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My recommendatio if you still wanted to do this was to pull the d20 revised ruleset out and update to Pathfinder. Just drop the vit/wnds system to regular hp, and then do as suggested give Jedi a version of Ki to do their abilities in place of Vitslity cost. That seems like itd be easiest to me.

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BYC wrote:
Among my friends and fellow PF players, Cheliax is always the biggest debate. Nobody is sure what it is maybe it's not based on anything real. It's size and power would say it's France or Rome, but neither one was able to hold onto about half of itself after a ruinous revolution that turned so bad. Italy has been mentioned, but other than the names and the culture, not so much. It could be fictionalize pre-WW2 Germany, but Germany's influence in that era was never this broad, and there's no genocide going on that we know of in Cheliax.

Here's the thing on Cheliax. They WOULD have collapsed after the revolution, except the help of outsiders. Think about it, had Rome or France made nice with a devil of massive power they could have saved their empire, for the worse. This is how I see them, a vision of what could have been for ill and good had they been able to pick up the pieces via powerful magic or backing.

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nosig wrote:
Spoilers for the Upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie... Ok just kidding, but a witty look at the question nonetheless...

I think this illustrates a perfect example of both the literary and realistic way Perception works. Note under the rug? I'm fairly certain it can be found by a high enough (+40 and the like) Perception check.... Attribute it as you like, but if it were Holmes he would be admonishing Watson for not noticing how the rug was slightly moved and a miniscule dust line was disturbed leading him to believe the rug had been moved recently, revealing the note. Personally I always kind of assume thats how the abstraction of the rules work.

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So maybe this should all be ina thread called "Lets argue about strength and ability damage" instead of Magus and Scimitar?

On that note, Scimitars are good. High crit is good, spells use weapon crit range, so shocking grasp that crits on an 18 or better? Yes please. Moving on...

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My friend will be starting a new homebrew game in the near future and we as a group have been brainstorming ideas. For whatever reason we decided on a bunch of reptile race character such as a kobold magus, lizardfolk rogue, etc. I was thinking about a serpentfolk but they are just not playable as is unless I took serpentfolk as my starting few levels (not a terrible idea). Any thoughts on this? Is there already playable stats for a serpentfolk in pathfinder and I missed it?
Thanks in advance!

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Currently I am running CotCT and haven't found any glaring problem spots or things I hate or what have you.
I will say this though:

Giant Rantish Post, saying good and bad:
The Derro in the deadwarrens are the biggest waste of time, They are spread throughout the complex and I feel they are an example of high cr, low threat IMO. The party of 4 just walked all over them, they are spread out so that theres 1 by himself and 2 of them, and 1 with 2 stirges (of 6) and then another by himself). The fights in the entirety of the place were cakewalks eexcept for Vreeg and Cabbagehead, and thats because I put them together and they still were like 2 rounders (If i hadnt made a HUGE glaring error and misplayed darkness, etc) had I ran that straigh they would have never even broke a sweat in the entire place. Actually I take that back the Necrophidus were tough, but thats because I used two from the bestiary 2 instead of converting the 3 lessers. I expect alot of similiar fights, where its either too much or not enough. It really doesnt bother me that much though because the story is great and its worth the ride just for that. Also I have heard alot of thumb-biting about the latter episodes after escape (Books 4 and 5?) where you leave and go play in the cinderlands and dungeondelve in an undead filled fortress. I dont have the books on hand, or the link to the posts, but it essentially boils down to "should have stayed in the city and never left" and "UNdead dungeon=crazy stuff" and also a side of "Must hang out with evil?" in regards to the Zon-Kuthonites... Honestly I think those might be strong points to me and my players, to give a break to the city and vary the adventures some, plus they like outdoor and dungeon delving too so we will see.

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Qualidar wrote:
xorial wrote:
What about my pirates vs vikings, both sides manipulated by ninjas idea?
Clearly we need to integrate some dinosaurs here.

