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But you might make some amazing posts on those!

Either way, hope it goes well!

GM Ubi wrote:
Looking to get into GMing PbP, and seeking valiant Pathfinder candidates ...

Just a note, sign ups may be light at this time since GameDay sign ups are already underway. I'd personally be interested in this scenario but am already signed up for several games that will start Sept 11th.

Link to GameDay post <LINK>

If anyone is gauging interest for the above request , I have a level 3 alchemist that needs a couple bounties to get her back into multiples of 4 xp.

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Looking to run#5 Archaeology in Aspenthar. I can get the images and such extracted, but just looking to save some set up time if there is already stuff available. (For this and future scenarios I decide to run)

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I'm not sure if that's it but this link looks like a lot of good info.


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I saw a post or thread or link somewhere that seemed to be already made assets for GMs for various quests and such, but now I can not find it. Was I imagining it before or just failing at searching now?

GM Tiger wrote:
Tarthrin / BlackoCatto -- Interested in playing 03-01 (Shattered Sanctuaries)? I can run it but start date probably next week (after the double AcP games start... :)

Awesome! Sounds good, I'll get signed up with summoner, can switch to champion if that works better for the group.

Looking for a PbP or PbD for a level 1 summoner or champion

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I'm cool with that line up

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I think I'd be happy with any of them but Zakzak is particularly interesting

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FYI, some info on the pre-gens here. And slightly more info on the one-shot. finder-OneShot

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EbonFist wrote:
...And what's the worst that can happen? The day comes and you're not prepared? Just drop the first gameplay post in and let us RP for a day or 3 while you get up to speed.

Definitely, the only reason I signed up as a GM. I can definitely read up and prep way faster than the speed of a PbP. It's definitely a nice bonus.

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GM chadius wrote:

Thanks for signing in, everyone.

I don't know if there is a level range for chronicles. All I have is the name of the oneshot. Which is exciting but also frightening for a prep-heavy GM like me.

I should note, I am also running it. I am also really nervous about running it since it'll also be just the second pathfinder 2e game I've GM'd. (I've GM'd a lot more in other systems)

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Hello, excited for my first one-shot!

Player name: Tarthrin
Character name: Giles Morningstar II (He is currently in a quest, if I have to apply the chronicle at the beginning of the one shot, It will be assigned to a different character not in a quest.)
Class/Level: Summoner 1
PFS number: 2401867-2001
Faction: Grand Archive
XP: 6
Money: 23.62
Earn Income: Earn Income, 2days v. DC14 Giles Crafting (T): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16 Success! Earned 10cp total
Perception Bonus: Giles +3, Ecthelion +3
Initiative Bonus: +3 (Giles and Ecthelion act on the same turn)

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Joran Redaxe wrote:
Hi, my preferred image/token is different from Joran's avatar. Is it ok to use this or would you prefer I used the avatar one?

You can use whatever token you want as long as you label your paizo ID/character name on the sheet so I know who it is. Thanks for asking.

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I fixed the share settings on the map. Everyone should be able to access and edit.

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Added a sheet at the top of the page for tokens and the map when it needs to be pulled up.

It also includes some history of the area you'll be in.

Also note, still trying to get the new guy signed up, but I am having difficulty contacting them. If I don't hear something back today, We'll go ahead with the original group/plan. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I was hoping to help out a new player with getting started.

Thorolf Vitki wrote:

I'm guessing you mean me. Sorry, I'm having a hard time navigating the process. The links were extremely helpful, but there's a lot more to this site than what I'm used to. Plus RL had been hectic. I don't want to hold anybody's game up, so go ahead without me if you need to.

Hey, I PM'd you. It's no problem. The original posted start date was supposed to be closer to the 13th.

Getting that first character set up is a challenge. I'd also suggest just looking at someone else's character page. A lot easier to copy the formatting.

