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Sadly can't, they both alter/replace unshaka

Ghoran; Kineticist (phytokineticist) could be interesting as well.

I got strangers and villians to download but not genius.


I have been playing since 3.0, and since the release of the Ebberron Campaign Setting i have been in absolute love of the Artificer Class. Though my group has many house rules and what we call Hybridization (Using 3.5/PF) most of the time we like to stick to Base System (Just 3.5 or PF). I am looking at partially reinventing the Artificer through the following but wamted to make sure it atleast held up to RAW.

Can a non craft using any of the following (even combined) craft magic items?

Example. Human Fighter (lets say level 10), with Master Craftsman Feat, Champion/Trickster Mythic (lets say 5), with Path Dabbling (Craft Mastery; Archmage) and Mythic Crafting (Mythic Feat).

Thank you and Have a Great {Insert Time Here}

Edit: Forgot the following trait: Classically Schooled for Spellcraft as Class Skill.

Sailing ship with 10x hotchkiss 6 pounders (+1 seeking cyclonic distant mythic-bane). A lvl 12 grenadier mind chemist and a level 15 siege gunner gunslinger could work with a ships crew (read as leadership).

My group uses their laptops (atleast 3 do) for there character sheets, the DM does for all his notes. And i myself use an Itouch for dice app, crit cards, and character sheet.

My group has been trying to go into using a projector for maps, and if things keep going the way they are with moving and school we are looking at using a digital tabletop program or two.

Where can i find the cyborg lich stats. He's mentioned in Numaria lamd of fallen stars but i can't find any stats or rule. I was wondering if i missed it.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Tarius_Merlot wrote:
Firstly i'd like to thank the paizo staff for great products. Secondly I was wondering if there will be any radiation stuff for the alchemist at any time, discoveries or alchemy i'd really love to see something like that especially like a radiation bomb discovery!

From Paizo? Dunno, but it could easily show up in an "Treasures" section of one of the Iron Gods AP volumes.

From a 3PP? I'm certain at least one of them has such stuff in development. {whistles innocently}

Class acts does but i was asking because the group i play in equally agrees not to use 3PP (normally...some rare occasions it is; with that stated are there any other source?)

Firstly i'd like to thank the paizo staff for great products. Secondly I was wondering if there will be any radiation stuff for the alchemist at any time, discoveries or alchemy i'd really love to see something like that especially like a radiation bomb discovery!

Has anyone found favored class options for any of the new races?

2 questions: first will there possibly be a space ship of some sort with the iron gods starting soon; Second will there be new ship modifications?
Thank you for your time and great products.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
I wonder if there is a way to build an effective Trench Fighter build, without a Gunslinger dip.

I've been working on a few ideas with that.

Presuming guns aren't everywhere, and my dm doesn't allow advanced or modern (from the AP). Its still possible to be good, especial with 22 feats (if human).
Exotic weapon pro (pistols), Amateur gunslinger ( ), gunsmithing, point blank shot, rapid reload, quick draw, gun twirling, rapid shot, two weapon fightig (imp and greater), weapon focus, weapon specialization, cluster shot, hammer the gap, deadly aim, reckless aim, precise shot, point blank master (or deft shootist). Not taken in the order...add on trench fighting, weapon training, gloves of dueling, alchemic cartridges, and 2 double barreled pistols, you'll have a "killer" time.

And my question was regarding the use of bombards in the 0
20 direct fire siege placements. So mine got answered as well :p

Claxon wrote:

I don't recall sailing ships listing that they can only use direct fire weapons? Can you point me to that?

In fact, what I remember (and I'm currently playing Skull and Shackles, but don't often bother with siege weapons) is that both ballista and catapults are common armaments, the first being direct and the latter being indirect.

Ultimate Combat: Vehicles, Water Vehicles, Sailing Ship; Weapons stat block:

"Up to 20 large direct fire siege engines, in banks of 10 on the port and starboard side, or up to 6 Huge direct fire siege engines in banks of 3 on the port and starboard side. The siege engines may only be fired out the sides of the ship they are positioned on. They cannot be swiveled to fire towards the foraard or aft sides of the ship"

Skulls and shackles player guide: as above but now including:
" in addition up to 2 large or 1 huge direct fire or indirect fire siege engines may be placed in both the forecastle and sterncastle of the ship. Those siege engines can be swiveled to fire out the sides of the ship or the forward or aft, depending on their position"

Answer your question?

Here is another question. The reverseof the firsr. Can one use a bombard on a ship or other vehicle that states only direct fire siege engines....since a bombard can be used as either but is technically designated as just indirect fire?

Thank you, that is very helpful Slimgauge. I'll check with the dm then.

It is but isn't irl cannons have been used as howitzers throughout history. And the bombard description says it can be used as both...i just can't find anything that states otherwise.

I've been reading up on siege engines especialy cannons. I can't seem to find a ruling on if a cannon or other direct fore ranged siege engine can be fired indirectly. Can anyone point out the ruling or except one for me?

@avh i've seen it go to 1.4K before, that was just the PA portion of the attack.

Not that it would come to this but i've seen some very high numbers using two handed fighter archetype, and mythic champion with just mythic power attack in play, granted it was a 20L10M build.

You more the. Likely want multi-attack.

Though others may or may not agree to it i used to tank with my
Rogue. High AC light /No armor and every target being touch AND/or Flat Footed meant every attack hit and sneak attack damage.

Alchemist (Grenadier)+ Cannon/Bombard + Wagon = Tank (Or use tank from reign of winter)

LazarX wrote:
Umbranus wrote:

How do you see the dirge bard's ability to create temporary undead with bardic music in this non-evil undead context?

** spoiler omitted **

Sould those undead be evil even if the ability has no evil descriptor?
Should they be true undead at all? Normal undead remain after creation, the bard's only remain as long as the bardic performance lasts. Or is it just like using magical puppet strings to have the bodies move and act as f they were undead?

Despite the material used, it's more of a case of an animate objects effect than the creation of true undead.

In regards to that would it just be animate object and then adding the alternate flaws from AP43 of haunted (flavor wise is 'evil' because undead are evil) to treat them as undead.

This grants 2 meathods. One using two spells or one with a the two spells and item creation feat. Source d20psrd: animate object (spell & bestiary)