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My advice would be to man up, tough it out, and don't be a baby. There is people dying of disease and famine and people crying about 1st world problems. Maybe a natural disaster should hit your city so you can manage to appreciate life more.

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Ok tonight I am recommending a fantasy movie with a female lead (Brigitte Nielson) in a cool movie from the 1980's. A good fantasy warrior film with great fun characters, action, and magical musical score that sets the tone.


After having her family murdered and beaten by savage barbarians, a vengeful Sonja sets out on a journey to retrieve a magical orb from the twisted evil queen whom she vows vengeance upon.

With the help of Kalidor the Barbarian(Schwarzenegger), Prince Tarn the fighter(Ernie Reyes Jr), and Falkon the Barbarian, the heroes must team up and find a way into the queen's palace to destroy her evil kingdom once and for all.

"A must have for any film collector of fantasy filmfare."

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My friend had to beg me for an hour to play AD&D. I looked at him like he was crazy at first, and laughed at him as I sat and played video games. Then I said ok, I'll give a try, and after about 30 minutes I was hooked on RPG's like a fat kid gets hooked on cake. I couldn't stop playing that night. We played until our brains were zooming. The adventure was going so strong, and we couldn't sleep that night because the adventure seemed so real.

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It's the end of the world...and I feel fine.

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Looks cool but I'd rather see a Robotech movie.

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If you base your religion off a fantasy RPG game you need some serious reality checks, or simply need to go to a mental doctor.

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Fantasy Flight Games is working on a new Core Rulebook for a new Star Wars RPG and I hope it's good.

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I usually just make them choose 1 finger for their character to cut off giving them a disability in combat. Or the person that fudged his dice also has option of plucking his nose hairs bald.

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I would gladly use the ignore feature on this website, and probably use it alot as it Seems like if people don't get their way in the discussion they don't want anything to do with you. Some people here seem to think they are superior, I'm here to relax and socialize but some people here think everything they say is right and if you argue with them you're considered an Imp to them.

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The pirates movies were not homeruns imo. They were actually kind of of boring, with boring characters and poorly paced. I liked the 1st one the best out of all of them. They need more action for a pirate movie, and they are so watered down for a pirate movie. A pirate movie should be R rated but Disney is scared of the R rating.

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bugleyman wrote:
SuperSlayer wrote:
Sorry to offend you Obamabot, but I was only quoting Chuck Norris and adding my own flavor to it.
Everyone who didn't vote your way is a robot? Classy.

I'm referring to those who voted without even looking at the issues. Yes Obama has a high charisma score, but just because you like him should not be the sole reason to vote like millions did. There is issues and millions of people out there are completely clueless about them. By the way I noticed the stock market dropped today, not good news.

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There is no point in continuing the original story with 7,8 and 9 without any of the original characters in it. They might as well start fresh with a new story outside of 7,8, and 9. Since they are continuing the story I do think there will be appearances from original characters in it, otherwise what's the point in continuing the original saga. They could just start something new, something else in the Star Wars universe that has nothing to do with the Skywalker family or the Rebel Alliance.

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I voted Romney...;-}

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They will continue the Star Wars saga with Episodes 7,8, & 9. Plus they are looking at offshoot movies not involved with the main storyline. Also we have TV shows coming, several other things being designed for Disney theme park.

They have learned through trial and error on what makes good and bad Star Wars movies. As for the prequels they were fun but far from great. They learned alot from them nonetheless. I personally enjoyed Episodes I & III the best of the prequels. They will still be utilizing George Lucas' ideas and he'll have a say on some ideas. He will be like the Obi Wan Kenobi of Kathleen Kennedy who is in charge of Lucasfilm at Disney now. They have the budget, the have the power, they have the capabilities to make more great Star Wars movies. The Force is strong within the Star Wars universe once again.

It's up to the writers, sound guys, composers, director, etc...To make the next great Star Wars movie because they have the tools now more than ever. Disney will preserve and protect Star Wars like nobody else can. Lucas is old and retired now, it's his universe and he has now passed it on to the next generation of film-makers. It's the end of an era, and the beginning of a new hope for Star Wars and its dedicated fanbase.

