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Telemnar wrote:
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Timothy Ferdinand wrote:
Still get a blank document ie no pdf (for single file or seperate chapter files). I cleared my browser amd rebooted. Still no luck. Very very frustrated

tommyomega 16 minutes ago | FLAG | LIST | REPLY

Same issue. I can't download these files and only these files because they are empty. Tested other downloads and they are unaffected. :( 2pm CST

*Update - Finally got it to go through by clicking problem link over and over until it worked!

Try this. It worked for me :)

Idle curiosity, can I have a rough estimate on how many times you had to do it "over and over" I am currently up to 40 here. was it in the hundreds or thousands?

for me it was a bit over a hundred tries with one browser and first try with another, not sure if that correlates somehow

Agreed with Ascalaphus

Of course every deity has their rules set down, but most of them (probably not all) know that at times keeping to these rules can be hard and sometimes people have to make dfficult choices

IIRC it is also said that players should follow their anathema and edict To a sensible degree
this starts with 'you don't have to protect the innocent if it means certain doom that wouldnt change the outcome' but certainly will go further, depending on the deity

if a character keeps those rules at heart (and maybe makes offerings and smaller atonements at time) most gods should be able to tell that they make an effort, what at least with some deities (i.e. those not classically coined 'lawful first' ) be enough to let the occassional misstep slide, especially if the character had no real choice or it would cause some other troubles

There is no given rule, but some gm advice that players who want totally blind characters should talk with their gm about it and those should if they allow it consider giving them blind fight for free

don't ask me for book and page number, but I am sure someone will come along to quote it

Finoan wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
thenobledrake wrote:
How does "If you are at least 11th level, you also become an expert in these weapons." appear not to include the advanced weapon?

That appears to only be referring to the Marrial weapons previously mentioned.

If I said "the red apples are $1, but next week they will be 2 for $1. Green apples are $1." You would not automatically jump to the conclusion that green apples would be half off next week.

This example, changed to be better suited to the actual Weapon Proficiency sentence structure:

For $1 you can get a red apple. If you already have a red apple, you can get a green apple instead. If you are over the age of 11 these apples will be dipped in caramel.

So... will your green apples be dipped in caramel?

best answer, good thing I was already eating because that would have made me hungry otherwise

Duplex will Land them prone in a success, whirling throw only on a critical success
Those are still two different maneuvers, you cnat exactly do them at the some time - although still in the same turn If you roll well

Grappling is for creating a condition for you and your teammates to benefit of, Not to Deal damage

There are a few spells that say an enemy gets damage when they grapple *you* which might work with some gms

But all you can do besides crushing Grab is to make the most out of the tactical use of grapple and it's follow up maneuvers

Now Spirit damage is a weird specific example as it damages things with a Soul and Not Objekts (one could make an argument for intelligent objects)

So in the specific Advantage, given that the Spirit damage needs the physical to 'connect' I would indeed say that the 1 damage is blocked and the Rest dissipates (like you wouldn't get poisoned when blocking a 1 damage Blow gun Dart)

When it would be für damage ob the other Hand I would say you can Block and the damaged it handled as with a conpletely physical attack from there ob out

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I guess this is more about the very few ancestries and heritages that don't have a specific feat to get custom lore + 2 skills
Which I think don't have that Option for a reason, so I am okay with the current state of things

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There you can build a Mini and Order it, Screenshot it, get a stl for it
Lots of possibilities for using it and Lots of possibilities to create a Mini that is really for sou

As someone who had the same line of thought but then just jumped into it at one point I can at least tell you that if you put your info up at paizo, there it remains safe

Nothing at all, the Form is just cosmetic for both of them / that is something you about which you have to Talk to your gm

Anadis true Form is the spider, Not the humanoid
They also don't have inherent shape changing but learn it

They certainly wouldn't mind a kitsune in their Village, but that kitsune would most likely get a human Form that is based on her own looks, bo Real interaction with the anadis there

Joseph Collins wrote:
Personally, I expect to see it return, as it is generally well-liked and well-used, in addition to being a classic character type. Either as a Rogue Racket in PC2, once all the kinks are worked out, or, my preferred choice, pulled altogether and repackaged as a new Archetype that can be used by multiple classes.