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We'll have a new PbP and PFS player joining us. I'm working on getting them set up on the forum and a character created. Plan is to still start Wednesday if possible.

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Try now, updated the permissions

Hey, I didn't expect it to fill so fast and was waiting for a response from a new player. If I don't hear anything back today I'll start it with the current sign ups on Wednesday 10/6. (Originally planned to start the 13th, but I just need time to make a slide document and I'll be ready)

I have a thread started here if you'd like to check in early.

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Since this is campaign mode, are we making sheets/characters outside of the paizo website?

Like, should I just make a sheet on myth-weavers or something instead of making a fake character on the forum? I'm not sure how to handle that.

I've got my level 1 stuff about 90% picked, just need to finalize gear, familiar stats, and spellbook contents.

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VampByDay wrote:
Tarthrin wrote:
VampByDay wrote:
@Tarthrin Uh . . . go ahead? I certainly don't have exclusive rights to gnomes.

I know, but I know we were all trying to pick different classes and backgrounds. So I didn't want to steal your thunder.

Lol It’s fine. As long as you are not another gnome dragon sorcerer bibliophile, I think we’ll be good.

I once wanted to run a kingmaker game where all the players were gnomes just so the gnomes would have a country to call their own, and call it “Gnomeria,”. So I’m all for more gnomes.

Nonono, he's a gnome dragon sorcerer who hates books! He's been exiled from Gnomeria for some reason.

Kidding aside, I've been doing some looking and musing, and think I've almost settled on a Ruin Delver background, ratfolk (long snout), staff nexus illusion wizard. At second level will take alchemist dedication for the free archetype and some class feats for familiar master (rat familiar).

He's a natural pack rat and he's heard good things about the place. But he definitely doesn't think exploring the place by himself is a good idea.

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VampByDay wrote:
@Tarthrin Uh . . . go ahead? I certainly don't have exclusive rights to gnomes.

I know, but I know we were all trying to pick different classes and backgrounds. So I didn't want to steal your thunder.

VampByDay wrote:

Free Archetyping rules are here:
Looks like NORMALLY (subject to GM's approval) the rules boil down to 'you can ignore your free archetype for purposes of needing archetype feats before taking other archetypes' and 'you can't take multiple resiliency feats (a.k.a. the feats that give you extra HP per archetype feat you have.)

Sounds like Our GM's rules are "Choose an archetype, you get a free feat at every even level that can only be used to gain an archetype feat from that archetype." This is MUCH more generous than the only free archetype in published works, which is 'Choose either wizard or druid. You gain a free archetype feat every even level for the chosen archetype."

If you are worried about not having enough archetype feats to choose from, try choosing a class to archetype into and using your regular feats to archetype into things like medic. That's my plan.

Just trying to make sure I understand the rules. I've never used the free archetype before. I sounds like you just get a free feat every even level that you can use for archetype feats, but the GM can restrict it more than that.

The only difference between a normal character and a free-archetype character is that the character receives an extra class feat at 2nd level and every even level thereafter that they can use only for archetype feats. Depending on the needs of the group and the theme of the game, you might restrict the free feats to those of a single archetype each character in the group has (for a shared backstory), those of archetypes fitting a certain theme (such as only ones from magical archetypes in a game set in a magic school), or entirely unrestricted if you just want a higher-powered game.

If we go with the initial proposal, then it makes sense to take a class archetype as the free one since they have feat options at every level. Thanks for the suggestion. I might go with the rogue archetype then for the skills.

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@Palandri: No worries, definitely play what you want. I was just trying to say that the backgrounds in the guide were highly encouraged by the dm when I asked about it earlier. You don't have to take them. The link I was talking about was just a link to the AV players guide. If the only reason you're concerned about taking field medic is for the skill feat, you should be able to use your second level skill feat to get battle medicine. Even though the archetype is free, you still don't technically select it until second level.

