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Are there any items in the game like a pool noodle or life jacket to help a character stay afloat. There is a buoyancy balloon, but it is meant to make things air born and is a bloody 3' wide.

If a being fails her ST vs Hideous Laughter and leaves the body and enters a new one, is the old body or the new body affected by the spell?

Please dot and delete

Lets start by getting characters figured out.

I am planning on starting said AP and I need players. Unlike most recruitment I am not interested in interviewing your characters. Instead I am interested in interviewing you, the PC. Here is what I want:

1) Dependability
That's the most important thing to me. Tell my why you would be dependable. How awesome you are at keeping up with the posting and how you have never, EVER, been sidetracked by real-life and amaze me. Tell me that you have posted over 100000 times on this forum to really blow my mind. (Is that even possible?)

2) Creativity
I like interesting characters well role played. I do not need my players to be writing geniuses, but I want you to surprise me with something new! Brag on a few of your favorite character concepts you brought to life.

3) Flexibility
I have some house rules I want to try and if you don't like trying something new, well, you won;t want to play in this game anyway.
House roles located here in Google Docs

So, let's see if I can get some takers...

Oh, one more thing. If you have GMed this and have the slides available for the encounters, even if you do not want to play, I sure would appreciate them. I have the books but my scanner sucks.

So me and a group were playing through Giantslayer and having a blast, but our GM had to go deal with real life. He warned us that might happen, but the thing is this has got to be one of the best crews of PCs I've ever played with. The character concepts are pretty dang awesome and the RPing is stellar. Some of the concepts are a bit dark and gritty, which I love. Any other game I would probably shrug and move on, sadly, but not too sadly. But dang it I want this one to go on. So, I'm going to make an offer here. If you have a stalled AP out there you feel the same about, or a character that only made it though part of an AP and really really wish you could continue, have I got a deal for you!

I will GM for you if you GM for me. I don't own any APs except Legacy of Fire so I would have to buy it but I'd be willing to do so.

If you are interested, post. As for credentials, all I really want is someone dependable who has weathered campaigns before and not had to quit due to real life.

Please post character info here.
Day job roll:

Faction (if different than normal):
Track (if not normal):

Check in here.

Dot here so the campaign will show for you.

A player want to shoot an arrow through a scroll that a NPC is holding. How would I calculate that?

We need one more character. We have a warpriest, inquisitor, archer, and arcanist so pretty much anything will do. We will be playing low tier so a level 1-2 character is needed and preference will be given to a character that has run through Mists of Mwangi.

Hey guys. Dot in here so I can get a roll call.

Attempting to set up a game as a GM for the first time.

If I have three chronicles for a character, may I select the Ifrit race before playing in my 4th chronicle, or was the deadline at the point of the third chronicle being handed to me?

So I've been tasked with drawing the dungeon for a PBP game on the Paizo forums as we, the players, start exploring. I did a quick search on the forums and found a number of potential tools such as MapTools. The thing is that they talked about pdfs, images, layers, and all kinds of things that plain scared me. I don't want to download and delve into a complicated system that will require hours of learning. For now, I just need a simple dungeon mapping tool. On the other hand some day I want to try my hand at GMing PBP. There seems to be no end of hoards of players just dying for a GM and, heck, with society play I would even get credit! So, having said I want an easy app to get going on, I also want to eventually be able to learn how to do all that PDF/layering stuff.

So, what do you think would be the best app for me, and why is it superior to the others?

If I have a Nagaji with a bite primary attack and then go the DD route and get 2 claw attacks as primary attacks, does that result in 3 primary attacks all of which get the full strength bonus in one round?

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I just bought the Monster Summoner's Handbook and figured it was time to ask all my questions and make all my observations.

First of all the base spell only allows for a Celestial or Fiendish template. Why? I could understand that you don't want to give the players the opportunity to apply any template willy-nilly at the time of casting or they would summon fire templated monsters when facing cold base opponents, light when facing shadow, etc. Just too versatile is my guess. Am I right? Was that the motivation?

Why not just make the player pick a single template when they learn their first summoning spell and make them stick to it? It seems a no-brainer that a Wayang should be able to use a Shadow template (and forgo the normal celestial or fiendish template for good if they choose to). I figure this is not legal without an appropriate feat in society play, but do some GMs allow this? I know about Versatile Summon Monster but it ADDs another template allowing you to choose and costs a feat. Not exactly what I'm asking.

I thought celestial planes were L/G, but the template seems to be associated with any good alignment. What's up with that or am I just mistaken?

Is it possible to apply multiple templates to a summoned creature? It would be fantastic to have a herald caller of Sarenrae that summoned fiery celestial creatures or some other cool combo. If so what feats/books would the character need to be society legal? Again Versatile Summon Monster allows variety, but no combos :(

And, if so, what would you do to determine which summoning spell it fits into since the CR would change?

When you craft this, is the enchantment limited to things that may go on an amulet or a holy symbol? The only wondrous 'holy symbol' item that I can find is the Ornament of Healing Light. Are there others?

How about an amulet of Spell Cunning? I assume that would not work because they threw in the phrase 'wizard's bonded object'.

