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Well, we just had the titles for 24, 25, and 26 drop:

Episode titles:
Episode 24, "Uncommon Bond" - Interesting title, but not sure what to make of it.

Episode 25-26, "Shadow Play" - There was press release that mentioned Twilight fighting the Pony of Shadows. Clearly, this is where it comes into play.

I just kind of feel sorry for Flash these days. He's had it dropped on him he's not getting the girl he liked. Plus, the alternate Twilight went for someone else. And I do appreciate that he acknowledged they were different people (and thus cutting off the cliche of chasing the lookalike). He also got shot down by Sunset. (He clearly was trying to ask her out in LoE.) Good grief, I'd like to see him find somebody at this point.

Friendship is Magic Season 8 confirmed for Spring 2018! Also announced to have 26 episodes.

Synopsis and title for Episode 16.

The Equestria Girls specials English titles and synopsis! The DVD releases Aug 8.


"Dance Magic" - Since this confirms a return of the Shadowbolts, I bet we do finally see that song make it to animation.
"Movie Magic" - So, Daring Do is a movie chararcter in EqG!Equestria.
"Mirror Magic" - When we caught those glimpses of an EqG!Starlight, I never expected it to actually be Equestria!Starlight visiting. I'm actually looking forward to seeing her and Sunset interact.

Titles for Episode 18, Episode 19, Episode 20, Episode 21, and Episode 22.

"Daring Done" - That sounds a bit like Daring Do wants to retire. Though is she done with the adventures, the books, or both? Rainbow certainly won't take this well.
"Health of Information" - No clue about this one.
"To Change a Changeling" - I bet this is a Spike/Thorax episode. Maybe some of the changelings are having trouble adjusting to the new rules?
"It Isn't the Mane Thing About You" - I suspect this is an episode to do with hair-styling. Maybe we'll see Babs again? That is her special talent, after all.
"Once Upon a Zeppelin" - Another title that really gives me nothing to work with for guesses.

Now I'm embarrassed. The title for 16 is real, but the synopsis was a fake.

Episode 15.
Episode 16. (The only one that has a possible synopsis)

I'm kind of sad they spoiled this. It would have been nice if Chrysalis's revenge strike had been a surprise. I am very intrigued about these villains she's recruited to help. I'm pretty sure Chrysalis will lose, but I'm betting it's because they will abandon her. Watch them go on to be the villains of the finale.
As for who? I'm betting at least one is Tirek, and I wouldn't be shocked if the other is Grogar. I doubt they placed his name in Episode 3 for no reason. Yes, I believe Chrysalis is foolish or desperate enough that she thinks letting those two out of Tartarus is a good idea.
Episode 17.

Possible synopsis for Episode 11.

Can't say I ever expected them to revisit the yaks.

And people are beginning to have a fit about that synopsis.

Because Starlight is going to switch their cutie marks. Considering we already know she can take them, it's not a far leap to switching them around. I'm looking forward to the silly antics that are undoubtedly going to ensue.

What really bites is we know this because Treehouse is planning to run two new episodes every weekend through the end of May. Ep 5 airs tomorrow morning. Spoilers will be everywhere, and it's going to suck that ep 13 is probably going to be spoiled for me before I even get to see it. (Because I watch it on Discovery Family, unless I sleep through it like I did this morning.) Treehouse has a history of censoring stupid things, so I don't want to watch a Canadian upload.

Titles for Season 7 episodes 9-13 revealed.

Title for EqG Special 2.

Title for EqG Special 3.

Movie Magic and Mirror Magic. Mirror Magic is the one that interests me the most. We gonna see the two groups meet? Or are we going to have them stumble across EqG!Sunset?

Actually, this weekend's episode had two G1 references.

Grogar was already mentioned, but Gusty also counts. She was a G1 unicorn. If you check the cover of the book, it depicts a unicorn with Gusty's color scheme. There's even maple leaves around her head, which was Gusty's cutie mark.

I suspect the comics stuff may be building things for the finale. (After all, #53 hasn't come out yet. It would have been very strange if the premiere referenced things from a comic that hasn't even released.)

I saw a tweet where a staff member explained the fact they passed on doing a two-part premiere had to do with start of work on Season 7 overlapping with work on the last of Season 6.