Speaking of backgrounds, I might go with Ruin Delver

@VampByDay: Would it be lame if I was also a gnome? Otherwise, I'll come up with something else, but not sure what other than human.

@GM: with the free archetype, are we still restricted to the "have to take two of these feats before picking another dedication feat" rule? Some of the archetypes don't have feat options at every level, like the talisman one someone mentioned earlier.

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I think VampByDay is right, seems like we have enough frontline characters. Since we have a rogue, I'll take the alchemist Archetype with the wizard for free healing potions. It won't help at 1st level, but I plan to also take at least trained in medicine at first level.

Unless Trscroggs wants to take a more healer centric class, we should probably have a couple other healing options, either someone with lay on hands like a champion or another person with medicine and skill feats or someone with a cleric archetype?

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@Palandri, the assumption is we would pick backgrounds from the AP players'guide, there is a link up at the top of the recruitment tab. I think it's semi-optional as long as you clear it.

Class picks so far:
Fighter or cleric (rainzax) -prefers fighter over cleric
Magus, swashbuckler, or sorcerer (VampByDay)
Wizard, ranger, or barbarian (Tarthrin)
Rogue (Palandri)
?? (Trscroggs)
Bard, Rogue, Swashbuckler, or Monk (UncleFroggy)

Backgrounds so far:

1) Bibliophile
2) Eldritch Anatomist
3) Fogfen Tale-Teller
4) Market Runner
5) Ruin Delver
6) Starwatcher
7) Witchlight Follower

UncleFroggy @ ??
Palandri @ ?? (Suggest maybe 5?)
VampByDay @ 1 or 3 or 5 or 6
Tarthrin @ 1 or 6 or 2
Trscroggs @ ??
rainzax @ 3 (Lough) or 5 (Hammid)

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@aPalandri, That background sounds pretty good so far. I was considering taking the rogue archetype with the wizard if we needed someone to pick locks. If you're going full rogue that would work for us. Although we should probably try to have some overlapping skills among the party.

If I went ranger or barbarian, I'm not sure yet what archetypes would work well or that I think would be fun.

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If Wizard, backgrounds 1 or 6 sound good. If we need more healing I could take some medicine feats and could easily take background 2.

If ranger or barbarian, I would like 5 or 7 the most.

For classes, so far we have:

Fighter or cleric (rainzax) -prefers fighter over cleric
Magus, swashbuckler, or sorcerer (VampByDay)
Wizard, ranger, or barbarian (Tarthrin)
?? (Paladin)
?? (Trscroggs)
?? (UncleFroggy)

M Human Engineer 19, Gamer 37

Thanks for the clarification. I'm cool with all of the above.

There are several of the players' guide backgrounds that would be great. I was mostly just wondering how it worked when creating a character for an AP.

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Howdy! Thanks for having me.

To answer your first question, no particular phobias or sensitive topics for me.

Just to be clear, based on your questions about character creation these won't be PFS legal characters, right?

Assuming these aren't PFS characters, I do like the free archetype variant rule. If we're going to be stuck together for a while it could give us a great option to both round out our skills as well as make some more interesting character choices.

I did read through the players' guide and the black options available. I have never done an adventure path like this from the start. Are we limited to those background options or are they there because they are most suited to the AP?

I haven't played a long enough campaign of PF2 to have any experience with being rewarded hero points, but what VampByDay suggested sounds pretty reasonable.

Assuming we can sort out what classes and party roles everyone wants to fill within the next couple days, I could be ready to go by next week.

I have not used VTT, roll20 would be a solid option, but like you said it's cumbersome to have to log in all the time. I'll try looking around for some other ideas or software.

I would like to do some roleplay at the beginning and I'm sure we'll at least be going back to town occasionally for supply runs. So we could have some roleplay intermissions.

