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Paizo always refers to the majority of people as 'She'. Why is that?

He knows he is making one right now.

Everything is sounding pretty good on this so far.

Scott Betts wrote:
SuperSlayer wrote:
If people want to keep buying Microsoft junk, then go right ahead
Did you have something worthwhile to contribute to the thread? Or is this just another drive-by flame?

Just your good buddy checking in. ;-)

If people want to keep buying Microsoft junk, then go right ahead

I think he refers to World of Warcraft addictions and such.

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My advice would be to man up, tough it out, and don't be a baby. There is people dying of disease and famine and people crying about 1st world problems. Maybe a natural disaster should hit your city so you can manage to appreciate life more.

It won't look like anything because they don't need to make it. 4th edition is 4th edition, we don't need 4th edition wannabe games.


I am offended!

You're welcome.

Of course they are going to release extended editions, that's how they get more money out of your pocket.

Conan the Destroyer was the watered down PG sequel to the classic Conan the Barbarian film. The movie did have some cool parts, but it could of been lots better than what it was. You also have to keep in mind these films were made in the 1980's when makeup and stop motion effects ruled the industry. They were not considered B movies because they were decent budget Hollywood releases.

Arnold is currently working on the direct sequel to the first Conan entitles "The Legend of Conan" which is due out in 2014. They are basically canceling out the Destroyer movie, and the other Conan movie with Jason Momoa. It will be about an older Conan and his empire, I guess he comes out of retirement and goes on another quest for his kingdom.

$35.00 for 4 quarterly issues

$9.00 an issue

Definitely worth checking out, very good tabletop RPG magazine.

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Ok tonight I am recommending a fantasy movie with a female lead (Brigitte Nielson) in a cool movie from the 1980's. A good fantasy warrior film with great fun characters, action, and magical musical score that sets the tone.


After having her family murdered and beaten by savage barbarians, a vengeful Sonja sets out on a journey to retrieve a magical orb from the twisted evil queen whom she vows vengeance upon.

With the help of Kalidor the Barbarian(Schwarzenegger), Prince Tarn the fighter(Ernie Reyes Jr), and Falkon the Barbarian, the heroes must team up and find a way into the queen's palace to destroy her evil kingdom once and for all.

"A must have for any film collector of fantasy filmfare."

The Giants are the world series Champs cause we're the boss

I destroyed 4 planets with a magnet, and now I can see an orc beauty pageant.

You were arrested by barbarians and fried with a taser

I am the master of disaster and I have come for Zerok the Zeezelbubz..

There is going to be $450 or $550 dollar version, I won't be supporting any of them for a long while ;-}

Never had any problems at my gaming tables. I treat females like all decent humans should be treated, and that's with respect. Sounds more like immaturity problems than sexism to me here. How come no other gaming companies have had such uproars about all these sensitive issues? I mean come on it's a roleplaying game, not a politcal poll on government issues.

I have created this thread in the name of equilibrium.

I think one of the problems of Pathfinder is the Bestiary. There is too many unknown weird creatures, and the names are not that good. They don't really stick out in the mind's eye like the other more traditional monsters.

Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:

A show of hands for PCs running around looking for intersexed NPCs? Anyone? No?

[Raises hand]

Alright, there's one!

I hope you find your town of hermaphrodites, lol..may that bring happiness to your campaign.

And I feel sorry for the PC going around pulling every persons pants down looking for a hermaphrodite, a bit silly if you ask me.

Thanks for the replies of advice and assurance. I have found the root of the problem, and let's just say I have successfully put my skills to proper use to pinpoint the problem and have taken action.

Why is sexuality important in a fantasy roleplaying game? It seems this thread was made to push people's buttons, and if you need to have homosexuals in your d&d game you can do so without making a big pointless thread about it.

It's not funny, I'm not smiling and it happened to me 2 times after buying off this website. I would like to know that this website is secure to purchase off. I don't feel this site is safe to purchase off of now, and I have to talk to an authority figure regarding the matter and I will trace you down if I have to.

Before I state my claim, I would like to ask the question of has anybody ever had their credit card or debit card information stolen after making a purchase off of the Paizo website?