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This is what the Gamemaster "Should not do" to avoid having a lame campaign.

1. Rail-Roading: Otherwise known as ‘forcing you into the adventure’. Rail-roading can occur whenever the GM has a plan for something to happen, you try to avoid it, and he shows you who’s boss. Classically, this begins at the start of the adventure when the players can’t decide how they all met, continues on to why they have to go in some random dungeon, and ends with an arbitrarily forced ‘hook’ for next adventure.

2. Disregard of ‘Unimportant’ Rules: Sometimes the GM will get so wrapped up in the ‘story’ that some ‘rules’ may seem trivial in comparison. Often, the GM won’t realize he’s being slightly unfair by letting a bartender auto-hit a 17th level fighter and knock him out without rolling for initiative.

3. A Sense of Balance: Well-meaning GMs sometimes try to enforce their own version of ‘balance’ on a game. This often includes detailed lists of which books are allowed, where your character can live with his 20 page background, and the fact that a 35 intimidation roll will only make peasants ‘slightly concerned’ because of ‘realism’.

4. Taking Things too Seriously: Often, and quite logically, GMs will think they’re making The-Best-Ever-Game-in-the-Universe. They will believe that they’re basically John Grisham and anything they invent is pure brilliance and can’t be messed with. If anyone dares to imply that their game world might not be perfect, or *gasp* comes up with their own cool ideas; these GMs will not hesitate to squash out their ideas like so many bugs on a trucking highway.

This kind of game will usually generate a very self-satisfied GM with very quiet players. The successful players will soon learn that flattery and ‘getting into’ the world will yield them the best results. The GM will be encouraged by this into the deluded belief that his players actually think he’s John Grisham.

5. Lack of Rules: At the opposite end of the spectrum, some GMs believe rules are for sissies. They will often come up with convoluted or downright insane random tables and bizarre creations of their own design. If it were up to them, the extent of the rules would consist of 250 pages of GM Advice which ranks somewhere below ‘optional’. Success in such games often depends on convincing the GM your ‘rule’ is a good idea. Once the GM figures something makes sense, he’ll likely make it into a new house-rule and you can do whatever you like until you run into some whacky 50 HD blob thing which wants to kill you for unknown reasons.

6. Poorly Thought-Out Adventures: There are few things more annoying to a player than a GM who doesn’t really know his stuff. Maybe he wrote some notes, but forgot them; maybe he wrote his notes last week, and can’t understand them anymore; or maybe he didn’t write any notes whatsoever, and is just making stuff up. These are the kinds of adventures that make the bravest players groan in frustration.

For example: when the GM creates an impenetrable wall of fire just to buy time to think up the adventure, and then throws a 60th level orc archer at the party to ‘keep them busy’.

7. GMs as Players: Once in a blue moon, a long-time GM will get the hankering to be a player for a while. A great player will, no doubt, jump at the chance to GM for a while…and soon regret it. Some GMs have just been at it too long to know when to stop. When they game as a player they tend to control the adventure, make up NPC appearances, offer helpful plot advice, and arbitrarily rewrite character creation rules without telling you. Since the primary GM is often the one with the real power, telling them ‘no’ can be catastrophic for your future characters.

GMs are also used to prattling on at all times. If they aren’t describing what their characters are doing for at least 50% of the game session, they end up feeling deprived and stifled.

8. Forgetting to say ‘Yes’: Often, one of the best things a GM can do is to say ‘yes’ to the players’ ideas. Some GMs forget this concept completely and figure they’re in charge of the game. Whenever a player comes up with a cool idea, action, or plan the GM will just say, “No, you can’t do that.”

10. Never Admitting they’re Wrong: Some GMs must always be right. It’s in the rules. If there’s a problem, it’s obviously the result of the players’ poor reasoning abilities or lack of character powers. Obviously, the system or the GM is never at fault for anything.

