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Full Name

Syllyn (141936-6)


| Bluff +3, Climb +2, Diplomacy +7, HAnm +11, Intimidate +11, Kn Arcana +7, Kn Hist/Local/Nature/Nobility +6, Kn Other: +2, Perc: +7, Perform (Percussion) +11, Spellcraft +4, UMD +7


| Active Conditions: none


Male Nagaji L/N Skald/5 | HP: 28/43 (raging) or 38/38 AC Norm/Tch/FF: 21/10/20(raging) or 22/11/2 | CMB/CMD: +5/19(raging) or +4 /18 | F/R/W: +10/5/11(raging,heroism) or +7/3/7 | Init: +1 | Speed 20 ft | Low-light Vision




Young Adult

Special Abilities

Raging Song






Common, Draconian



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Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 17

About Syllyn

Resource Tracking:

Wand of CLW charges used: 1
1st level spells used (6/day): ear-piercing scream
2nd level spells used (3/day): heroism on Naysha, heroism
Spell Kenning (1/day):
Potion/scroll uses:
Crossbow bolt uses:
Ghost salt bolt uses:
Alchemist Fire uses:
Performance rounds used (18/day): 8
Character Portfolio reroll (1/chronicle):

Standard Operating Procedures/Botting:

1) If going into a dungeon or place of probably conflict, cast heroism
2) If opening a door cast haunted fey aspect
3) In conflict move towards opponents and begin raging song as first action
4) Use CLW want to heal up to -3 or better after combat. Do not waste a charge if at -3 HP.
5) Attacks are made with raging and power attack longsword, and spirit wisps

Syllyn is a crimson crested lizard man with breastplate armor and an adamantine scimitar. His hands are in constant motion, rapping out rhythms on his belt, shield, breastplate, table, whatever is at hand.

Currently in Severing Ties scenario

Main Stats:

Syllyn (141936-6) L/N Male Nagaji Skald/5

Str 18, +4 {12[race] +5[7 points spent] +1[4th level]}
Dex 12, +1 {10[race] +2[2 points spent]}
Con 12, +1 {10[race] +2[2 points spent]}
Int 10, +0 {8[race] +2[2 points spent]}
Wis 10, +0 {10[race] +0[0 points spent]}
Cha 17, +3 {12[race] +5[7 points spent]}

HP 38 {+28[5d8] +5[con] +5[favored class]}
Init +1 {+1[dex]}
Senses Normal
Perception +7
Speed 20 ft. (breastplate)
Base Attack +3
Languages common, draconian, polyglot


CMD 18 {10 +3[BAB] +4[str] +1[dex]}
AC 21, touch 10, flat-footed 10 {10 +1[dex] +6[breastplate] +3[shield, +1] +1[ring of protection, +1] +1[NA] -1[rage]}
Fort +7 {+1[con] +4[skald] +1[cloak] +1[rage]}
Ref +3 {+1[dex] +1[skald] +1[cloak]}
Will +7 {+0[wis] +4[skald] +1[cloak] +2[rage]}

Special Bonuses:

  • -1 to AC if raging
  • +1 to will and fort saves if raging
  • +4 bonus on saving throws against bardic performance, as well as all sonic or language-dependent effects.
  • +2 ST vs. mind affecting or poison (resistant race trait)

  • Offense:

    CMB +7 {+3[BAB] +4[str]};
    - Current CMB

    Normal Attacks

  • Scimitar +8/1d6+6(5);18x2;S {+3[BAB] +4[str] +1[enh]/1d6 +4[str] +1[enh] (+1)[Whetstone]}
  • Raging Scimitar +9/1d6+7(6);19x2;S {+3[BAB] +4[str] +1[enh] +1[rage]/1d6 +4[str] +1[enh] +1[rage] (+1)[Whetstone]}
  • Raging Scimitar with Power Attack +8/1d6+9(8);19x2;S {+3[BAB] +4[str] +1[enh] +1[rage] -1[power attack]/1d6 +4[str] +1[enh] +1[rage] +2[power attack] (+1)[whetstone]}
  • - [dice=Scimitar to hit]1d20+8[/dice]
  • - [dice=Scimitar damage, adamantine, rage, pwa, whetstone]1d6+9[/dice]