Weezer-The Blue Album
Green Day-Dookie
Smashing PUmpkins-Mellan Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Louis it's not real, it's fantasy so why would that upset you? C'mon it's a game and if you can't handle it you shouldn't be playing the game.

I would like to see some darker modules and other things from Pathfinder.

To start I suggest...

Core Rulebook
Gamemaster Guide
Bestiary I II (III)
Rise of Runelords (Adventure Path Campaign Book)
Advanced Player's Guide

-Read through the Pathfinder core-rulebook and take notes on things you need help with.

-Then go back and study the notes until you mastered what you have been having trouble learning.

-Consult the forums for any help you have regarding the game if you need to.

-With a little dedication and effort you should be playing this game in no time, it's not as hard to learn as you may think.

The 5th edition art samples I saw were not to my liking! They looked like Pixar characters from a disney movie. I really hope that isn't what they will use for the final game design.

Thanks for taking a look Fergie. Any support is appreciated from old and new fans. Help spread the word, make a pledge, and let's make this thing come to life once again! It's that time again for the Extreme to Rise in triumphant glory!

Footage examples...


Keep making cool stuff Wolfgang!

I figured I would post this hear since Pro Wrestling consists of live Roleplaying, action choreography, storytelling, characters, and daring feats of doom! Help us out, and be a part of pro wrestling history!

Who We Are: 5 Guys Wrestling, doing business as “Extreme Rising,” has hosted five live professional wrestling events in 2012 throughout Philadelphia, New York, and Pittsburgh. The management of 5 Guys consists of Steve & Mike O’Neill, Kevin Kleinrock, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (Troy Martin), and Cody Michael (Mark Keenan). Each has a designated role within the company. Shane Douglas and Cody Michaels handle the booking of wrestlers, and along with Kevin Kleinrock mold the Extreme Rising talent roster and storylines. Mike O’Neill handles the direction and execution of the most effective street team in the history of pro wrestling, as well as live event production. Steve O’Neill handles all production for the live events, as well as post production, and media, and marketing.

Why do the Project: THE FANS! Unlike the WWE and TNA, Extreme Rising does not have any financial backing whatsoever. There is no TV/Cable network. No sponsors. No investors. If the fans really want to see an Extreme Rising TV show (as our feedback suggests), then we need your help to get it up and running. We have been bootstrapping it from day one, and we thrive on the fan’s support.

What Is The Project: The fans want a weekly EXTREME RISING WRESTLING TV show, and we want to produce it—but we need your help! That is why we turned to indiegogo to help us raise the necessary funds. If you are serious and want to see an Extreme Rising TV show, then let’s get cracking—time is of the essence. We are ready to go—If YOU are ready to go! We will not waste time with a long, drawn out campaign. The faster we can get this funded, the faster we produce the TV show and air it! The idea is to be on the air late February 2013.

Extreme Rising has had great success thus far, as the live events boast an average of 1,000 people through five events in 2012, the best average attendance for any US wrestling company without a national television deal. This is something unheard of in professional wrestling today. In addition, Extreme Rising has had an incredible online presence, and it grows daily. All of this grassroots success is made possible by the great fan base that wants and demands more Extreme Rising live events, DVDs, merchandise, and now TV! We can only do it with your help.

Extreme Rising is looking to expose our brand, further the fan base, and—by popular demand—bring Extreme Rising to TELEVISION by producing a weekly, episodic series.

Extreme Rising comes to fill a void in pro wrestling today. When Extreme Championship Wrestling closed; fans were left with a lack of diverse choices in pro wrestling. Extreme Championship Wrestling was a unique underground subculture where the misfits of wrestling entertained legions of fans every week, and the fans contributed to make for one of a kind wrestling events. Extreme Rising has captured the spirit and diversity of what ECW was by utilizing the legends of Extreme, as well as the best unsigned talent in the United States and Mexico. What started as an “Extreme Reunion” on April 28, 2012 in Philadelphia, has turned into an Extreme Rising and continues to rise.

