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So here's my conundrum, How would you go about using the Pathfinder rules in a modern fantasy setting (say in the US today) or a scifi future game? I know there are other options for these, I'm just looking at what can be done using the Pathfinder rules.

So I've been running the ap and we just finished wake of the watcher. I've been crafting these cheap and easy to make cardboard "tiles" using techniques I learned on YouTube from some really awesome guys. Anyway I created mostly to scale maps for broken moon and wake of the watcher so far and I thought I'd share so e of this here:

Broken Moon

Hello all! As the post states I'm looking at Pathfinder adventure options that are good for a starting to DM to run. I'm thinking good low level adventures that are fun and easy to run. More precisely maybe a 2-3 adventure set that builds into one longer arc (but not as long as an AP). Thoughts and or suggestions? (As a side note these are not for me but someone who is interested in running a game). Thanks!

So here's the dilemma, My party lacks an arcane spellcaster. One of my pcs plans on hiring one to accompany them, with the intent to eventually take them as a cohort with leadership. Other than the Bard Amekio, are there any other spellcasters that appear in the campaign who arent evil and villany?

So as it says, had a tpk from a combination of not knowing to rest and lack of party balance. Question is, Should we start over at level 1 and do the whole thing again (level 2 at thistletop) or should we work in the new pcs and leave the other stuff as it happened? If I take the second approach then that leaves the Aldern Question unanswered (who he obsesses over and why)... Thoughts?

I want to place an upcoming game in a somewhat detailed small town area. Something unfamiliar to players of APs however. I was thinking something in the tones of Greyhawk or the like where a few adventurers would be big news, and small troubles are what adventurers excel at... Any suggestions?

As an alternate take on my other ideas, I was considering looking at converting this to 2e. Anyone tried this or have some ideas for it?

As the title suggests, could Shackled City work as a Planescape game (from the beggining) and what would need changed to accomodate?

So as the thread states, I was considering this as a future project and wanted to get some ideas and feedback. I was thinking a different system (Savage Worlds and Cine Uni come to mind) but that isn't what I want to discuss (yet). I was looking at ways to keep the majority of the story and ideas in tact but play it more pulp 20s-40s and all that. Ideas?

So I was considering doing a low magic, clash of the titans esque game (It will take inspiration from the Harryhausen movies of old, Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts et all)

Originally I was tempted to use a retroclone or one of my older editions (either RC or 2e is what I know and own). Having seriously considered my players I have decided to perhaps use pathfinder since it's the current game of choice everyone has books for and all that.

I'm considering a slimmed down Pathfinder ruleset, with Humans only, and only a few classes. Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Cleric for sure... Oracle, and maybe the martial artist monk (alot of grappler types in greek mythology). Any other good suggestions for classes allowable? Also has anyone already wrote up the Greek Gods for pathfinder?

Also on a rules side, what armor and weapons are appropriate and what aren't, as well as any spells to cut out or tone down.

I'm also considering untyped Bonuses in place of magic items, so that all magic items are artifacts of heroes or the gods rather than just a +x sword or whatever. Thoughts?

SO I have ran ST before, the first few volumes (up to SWW) and was thinking of converting and running it again, but some of the same players would possibly be involved. ANy thoughts or ideas or replacement adventures for There is no Honor through Sea Wyverns Wake? A good couple of adventures that can still set up the campaign and the isle etc?

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, and if so please move it. I was wondering when ordering books (Such as the core rulebook, Ultimate Combat, etc.) If there was a way to tell which printing of said book you were getting?

I know I'm REALLY late to the party, but have finally gotten the time and such to run a Saga campaign. I decided to run the premade free AP they put out. I was looking at ways to tie the game together and had a flash of insight. What if I were to make a Player's guide similiar to what Paizo does for it's APs? If I did that with suggestions of skills and races and classes and basic background info it could help to inform the players of the setting without the mandatory hours otherwise needed.

As an aside I also am considering "Campaign Traits" of which the pcs can take that ties them to the setting and adventures somehow... Although in a way Destinies do that already. This part I'm not sure of as much as the above. However I like the idea of a Pc who's trait was an agent of Maya, or Organa that gave them some sort of starting cred bonus and a bonus to deception or such. Or a trait that tied a pc to the hutts and gave some bonus on attack rolls or what have you. Any thoughts on this for Saga GMs? Specifically any that have ran the Dawn of Defiance?