Bit of Equestria Girls news today: The first Special releases in Poland May 14. I figure the US release will be around the same time.

Speculation based on the title:
Interesting tidbit? The Polish title translates to "Dance Magic." As in, the song from the Friendship Games soundtrack that was unused. Makes you wonder if this 22 minute special started out as a post-Friendship Games short, then got expanded and revised. Means we'll probably see the Shadowbolts again.

Titles and synopses for Episodes 5-8 of Season 7.

"Fluttershy Leans In" - What career dreams does Fluttershy have?
"Forever Filly" - Ooh, Rarity and Sweetie Belle episode. It's been forever since we've seen that. "Cart Before the Ponies" was more of a Crusader episode.
"Parental Glideance" - Why am I not surprised it turns out Rainbow's parents are the overenthusiastic type?
"Hard to Say Anything" - Does Big Mac really have a crush on Sugar Belle, or is this just another case of the Crusaders getting carried away with asuumptions?

New promo for Season 7. Despite the date, this is legit. (It includes one bit that is clearly from episode 3, because of who's in it.)

Title and synopsis for Episode 3.

"A Flurry of Emotions" - Ah, the inevitable Twilight babysitting ep we were expecting. I hope it stays a solo Twilight episode (with maybe Spike as support).

Title, synopsis, and airdate for Episode 4.

"Rock Solid Friendship" - Eh, I was kind of hoping they'd let Maud rest for a season. I don't hate her, but I'd rather have seen one of Pinkie's other sisters get the spotlight. Or at least have all three of them show up in Ponyville rather than just Maud.

Another Season 7 teaser!

Well, this is interesting. What spell are Starlight and Sunburst casting?

Still no title/synopsis for the premiere, but Zap2it is listing episode 3 (without title) for April 22. Looks like the April 15th start date is legit since it hasn't changed. It's odd we haven't seen at least the title show up for the premiere. It must be really spoilery or Hasbro's getting better at locking info down.

Looks like Season 7 starts April 15th! Zap2it is usually right. Give it a week and I bet we'll have the title and synopsis for the premiere. (That info usually turns up about a month before they air.)

Big reveal for season 7.

Major news:
We get to see Rainbow and AJ's parents this season! For Rainbow, Windy Whistles and Bow(could also be "Beau" as it was spoken) Hot Hoof. (Some are speculating Windy Whistles may end up being based on Wind Whistler from G1. Like Twilight's mom is based on G1 Twilight.) AJ's parents are Bright Mac and Pear Butter, and it was made clear they're appearing in a flashback. Said flashback is a story about how they met.

Seven songs for the MLP movie.

And a confirmation there will be new episodes in 2018, which likely means an 8th season. I kind of suspected they might keep the show going after the movie, unless we got some indication the movie was intended to be a grand finale.

Movie toys revealed.
Castle playset based on the movie.
More toys, including a very cool Storm King statue. Also gives a better idea of what Captain Celeano looks like, revealing she's not a griffon. Not sure what she is anymore.

An upcoming Shout Factory DVD may have revealed the titles for two Season 7 episodes.

Since someone will complain if I dare mention them outside of a spoiler box:
"Celestial Advice"- Could we finally be getting an episode where Celestia gets to play a bigger part? (Show does love its punny titles) Considering the theme of the DVD, Starlight or Twilight is likely to be the main character.
"All Bottled Up" - I know the obvious would be someone's bottling up their feelings, but with this show it's as likely to be about a potions mishap.

And I think this is the character for the last of the guest voices for the movie. The fact tbey've started dropping these images says we're not far off from a teaser. Maybe they'll release it during the toy fair later this month? Because I imagine they'll be showing off toys for the movie.

One more character reveal. Another seapony, but a queen. Both of the seaponies' designs are gorgeous.

Yeah, a lot of people are fussing about Capper. I swear, some fans take this show far too seriously. We already had the Diamond Dogs, it's not like an anthro cat is that much of a stretch.

And another character revealed. The picture's kind of small, but she looks like a griffon. They need to release a better quality pic of that one.

First look at new characters for the movie. One of them is clearly the big bad, and I suspect the rough-looking unicorn is one of his henchman. We also have a seapony princess.

Via the Discovery Family Twitter, Season 7 will start in April. Not too bad of a hiatus.