We want to produce an episodic season of Extreme Rising Television to air on broadcast TV in Philadelphia, PA, South Jersey, and Delaware. We will also offer the Television show online, for the entire World to see. In addition, we have started to look for an outlet in the Pittsburgh area as well.

What we propose to the fans and backers of Extreme Rising and Pro Wrestling:

-We will produce13 Extreme Rising TV episodes, including all production: editing, directing, graphics, voiceovers, etc…

-These sixty-minutes per episode shows will include matches, promos, and advertisements for DVDs, T-shirts, and never-seen-before content.

-We will purchase an airtime slot per week (for 13 weeks) on local Philly/NJ/DE TV Station, same day/time each week. The higher the backer pledges we receive the better time slot we can acquire.

- For Backers ONLY: Website/Streaming to view episodes in advance

-Also included is the cost of Promotion and Marketing of the TV show

Who Will Appear on the TV Show:



-Plus the sexy women of Extreme Rising: REBY SKY, CHRISTINA VICIOUS, LEANN, and TAYA PARKER.

What we hope to accomplish with the 13 episodes of Extreme Rising TV:

-Entertaining pro wrestling television with edgy storylines and characters that captures the “extreme spirit,” mixed with its share of humor, realism, and featuring the best athletic wrestling with high flying maneuvers and hardcore stunts. While the WWE enjoys its PG rating, we take pride in delivering something edgier, grittier, and more extreme. It promises to be the most entertaining hour of wrestling on TV each week.

-We hope to bridge the gaps of live events and DVDs to “make sense” to the fans who have been following, and give them the meat and potatoes of Extreme Rising, truly revealing the vision and direction of the company.

-To build and advance characters and storylines, and offer a true wrestling alternative.

Why We Need Money: To make 13 weeks of TV includes time and money that we don’t currently have available, but the proper funding will allow us to quickly switch gears into television production mode. We have roughly 20 hours of footage from matches, to promos, already recorded. We will also have to grab a few promos to finish/continue some storylines. Our costs include editing and production, voiceovers (all footage being re-voiced for TV to give concise calls and to drive the character development and storyline home), hard drives, closed captioning, incidentals expenditures like travel, and other post-production expenses. We’ll also need to fund the production of our perks for backers including producing/shipping the DVDs and fulfilling all the other perks we offer. There are fees taken out by indiegogo.com/paypal.com, as well as business expenses/legal, paying taxes, and so on. We are sure you understand the idea. This is a large project, we live it and love it, but we need the fans help.

Why It Is Important We Make Extreme Rising TV: First, we are trying to do something that the fans want and demand. It is a large undertaking, and we need help. Second, we would like to see if our vision of wrestling has legs, even given the limited exposure of TV in Philly, NJ, DE, possibly Pittsburgh, and the Internet to start. Having an Extreme Rising TV show can open A LOT of doors for Extreme Rising and with the fans help, JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL ECW, can get Extreme Rising not only on TV with this proposal, but to give the extra push so that the executives who make the real decisions see that Extreme Rising is a tangible, viable source of Wrestling and entertainment that people, not only in the United States want, but the World.

If you pledge and believe in us, we will do everything in our power to produce the best TV Extreme Rising is able to do within budgetary constraints.

Thank you for reading. Please support and back this project with a pledge. Take advantage of some great perks and bonuses. Tell your friends. Post it on message boards, websites, email to reporters. Use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or whatever social media you use –it ALL HELPS! Whatever you can to help spread the word helps. Remember 21 days. Make it or break it.

Besides an entertaining pro wrestling TV Show, what else do I get for supporting this awesome project:

-Postcard Announcing Extreme Rising

-Poster Extreme Rising TV

-Download of each Episode one week after initial broadcast

-Viewing of Video Stream of Each Episode (13) Online PRIOR to general release / initial broadcast

-Special Limited Edition Extreme Rising TV t-shirt

-4 DVD Box Disc Set of entire Season 1 of Extreme Rising

-Special Thanks Credits at end of each episode

-Associate Producer Credit (IMDB Credit)

-:30 second Commercial 1 per episode (13 – thirty second commercials) (6 available)

-Corporate Title Sponsor (per half hour_ (this program brought to you by) 13 episodes (2 available Corporate titles available)

-Executive Producer credit (IMDB Credit)


-Will the Extreme Rising TV show be produced in High Definition or Standard? HIGH DEFINITION!