As far as characters go Like I said in my "application" post, I'm pretty open. My top options I'm thinking of are Wizard or Ranger w/pet. If we did the free archetype rule I could take alchemist or rogue for either more free buffs/healing or to fill the role of sneaky guy to unlock locks. I'm not sure what archetypes I'd take with the Ranger off the top of my head. I'd be open to other options as well.

Edit: Oh, also considering a gnoll barbarian with the giant instinct (assuming I don't have to purchase the boon for gnoll)

Deevor wrote:

I'm currently signed up for your quest, but if Thorolf wants to play that one, which can be quite fun, then I will gladly drop out and let Thorolf play. It will also allow you to help Thorolf sign up using RPG Chronicles. If you have any difficulties changing my details, just PM me and I'll delete my entry.

Thanks! Deevor. I'll keep the offer in mind.

@Thorolf, There was another player that had to drop due to overlapping adventures, so there is currently one open spot, so get it while it's hot!

Thorolf Vitki wrote:
So I'm not sure I'm posting this in the appropriate place. I'm brand new on this site and having trouble navigating. I'm trying to get into some 2e PFS PbP games. Where the heck do I start? I don't have any characters, but I am registered for organized play.

Here is a link to the PbP primer with some info on how to make/format your character sheet on the site. PbP Primer

And I have a PbP that is recruiting right now for a short quest. It is for level 1 characters so you could join if you want. It will start sometime in the next two weeks: Sign up here

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This is to discuss ooc things, party strategies, and other game-related things

You can also declare your school item and downtime here.

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Hello All,

Welcome to my first PbP as a GM.

1) I am located in North America (GMT-4), so most updates will be during the day ~8am to ~9pm EST

2) please label your actions so I can see what is going on
You can use the icons in the campaign info at the top
◆ Stride
◆ Strike against blue circle
◆ Trip attempt

◆ Stride
◆◆ Hydraulic Push against red square

3) If you have any reactions or botting instructions please include them in your actions. For example, if you have your shield raised, please indicate that you'll use your reaction to block the first strike against you or something similar. Or if you think you'll knock out the mob you are attacking, with the first strike, please give a contingency plan such as I'll stride to the blue circle skeleton and strike again.

4) If I'll be gone for more than a day, I will let you all know and out of respect for your fellow players I will ask you to do the same. It will also alert me to use your botting instructions (if any) to keep things moving if necessary.

5) If you have any questions or suggestions, please bring them up in the discussion tab or PM me.

6) Please fill out the Macros sheet linked at the top of the page. It will help me roll initiatives and secret checks.

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Full disclosure: First time GMing pathfinder 2e or PbP, but not first time GMing. Please be gentle.

Now recruiting for:

Pathfinder Society Quest #4: Port Peril Pub Crawl (Repeatable)

A Pathfinder Society Quest designed for levels 1–4

Venture-Captain Calisro Benarry has arranged for the PC's transport to the pirate haven of Port Peril to make contact with Free Captain Stella Fane and negotiate a contract with her, facilitating Society movements through the pirate blockades in the area. The job seems simple: track down the the pirate captain, secure the agreement, and then return to Absalom. But few things are simple when a den of villainous pirates is involved, and it's unlikely the PCs will be able to leave Port Peril without throwing a few punches in a proper pub brawl!

Written by James Case

Sign up Here

This is a Gameday X Event and will be played here on the Paizo forums. I am located in North America GMT-4, so most of my updates/responses will be ~8am~10pm EST.

Please add your Paizo Handle in the 'notes for GM' section.

Not accepting playtest characters currently.

Game starts as soon as I notice 6 signups or Oct 13th, whichever comes first.

Hello! I'm pretty new to PbP but I am super interested. I've played everything from AD&D to Shadowrun to 1-page RPGs (like Crash Pandas). I have played plenty of Pathfinder 1e but am relatively new to 2e. I am definitely liking the ruleset so far. I have DM'd for some systems but mostly have been a player.