Part of the pc1+2 rearrangement was to *Not* split content over multiple books, so we probably won't See a magical trickster Racket there

But I can certainly Imagine the Feed being added to an arcane trickster archetype that has more versatility

People are arguing spell swipe + starlit Span, but spell swipe is explicitly only unsable in melee

Crushing Grab is Kind of nice for people who often grapple, a little bit of damage in top

If you want a Lot of stuff to do with your grapple besides inconveniencing the enemy take a look at the wrestler archetype

A side note in this:
I remember distinctively a 'kobold' from the original kingmaker books that used prestidigitazion to turn another Kobolds corpse yellow and scare the remaining Tribe with it

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honestly, if you just dipped in pf2e I would advise you for something dbz inspired to pick another system

or if you want to stick to pf2e get another setup

there are some tried and true variant rules that dont mess (much) with the overall balance

but while pf2e is definitly high fantasy with some partially fitting tropes and moves (heck, the monk can go super sayan at high level) going with something dbz inspired and putting in extra actions for the speed is probably something that will screw over much of the balance

as above stated, the whole system is build around the action economy (and some math assumptions that go with it) so extra actions is a baaaad way to represent the power

at high level the mooks are almost incapable of htting the character while they get mowed down in numbers

also 4-7 actions will make every turn long and if someone has a good setup they might just annihilate many enemies

not to mention that notably strong enemies, who are probably above party level, with so many actions will absolutely destroy you

there are no pitfalls of giving (use unlimited) extra actions, that is a whole chasm in itself, there is a reason why the feats that give you extra actions are all endgame and limited to 1-2 specific action types

edit: as my very wise girlfriend notes, maybe consider this: reduce the actions of mooks when you go to higher levels and say all actions are in a smaller time frame
if all characters are super fast then it equalizes (you still might get especially nasty enemies a single extra action)

Flurry of blows won't Work either because the kinetic blast is Not a a unarmed Strike or Monk Action

Imo paizo is too careful again with actions (and Money for weapons) as already existing limiting Factor(s)

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All in all, the Gunslinger still needs stuff that make the player feel cool and effective, not just some stuff that somewhat counteracts how awful guns are. Especially feats before level 6 that aren't exacerbating the class' issues (misfire) and aren't extremely niche.

Or And we could buff guns a little...and maybe combination weapons while we are at it

I personally really like the concept of the gunslinge rbut I agree its weak
(and I hate that sniper gets his bonus damage at best once per combat)

bullet dancer seems like a fun concept but I hate d4 with a passion and, independent of if it is the case or not, I would see myself always lagging behind in damage

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'Subtle' spells probably don't have any incantations

Also we have to consider where someone gets his Powers from:

Western Wizard: *precise diction of draconic with elaborate Gestures* "Pyric Sphere!"

Western Wizard: *opens with a series of finger signs while reciting ancient scriptures* "Hanabi!"

Saerenrae cleric:*while presenting her focus* "Grant me a fraction of your strength to incinerate evil! Sun Sphere!"

Witch: *wide gestures that seem random and dissonant to the onlooker* "My beloved, Grant me Flame to lay waste to those who wronged me!" *Angry meowing*

Fey sorceress: *looks angry at her opponent while 'drawing'her spell into the Air* "eat burning faerie dust, sucker!"

Dragon sorcerer:*deeply inhales* while using his hands as an Iron sight, No actual incantations follows but a primal draconic roar*

And all of these just have been Casting the same spell

I think, since the core 2 has the more complex options, it will be the book that gets the lions share of Attack roll spells.

Also: RoE has a few, like needle dart, that are Attack roll spells

If your GM lets you, consider this:

Monk + rogue + wrestler

You have multiple sources for grappling and maneuvers, Gorilla stance has d8 unarmed grapple and as Cherry on top you get Sneak Attack against offguard i.e. grappled enemies

Arguibly scent, burrow or a custom 'play dead' feat

Perpdepog wrote:
I'd enjoy a pick-a-tradition bloodline in the pick-a-tradition class. It would give arcane fewer exclusive bloodlines though, which is a mild bummer; arcane has relatively little unique to itself.

I am sure we have lots of future potential for arcane bloodlines anyway

On Page 327 in the upper right corner I spied today a little box with the title 'monster core dragons'

First off: The dragons there all sound really cool and I am looking forward to them :D

As well as to the new Dragon Sorcerer Bloodline - and that one got me thinking.

We are going to have a lot of new dragons, probably steadily increasing in number. We also have already in the core new dragons of every magic tradition

So where does that leave the sorcerer and the dragon bloodline?

