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Great resource for CRB and APG buffs


I really like this deck, it helps when I'm GMing for new players at cons, but also to remind my veteran players in home games (and to remind me what certain NPCs are able to do).

It would be great to see more in this vein, perhaps covering spells/new class abilities from the ACG, and Ultimate Combat/Magic?

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I really enjoyed this book. I picked it up for the Nidalese content, I don't know much about the region and wanted to fill in some blanks. It did not disappoint! I didn't expect, but thoroughly enjoyed, the way spellcasting was dealt with, especially Isiem's own spells. The author paid a lot of attention to the spell components, really brought home the RPG setting without ruining the immersion.

Very well done!

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Great to see more of this duo!


After reading Prince of Wolves and Master of Devils, it was terrific to read another story about these two, especially one that takes place in their home base of Egorian. Great stuff!

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Good ideas, but too repetitive.


Decent story, there's a good mix of dungeoneering as well as political/military intrigue. I liked how magic was treated in the book, it's pretty widespread (at least in terms of potions etc), but that doesn't mean everyone has access to it. It was also nice to see more of the Nirmathas/Molthune tension too, that part was well done.

However, the chase and trap-finding scenes were too repetitive for my tastes, or not nearly spaced out enough.

Overall, great setting, and cool concept, but the delivery could have been better.