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Great to see the return of Dolok Darkfur! Cool cast of characters beyond that as well, of course, but the feathered bear stood out to me from running a scenario with him at Fan Expo in Toronto last August. :)

Well said!

(Also I think you mean "crusading knights" in the fourth paragraph)

Did anyone else notice Weydan kind of rhymes with Cayden? Just sayin'.

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Applied on the 12th, hope I wasn't too late! Had a blast GMing last year, and this year I'll even have a star. Very excited!

I really like the sound of "Secrets of Golarion", but I'll be GMing a PFS scenario at the time. Somebody take notes!

I'll be running this five times at GenCon, sounds like fun!

For those in Tier 4 and up, will our badges be credited to our Gencon accounts before the 15th in addition to the schedules being emailed out? I believe that's what the confirmation email, but I could be mistaken.

Did I read the tiers description correctly, in that only tiers 2 and 6 have zero ACG slots?

Fingers crossed!

Congrats Tonya!

It was a pleasure meeting and GMing with you at Fan Expo 2015, can't wait to see what you'll create at Paizo! :)

What about the Stormborn Bloodline's "Thunderstaff" ability, as hinted above?

" At 1st level, you can touch a weapon as a standard action, giving it the shock property for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your sorcerer level (minimum 1)."

Would this limit the robe's usefulness to spells that affect items, such as magic weapon?

Demiurge 1138 wrote:
A purple worm stings with its tail.

Asked and answered, thanks! Good point about the half-emerged cover, wraithstrike, something for GMs to consider.

I noticed the purple worm has both a bite and a sting attack. The anatomy of the bite is obvious enough, but I'm wondering what part of the worm delivers sting attacks. Is it the tail end (in which case, can it not use its stinger when only the front half has emerged?), or some spikes in/around the mouth, or some third option I haven't considered?

Being a worm, I'm guessing it's something at either end, other than massive size there doesn't seem to be a lot going on in between.

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Maybe not as significant as some of the above differences, but Tar-Baphon supplemented his undead armies with united orc hordes (being right beside Belkzen can't have hurt).

When confronted with the obvious threat of positive energy-channellers, TB hedged his bets with some living troops, whereas Geb just outlawed the channelling of positive energy.

Citadel Gheradesca, headquarters of the Hellknight Order of the Chain (in Corentyn). Allegedly the most secure prison in Avistan, and they will hold any prisoner as long as he or she (or it) has been legally sentenced by a government. If you ask me, no prisons of golarion book would be complete without this one!

Swift prison in Cassomir deserves a mention in the front inside cover at best, but still a cool alternate concept for a Golarion prison.

The one on a ship just off Absalom's harbour always sounded cool to me too, guarded by Gillmen IIRC.

I definitely thought the title of this thread was a variation on the "bull in a china shop" metaphor when I clicked it.

I was looking through the Bestiary (I've got the third printing), and found the metallic dragon artwork a little confusing. The copper dragon is brass-coloured, and the brass dragon is very copper-coloured, right down to the copper-oxide-esque streak of green down its belly.

I believe this counter-intuitive art style holds up in Dragons Revisited, but I don't own the volume.

Dragons Unleashed, however, has a copper-coloured copper dragon and a brass-coloured brass dragon. This makes a lot more sense to me, and the fact that it's the newer text certainly doesn't hurt.

I've also got the Bestiary Box, and here's where it gets curious. The pawns for young brass and copper dragons seem to stick to the Bestiary's version, but the adult pawns have the more aptly-named dragons.

So I guess in terms of PFRPG sources, as opposed to older 3.5 OGL ones, we've got one text on either side, and a pawns set that's a wash. In case it hasn't been obvious, if my campaigns encounter brass or copper dragons I'll play them with the more obvious colour schemes, but I'm curious if there was a reason for the switch, and if there are any other thoughts on the matter. If this has been resolved in a previous thread/blog post/errata document etc, my apologies!

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I think the Numeria and Alkenstar suggestions would really fill in a void. Being outclassed in technology might be an interesting change of pace for the artifact-rich Society.

I'd love to see more of the darklands too, and I think Shadow Absalom would make for a brilliant scenario. So close to the Grand Lodge, and yet so far.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Very clever, I like it! My PCs are following one of their number who's been kidnapped by slavers, starting in Absalom but eventually finding him in Corentyn (currently in Diobel), so they'll end up encountering the Chain Hellknights either way. This'll add some nice variety into the mix, I like it! Not to mention the Pyre knights' glaives will be fun against our longspear-toting phalanx fighter, haha.

I've really enjoyed reading this book, and will probably be working the bronze Sonthonax into my current campaign, it fits what I had in mind already incredibly well. One question, though:

It says Cheliax has deployed hellknights to take Sonthonax down without officially getting the government's hands dirty. No surprises there. But why is it the Order of the Pyre that's been picked? I'd have thought the very slavery-based order of the chain might make more sense, but perhaps I'm missing something?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Callous Jack wrote:

Oh and the pdf was updated and sent so I hope to see it posted soon.

Awesome, looks much better! In between printing and folding/cutting now, thanks for the quick fix Jack!

Great artwork Jack! I haven't had a chance to use the PC-geared minis yet, and only a handful of the horde-themed ones so far, but I've loved the non-orc creatures and monsters included, they add a great amount of versatility to the already varied set of orcs in the set.

I encountered an issue with the page of "Slaver Orcs" (page 12, with the fighter and biter dogs). The semicircular bases line up perfectly, so I don't think it was a printing or folding error, but the actual mirrored orc images are laterally misaligned, they don't overlap like they ought to. It hasn't happened on any of the other pages I've printed, but it might be worth looking into and correcting (if I'm right, that is).

Other than that, it's a great set and an otherwise-happy purchase, thanks for creating it!

Even the general lore is pretty clear about a handful of countries' stances on slavery, eg. Cheliax and Katapesh staunchly in favour, Andoran fiercely opposed, Absalom sort of conveniently on the fence.

What I'm wondering is where some of the other nations of the Inner Sea region lie on that spectrum, particularly Taldor (harder to make an educated guess than the ones with more predictable alignments).

What are your thoughts? Not just for Taldor, feel free to weigh in on others (especially neutral places) if you want. Thanks for your insight!

Almost all of the minis say they're small sized, and they look proportionally like halflings, but they're the same size as my humans and elves. The Axebeak is still large sized, though. Was this on purpose, so we'd be able to see all the detail, and if so, why were they listed as small creatures on the website?