While Ninjas riding Dinosaurs has been mentioned really we need a dynamic where the dinos are the resource at the center of the conflict so everyone has them. Viking Longships sailing in to hunt dinos for mounts and other uses (meat/leather/etc) and coming into conflict with Pirates who are trading from the Dreaded Isle and the conflict is antagonized by a stealthy clan of ninjas who want the dinos for a war with a clan of samurais who are their immortal enemies. To tip the scale the ninjas have been playing the pirates to get rid of the vikings but have also recently hired a platoon of gunslingers to battle the construct (warforged*) warriors the Samurai have unleashed upon them, when The Gorilla King swoops in to start ganking EVERYONE!

I swear Ive been threatening this as a campaign forever on my players, but I havent followed through because it could never be as Epic as I see it in my head....

* I mean Come on Dinosaurs VS Vikings VS Pirates VS Ninjas VS Samurai VS Gunslingers VS Robots VS Ape Men? Who the heck needs dragons when you have all that?@?!?!

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So I was posting on rpg net and someone there wanted to place dark sun on golarion. The conversation however had some fruitful and cool ideas. The idea that became of it was to place a dark sun setting in an alternate plane or planar pocket or even on another planet in the golarion realm. This made me think, stargate. So the idea is the azlanti are mostly gone due to an unknown cataclysm. The idea is what if they used elf gate style stargazes to bail on their cataclysm, along with their slaves (mixed azlanti and orcs mostly). So the few true azlanti use the gate to carry their people and such to this other world across the planes or the universe, and they survived there. Very much like stargate the azlanti stay away to avoid the horrors that were unleashed (earth fall, or their own mistakes) and they buried the gate from their side. So the players find the gate and think it's a treasure vault (or something along those lines) and open it getting sucked through. The players then get stuck their until they can deactivate the gate from the other side, which isn't easy as the azlanti masters (who are very much like the sorcerer kings) are not eager to let them leave, not to mention they are eager to learn that it's safe to go back and conquer the world.

Conceptually I'm thinking a few low level bits of ruin and jungle exploration, followed by a modified version of the second serpents skull adventure racing to ruin to kind of get them there. There they find that there is a weird necrotic energy field around the place (similar to radiation) that has twisted the inhabitants, making them degenerate morlock like humans (the descendants of the azlanti temple keepers) upon which they are aisles through the gate and do the stargate business. After returning they learn (or better yet while there they learn) the thing that caused the whole mess was some nasty elder god like thing that is confined near the temple and it is almost its time to awaken again as it did in their time (maybe this thing gave the info to the elves for the earth fall spell I dunno yet if that even matters) so the heroes will generally go about fighting its minions of mutated critters and finally fight their way to it's lair and fight it.... Ideas and resources to make this work?

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So here is the deal. My players have aligned themselves with Justice Ironbriar to take on the Brothers of the seven cult. Now the whole time the good justice is playing the same way he is playing the city watch and recently set them up for a big fall at the lumber mill "covertly" sending them in and leading the readied cultists on them. He kept telling them not to burn the place down "it's an election year". During the fight when things went bad he bailed. Now what would his next plans be? How would an intelligent, evil cultist with massive resources proceed to wipe out the heroes who are thwarting his plans and yet existing under his nose and helping him...

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Crowheart wrote:

Pshaw, what is the matter with you people??

That line-up sounds awesome.

Y'know, if a bad movie is enjoyable, it isn't a bad movie.

I agree I happen to like all of those actors. Granted outside Jet li and, ROurke in Sin City, they all are notorious for craptastic movies, I also usually like said craptastic movies. So a cheesy action flick with that much cheese? Man thats gonna be one awesomely bad movie thatll be hard to hate.

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The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:

Johnny Mnemonic. Four reasons:

- It didn't follow the book at all.
- Dolphin? What the f@#%?
- Henry Rollins as a scientist doesn't jive in my book.
- No one can possibly want room service that badly.

Now in all fairness I liked this movie, but only because it came out during the heyday in which my friends and I were playing (then) FASA's Shadowrun 2nd edition. And lets face it, Deckers, Yakuza, Wired Reflexes, Street Docs, Monofiliment whips, and cyberware and street gansg oh my. This movie was every thing a game of Shadowrun was except no magic and metahumans. And at the time to see a movie version of the game you played was exciting. :P