11. Being a Pushover: Some GMs kill off their players’ characters like no tomorrow (and occasionally for no good reason). Far more likely these days are the GMs who will pander to the might of the players and the game designers. If there’s an argument, this GM loses. If there’s a rules interpretation, the players’ votes always stand. If any player’s character happens to die *shudder*, he’ll be resurrected with no drawbacks in about 12 seconds.

These GMs will hand out magic items for the asking, treasure for the taking, and allow their players to pretty much control them in every way.

12. Ignoring the Action: GMs love to create cool stories and role-play. They’ll sometimes create elaborate and highly annoying NPCs. Some of these NPCs seem to have a hidden spell called ‘immune to everything’ which never allows them to die or suffer any ill-effect.

Sometimes, the GM will ignore the action of the adventure in exchange for mucking around and wandering about the city for the best version of iron rations. Trying to find a fight in these games would not only take forever, it would be nearly impossible.

13. Non-Combat, What’s That?: On the flip side of things, some GMs seem to be under the impression that RPGs are simply a glorified version of tabletop miniatures warfare with less pieces. The game starts with the first battle and ends with…well, it doesn’t really end; there are just more battles.

14. Weird, Cheating Dice: The rules actually encourage GMs to cheat the dice.

Also highly annoying are the times when you roll a 1 and receive obviously false information, or roll a 20 and still fail for some reason.

15. Overdeveloped sense of Fairness: Sometimes a good GM will feel it’s his duty to make his players equal. This will often result in magic items being taken away because they’re unbalanced, or other well-meaning but highly irritating feats of GM improvisation.

16. Lack of Rewards: After fighting for 15 hours, you get no treasure.

17. Outlawing Dice Towers: The GM outlaws dice towers as ‘not helpful’ to the game.

18. In-game Chat: For some reason, the GM comes up with a crazy rule to enforce whether you said something in-game or out of game.

19. Disappearing Treasure Hoard Trick: After defeating an ancient red dragon it often turns out his ‘hoard’ is 100 gp. Other times, whenever the group comes to a large, seemingly unguarded pile of treasure they just ignore it. It’ll obviously disappear or be trapped in some diabolical way.

20. Goblins Only Carry Copper: Apparently, this is quite annoying to one of my players. Edit: *consulted with player in question* "Because goblins are really tough to kill, usually. Then they only have little bits of copper and not loads of gold."

21. Thieves steal all of your Treasure: ‘Nuff said.

22. Cursed Magic Items: Hey, I thought all magic items were beneficial?

23. Poor Descriptions: You can’t really fault them for this. Player: “I know there’s a trap here, can you describe the area?” GM: “You see a door.” Player: “I check it for traps.” GM: “Where?” Player: “On the Handle.” GM: “You fall in the obvious pit trap before the door.”

23 1/2. GM's Pet NPC: You know the guy. That random fighter the GM created he thinks is so cool that he gives him 'role-playing' bonuses to attack. The wizard who solves all the party's problems and hogs the show in battles. The NPC Thief who says, "Hey, guys, I think there's a trap over here..." etc.

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I dream the same thing everynight, I see my freedom in my sights.

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The prices are getting so high on these books these days. $50-$100 dollar books. I remember the days of AD&D when I could walk into a hobby shop and get a good adventure module for $15 bucks. Now, every body wants $30,$40, $50, $100 bucks for modules. The prices are getting ridiculous and is seems nothing cool can get made anymore withoug a kickstarter. Sad times for the RPG game industry. Due to the economy and $5 dollar a gallon gas prices, my campaign has come to a hiatus until further notice and there's no way I can keep caught up. If people keep paying these prices they will keep raising them. As of now, I'm not paying it anymore.

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Here is some off the top of my head...

Flight of the Navigator
The Expendables(directors cut)
Journey 2 The mysterious island
The last Starfighter
Red Tails
Rambo II

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You could make 1,000 different batman archetypes.

