't shadow bullets be explosive? (Edit: Cartridges, rather, I suppose.)

They're quasi real made of pure shadow sooo no powder or any explosive material.

It's completely true, they're made of shadow, there should be no explosive force involved.

But that's not what the rules say. The rules say that the firearm misfires on given rolls. And as Shadowshooting offers no provision regarding misfires (unlike, say, the Pistol of the Infinite Sky), it still suffers them, risking becoming broken or even exploding.

Any exception to this must be worked out between you and your GM, and if you are playing PFS, you are stuck with the misfire rate.

Quasi-real cartridges are still partially real--real enough to misfire and damage your gun's firing mechanism, anyway. Remember, these things still deal damage even if the target disbelieves.

Thanks for the help folks!
Got to discuss it with my player them...

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