Currently we have the Draconic and the wymrblessed Bloodline, which share focus spells and are differing in their tradition and their spells

So I want to put in a little suggestion while I am babbling on:

We have a sidebar with 'usually prepared spells' for the dragons in the pf2 bestiary

make those sidebars for what the Dragon bloodline grants instead! (or add it to the sidebar)

The dragon bloodline references to the bestiary monster core and says 'you get the breath weapon, magic tradition, resistance and the spells of a dragon of your chosing'

Like that the bloodline would be automatically future proofed and with minimal extra effort (or slightly changed effort rather) get an individual spell list for every type of dragon, which would in turn make the choice of dragon notibly more meaningful

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guys, you miss out on abig thing here

Slag May Changeling + Wrestler archetype

you can grapple, make the enemy basically permanently off-guard with a d6 unarmed grapple attack, which means that you can make
Sneak Attack Suplex!!!!

Errenor wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
Nothing says you can't make the magic happen by manipulating your fingers while grasping something. Like if you're holding on to a stick you don't actually need more than 2 points of contact to not drop it. You'd obviously want as many as possible if you're going to swing it at someone, but you don't do that *while* casting a spell.
Nothing says. But have you seen the actual topic of the post? Naruto? The Magicians? Have you seen any characters there doing their magic with anything in 'active' hands? I meant only that.

actually quite a few times

naruto was just an example that spontaneously came to my head as it is quite a good one - I think they even do them rarely with something in their hands and at least one character has a single handed variation

finger signs generally seems like a good option for spell gestures with a lot of flexibility

and I am mostly considering style and flavor here, not practicality

Inspired by the discussion about subtle spells I've gotten curious how your spellcasters to their gestures.

Most expect wide movements that Draw magical shapes into their Air from wizards, more dance and esoteric routines from witches, etc.

But of course it doesn't have to, I Imagine especially dorceres having a Lot of freedom in what they do and every Religion having possibly multiple forms

I could perfectly imagine some eastern spell schools working with Finger signs, Akin to what er know from Naruto

And while He was especially non-magical, Reign Arataka from Mob psycho 100 had certainly some Flair in his flashy gestures and Hand poses He used to underline his more or less profound speeches

Squiggit wrote:
Unicore wrote:
It is starting to look like item bonuses to spell attack roll spells might be possible in the future of the game as single target high-damage spell slot spells that target AC don’t exist in the arcane or primal traditions anymore? This is just an initial thought, I haven’t deep dived it.

Disregarding cantrips and focus spells (which add a significant number), there are only five spell attacks in Player Core at all (though there are a few spells that create things that use your spell attack modifier like spiritual guardian or illusory creature).

Blazing bolt (scorching ray) is arcane/primal along with hydraulic push. Holy light is divine/primal, chilling darkness is divine only and disintegrate is arcane only.

Semi-related, hydraulic push kept its bad crit scaling from the CRB.

Considering that the Magus and archetypes like the eldritch Archer are coming to the pc2, that book will probably be stuffed with Attack roll spells

It's also kinda fitting, since the pc1 is appearently filled with the beginner friendlier options

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Peak Logic there :P

The Cover comes most likely from the attacker trying to (unconciously) trying to navigate the obstacle

Splitting feats into multiple with similar effects seems inefficient to me
Rather make a little note for inbovation specific stuff

Spares one the hassle to make three almost identical Versions of the same feat

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Niche protection seems often like a weird reasoning to me, especially If the niche is something as wide as 'use your Body efficiently'
And maneuvers mostly boil down to that skill

And casters....Well, they could have some Options in a Punch but with their squishyness probably won't go for it in their own

automatic bonus progression

crafting needs a higher then average focus

some basic survival stuff

keeping precisely track of recoureces, especially food and water

and a sh!tload of custom monsters

One can always just say 'things are as they are'

But that way you won't ever get anywhere

So, while I can Accept a 'thats what paizo wanted'

I still want to know why they wanted it, why multiple stances, weapons and builds are (in a way) MAD and why it's from the developers Point of view a good Idea

Until I got clear answers I am going to ask questions and Rule this Rule 'bs' in my tables

Ravingdork wrote:
The Raven Black wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

Why should one trait apply, but not the other? Where is the logic in that?

Because Finesse mentions attack rolls whereas Agile mentions MAP and attacks ?

Same logic as before.

They both reference weapons, which unarmed attacks such as fists, are not.

by that Logic Monk dexterity based stances are useless because they are all unarmed attacks

Since the Magus is doing the Attack Afterwards it's Safe to assume that it IS the magus' reach
Otherwise the Magus wouldn't get his Attack, would He? And in that case again Part of the spell would be wasted

PossibleCabbage wrote:

So here's a thought experiment-

What if, because you are spending Panache to do it and that's a resource it cost you something to get, Finishers simply ignored MAP.

