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Biped gets Reach when he becomes Large, Quad does not, right?

Vaahama wrote:

What is exactly the difference then?

Full round casting means that the spell comes into effect just before the caster's next turn?

1 round casting means the spells comes into effect just before we go next on the initiative order right after the caster?

Exactly the other way around.

jasin wrote:
Am I missing something? Is there some reason why this is not a problem?

You do not play AGAINST the rest of the party, but WITH them.

concerro wrote:
+3(the secondary attack comes with a -5 penalty to attack)

The 1/2 of Strength is only for Damage, not for attack, i think he mixed that one up.

Gorbacz wrote:
Wizards of the Coast. Intellectual Property. Gish. Understood as a fighting arcanist. Githyanki/Githzerai. Lawsuits.

But only if THEY have used the word "gish" themselves, right?

Zurai wrote:
As for skills, Summoners effectively get 6+Int skill points and all class skills, between themselves and their Eidolons.

And dont forget the juicy +8 skill evolution on top...

james maissen wrote:
Simply lowering it down to the druid chart for example, would not be difficult

Bur it wouldnt be a fix either. The Eidolon needs to be better then the Animal Companion because the Summoner himself is worse then the Druid.

default wrote:
10th level summoner ... Eidolons ... AC down to 24 (from 29)

And how to you get AC 29 without Armor, which he cant use anymore?

Another viewpoint:
Is Shield Bash so good it warrants the use of 2 feats?

IMO no, so Shield Prof removes the -4 on attacks with shields.

MerrikCale wrote:
Yet, PrCs are popular no? They are fun for players no? Isn't that reason enough to keep them?

Its not the "Prestige" thats so popular, its the "same as base class + 1" that was so popular. At least it felt that way.

I personally like the way it seems to be. Take a base class or PrC and be at the same powerlevel. Take a PrC if you want special flavour or something you cant achieve under normal rules (Eldritch Knight & Co)

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To answer the question as in the topic:
"Sylvan language - can you talk to animals?"

Yes, you can. But they wont answer... =) (sorry, couldnt resist)

concerro wrote:
It is hard for a properly played wizard to have the wrong spells or at least have useful spells, even if they are not the best for that situation.

Ok, that is true for the 1st encounter of the day. But what of the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th? Here he will most likely have bad to none spells ready.

Have to see how he plays, but a fix for Surprise Accuracy might be:
Make it an Immediate Action use AFTER the attack is rolled, once per rage.

Björninn wrote:
So the die is the variable and the added value is a constant that's fixed in the context of use.

Which results in a variable.

So if i use a die with the numbers 6-11 instead of 1d6 + 5 i could use empower for the whole thing?
It is the same.

Heaven's Agent wrote:
Your assumption is faulty

No, its not.

Nowhere is it written that it DOES increase skillpoints retroactively. And if you look at constitution, where it is explicitly written that it does increase hitpoints retroactively...

Looks powerful at first read, but remember the good old times:
The monk is overpowered!!! Crazyness!!!
Warlock can shoot all day long? Not in MY campaign, silly stuff!!!

Give it a go and see how it fans out?

Nethys wrote:
The giant is immune to Illusions that target it.

So you cant cast Invisibility on the giant? :)

The Outlaw Josie Whales wrote:
Basically I want to confirm that the barbarian is not immune to the reduced movement effects of medium armor

He is not.

Why? Because it isnt written anywhere.

One thing you should not forget is:

It is not YOUR character you want to mess around with. You are "only" the gamemaster, but changing something like that can piss peopla off big time.

stuart haffenden wrote:
I think the description should state the exact cubic dimensions.
TreeLynx wrote:
8 cubic feet is a 2'x2'x2' box.

Thats a box, not a backpack.

Try 4' * 2' * 1'.
Looks a lot more like a backpack to me =)

I like the idea to give the Bloodline spells 1 or maybe even 2 levels earlier. We toy with the idea to give them 1 level earlier, so you actually HAVE a bit of choice when you get a new spell level.

Pendagast wrote:

the Warlock was one of those splatbook classes that was totally unbalanced.

Sure It's Premise is cool, but it belonged in another game system or something.
Why would anyone BE a sorceror or a wizard if you could BE a warlock?
It was too ridiculous.

Sorry, but lol.

Have you ever played a warlock or seen one played? Higher then level 3? I guess not. They are a funny idea, but absolutely NOT unbalanced.

Galnörag wrote:
but it actually breaks cleric domains.

No, it doesnt. It actually FIXES them. Now you have a reason to stay cleric and not prestige out the first second you could, same with wizard and sorcerer. Great and needed change.

Now prestige classes arent the base class + much more, now you loose something for what you get.

NeoSamurai wrote:
that's when the GM applies appropriate circumstance modifiers.


Putting points into Climb & Swim is more or less a waste, because they can easily be duplicated, even surpased by spells and magic items. Having them both in 1 skill would make it better IMO