So there you have it... How would you go about this? I was thinking of offering the Npcs "Slots" on the caravan as traits, and use any NPCs who didn't get their role filled.

The issue mostly becomes how do you do Ameiko's role? Do you offer the Kaijutsu bloodline as a trai and make Ameiko disapear? I'm just curious about HOW to remove the NPCs and replace them with pcs and it still work for a wide variety of pcs?

Here's the question how long does it take assuming an average sailing ship or merchant vessel from the books would it take to travel from Riddleport to say... The Arch of Aroden?

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My friend will be starting a new homebrew game in the near future and we as a group have been brainstorming ideas. For whatever reason we decided on a bunch of reptile race character such as a kobold magus, lizardfolk rogue, etc. I was thinking about a serpentfolk but they are just not playable as is unless I took serpentfolk as my starting few levels (not a terrible idea). Any thoughts on this? Is there already playable stats for a serpentfolk in pathfinder and I missed it?
Thanks in advance!

I know we'll see official pirate style traits when Skulls & Shackles hits, and I eagerly anticipate it. However as I mentioned elsewhere my players decided not to wait and want pirates now. As such I was working on some campaign traits for sailor/pirate types. Here's the few I came up with, if you'd be so kind as to look them over and tell me what you think. Also feel free to drop in any pirate or nautical themed traits you've created for me to ste...err look at! :P

Without Further Ado:
Piratin Ain't Easy (needs new name): You have been living a hard life as a sailor or pirate. The seas be a harsh mistress and has claimed a piece of you as a toll for your troubles. Luckily when the seas take they give back, sort of... When you select this trait you choose one of the following options:
  • Glass eye/Eye Patch: During the course of your career youve lost an eye. You take a -4 penalty to all perception involving sight, and a penalty to ranged attacks as well. However you gain a +4 bonus on perception checks involving sound, touch, taste, and hearing. Plus you look Damn cool!
  • Hook Hand: You lost a hand! You recieve Improvised weapon:Hand Hook as a free virtual feat, and can wield it as a light weapon that does d4 and x2 critical. It can be made master work, and be enchanted as normal (and you can get interchangable ones). You may also take weapon feats for it as with any weapon. The downside is, you lost a hand....
  • Peg Leg: You lost your leg and got a stump to replace it. Your speed is reduced to 20 if it was 30 or 15 if it was 20. The upside? You can get a hollowed out leg that can hide tiny objects in it and be enchanted (Peg leg of holding? Flask of ale or potion of cure light wounds? Be creative)

Press Ganged: You were press ganged into sailing service. You gain swim as a class skill and get a +1 trait bonus on all Swim and Proffession (Sailor) rolls.
The Dread Pirate.... "Whats his name": You were the apprentice to a well known pirate captain at some point and could possibly still be. You are being groomed to one day take his place when he inevitably dies a painful and treacherous death. As such you start play with an additional 300gp of starting wealth. However as his apprentice you inherit his enemies, whether you still work with him or not.
Slaver: You make a living trafficking in the suffering of others. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Proffession (Slaver) checks and start with an additional 200gp thanks to your proffessional success.
Illicit Trader: You have a contact in A Port City (Chosen when this Trait is chosen). Once per game session you may make a DC15 Diplomacy check to use this contact to acquire you up to 200gp in mundane items and basic illicit goods. However you must travel to their base of operations to use this ability and it takes time based on the items requested. Any time after you have succeeded in this check the contact may call in his favor in equal amount to the cumulative in goods you have acquired so far.
We Named the Monkey Jack: You recieve a familiar as a first level wizard or sorcerer. You may not take this if you already gain a familiar from another source or you have given up the option of a familiar. This familiar must be a standard sailor/pirate familiar such as a monkey or parrot. You are always considered 1st level in regards to it's abilities.

My players want pirate action and they don't want to wait for the ap in 2012. they want a sandbox with various plot hooks for them to choose from. I know I can wing some of it and see what kind of backstory they choose, but I'm at a loss for. Good start.

So what are some good places and plots set in golarion for piratey adventuring sandboxness? As far as I can tell they'll be greedy fun seeking pirates and swashbucklers but not necessarilly bad guys. Also I think it's consensus that pirates of the carribean are like what they want and they somewhat expect guns and the like. So what are some good golarion based resources for a pirate game, and some good threads and plots to have in the background. Give all your pirate love!

