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Both these sets look fantastic, I cannot wait to get back to some irl tabletop eventually and bust out a host of new figures for everyone to feast their eyes on and enjoy, awesome work!

And maybe one day we might even see a Private Jabby the Kobold figure if there's a set of iconic Pathfinder Society minis!

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This is such a great way to announce the scenarios, it gives an awesome little insight into the characters which is great for both GMs and players and it also really helps tie the scenarios into being an ongoing campaign that the players are part of! Time permitting I would love a tiny bit of fiction about the months releases for all of them! Even if not, this is still awesome and gets a huge thumbs up! If we could + blog posts, consider it +'d! :D

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Have you signed up for CritterCon 2 yet?

It's an online con that will be run using the Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop systems (so an entire game is played online over 3-5 hours like it would be in irl).

Communication will be using voice chat on the Cosmic Crittermander lodges Discord server here.

There are over 40 tables of Starfinder Society planned already and you can sign up now for many of them on their Warhorn site, in addition pick up games of Starfinder and Pathfunder will take place over the whole duration of the con. They'll be playing all weekend long & raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

If you're interested or just want to know more about Society play using virtual tabletops we'd love to see you on the discord! (You can find me under the username Stunt Monkey and our VA for the Cosmic Crittermander lodge is Cozmic11)

Venture Lieutenant, Virtual Tabletop (Online)

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...are you okay?

Lost Omens World Guide wrote:

The god of prophecy is dead, leaving heroes just like you to carve their own destinies out of an uncertain future!

Or is this referring to Arodens death and the end of prophecy? I reaaaally hope we're not going to see another "edition change = gods die" to explain rules changes and I could have sworn I saw/read something to that effect from the devs as well, though it could simply be an over-exhausted mind making things up! ;)

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Couple of questions that I'm hoping someone has an answer for. I've looked through everything in the CRB but I can't find anything specific saying that Touch spells allow an attack roll, in the same turn as they are cast, to deliver the spell to an enemy. The closest I've found is the section on them where it says;


Some effects, most notably spells, have a range of touch (see

Range below) and require an action to activate. In most cases,
if you don’t discharge a touch effect on the round you create
it, you can postpone the discharge of the effect (also known as
holding the charge) indefinitely.

The implication being that you can discharge it the round you create it, and thus make an attack roll with it, presumably.

On a similar note, there also appears no text replicating the Pathfinder notes about touch spells which specified you could cast a touch spell, use your move action and then deliver the spell afterwards, is this no longer possible in Starfinder or am I overlooking something?

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So, I've recently been trying to figure out a still playable character who only ever takes one level of any particular class, it has to still be able to not be a drag on a party and ideally actually prove useful. Thus far I've opted for a switch-hitter since that seems the most likely to work, but any other ideas are welcome, I'm not married to anything yet.

So far I have a build as follows, any ideas, advice, thoughts on a completely different way to do it are more than welcome!

1 Monk (Zen Archer) - PBS, Bonus: Precise Shot
2 Barbarian (Savage Technologist) - Deadly Aim
3 Ranger (Hooded Champion)- Weapon Focus (Longbow)
4 Bloodrager (Prowler at Worlds End)
5 Swashbuckler (Falcata Swashbuckler)- Power Attack
6 Hunter (Feral Hunter)
7 Occultist (Battlehost)- Extra Panache
8 Investigator (Mastermind)
9 Vigilante (Avenger) - Snap Shot
10 Fighter - Bonus: Combat Reflexes
11 Slayer (Sniper) - Improved Snap Shot

The Rage classes grant him some much needed buffs for melee combat (and bonus to hit for ranged, but no damage until he gets an adaptable bow), mostly full BAB classes should mean a decent chance to hit and frankly his saves are ridiculously good (even Will isn't too shabby by level 11 though it probably needs some propping up tbh).

Overall he seems like he'll make a passable archer/melee combatant, have a smattering of social/knowledge abilities and reasonable saves along with a bunch of cool (if very limited use) tricks he can throw out. AC might be a problem without wearing armour, though possibly no more than any other high dex character, so I'm not sure if the Monk level is worth it. That said, I'm sure he can be better, help me hive mind!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Can't wait to pick this up! Interested in the Coil - from what I read, they sounded more like a Gurundi chapter of the Nail. Also t h email Wall hellknights not having a lector is interesting.

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Fantastic AMA, thank you Wes for taking all that time to answer everyone's questions!

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"Meet the Iconics" ...could I maybe, not meet her? She's ever so slightly terrifying.

On a more serious note, love the background and the art. I absolutely cannot wait for Hell's Vengeance, looks like it's shaping up to be a fantastic AP!

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Recently stumbled across this and I've been wondering just exactly what you can command the target from not doing, for reference;

Axe of the Imperative

Axe of the Imperative wrote:
On a successful hit against a creature, the wielder can utter a short command as an immediate action to prohibit the struck creature from a specific course of action. This command must consist five words or fewer, such as, “Never attack me again!” or “Never cast an enchantment spell!” or “Don’t set foot in Sothis!”

Would it be within reason to command, "Never take another breathe!" for example? or "Never move again!" Something which the target realistically has no way of avoiding if they want to continue to fight? It's only a DC 15 Fort save to avoid the effect, but the possibility of an additional attack that will auto crit (with a x3 weapon) every round seems like it could be very useful if it can be worded to reliably go off.

Any thoughts would be welcome!

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I'm unsure exactly how these two interact if one were to possess both of them, firstly we have:

Overhand Chop (Ex) wrote:
At 3rd level, when a two-handed fighter makes a single attack (with the attack action or a charge) with a two-handed weapon, he adds double his Strength bonus on damage rolls.

and then:

Horn of the Criosphinx (Combat) wrote:
Benefit(s): Whenever you make a successful charge attack while wielding a two-handed weapon in both hands, add two times your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

Would this mean you add 2.5 your Strength bonus on such an attack? An additional 0.5 increase from both feats as they would do used separately? Or something else? I've tried searching but other than people asking the same question a few months ago with no definite result, only a couple of peoples ideas of how they might interact, I couldn't find anything so any ideas or firm help with the rules would be appreciated.