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Obviously, most of the classes have shifted or disappeared due to the drastic shifts in culture and technology since Pathfinder's day. However, paladins seem like they'd try to hold on to their traditions as long as they could. Especially given Iomedae's greater importance now.

Have we ever heard of what happened to the last paladins?

Have we ever seen stats for this chain/whip weapon the Order of the Scourge is usually depicted using? What is it?



Can the body of a ghoul created by Create Undead and then destroyed be used to make other undead later?

I'm making a Kellid druid, so I know I get Common and Druidic as starting languages. However, is there any rule that says I automatically know Hallit or do I have to spend a skill point on Linguistics to get it?

How did your party end it? What boon or boons were chosen, or did they betray Dear Grandmother?

I haven't seen a definitive answer on this but I've seen multiple interpretations of it.

For example: The Paladin can only select one target as a move action, can use either the standard spell's standard action cone detect evil or the special version, or that they have to activate the cone before they can take the move action. How does it actually work?

Skinwalker /skinwalkers-10-rp


Maybe the Strangler archetype would be good for them, since it replaces Brawler's flurry? rawler-archetypes/strangler