This year they did release the first volume of Warcraft Chronicles, a series designed to clean up the lore of the game universe. Volume 1 is on the history of Azeroth and stops just before the opening of the Dark Portal. (And it drops a bombshell about why Azeroth is so special in the cosmic scheme of things.) Volume 2 comes next year and will do a brief overview of Draenor's history and stop at the same place Volume 1 does. Volume 3 will start with the First War and I think is planned to cover the Second and Third Wars as well. (And if volumes 2 and 3 contain as much stunning art as volume 1 does, it'll be worth the money to buy them all.)

Official confirmation season 7 is happening!Also, we're apparently getting three EqG specials next year instead of a movie. I wonder if it's testing the waters to transition to a TV or Netflix series.

Legend of Everfree ending:
That scene with the statue felt like a big set up to me, and today's announcement confirmed it.

I'm pleasantly surprised we're getting anything EqG next year. I sorta expected it to go on hiatus so the MLP movie would get all the attention. I do expect the specials will release at different points throughout the year, not all three at once.

Equestria Daily just got a bit of info that seems to say a Season 7 is coming! It was a denial that season 7 was switching to a Netflix premiere, but seems to pretty strongly hint that season 7 is a thing. There's been some unofficial hints dropped by show staff that it was in the works, but this was the first official clue from Hasbro.

Preview for this weekend's episode.

Welp, the spoilers for the finale are going to be everywhere. Next week, the UK is going to be airing the last five episodes of Season 6 including the finale. (Starting with episode 22, which airs Saturday in the US.) I wanted to go into the finale blind apart from the synopsis and any preview released, but that's probably not going to happen if I wait for the US airing. (Has this been the season of leaks or what? I'm used to one episode a season leaking early, but this is ridiculous.) So much for Season 6 lasting the rest of October.

Preview for this weekend's episode.

Starlight, you're overreacting again. I doubt there's anything that justifies using this kind of spell. Twilight's going to royally chew you out for this stunt.

Legend of Everfree soundtrack released today! Really nice music too.

Legend of Everfree soundtrack spoilers:
Though it looks like my guess about one of the big conflicts being EqG!Twilight running from her new powers was right from "The Midnight in Me."
"Embrace the Magic" is a gorgeous Sunset solo. She's encouraging not just Twilight to accept her new powers but all of them. Which says to me they aren't losing their magic any time soon.
"We Stand For Everfree" is an incredible villain song. I never would have expected Gloriosa to sing like that.
I already liked the snippets from the trailers, but "Legend You Are Meant to Be" is really good.
"Hope Shines Eternal" is pretty clearly the ending credits song. Pretty one at that.

Season 6 finale speculation:
I'm no longer certain Chrysalis is the villain of the finale. The synopsis describes it as an old foe returning. I'm kind of wondering now if they're going to bring in a new villain, or revamp a G1 villain (maybe Grogar?). I saw someone even ponder about the Windigoes making a return.

As for Starlight's team, I'm pretty sure we're going to get Trixie (who will finally get her chance to prove she's really changed) and Discord. I'm also betting if Spike's with her, we'll also get Thorax and maybe Ember. Wonder if Starlight will make another new friend in "Every Little Thing She Does?"

I know some have complained season 6 not having a story arc... but I think they're wrong. I think it's just been more subtle than the last two. This season has focused on making friends in unlikely places and from unexpected backgrounds. Spike befriending Ember and Thorax. Starlight befriending Trixie. The CMC befriending and helping Gabby the griffon. Heck, Discord spending time with Spike and Big Mac (and ending up having fun). Wait a minute... Could Big Mac get recruited to help? We know he's had something of a complex about his sister being such a big hero and wishing he could be too. It'd be nice if he got to do something heroic.

Sorry about all the rambling. I had a lot of thoughts I needed to put down.

Warning to all those wanting to watch Saturday's ep blind... It aired early on Polish TV so watch out for spoiler screenshots.

Saturday's episode:
Darn it, if it was going to leak it could at least leak in English. I'm not going to watch it in Polish. Also means I'm inevitably going to be spoiled by some jerk posting about the ending.

Synopsis and title for Season 6, Episode 22.

Season 6, Episode 22:
Well, that's going to be interesting. Twilight trying to sort out a story told by Rarity, AJ, and Pinkie about their trip gone wrong.

