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Hello my friends! I also happen to be a part of this adventuring group, and am here to give my 2 cents.

Now, to put it plainly, I am a Lawful Good Drow Monk and was the only one of my companions who was NOT okay with what was being done to the poor wererat (hilarious that the Drow isn't okay with it, I know).

Now, the real problem for me came from earlier. We were in the upper reaches of the dungeon, killed an Ogre, got a key, and freed a Lawful Good Ranger. Then we freed her 5 companions ... 2 of which were evil. The Paladin refused to work with these 2 (obviously) and we escorted the entire group of them outside and locked them out.

Now back to the wererat. This thing was, presumably, no more evil than the 2 humans who we let live. The only excuse that was mustered was that the humans "had not yet done anything worthy of being punished".

And yet, there wererat did not either. We got there, he asked us to leave. The Paladin advanced, he asked us to leave. The Paladin attacked and nearly killed him ... He asked us to leave. What about that says "evil" at all? Nothing, that's what.

The only judgement they gave was that the wererat was a "monster" and "diseased" and that you should "kill a disease before it spreads". And I honestly find it a little bit racist. You let the 2 humans live, who could easily go out and rob some people or murder a priest, but the wererat who was only asking to be left alone should immediately be condemned and murdered for simply being a "monster" and "diseased" (even though lycanthropy is really a curse)?

Am I thinking the wrong way here?