  • Heavy Crossbow +4/1d10;19x2;120';P {+3[BAB] +1[dex]/1d10}
  • - [dice=Crossbowto hit]1d20+4[/dice]
  • - [dice=Crossbow damage]1d10[/dice]


  • Spirit Wisps +6/1d4+3;20x2;neg energy {+3[BAB] +3[cha]/1d4 +3[cha]}
  • - [dice=Spirit Wisp to hit]1d20+6[/dice]
  • - [dice=Spirit Wisp damage]1d4+3[/dice]

  • Spells:

    Special Modifiers
  • None

    Cantrips, DC 13

  • Ghost Sound
  • Haunted Fey Aspect
  • Know direction
  • Lullaby
  • Mending
  • Read Magic

    1st Level Spells, DC 14

  • Ear-Piercing Scream, +1 DC [lore seeker], +1 caster level [lore seeker]
  • Comprehend Languages
  • Moment of Greatness 1 min/lvl, allies within 50', double a morale bonus on one roll or check, before making the roll once per spell.
  • Saving Finale

    2nd Level Spells, DC 15

  • Cacophanous Call, +1 DC [lore seeker], +1 caster level [lore seeker], close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels), 1 round/level, Will ST negates, nauseated for the duration of the spell.
  • Heroism: touch, 10 min./level, +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks.
  • Blistering Invective

    3nd Level Spells, DC 16

  • Confusion: medium range, 1 round/level, +2 DC
  • Good Hope: medium range, 1 round/level, +2 like heroism with bonus to damage
  • Shocking Image

    4th Level Spells, DC 17

  • Purging Finale

    Spells Available per day:
    • Level 0: No limit
    • Level 1: 6 (5 + 1 for stat)
    • Level 2: 3 (2 + 1 for stat)

  • Skills:

    Skill Ranks 20 = 4[4+0[int]]*5[skald level]

    Acrobatics -4 {+0 ranks, +1[dex], +3[class], -5[ACP]
    Appraise +0 {+0 ranks, +0[int], +3[class]}
    Bluff +3 {save for vp, +0 ranks, +3[cha], +3[class]}
    Climb +2 {+1 ranks, +3[str], +3[class], -5[ACP]}
    Craft +0 {+0 ranks, +0[int], +3[class]}
    Diplomacy +7 {+1 ranks, +3[cha], +3[class]}
    Disable Device N/A {+0 ranks, +1[dex], -5[ACP]}
    Disguise +3 {+0 ranks, +3[cha]}
    Escape Artist -4 {+0 ranks, +1[dex], +3[class], -5[ACP]}
    Fly -4 {+0 ranks, +1[dex], -5[ACP]}
    Handle Animal +11 {use percussion, (+2)[ssen]}
    Heal +0 {+0 ranks, +0[wis]}
    Intimidate +11 {use percussion}
    - arcana +7 {+1 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +1[lore], +3[class]}
    - dungeoneering +2 {+0 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    - engineering +2 {+0 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    - geography +2 {+0 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    - history +6 {+1 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    - local +6 {+1 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    - nature +6 {+1 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    - nobility +6 {+1 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    - planes +2 {+0 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    - religion +2 {+0 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class]}
    Linguistics +5 {+1 ranks, +0[int], +2[Bardic Knowledge], +3[class] - polyglot}
    Perception +7 {+2 ranks, +0[wis], +3[class], +2[ssen]}
    - Percussion +11 {+5 ranks, +3[cha], +3[class]}
    - Sing +7 {+1 ranks, +3[cha], +3[class]}
    Ride +0 {+1 ranks, +1[dex], +3[class], -5[ACP]}
    Sense Motive +0 {save for vp, +0 ranks, +0[wis], +3[class]}
    Sleight of Hand N/A {+0 ranks, +1[dex], -5[ACP]}
    Spellcraft +4 {+1 ranks, +0[int], +3[class]}
    Stealth -4 {+0 ranks, +1[dex], +3[class], -5[ACP]}
    Survival +0 {+0 ranks, +0[wis]}
    Swim +2 {+1 ranks, +3[str], +3[class], -5[ACP]}
    Use Magic Device +7 {+1 ranks, +3[cha], +3[class]}


