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Dire Elf wrote:

I picked it up for Xbox 360 yesterday. I let my husband play first, because 'patience' is not in his vocabulary. ;)

It looked quite good, especially the openness of the world for exploration, the character dialogue trees, and the character generation options.

I was amused to see that you can adjust things like earlobe size and eyelash color. I enjoy those little details; that's the kind of thing I was disappointed to lose in Skyrim. But I'll have to wait a week or so for my husband to have some time with Inquisition before I get to try it out. Knowing me, I'll probably spend more time fiddling with the character creation options than actually playing the game.

I did see a few minor oddities of the programming. Characters occasionally would blink out of the image, or blink back in. A mage my husband's character was talking to kept gesturing with her hands a lot while speaking, and because she was holding a staff it made the staff wave around in quite a ridiculous fashion. There was also a goat that appeared to be having a seizure when we spotted it climbing a nearby rock outcrop. But thus far no flying horses or tumbling trolls a la Skyrim.

:lol: I can relate; my fiance is the one who bought it, so I figure he should get the first go (it also helps me get ideas of what to play, how to interact, where not to go and get massacred XD)

I'm in love with their character creator as well; I have a feeling I'll be spending more time with it than playing :)

Haven't had a chance to get at it yet; this is my week where I have Friday night off, but have to work Sun. night - Fri. morning to get there, so hopefully I can log some time in on Friday. I've been watching my fiance play & it looks good so far. I'm really enjoying the storyline greatly.

My fiance pre-ordered it from Game Stop; we'll be picking it up tomorrow evening. So, so, SOO looking forward to it!

I recently finished up 'Shifter's Wolf' by Patricia Briggs (of Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega fame), a collection of her debut novel 'Masques' and its sequel 'Wolfsbane'. I really enjoyed them both; it's the first of her writing I've read and I'd love to see more books with her characters Aralorn and Wolf and their world.

I'm currently have Tanya Huff's 'Wizard of the Grove'/'The Last Wizard' duology on tap but haven't had the chance to start it yet. Life gets in the way of a good book sometimes. Argh =/

I'll have to give it a listen & pass it on to my boyfriend; he's a big fan of Mr. Brust & I've read 'The Book of Jhreg' and really enjoyed it.

The tests have said either Lawful or Neutral Good (usually Neutral Good more often than not.) I'd say probably Neutral Good with Chaotic Good tendencies.

Ross Byers wrote:
Have you seen the baby Chimera in Mythic Monsters Revisited?

Yes and let's just say a massive squee-fest ensued when I did :grins:. Then you see the artwork of what they look like when they grow up...

...but he's still so darn adorable.

What can I say? I'm a gamer girl =P

I didn't have a Pathfinder Christmas but I still got some awesome gifts from my family & boyfriend, including a box set of Douglas Adams' 'Hitchhiker's Guide...' series from my brother. I'm hoping to use Paizo's holiday discount to pick up some Pathfinder goodies too :)

Wow...while I'm reading this thread, I'm really thankful for the gaming group I'm in...and adding my own (from a player's POV).

SIDE INFO: These come from interacting w. a player (kid probably in his early teens) from playing a Pathfinder one-shot at the science fiction/fantasy con my boyfriend & I attend every year and who, sadly, I don't think had ever played before.

THOU SHALT NOT... a 10th level dwarf barbarian and whine for healing when thou is not even below a 1/4 HP.

...announce at the end of the game thou is changing alignment to CE when another player (my boyfriend) is playing a LG paladin.

...tell another player, after the game is over, they "didn't do anything" during the ensuing battle. (This was to me, after my gnome sorceress killed the large winter wolf who was one of the baddies threatening our group).

EPILOGUE: At last year's con, the same kid tried to play again, as a...dwarf barbarian. We alerted the other players about what happened last year and one of them found enough people to fill the seats.

Keldoclock wrote:

Thou shalt not use hookers as fishing nets.

Thou shalt who Desna is when you make a Cleric of Desna.

+1 from a former cleric of Desna :D

Geistlinger wrote:

It was a modron, not an archon. :D

Really? Oops, my bad then! Thanks for the correction (and the really cool pic!) =)

Another favorite of mine is "Game over, man!" (a la Bill Paxton from 'Aliens 3'). Usually broken out when we run into something REALLY nasty that's about to try & hand us our hindquarters.

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VM mercenario wrote:

I mine the TV Tropes quotes pages for witty one liners every now and again. One I'm looking for a way to use in game:

"I AM A SEXY SHOELESS GOD OF WAR!" - Bilkar Bitterleaf, OotS

OotS is good for so many gaming quotes - a few get used quite a bit at our table.

Some of my personal favorites:

"Go Team Cleric!" - Durkon & the dwarven cleric from the Linear Guild.

"Well, the ogres be dun' fer. What're we doin' next?"
:Appears as Band-Aid box to rest of group:
"Oh. Right." - Durkon

(I've used these quite a bit; I've played the cleric in RotR & currently in CotCT =D)


"I am somewhat preoccupied with telling the laws of physics to shut up and sit down." - Vaarsavius

Elan: "I wonder if there might be another philosophical perspective to consider..."
Archon: "100101010100010101101011!"
Slaad: "Turquoise bicycle shoe fins actualize radishes greenly!"
Elan: "So much for Law and Chaos..."


