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It was really hard to get into this novel. I wanted to like the characters but found no empathy for them. The book was highly predictable as a "who-done-it" and I had it figured out within the first couple of chapters.
Some interesting reflections on faith and atheism scattered through the novel.

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Okay, but not great


Unlike some of the other reviewers I enjoyed the characters & I would like to see other stories with them in it, especially the pensive troll. It was the story line that bothered me the most.
It reads like the story has been forcibly superimposed upon a Golarion background and spliced to fit the world.
The explanation of the ending is unnecessarily convoluted. It could have benefited from some serious editing.

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Nice but not best as a download PDF


The 2 maps are quite nice but the abyss poster is rather cliche.
As a PDF download this is a waste of money. Get the paper version.