Also any 3.x pirate goodies are welcome as convertible or mixable material. I already plan on using chunks of serpents skull for ideas and one shot chunks. Any other goodies?

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A few notes on Rules:

  • We are doing group initiative as has been introduced in Dave's game.
  • We are on the fast Track of XP
  • You each start with 2 Hero Points, More awarded as the fancy strikes me and I feel you deserve them or you level. Maximum is equal to your level.
  • A few hero point changes; It only requires 1 hero point to instantly recover from dying instead of 2. However doing so will require a Recovery check with a +4 bonus (See below). Hero points can "edit the scene" In that a use of one can allow a player to dictate some useful but not overpowering change in the current scene. Ex: Villian is steps on bad flooring, or the bell swings by and possibly hits him in a clocktower, or the guard arrives in the nick of time... etc.
  • Once you are in positive Hp, all damage is converted to nonlethal. However if you are knocked into negative hit points you must make a recovery check
  • Recovery Check: Wounds are hard to heal, even for magic in this gritty setting, as the gods have all but abandoned the world which seems to favor science and arcane magic anyhow. As such real wounds are harder to overcome and heal. Anytime you are knocked into negative hp you must make a recovery check, which is a Fortitude check DC=Damage that knocked you unconcious (plus 1 for every round you bleed). If you succeed you recover from your wounds, however failure is a different matter altogether. Failure within 10 means you permanantly lose 1d4 hp (A Hero point negates this result). Failure by 11-20 means you are permanantly crippled by the attack (Lose the use of a random limb 1:R Hand, 2:L Hand, 3:R Leg, 4:L Leg). (A Use of a hero point reduces this to minor scarring (-1d4 HP). Failure by 20 or more Results in 1d4 limbs (A hero point reduces this one step). Note there are auto mail style clockwork grafts that can replace limbs, so this is not the end of the world. Also it should be very rare these ever come into play.
  • Energy Drain: One of the most dangerous abilities around, it seems kind of cheap and easy to kill a character by just hitting him a few times. Instead all energy drain is converted damage, Every level that it would drain instead does an extra d10 of negative energy damage. For instance a Vampire Spawn would do 1d4+3 and an additional 2d10 negative energy. Still Strong, but no instant death.

Now onto the game....

I was thinking, you know what would be cool? An npc book with just the updated stats to all the NPCs from the 3.5 Pathfinder setting APs. Just converted characters with cool new options and builds like alchemists and the like. Just a thought I had.

So whats the use policy regarding maps and pics from modules and the like? Say I was running a module for a play by post, and wanted to show my players the map of the room they were in for a combat or what have you, is it ok to post these on a image hosting site, if I do the whole copywrite and all that? like Lets take the rise of the runlelords ap for example, The map of Sandpoint and lets say room one of Thistletop....

I wasn't sure if this is the right place, but it's as close as I can figure. Here's the deal, the concept of the play by post has intrigued me, but I have yet to do it. I've been playing D&D and other rpgs in some form for nearly 20 years now, and have yet to do so. I've lurked some on the various boards and read some of the posts, but for some reason I still feel like I know nothing of the genre. So I ask you tell me of playing by post, the technical aspects rather than the stories themselves. Tell me why you PbP, and how the games generally run, and what sort of setups you use to run or play in them! Thanks in advance!

*Also if this is the wrong forum for this, please move it to where it belongs, Many thanks in advance*

(Quick note this has nothing to do with any ap itself as it is entirely a homebrewed encounter setup)So in my Curse of the crimson throne game, I have some side stuff going on and decided to have a battle with a bugbear cleric of Lamashtu (though he may be an inquisitor by the time it happens). Here's the setup. This bugbear priest of Lamashtu is attempting to take advantage of riots to take hold of the sewers of the city and make a play for either destroying or conquering the city. (he's overly ambitious). The idea is that there will be a meeting with dignitaries of various groups he's allying with, all meeting in a sewer sanitation plant like area in the sewers (big open area with a few multi levels and a big hole etc). The groups attending are an envoy of a dragon (half dragon warrior, and his large lizard folk bodyguard), a serpent folk sorcerer, his warriro bodyguard and his archer bodyguards, a kobold cavalier and his two monk companions, a boggard witch and his two barbarian bodyguards.

The pcs will be 3rd level, and what I'm thinking is a big battle where there is conflict between the villains as well as the pcs and their squad of backup (a few hell knights, cavaliers, and warriors).