  • Bardic Knowledge allows use of Knowledge skill untrained, add 1/2 level to knowledge skills
  • [lore] - Lore Seeker: +1 trait bonus on Knowledge Arcane
  • [ssen] - Serpent's sense +2 handle animal reptiles, +2 perception

  • Gear:

    Explorer's Outfit
    Weapon Cord
    Scimitar, adamantine +1 (want courageous enhancement!)
    Breastplate, -4 ACP
    Heavy Steel Shield, +1, -1 ACP
    Ring of Protection, +1
    Heavy Crossbow
    2 Quivers of 10 cold iron quarrels
    1 Quivor of 8 ghost salt blanched cold iron quarrels
    Spell Component Pouch
    Ioun Torch
    Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend
    Cloak of resistance, +1
    Masterwork Backpack
    Spring-loaded Wrist Sheath
  • Wand of Cure Light Wounds (45 ch)
    Scrolls of Comprehend Languages, Identify, Expeditious Retreat, Disguise Self, Feather Step, Silent Image, Share Language, 2 Chord of Shards
    Air Crystals
    Holy Water
    Oil of Bless Weapon
    Potion Sponge of Touch of the Sea
    Potion of CLW
    Scroll 5 Lesser Restoration
    2 Alchemist's Fires
    4 Acid Flasks
    Vermin Repellent
    49 gp

  • Racial Traits, Traits:

    Race Specials
  • Low-light vision
  • Armored Scales, +1 Natural armor
  • Resistant, +2 ST vs. mind affecting or poison
  • Serpent's sense +2 handle animal reptiles, +2 perception
    Starting Traits
  • Lore Seeker (APG/Campaign): The secrets of an ancient fallen civilization intrigue you, particularly the magical traditions of its highly mystical culture. You’ve studied magic intensely, and hope to increase that knowledge by adding ancient lore. You’ve come to the region to pursue that study, and chose the town as your base because it was out of the way of bigger cities—meaning less competition to study the ancient monuments in the region, you hope! You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks, and Knowledge (arcana) is a class skill for you. If you cast arcane spells, pick three spells on your spell list (Ear-piercing scream, Cacophanous Call, Thundering drums). You are particularly adept at casting these spells, so they function at +1 caster level when you cast them, and their save DCs (if any) gain a +1 bonus.
  • Magical Lineage: One of your parents was a gifted spellcaster who not only used metamagic often, but also developed many magical items and perhaps even a new spell or two—and you have inherited a fragment of this greatness. Pick one spell (Thundering Drums) when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell that add at least 1 level to the spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell’s final adjusted level.

  • Class Abilities:

    Class Abilities
  • 1) Bardic Knowledge - +1 {+1/2*lvl} to all knowledge skills and use untrained
  • Raging Song - 18/day {+3[cha] +1 +2*lvl +6[extra performances] rounds per day}
  • - 1) Inspired Rage
  • - 1) Song of Marching
  • - 6) Song of Strength
  • - 10) Dirge of Doom
  • 1) Scribe Scroll – replaced in society play
  • 1) Extra Performance – replaces Scribe Scroll, +6 performances
  • 2) Well-Versed - +5 ST bonus vs. sound based
  • 2) Versatile Performance
  • - Percussion - 2nd level, Use percussion for Handle Animal and Intimidate
  • - Sing - 7th level, Use sing for Bluff, Sense Motive
  • 3) Rage Powers
  • - 3) Lesser Spirit Totem
  • - 6) Spirit Totem
  • - 9) Increased damage reduction
  • - 9F) Increased damage reduction
  • - 12) Greater Spirit Totem
  • 4) Uncanny Dodge (Ex): not flat footed
  • 5) Swapped out Cause Fear for Saving Finale
  • 5) Spell Kenning (Su): Cast any spell on the bard, cleric, or sorcerer/wizard spell list (expanded to include druid and witch via Expanded Spell Kenning feat)
  • 7)Lore Master (Ex): May take 10 on any Knowledge skill check that he has ranks in. Once per day, may take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a standard action.
  • 8)Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): not flanked
  • 9)Damage Reduction (Ex): 1 point of damage reduction