That's so awesome! Downloading a copy now! Thanks for sharing the link =)

I'm currently reading 'Wolfsangel' by M.D. Lachlan. I'd see it in Borders before they closed several times and it intrigued me (probably influenced by the really cool wolf they use in the cover art =D).

That is such a great idea! When I get the rest of my creative projects in order (hopefully someday) I will have to try my hand at one of these.

Thanks for sharing with us =D

The dwarves are looking really awesome! I have to laugh because they're so not what I pictured in my head the first time I read 'The Hobbit' but I think I like these guys better.

If I'd have to pick one, I think it'd probably be Gloin, because he reminds me of how I've always pictured my boyfriend's dwarf character in our Runelords game looks like :)

ChrisO wrote:

I envy your chance to read them for the first time. Wish I could do that.

Yes, "Teckla" and "Phoenix" are both sad. He does a very good job portraying what happens to their relationship. Very "real life and personal" like. I find them to be excellent, and a major changing point in Vlad's life, but I also find I don't re-read them as much as some others precisely because they can be depressing.

On the other hand, these two are only part way through Vlad's timeline. What you have to look forward to is simply amazing.

Bravo to your boyfriend for introducing you! If you're a fan of "The Three Musketeers", I'd recommend adding the "Khavreen Romances" (starting with "The Phoenix Guards".

Enjoy! :)

I finally finished 'Teckla' the other morning after I got home from work (I work 3rd shift, so sometimes sleep takes precedence over reading...). I enjoyed it very much and found the ending to be bittersweet, but then, life is like that, which gave the book a more realistic ending, I think.

I was talking to my boyfriend about what happened between Vlad & Cawti; he said he didn't want to spoil the story for me, but he did say that things don't get better between them. As sad as I find that, I'm looking forward to seeing how Mr. Brust portrays those events.

I can't wait to read the rest of Vlad's adventures. They are exciting and unique, and hope to get into the next book after I catch up on some other reading I want to do.

Thanks for the recommendations about the other books; I will have see if my boyfriend has read any of those and recommend them to him.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the rest of the series. Thanks so much for the suggestions :)

My boyfriend is a big fan of Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos series. I borrowed 'The Book of Jhereg' from him and am currently finished up 'Teckla'.

I really enjoy Mr. Brust's writing style and the sense of sarcastic humor he gives his characters. It'd be kinda hard to pick one character in particular that I like, too; they all have their own unique characteristics that makes each one shine.

'Jhereg' & 'Yendi' were very good; I like 'Teckla' too, but (without trying to spoil the story), the circumstances that happen between Vlad & Cawti make me sad. Maybe because I've been there in the past. Honestly, I'm pulling for some sort of happy ending :)

The 'Book of Taltos' is on my 'To Read' list (that one was a birthday present for my guy) and I'm looking forward to getting into the rest of the series.

Eric Hinkle wrote:
I do like the description of Hayato; he sounds like the kind of character who'd appear in a Kurosawa film and be played by Toshiro Mifune.

I agree; he'd make an awesome samurai for one of Kurosawa's films :)

Really enjoyed reading this; Mr. Reynolds, as always, did an amazing job with Hayoto. Love the color and all of the detail on his armor...reminds me of the first time I saw a suit of samurai armor when I was a kid in a museum and how cool I thought it was.

Major, major kudos for the auction! You guys rock!

Working on finishing up 'The Eagle of the Ninth' by Rosemary Sutcliff that I borrowed from my father. A fast read, but very, very good.

Next on my list: 'The Book of Jhereg', Steven Brust's first three adventures about assassin Vlad Taltos (borrowed from my boyfriend).

During Hook Mountain Massacre, my group came across a bridge. Our friend who plays a half-elf rogue went ahead to scout it out & happened to meet the rather large, nasty troll who guarded it. When the two met, what resulted was one of the best bluffs I've ever seen:

The troll demanded the rogue give him all his gold.

Our friend decides he's going to try and bluff the troll that he didn't have any gold on him. Our GM said, "Are you sure?"

And our friend proceeds to roll a natural 20.

The look on our GM's face was priceless =D

Very, very, cool! Looking forward to reading the rest of the iconics stories - and major props for Wayne Reynold's awesome art!

Laughing Goblin wrote:

The most comprehensive list of prestige classes I know of can be found at:

Nice site - I'll take some time to look at it; I also found a thread on the Order of the Stick msg. board that has some lists of cleric spells by offense, alteration, & defense + buff if I decide to go straight cleric. Thanks for the website!

Wow...thanks for all the info & advice, everyone! :) I'll do some research, talk to my friends & GM, and see what happens from there.

Thanks for all your input! =D

Hey, fellow Paizonians - I'm looking for some help...

