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Heya guys!

So I have simply been wondering ... What is the highest level possible in Pathfinder?

Can you actually have a maximum level?

Or is it entirely possible for someone to maximize several classes up to 20, plus prestige classes?

Obviously that would be boring at hell to play since you'd murder everything, but I am just wondering if there is an actual limit in Pathfinder.

Hello guys! So, I recently made a Summoner for the campaign I am, and we are all a bit confused about what exactly an Eidolon would be immune to. For example; could you dominate one or would the link cancel that? Any input on any type of immunities would help.

Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, and this maybe a stupid question, but what God/Goddess seems best for a LG Monk? I can't seem to find one that fits just right.