If you choose to do nonlethal damage with a weapon, is the inquisitor bane damage nonlethal too? How about flaming or corrosive damage? Is there any time where a weapons damage might be split between lethal and nonlethal?

We just played with a step up and disruptive character and the problem was that mages can just walk away instead of 5' stepping. That hoses the whole strat. So my question is, can a character do a delay action and use their standard action to run after the mage? Otherwise, unless the mage is glued in place, I just don't see being able to get the disruptive feat to work.

I'm in two PbP for the con with pregens. I am also going to be playing in a number of games in November at a con. Is it legal to assign a chronicle sheet to a character if I play the character in November and in a PbP that starts before that date and ends after that date? If so, and the character is at the threshold of going up a level, how do you reconcile that. What about two PbP that start at different dates but overlap. I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that that was legal, but how can it be if either would push your character up a level?

I have a question. How do I use a society character as an alias? I see that my PFS characters all have 0 posts, obviously, since I haven't figured it out. But that suggests that I COULD use the character as an alias. I have successfully created an alias and posted using that, but if I'm actually going to play in a PBP game with one of my PFS characters, it would be nice to be able to post as that character without having to create a second alias! So what am I missing?

We play all kinds of games form 10AM - 11PM the second saturday of each month (typically). We have a reliable PFS society sanctioned group that churns out 2-3 games per slot - 10-2, 2:30-6:30, and 7-11. We encourage folks to try GMing and a lot of folks have gotten their feet wet as a GM. There are enough folks that know their stuff and don't mind a GM that is not 100% up on society rules or PF game rules.

There are also miniatures, board games, indie RPGs, D&D, and more. We run a 3 day con in early November and will be at the Moroeville con center for even more fun.

We recently lost our venue and have been meeting at a temporary place that has been a lot less temprary that we would have liked but still draw from 50-75 people at the height of the day. Once we get a better venue locked in that should rise.

Do a web search on GASP gaming for more info.

I read through what I could find but had some questions before I could try joining.

1) When a game lists G+, does that mean you have to have voice, or is just text OK. I am getting that it means using the Google Hangout, which I've never used, to communicate. But it says there that you can either use chat or voice. If the GM does not specify, does it mean you can use either or work or is it assumed you will use only voice? And if you want to use voice, do you need a microphone or can you call in on a phone - how does that work? I'll buy a headset if needed, but I'd like to try a game first before I spend $30 on it.

2) I have all my characters in MS Word or RTF, but I use my own format. When a GM wants a digital copy of a character, what should I use? I considered printing out a standard PFS character sheet, filling it out, then scanning it in as an image. Would that work? roll20 advertised a character sheet but when I want to use it, it required supportership/money. Is there a free fillable character sheet out there that a GM would take? Every time I think I've found one it either does not work or it costs money.

I have been playing a fun 'Scarey Chick' character. An Aasimar Inquisitor level 3/Monk level 1.

I am at a crossroad and need some advice. The character currently has the following feats:

Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk-1)
Combat Reflexes (Monk-1)
Stunning Fist (Monk-1)
Enforcer (level 1)
Power Attack (level 3)
Shake it Off (Inquisitor-3)
Flurry of Blows (Monk-1, but not really a feat)

Pretty nice list for a level 4 character. The character has halo and lots of intimidate for a 11(13 vs. evil). She uses a reach weapon (just a spear, but I prefer it since she is from fisherman stock). With the IUS that gives her a nice threat region and I almost always get a Few AoO out of her.

Anyway there are a lot of nice things she can do come level 5:
- Blistering Invective to demoralize
- Doom to cause make shaken
- Non-lethal punch/enforcer to demoralize, twice with flurry of blows
- Explain to them why they should be afraid
- (straight intimidate to demoralize)

So, on to the question. I can go the Weapon Focus/Dazzling display route or the Dragon Style path which eventually gives some intimidation potential with the stunning fist plus lots of fun charging around the battlefield.

Which do you think would be more fun? Can you think of an alternate branch to take?

Also, I'm toying with eventually taking a second level in Monk after picking up bane just for the evasion, an extra stunning fist, and, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, yet another bonus feat! Is this a bad idea? I know that dipping is supposed to weaken a character, but DANG! Those first couple of levels of Monk have SoooOOoo many benefits.

I am creating a character for society play. The character will be a halfling brought up by goblins to dove tail into some previous runs in the Emerald Spire modules as my current character got ahead of things and does not qualify for the upcoming adventure. At the point he will be joining things he will be level 2 (I can get in 3 experience at a con in a couple of weeks).

So, I was thinking that the Magus would be nice since he will advance quickly in experience and Magi seem to suck at lower levels.

So, I was thinking Elder Scion because a halfling gets a bonus there, and I thought I could dip into Swashbuckler that way. Make him dex based. I'm a relatively new player though and never explored bloodlines and the like. So, the advice:

Should I dip into swashbuckler at some point?
Would it be better to stick with a straight Magus?
What feats work? Any combo ideas?

I only have the core, advanced players, advanced race, advanced class, ultimate combat, and ultimate magic.