I was wondering what prestige classes are out there for clerics. I'm playing as a 6th level cleric in our weekly Pathfinder game and am wondering what options/directions are out there to take her, possibly in a more spellcasting direction. Fighting-based options aren't out of the question either, but I've been hitting duds lately when rolling to hit the nasties we come across...

Any advice/information/links/etc. anyone could provide is most appreciated. Thanks in advance for all your help! =)

Can't wait for this - my boyfriend & I both want to play gnome characters eventually =)

Love the cover art - this one's going to be fun to read, I can tell =)

More art contests would be cool - it might get me back into drawing, which has taken a way overlong hiatus.

Congrats to you, Silvia! I love your entry and took the opportunity to check our your dA site - you do some very amazing work!

Zuxius wrote:

"I want to be like you-hoo-hoo. Yes I do-hoo-hoo."


"I want to walk like you, talk like you, yes I do-hoo-hoo."

"You see it's tru-u-e, an ape like me-e-e

Can be hu-u-uman to-o-o"

Gosh, I love 'The Jungle Book' =P

Tessius wrote:
I think that's her sword sticking out of its' left shoulder...

I think so, too. Hopefully she'll get it back when Valeros quits monkeying around.

Ook ook ook! Oh yeah and run, Merisel!

Awesome job to all the 2010 RPG Superstars and a special congratulations to Matt for the big win! Looking forward to possibly playing this in the future with my gaming group :)

David Fryer wrote:
I had a DM who wore a shirt that said "Clerics, just because they heal you doesn't mean they like you," to every game. It got me thinking, what other great slogans can we come up with for different classes. Maybe something like "Fighters, Crunchy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside," or something along thos lines.

I've seen that t-shirt & would love to get it (I play a cleric of Desna in our Pathfinder game). It would fit her sometimes...even though she's Chaotic Good *lol*

Thanks everyone for all of the links! I`ve browsed a few of them already and will hopefully get a chance to check out the rest later. Thanks for the info =)

This might be in the wrong place, but I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the amazing Paizo artists had websites where you could browse their artwork? I've found Wayne Reynolds website & am just completely blown away by his work.

Being a somewhat artist myself, I've fallen in love with all of the artwork that these talented people have put into the Pathfinder world & would love to browse as much as I can for both enjoyment and possibly inspiration.

Thanks much =)

My gaming group just finished up 'Burnt Offerings' last weekend but the weekend before that, we had a rather amusing incident:

(I've marked this as a spoiler for those who haven't made it to the end of 'Burnt Offerings')

In Thistletop, our rogue had just sucessfully picked the first fireball spell protected lock on the door that lead into a room containing tons of papers and tomes. The rest of us (a paladin, sorcerer, barbarian, fighter & cleric) come in behind him.

He then tries to pick the second magical lock on a door leading to another room. At this point, I really needed to use the bathroom so I left the table, figuring nothing bad was going to happen.

5 minutes later, while I'm washing my hands, I hear the guy who plays the barbarian call "Ariiiaaanaahh..." (my character's name).

My response (from the bathroom): "Alright, who's dead??!!"

*Guys begin laughing hysterically*

Needless to say, I've started taking my bathroom breaks at less life-threatning moments in game *lol*

Currently I`m using a fuzzy blue & pink change purse for my dice`s so girly *lol*. I only have my set of dice & two d8s that one of my friends I game with gave me right now, so I don`t need that much storage...yet :P

I`m planning on making one; found a easy pattern online & have some ideas on how to customize it :)

Paizoboard Kenobi wrote:
Look inside yourself. You know it is true. Come to the dork side. We have the best shinies!

Yes, I shall become one with the dork side...*grins*.

Without a doubt, this side definitely has the best shinies ^_^

I started gaming fairly recently, so my gaming bag isn't as impressive as some here :). But here's what I carry in my little black (gaming) tote bag:

-Pathfinder Core Rulebook (newest acquisition)

-Notepad (for scribbling, so I remember important things during our session, lists, & the occasional goblin doodle)

-Mechanical pencil/eraser/highlighter/extra lead for pencil

-Dice (in a small fuzzy blue/pink change purse...yeah, I'm a bit of a girly gamer girl :P)

-Clear purple plastic folder containing: character sheet, info about the Varisians (my char's race), recaps/additional info printouts from my GM, & a printout of the 'Gods & Magic' PDF (as reference & b/c I'm in love with this supplement XD)

-Small Notebook w. pic of Desna's symbol on cover (containing lists of my char's abilities/spells/etc. for quick reference during game, so I'm not constantly flipping through the rulebook *lol*)

-The occasional bags of snacks, bottle of beverage, & random odds and ends.

I'm sure the more I play, the list will get longer :D

My boyfriend & I recently hooked up with a Pathfinder group (we're playing RotRL, just finished up investigating Chopper's Isle). Counting the GM I'm the only female player in the group, playing a Lvl. 3 human cleric of Desna.

I'm really enjoying the game & the experience; the guys are a lot of fun and have been extremely helpful b/c this is my first time playing a tabletop RPG, so I'm still learning the ropes. I'm loving ROTRL & can't wait for more adventures.