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I don't see why anyone would want just a bland book of rules with no art. Talk about dull, boring, and lame. Without art these books would be as interesting as a school text books. The art is there for a reason, if you don't know why yet than I wonder why you're even playing RPG games to begin with. I question your motif. I think some people are just on forums to oppose people, start flamewars and arguements. No art in an RPG book is like a PEZ dispenser with no candy in it.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
SuperSlayer wrote:
Pale Rider is a seperate Clint Eastwood movie along with "The outlaw Josey Wales". The man with no name trilogy consists of "A Fistful of Dollars", "For a few dollars more" and "The Good, the bad, and the ugly".
But, if the trilogy has no name, what do you call it?

You call it Clint Eastwood movies.

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Bruce Campbell would cut him up with his chainsaw hand.

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I love the old rule system of AD&D and when they changed it, it was a shock to the system. Take note new school D&Ders, this is the original game here, this is the original AD&D the way it was originally intended.

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I want to see the Doglike Kobolds make an appearance, not just the Draconic kind.

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May all the great RPG games be successful, and may all the junk games fade into oblivion.

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It may be complete to those that don't realise it's incomplete.

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From my experiences reading Tolkien's epic masterpiece, it's astonishing, brilliant, mezmorizing, atmospheric, and epic. Simply magic, and groundbreaking for its time. Tolkien set the standard, and left an early blue-print for an inspiration of a whole genre called Fantasy.

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I wish it was a non MMO even if it was something as simple as Baldur's Gate. Not sure if an MMO is a good idea because player's will abandon the tabletop game for this endless MMO. Not a very good way to promote tabletop RPG games.

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4th Ed? Let me count the ways
1. The book is cheaply made, so cheaply made that the ink comes off the pages if you rub it too hard.
2. Of the limited races available, three are related to elves. That's overdoing it a little bit, no? Also, not only is the "dragonborn" simply a silly idea that panders to power gamers, they look laughable. And the idea that they would have a breath weapon as opposed to a bite or a claw attack is absurd. Since they were adding the tiefling anyway, how about the aasimar? And as for a monster class, they could have done something better than the dragonborn. They already have with the half-orc.
3. The classes lost are not worth the classes gained. Who ever heard of DND without druids and bards? Instead, what did we get, the Warlord? Please! What place does a tactical leader have in a roaming band of adventurers? Frankly, with the people I play with, if somebody "ordered" one of their PC's to attack, I don't think it would be the NPC that would be getting the smackdown. Warlords are for military and tactical units, not loosely confederated treasure hunters.
4. It doesn't matter what you play, the characters end up the same. Your warrior class characters end up having the same armor class and damage potential as your arcane class characters. It's like they are all fighters who just do different types of damage. The classes are sort of like 1% and 2% milk--sure, the composition is slightly different, but they pretty much taste the same. BOOOOORRRRING!
5. The skills have been simplified to an alarming degree, again making characters homogeneous. I've personally never talked to a player who wants LESS options for making their character, so I'm not sure what the purpose was of that.
6. The alignment system desperately needs a revamp and always has (either that or needs to be eliminated entirely), but the revamp they did made the system even more nonsensical. They have removed most of the choices, so once again, the characters are the same.
7. I never really liked prestige classes because you have to spend time at lower levels making choices for skills, feats, etc. that you may not really want to get the prestige class you want, but this game makes a player's choices even more limited because you get shoehorned into a very small number of character paths.
8. Multiclassing is destroyed in this edition. What's the fun in THAT? And again, because of this, characters end up all looking the same.
9. I have no issue with the use of miniatures and maps in games, I use them when I run, but the requirement that they must be used smacks of a marketing ploy to me. I can't wait to see how many "must have" dungeon tile, game mat, and miniature sets come out after this.
10. Finally, my problem with this edition is that it doesn't seem to show any regard for DND players, those of us that have supported and loved this game for over 30 years. It seems to be attempting to attract an audience of video game enthusiasts with a faster pace and a dumbed-down presentation, as if to imply that people who play games like WOW are too stupid to understand anything more detailed(which is incredibly insulting). I think it is a huge mistake. I think that video gamers who don't already play RPG's will continue to play video games, and I think DND lovers will continue to play DND--3rd and 3.5 edition, that is.

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I will also not support a company like WOTC who requires the purchase of 4 $30.00 dollar books just to have a complete Player's Handbook.