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So even if you have 3 classes maximized at 20th level, you're still counted as level 20, not 60?

Heya guys!

So I have simply been wondering ... What is the highest level possible in Pathfinder?

Can you actually have a maximum level?

Or is it entirely possible for someone to maximize several classes up to 20, plus prestige classes?

Obviously that would be boring at hell to play since you'd murder everything, but I am just wondering if there is an actual limit in Pathfinder.

Hello guys! So, I recently made a Summoner for the campaign I am, and we are all a bit confused about what exactly an Eidolon would be immune to. For example; could you dominate one or would the link cancel that? Any input on any type of immunities would help.

Jeff de luna wrote:

If you're playing in Golarion, Irori is LN and certainly has LG followers. He's the god of monasticism.

There's also Korada, a NG Empyreal Lord, who is a spirit of contemplation.

What is an "Empyreal Lord" ?

Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, and this maybe a stupid question, but what God/Goddess seems best for a LG Monk? I can't seem to find one that fits just right.

KenderKin wrote:

This is also a possibility, situation as given to player by DM.....

Afterwards DM seeks to add new "twist" to cause paladin to fall.

Good job you killed the person who captured and tortured and was killing the townsfolk for food, but sorry you fall from grace, the evil coward refused to fight you....

Refused trial by combat.....

Dude you suck as a DM.

Hello sir. I hope I do not come off rude here, but that is my father you are talking to. Watch what you're saying and at the very least, be respectful. There's no need to say he's a bad GM; he isn't. We've all had much fun during his adventures.

Now, the problem is that this wererat was NOT seeming to do anythig bad, nor did he appear to be "eating townsfolk". For one, we are at least 10 miles from any town. Moreso, there were no visible corpses. He wasn't even a coward. He was never offered a "trial by combat". The paladin walked up after being asked to leave several time, and hit him near death.

Instead of attacking, the creature simply asked again to be left alone. It didn't lift a paw. And then the Paladin killed it. There was no "trial by combat". That generally involves something along the lines of "I challenge you to a trial by combat". Not *walk up and hit the creature asking you to leave without being threatening whatsoever until it dies*.

phantom1592 wrote:
What level were the PCS? how big of a threat WAS one Wererat? We fought a werewolf at level 2 a while ago... it was INSANELY dangerous and could have derailed the whole campaign if not for some quick thinking on the illusionists part and having that smite available. That DR was to the point that my smite was the only thing that COULD have hurt it at that level.

Hello, and thanks for answering. I will clear up a few questions I have seen here, if I can.

For starts, we were all level 4. We thought that the wererat would be very dangerous, so the Paladin advanced first. This is when the wererat asked us to leave. The paladin continued advancing and then was asked to "please leave, I have done nothing wrong". At that point, the Paladin climbed over a foot and a half small barricade the thing had presumably put there, and hit it. I think he hit it for somewhere around 12, and it nearly died. It didn't do anything after this except ask him to leave again, at which point he killed it.

And I saw some other people asking where this was. We were in a monastery up on a cliff that was run by evil monks. We cleared out most of it, killed a ton of zombies and skeletons, and freed the good/evil prisoners and escorted them out after killing an Ogre for the key to their cage.

Then we went down deeper into the dungeon and searched a few rooms, until we found the wererats "nest". This is when he asked us to leave, and the paladin advanced, he asked again, the paladin attacked, he asked again, then the paladin killed him. This was NOT a random wererat in a house. It was in the bottom of a dungeon, and completely alone save for its human child as far as we can tell (though our characters don't know about the child yet)

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Hello my friends! I also happen to be a part of this adventuring group, and am here to give my 2 cents.

Now, to put it plainly, I am a Lawful Good Drow Monk and was the only one of my companions who was NOT okay with what was being done to the poor wererat (hilarious that the Drow isn't okay with it, I know).

Now, the real problem for me came from earlier. We were in the upper reaches of the dungeon, killed an Ogre, got a key, and freed a Lawful Good Ranger. Then we freed her 5 companions ... 2 of which were evil. The Paladin refused to work with these 2 (obviously) and we escorted the entire group of them outside and locked them out.

Now back to the wererat. This thing was, presumably, no more evil than the 2 humans who we let live. The only excuse that was mustered was that the humans "had not yet done anything worthy of being punished".

And yet, there wererat did not either. We got there, he asked us to leave. The Paladin advanced, he asked us to leave. The Paladin attacked and nearly killed him ... He asked us to leave. What about that says "evil" at all? Nothing, that's what.

The only judgement they gave was that the wererat was a "monster" and "diseased" and that you should "kill a disease before it spreads". And I honestly find it a little bit racist. You let the 2 humans live, who could easily go out and rob some people or murder a priest, but the wererat who was only asking to be left alone should immediately be condemned and murdered for simply being a "monster" and "diseased" (even though lycanthropy is really a curse)?

Am I thinking the wrong way here?