Any thoughts or ideas?

Started Curse of the Crimson Throne, with Pathfinder Rules 20 point buy. Had a rough but exciting first session. I'm using suggestions and ideas as I find them and some I garnerd from a thread I started in the appropraite forum section. I don't know how often I'll get to run the game due to work and schedules but I plan on keeping a post of the events here. As per always this will be spoiler heavy so if your a player you probably shouldn't be here, but you probably already know that.

So first let's meet our Heroes of Korvosa!

  • Chris: Anshar- LN Male Sylph Rogue: An ill tempered street thug, He was taken at an early age and sold as a "curiosity" to Lamm who saw potential in the boys odd heritage. He trained the boy to be an expert theif in every way, however it seems his better nature got in the way and he just never excelled the way Lamm wanted. After many beatings and more than enough scars Anshar went on the run frightened he'd be found until years later when the oppurtunity for vengeance appeared.
  • Rick: Vexille- LN Shoanti Fighter: A member of the Tamiir-Quah (The Wind Clan) to the northen mountains of Varisia, his son a tribe sacred spirit walker (someone born of the spirits) was taken in a raid by mercenaries and orcs. He has spent many years searching for his child, becoming an outcast and learning the ways of the Chelish devils. He has made his home in the giant City-state of Korvosa, where he has tracked the raiders to. There he learned that a man named Lamm had bought his boy. Making a living as a part time blacksmith he looks for oppurtunity to track the man and ask what had become of his boy...
  • Macade: Brother Daxen- CG Chelaxian Cleric of Sarenrae: A stout but pious man, he was married to both his devotion to Sarenrae and his wife, a nurse for a local doctor. He lived in happiness, if not modesty until a few years ago when his world was sundered. Two days after their anniversary, she was murdered violently in a Korvosa back alley. He was distraught and investigated the terrible crime. He bacame obsessed with revenge, cassing quite a bit of ruckus. He was demoted from Father to Brother, and his devotion to the divine fire was waivering. Finally a break in the case was clear, this was the work of a gangster named Gaedran Lamm, one the watch had been looking for, for quite some time. With only a name to go by, he began his quest for vengeance in earnest.
  • Ethan: Torin- dwarf inquisitor of (I can't remember sadly): A man of quiet, Torin had a happy life with a small shop and a loving and dutiful life in the merchant district of Korvosa. Until one night during a delivery his wife was killed, a victim of robbery. He took the news hard and had almost resolved to end himself to see her, before the gods gave him a sign, he was going to find out who did it (and when he did hell would be a reprieve from the pain he brings them). He sold his shop and began training with a pick and crossbow, revenge would be a dish best served violently. The only reprieve from the pain was a local merchant had bought his wifes ring from a fence. Torin worked out a deal, 100gp or 100gp worth of service as a porter and the ring was his again. Torin agreed and has been working part time for Eldrid Mountainfire for 3 months now, working off a respectable 10gp in debt. The agreement may change however as Torin has finally gotten a lead...

Next Time: Our Heroes Strike at their hated enemy!

So as stated I plan on starting Edge of Anarchy this saturday. Along the way I'm looking at options for to scale (1'=5') mapping options for my players. I'm thinking of using some combination of gaming paper to draw and dungeon tiles where I can.... Thoughts? Anyone already mapped out the various places for edge with dungeon tiles and can talk about configuration or post some screens of them? If not I will try and see what I can post.... :P

I'm starting curse this week. I've been perusing the boards and what not but I'd figure I'd ask for any special advice or ideas that people used to enhance their games. Stuff like introduce x npc in the pcs backstory and have them make an appearance early, or so and so is a good reoccurring villain kinds of things. Thanks!

So after watching Pirates 4 (really after every pirates movie but I digress) my friend always talks about stats of the characters and how to run it in d&d (and by extension Pathfinder as we switched to that). Well we were talking and what do you think of this idea?

All characters in the setting are Npc classes, Warrior, Expert, Commoner, Aristocrat, and Adept.