-What if Extreme Rising is unable to raise the full amount needed? First, no one gets charged anything. Second, we would be unable to proceed producing Extreme Rising TV. We are a 100% fan backed operation. If the fan support is not there, it just wouldn't be feasible.

-I live overseas (outside the United States), is there extra shipping for International orders? Yes. We would safely say it should be no more than $10-$20 as we have the DVD box set, poster, t-shirts, etc... It all depends on what your perk is.

-Why can't you just produce a web series? That still will costs money. Think about what Extreme Rising has accomplished in one year. Our footage is in HD, and all the costs associated with TV production will still be necessary, excluding airtime. We are using the base model of what ECW did years ago to grow and build their product. There is alot to learn from history, and we are taking the "good" that was accomplished. We will start in the Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Delaware areas first. We will look at possible airing stations in Pittsburgh, if we raise up and over the set goal. Anything raised above the goal WILL go back into the product. It is the only way to grow.

-Can't you just get a TV deal on USA, SYFY, or Spike? Young Jedi's it is not that easy. However, by producing a full 13 week season, we will give network executives something to look at so they can see Extreme Rising for themselves, and that we are the real deal!

See perks and funding goals at this link...


Lots of work to be done. Onward march!

Looking forward to a fat Emerald Spire book.

They may only need a few days extension if possible because it is getting dam close.

Does there really need to be a new edition? Does there really need to be a reason to buy all kinds of the same stuff over and over again? They are wondering why these games don't sell that well anymore because you barely get enough time to enjoy them before they do edition changes. The people are the ones ruining this hobby, not the hobby itself. People put their hard earned money into it only to be deceived by the company. It's getting ridiculous, and even if they do make a new edition I certainly won't be rushing out to buy it like I won't be rushing out to buy D&D NEXT or whatever they are calling Dungeons & Dragons these days.

Martin Freeman is English and he did a very good job as Bilbo.

Cool! I might snatch it, and I look forward to a nice core rulebook.

The tree scene was suppossed to show Gandalf hitting the wolves directly with the pinecones, but he hits the surrounding areas instead to get the wolves to retreat. Plus it does show Gandalf giving some of the dwarves pinecones to throw in the movie. At least it shows one of the wolves on fire to compliment the book. We don't know yet it there will be extended editions released on DVD to fill in even more holes.

WOW! 2 thumbs up!How so refreshing to see an awesome fantasy movie. Sure it may not be perfect but no film is, it's only in the mind that you think it will be your way. I really enjoyed this film and it was a blast.

Peter Jackson did a really great job on filming this movie, and making it as epic as LOTR. I'm glad Jackson is utilizing Tolkien's notes that were authorized by his estate. The film had a great atmosphere, music, and characters new and old. I'll go see it again, it doesn't have to be in 3D. I can't wait to get it on blu-ray. I wonder if there will be extended editions? Long live Hobbiton.


Send him back to preschool.

Some of the entrees were so bad I got bored of voting.

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My friend had to beg me for an hour to play AD&D. I looked at him like he was crazy at first, and laughed at him as I sat and played video games. Then I said ok, I'll give a try, and after about 30 minutes I was hooked on RPG's like a fat kid gets hooked on cake. I couldn't stop playing that night. We played until our brains were zooming. The adventure was going so strong, and we couldn't sleep that night because the adventure seemed so real.

Well if you were chaotic evil you could just feed it to the wolves or throw it into the fire or whatever. The thing with goblin babies is they have to be returned to the goblins immediately. It will just distract you the whole time, and it will be an unnecessary weight on your PC's shoulders.

I'm glad it's PG13 and not some G rated Sesame Street tale. That would freakin suck.

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It's the end of the world...and I feel fine.

Try taking a walk, getting some fresh air, or getting some food and drink. Remember it's a game and it should be butterflies you get not anxiety.

drunken_nomad wrote:

Not For the Innocent

...interesting demo version Ive never heard before

-1 song should of started with T.

Killing is my business and business is good


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