Discussion about remaining Season 6 episodes:
This also definitively confirms that one list of leaked titles. So, even though they're not officially confirmed... the three remaining on that list are:
"Where The Apple Lies" - Either Applebloom or AJ focused (possibly both). I know what I wish the title referred to (them addressing the Apple siblings' parents at last), but mostly likely someone's lying.

"Top Bolt" - This is probably the episode where Twilight goes to the Wonderbolts academy (from the SDCC spoilers). I bet it's also the Twilight/Rainbow map episode.

"To Where and Back Again" - As I've said, I think Chrysalis is the villain and will be making off with Flurry Heart. So, I think the Mane 6 will need Thorax to help them get to the Changeling kingdom to rescue her. Dropping that cameo of Chrysalis in "The Times They Are a Changeling" just reeks of foreshadowing for the finale.

I think it was fan speculation that Spike would spend the episode thinking the Changeling was a guy with the ending revealing the Changeling was female. But that was before the preview revealed the changeling could talk, and had a definitely male voice.

Well, this morning's episode was rather good.

Times They Are a Changeling:
Very cool Spike got a proper solo song. (No, I don't count the mess that was his attempt at the Cloudsdale anthem.) This really has been Spike's season to shine. He's finally moving on to junior hero from comedy sidekick. Wonder if next week will continue the streak of Spike making unlikely friends by befriending Discord?

S6 finale speculation:
I'm more convinced than ever Chrysalis is going to be the season finale villain. She's probably going to kidnap Flurry Heart. From the fact Thorax casually mentioned the changeling kingdom, I suspect the Mane 6 will need his help to mount the rescue mission.

And the $24k goal is broken. Tactics of Everglow is going to be quite the tome, isn't it?

And bam! $2Ok achieved! If $22k is reached, a minor Everglow race will be given a racial write-up in Tactics of Everglow for PF and 5th Edition. It will be chosen by backer vote after the Kickstarter ends. On that subject, the Kickstarter is in its final week.

There's also a new addon, a set of Ponyfinder dice with a customized d6.

Clip for this weekend's episode!

Okay, that was funny. I get the feeling Rainbow's pranks never get mean, she just gets carried away and overdoes it. Considering one of the victims in this clip, I think Celestia is responsible for the zombie apocalypse idea.

$18k reached! New $20k stretch goal: Add feats, traits, and backgrounds to Tactics of Everglow.

If anyone's curious, here's the official forums. It's mostly Pathfinder stuff right now, but we'd love to see new people join us.

Two more promo clips for Legend of Everfree here. And a fourth here. With all the promos, I'm really excited for this now. October 1 can't get here fast enough!

Me too. Of course, I'm an admitted sucker for urban fantasy and magical girls. As long as it wasn't mind-numbingly stupid, I knew I was probably going to like EqG. Legend of Everfree looks like it may be establishing the trend that it's the even numbered movies that are good, while the odd numbered ones are average fun.

Legend of Everfree:
I'm pretty convinced Gaia's not evil. I suspect somebody's upset her by messing with something they should have left alone. I think she might be the guardian of their world's Tree of Harmony (or equivalent). So, yes I'm saying Gaia's not from Equestria. I believe she's native to their world. I've been nursing a suspicion for a while that their world was never magic-less. The magic was there, but dormant/weak. Sunset bringing across the Element of Magic kicked off a chain of event that's causing the magic to awaken. So, even though Twilight is blaming Gaia for their new powers in the trailer... I think she's wrong. She's wanting to run away from her new powers, because she's afraid of going Midnight again. Twilight is going to have face the fact these new powers are part of them. When she stops running, that's when she'll pony up into her true magical girl form with the others.

Promo clip for EqG: Legend of Everfree!

Wow, now that's a clip to build hype. Looks like alt!Twilight's kind of a mess from the Midnight Sparkle ordeal. And she's probably been hiding it from the others and letting the nightmares eat her alive.

Also trailer from SDCC. Don't remember if that's been posted here yet or not. This EqG film looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!

Clip for this weekend's episode.

I feel bad for the CMC. They probably just wanted to have fun with their sisters, and instead their sisters lost their minds. I get the feeling Diamond Tiara is going to end up winning.

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