  • Warrior:Lt. Gillette
  • Expert:Mr. Gibbs
  • Commoner: Any of the Scum in the jail or the girls who slapped Jack
  • Aristocrat:Governor Swan
  • Adept:Tia Dalma (Calypso's Mortal Shell)

But then use the concept of advance classes from d20 modern, only make entry into all classes level 4 (3 levels of npc first) and then the advance classes are the base classes fighter, etc.
So you have (these are off teh top of my head so bear with me):

  • Warrior3/Fighter2:Commander Norrington
  • Expert3/Ranger3 (Favored Enemy Pirate):Will Turner
  • Commoner3/Rogue6:Jack Sparrow
  • Aristocrat3/Rogue1:Elizabeth Swan
  • Adept3/Sorcerer6:Tia Dalma (Calypso's Mortal Shell)[Later on]

If by Using the Slow advancement method and having the characters in general built this way, how do you think the game would play? would it work out similiar to the movies (With Hero Points from the APG, and with a character like Jack having hero point boosting feats maybe?

EDIT: Let's be honest the way the movies go, Jack is almost assuredly Built like 2 levels higher than anyone else with skill focus Bluff and Hero Points out the wazoo....

So I've been contemplating my next actual game, and it's quite possible I might run curse of the crimson throne. While kind of thinking about it I was looking at gaming papers new 100 page to scale mega dungeon. One of the things they talk about is that the individual pages can be arranged many ways to make lots of micro dungeons or one big one, etc. I was wondering if anyone had thought about using it to recreate any or all of the encounters in curse. Any thoughts? I was thinking of using the individual parts as templates so to speak and making photocopies if necessary to make cheap multiples that can be dissected and added back as necessary, and maybe pre make whole sections and dungeons on poster board or foam board ahead of time. Maybe even throw in some fat dragon doors or walls and kind of custom 3d the whole campaign, using the wilderness flip mat for the few sections for wilderness combat (in like the 1 book that happens).

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So I was posting on rpg net and someone there wanted to place dark sun on golarion. The conversation however had some fruitful and cool ideas. The idea that became of it was to place a dark sun setting in an alternate plane or planar pocket or even on another planet in the golarion realm. This made me think, stargate. So the idea is the azlanti are mostly gone due to an unknown cataclysm. The idea is what if they used elf gate style stargazes to bail on their cataclysm, along with their slaves (mixed azlanti and orcs mostly). So the few true azlanti use the gate to carry their people and such to this other world across the planes or the universe, and they survived there. Very much like stargate the azlanti stay away to avoid the horrors that were unleashed (earth fall, or their own mistakes) and they buried the gate from their side. So the players find the gate and think it's a treasure vault (or something along those lines) and open it getting sucked through. The players then get stuck their until they can deactivate the gate from the other side, which isn't easy as the azlanti masters (who are very much like the sorcerer kings) are not eager to let them leave, not to mention they are eager to learn that it's safe to go back and conquer the world.

Conceptually I'm thinking a few low level bits of ruin and jungle exploration, followed by a modified version of the second serpents skull adventure racing to ruin to kind of get them there. There they find that there is a weird necrotic energy field around the place (similar to radiation) that has twisted the inhabitants, making them degenerate morlock like humans (the descendants of the azlanti temple keepers) upon which they are aisles through the gate and do the stargate business. After returning they learn (or better yet while there they learn) the thing that caused the whole mess was some nasty elder god like thing that is confined near the temple and it is almost its time to awaken again as it did in their time (maybe this thing gave the info to the elves for the earth fall spell I dunno yet if that even matters) so the heroes will generally go about fighting its minions of mutated critters and finally fight their way to it's lair and fight it.... Ideas and resources to make this work?

So I was thinking of doing a post apocalyptic game using Pathfinder. I'm thinking basically the non magic classes being available (Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, and Cavalier) as well as a few caster classes who aren't casters (Bard, and Alchemist) as well as maybe the Gunslinger. The flavor changes here would be that alchemists work as is, except they aren't magic just chemical. Bards would be badass six-string samurai types I think with their magic being powders and "stage tricks" more than spells. Bard would need a few more thoughts. Races would be human, and then maybe a few other races that are engineered or mutated humans (Orcs and elves?) with basically any monster from the bestairies could exust as mutated critters. Also this would use pathfinder level adjusted bonuses since thered be no magic items... Thoughts?..

Also I heard mentioned theres a version of this coming along called Warlords of the apocolypse or something. Heard its kind of in limbo, and not much else. For the sake of ease Im looking to do what I can wholesale homebrew here, ideas and the like for inspiration as much to see whats been done. I wouldnt mind hearing impressions of other attempts and reviews.