  • Feats:

  • PFS) Extra Performance
  • 1) Skald's vigor - fast healing = str bonus
  • 3) Power Attack
  • 5) Expanded Spell Kenning: may also cast from druid or witch list
  • 7) Focused Spell: +2 DC to one target among multiples
  • 9) Extra Rage Power
  • 11) Greater Skald's Vigor

  • Chronicles and Boons:

    Chronicle Images
    The First Steps: In Service to Lore
  • No boons
    The Confirmation
  • Confirmed Field Agent: Wayfinder for 1 PP or enhancement to -1 PP
  • Explore, Report, Cooperate: Free action to ask whether an action is good and cross off
  • Friend of Janira Gavix: +1 knowledge rolls in Absalom
    The Wounded Wisp
  • Explore, Report, Cooperate: Free action to ask whether an action is good and cross off
  • Prized Find: +1 PP if failed to receive full
    Crypt of the Everflame
  • Kassen’s Blessing: You carry a small charm from the spirit of Kassen. You may reroll a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check after the roll is made but before the results are revealed. You must take the result of the second roll, even if it is worse. Once this ability has been used, cross it off the Chronicle.
    Masks of the Living God
  • Inside Connection: You are familiar with the cult of Razmir and receive a +2 bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks against the faithful of Razmir.
  • Stolen Deeds: You have recovered several stolen deeds from the Razmiran stronghold. If you kept them for yourself, you find that having the paperwork makes securing the stolen properties easier. If you instead did what you could to return them to their proper owners, you develop a reputation as being a good neighbor. Either way, purchasing any property in Absalom costs 1 less PP than normal (minimum 1).
    City of Golden Death
  • Kassen’s Boon: As a reward for setting his spirit to rest, Kassen offers you one last blessing. With this blessing, you may add 1d6 to a single d20 roll before the results of the roll are revealed. Alternatively, a spellcaster may recall any one spell or spell slot expended that round. Finally, the boon may be used to automatically stabilize if at negative hit points and dying. Once any one of these three abilities is used, cross this entire boon off the Chronicle sheet.
    Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
  • Resources of Redemption: For your aid, the Church of Sarenrae assists you in acquiring tools of the faith. Treat your Fame score as 2 higher to determine your maximum item cost when purchasing any of the following: weapons with the bane undead, flaming, or flaming burst special ability; shields with the blinding special ability; crowns of blasting, necklaces of fireballs, phylacteries of faithfulness, staves of healing, or staves of illumination.
    Severing Ties
  • Nemesis of the Aspice: Force Aspice to reroll a d20

  • .
    Raging Song:

    Raging Song (Su): When the skald begins a raging song and then on each ally's turn, if the ally can hear the raging song, that ally must decide whether to accept or refuse its effects. This is not an action. Unconscious allies automatically accept the song. If accepted, the raging song's effects on that ally last for that ally's turn or until the song ends, whichever comes first.
    Inspired Rage Effects:

    Inspired Rage (Su) Affected allies gain a +2 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution and a +2 morale bonus on Will saving throws (+1, +1 per 4 levels), but also take a –1 penalty to AC. While under the effects of inspired rage, allies other than the skald cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration.
    Spirit Totem, Lesser (Su):
    If you accept the rage you are surrounded by spirit wisps that harass your foes. These spirits make one slam attack each round against a living foe that is adjacent to you. The attack is +6/1d4+3 and does negative energy damage.