Would that make the Swashbuckler too good? Since there is an awkwardness about how you want to use Finishers with the maximum accuracy, but they cut you off from attacking thereafter.

Had a similar Idea, even If it goes Not quite as far

Let the finisher have the same map as the Attack before it

In that case you still have to think if third Action is the way to go, but you can di a 1-2 Combo at many enemies

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One Point I'd like to raise which I have Not seen (maybe overlooked) is the fact that swashbuckler archetypes keep all dex as Main Attribute, even If it is Not their panache skill

A gymnast for example could make great leverage of strength and the von mot and Battledancer would sometimes surely BE glad to Pic cha

Otherwise-good threat, I agree largely with vamp here

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The Problem is that there will Not many generic Wizard enemies around, most of them are named

If you want some Wizard for your Party to fight it's probably better to handcraft it

Under you can find a Monster builder where you can let suggestions be entered to quickly Assemble a Startblock, otherwise it follows the Rules of the Game master Guide / the upcoming GM core

You only have to figure out the spellist yourself but imo that is better off handcrafted anyway

The laws of the Internet Strike again.
I get one thing wrong and that's what all people jump on :P

But in all seriousness, ignoring the Duskwalkers (yep, I was wrong there)

Should we just treat ganzi and aphorites as Part of the Nephilim now? Reads like it, even If it's not yet released in any book like this

So, the Nephilim in the Player core say something to the effect of 'we feature on what was once known as tieflings and aasimars but this is the umbrella Term for all outer Planes scions' even going as far as mentioning aphorites, ganzi and iirc or friends from the voneyard too

So...should we just treat all of their feats as Nephilim feats now? Because those are a lot and would make Nephilim the truely versatile heritage

Suggestion for you/your GM
A Restoration Ritual (you can either Not have read the fine print or the noch helping fumbles just the right way)

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well, I partially agree

I don't think every skill proficiency gained from whatever has to scale
it is nice and in some cases rather fitting

but I do agree that weapon/armor proficiency gained from feats should scale with the rate the class itself does

otherwise you have a dead feat to train out of after a while
if they enable you to widen your possibilities - why cant they stay good?

pH unbalanced wrote:

8. Be a Cleric or Champion of a deity whose Favored Weapon is an advanced weapon.

that is an idea coming from 1e

with the sole exception being the sawtooth sabre, no deity has an advanced weapon as favored weapon

Cyder wrote:

For the cost of a general feat I thonk it should level with class weapon proficiency. Advanced weapons really aren't that big of an upgrade, certainly not worth more than a general feat.

Right now its a disadvantage to use an advanced weapon even for martial classes and at that point I ask why even bother to print them. They are too niche and take up book space that would be better used for things that would see a decent amount of play at most tables.


as they are they are too niche and might disappear as well

I hope this gets errata'd, because there are 7 usually limited ways to get an advanced weapon

1. play a fighter, pick up a feat to have proper proficiency level 6
2. play a gunslinger and get one of the abysmal few advanced guns, also lvl 6 feat
3. play an ancestry with an advanced weapon and get their training feat (with a martial class)
4. red mantis assassin archetype
5. butterfly blade archetype
6. sword scion background or aldori duelist archetype, possibly in tandem
7. advanced weapon feat, usually as preperation for 4,5, sometimes 6 because otherwise every other martial outperformes you starting at level 5 (which makes this feat more for casters)

3 of these are for a single weapon, 2 have almost no choices and one has mage scaling, making it suboptimal for all martials

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so it maxes out at expert? hmpf...its better then before but I still dont like it

I mean, why not couple it to weapon proficiency?

would enable monk to use his advanced weapons
would enable people besides fighter (and gunslinger) to properly use advanced weapons

circumstancial you can do that for a race feat already, why not give that general feat some proper mileage?

I have heard that the martial weapons feat has been buffed (automatic progression I assume (?))

What about the feat for getting a single advanced weapon proficiency?

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It's an odd question 'do you want to use only half of the new Patch?'

But I can See where this is coming from
I understand, but Not really like the ruffian Rackets drop to d6, I might ignore that one

Everything else so far does seem like an improvement

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
Michael Sayre wrote:
Reinforcing runes don't replace sturdy shields. Sturdy shields are still included if you just want a simple blocking option.
But can you put Reinforcing Runes on Sturdy Shields, or do they just not stack?

reinforcing runes have a maximum of hardness and hitpoints they grant which is lower then sturdy value