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I know I don't usually post in this forum, but since it concerns my favorite setting:Silver Games is running a Kickstarter to convert the Everglow campaign setting to D&D 5th Edition. There was a prior product that was a barebones conversion, but this is to do a full version of the book for 5th Edition. It's already funded and reached the first stretch goal, which is to convert the Griffons book. Next goal is to convert Tribes of Everglow, which further fleshes out the ponykind tribes.

Why am I such a fan of the setting? Mostly because it's such a weird and fantastic place. Not just ponies, but griffons, purrsians (winged cats with a very Arabian Nights feel), and phoenix wolves (descendants of hellhounds some crazy pony managed to purify). I like that it's a setting where it's bright. Yes, there are some terrible things that happened (the war on the Tribe of Bones and the fate of the shortleg tribe) but it's not a hopeless mess of grimdark.

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Thanks for the shout out! We reached the second stretch goal. If you want to grab a limited tier, act fast!

Well, stretch goals two and three reached. Tribes of Everglow and Forgotten Past will also be among the converted books.

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We have crashed all visible stretch goals! Of course, that means a new one has appeared, and a tier with it (Tactical Pony) and a whole new book!

Class archetypes and a class for PF and class specs for 5e. New ways for players and enemies to be clever, the Everglow way, to pry victory from the jaws of defeat.

$14k reached! New book, Tactics of Everglow unlocked. If it reaches $16k, that means we get the Champions of Everglow (the iconic characters) converted to 5th edition.

$16k reached! The Champions of Everglow will be part of Tactics of Everglow! New goal revealed: At $18k Tactics will be expanded with additional magic items and creatures.

I'm enjoying watching the success of this.

$18k reached! New $20k stretch goal: Add feats, traits, and backgrounds to Tactics of Everglow.

If anyone's curious, here's the official forums. It's mostly Pathfinder stuff right now, but we'd love to see new people join us.

And bam! $2Ok achieved! If $22k is reached, a minor Everglow race will be given a racial write-up in Tactics of Everglow for PF and 5th Edition. It will be chosen by backer vote after the Kickstarter ends. On that subject, the Kickstarter is in its final week.

There's also a new addon, a set of Ponyfinder dice with a customized d6.

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We broke 20... and 22 in a stupidly short period of time. If you want to get in, now is the time! There's precious little time left.

And the $24k goal is broken. Tactics of Everglow is going to be quite the tome, isn't it?

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It's all over. We broke 32k in KS and already beat 35k with post-Kickstarter submissions for addons and such. Thank you to everyone!

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