I am new to PbP but I think this is the RPG format for me from now on. My schedule makes it very hard to find a 4-6 hour block to go somewhere or play with friends live, but I can take 15 minutes and write up a post a couple times a day usually. I also really enjoy the fact that PbP means I can take some time and actually roleplay out my character when everyone is not staring at you at the table just waiting for you to take your turn. I am not the best at roleplaying but I really like to try and I also try to learn how to do it better (such as recently found a suggestion to try to leave a hook for your other party members to tie their roleplaying into). So far in the PbP I've been in, I post 1+ times a day and if we are waiting on someone to post for a while I've even added in "filler" roleplaying posts just to keep things lively.

I have completed 2 PbP on the forums here so far (Giles and your character Thrass played in Archaeology in Aspenthar). For some my other PbP work, I'm currently in a bounty with Giles for Fishing in Anthusis . I have started a level 1 alchemist in a new quest 1-11 Flames of Rebellion.

Another-nother reason is that one of my lifelong dreams is to level up a character more than 1 or 2 levels before the campaign dies out because someone moved or got a new job. I'd love to have a party that sticks together and learns to work together as a team and also develops their own internal relationships and struggles.

I'm not picky about what class or party role, and sometimes I have more fun when I'm forced into something out of my comfort zone. My default comfort zone go-to character is usually a gnome wizard/sorcerer but I would like to play something different too. Like a ranger with an animal companion or a cleric or anything really. Maybe a druid that wants to clear out the unnatural things within the ruins. I don't like to min/max my characters excessively, I like them to be interesting and well-rounded.

I've read through the player's guide for the AP and it sounds fun and straightforward as a dungeon crawl. I do have some character creation questions when it comes to the background options in the player's guide in relation to PFS character creation rules.

I also enjoy making supplemental things for campaigns I am in like diary entries, photoshopped pictures of events/things/people, flyers and handouts, and things like that. Especially when I GM. One of my favorite things was when I was a bard and I kept the campaign notes and then between sessions re-wrote them in diary form, complete with embellishments and the character's personal thoughts.

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Dennis Muldoon wrote:

Dice tags should be formatted like this: [dice=Test]1d20+5[/dice

(close the last bracket I left open so it wouldn't actually roll)

I tried with and without extra spaces in the equation, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Does it only work in the forums and not on the profile page?

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I wrote up Giles in the character profile according to the powerpoint instructions, could someone take a look at see if it is correct? I'm not in any PbP's yet. Also, I can't get the [dice] tags to work correctly.

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Thanks. I am definitely not talking about making useless characters, so it sounds like I should be alright. I also read through some of the PbP guides from the PowerPoint and think I'll be okay.

Just for reference, the character I'm making first is a Summoner, with a construct eidolon that will be built/flavored as an octopus (grapple/trip/constrict). I'll be focused on buffing spells for it. I also want to trade a few class feats to pick up the alchemist dedication for buffing alchemy items. He'll have plenty of skills with a decent intelligence. So definitely still possible to fight, buff, and some skill monkey stuff.

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Oh, I have one more question.

In PFS, How important is it to make a min-maxed optimal character? Are people going to get annoyed if my character isn't optimal or taking "dumb" feats or whatever?

Because I like to play characters that I think are interesting to play and not just maxing damage output.

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Thanks for the info, that sounds perfect. With my schedule it makes it hard to play live, so PbP might work.

I'll take a look at the lodge info link too.

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Hey all, was just looking at signing up for some PFS online at gencon, and I got me looking for some other PFS online games. I've actually never played PFS, but I have played AL so I'm familiar with the concept.

After gencon, I should have a level 2 PFS 2e character for some games. I'd love to sign him up for a PbP after.

When people talk about PbP here are we talking quicker "live" posting or posting a few times a day?


Under the Ultimate Equipment -> Gear
The entry for "Pot"

The price for a mithril pot in the table is listed as 1,0001 gp

Either the comma is in the wrong place (super expensive pot) or there is an extra digit.