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Problematic if players not preapred


I just played this module recently at a convention, and can honestly say that my experience playing this game was annoying beyond words. Not wanting to get into too many spoilers, there are some combats in this game that, if the players are not completely prepared for with the right mix of spells, skills, or special abilities, the combat can be incredibly deadly or take annoyingly too long.

Fortunately, for my table, we were of sufficient level and experience that the combat was not threatening our characters' survival, but it got so annoying at one point that one of the players literally threw up his hands and walked away from the table for 20 minutes before he came back saying he was ready to continue.

The only suggestion that I can give without crossing the "spoiler line" is that DM's and players need to READ THE TITLE OF THIS MODULE and take it to heart.

Beyond the two combat scenes that annoyed the players beyond words, the rest of the module was incredibly well written and provided some great RP encounters. Tim Hitchcock and Mark Moreland usually do amazing work with their modules, and this module is not a complete bust. However, I will say that it's not the best work they've ever done.