Which books have just the rules necessary to do the kingmaker "thing"? Just the exploration and conquering rules and the like? My players are interested in kingmaker by style but home brew by definition.

So here's the thing I can't seem to grok the timeline of the the boat trip. I get that the trip itself is like 73 days, plus 31 days in various ports for a total of 104 days if I read it correctly, but what is the actual breakdown of time? I mean x days/weeks from point a to be then x days at port, then x days/weeks at sea to x place etc.

I need to cancel my ap subscription before the next book due to money issues. Sad day for me.

As the title says, I'm thinking sequal. We are on the last book of Rise and I was thinking, the pcs have determined that the runelords 6 (all but Karzoug) are just as bad news, and they don't want them to rise either. They are certain it is going to happen, and by the way the book talks Karzoug's defeat just lets the others loose in a manner. So I'm thinking that I want to set a game like 30 or so years after the swallowtail festival/goblin attack (so nearly 30 years after the AP ends). Conceptually, the pcs who have taken over the fort of the black arrows will have dedicated their "retirement" to combating the runelords minions and routing out the remaining runelords. They will have become a powerful organization dedicated to combating the greatest threat unknown, and the leaders for the most part will be the previous pcs. The players will play, legacy characters or members of the organization eventually. So lets talk about the manner in which each runelord survived doom and how they plan on coming back as well as what that process entails and where it would be (their capitols?).

So I'm toying with the idea of a hellknight for the order fo the God Claw(sp?), and as they follow 5 seperate Lawful faiths that span the spectrum of good and evil I was thinking of playing a Paladin who becomes (hopefully) a Hellknight. I know unearthed arcana or one of the books like it (maybe players handbook 2) had a variant for other alignment paladins in cluding a Lawful Nuetral one... so How could I make the Pathfinder paladin keep all the abilities he has but make him nuetral without making his stuff overly good (aka no longer focused so that he can just smite and whatnot).... Thoughts?

Heres the issue. It says Fortitude save partial (Objects), has rules for what if you make the save but says creatures or objects who make the save. So do living creatures get a fortitude save or do objects only?

So I am working on converting due to player interest, and have ht a few snags. I don't really need class or race conversions as there are some already on here. But my area I could use a few extra rules gurus and eyes in are Feats and Domains. What does the board think about the feats and how they interact with PF rules feats? Does any of them become broken or need changed to fit the style the feats work in now? Same with the Ebberon domains, how should I go about converting them?
Also I welcome any takes on prestige classes and magic items that people want to share :P

I restarted my ap subscription when the first and second serpents skull books were out and started with the first, now it states that my next volume is #3. Can I please get #2 also as per my subscription or did I lose out on it by starting with #1 and not know?

so am I reading this correctly? does it get the level +2+the duskblades int to attempt to grapple but the grapple mod is only +1-+5?
For example a 12th level duskblade with a 20 int casts it... so its (12+5+2)=+19 to touch and +4 to grapple? or am I misreading it and its +19 to touch and +23 to grapple? If so that seems very strong for a level 1 spell... Just curious. Thanks

So I emailed the customer service last week but never recieved a reply so maybe a post will do it. I would like to start getting the aps again, but where i changed cards and such the previous ap is still trying to charge. I want to somehow cancel the last Kingmaker volume in my shipments and just start the serpents skull ones and also Get my order that i have in my cart to ship with my ap.... Help?

I have found many good lists of minis to use for the first 2 or 3 of the series (the H modules) but is there a good list of the ones needed for p1-e3? Has anyone ran them all and have good mini ideas you did or would have used? WotC plastics are going to mostly be my method, but for a few good ones for major encounters ill pony up a lil more for the effort of an awesome mini :P

Ok so I stole this idea from an thread titled "[4E] Chrono Trigger-ifying PoLand" specifically by a post by someone named the unconquered Shawn. Essentially I love the concept, and Am looking to expand the idea some more and build it into my own variation of the theme and wanted some ideas. Now that my premise is laid out and credit is given and everyone understands that this isn't my genious brainchild let's get to it:

Keep on the shadowfell: In episode 1, the pcs learn of an evil cult brewing in the town of Winterhaven, learn of kidnappings and the like and face cultists in the city. Learning the location of the Lair of the Cult leader they delve into the old fort where they encounter the crazed Spirit of the Knight of the keep. Eventually they descend upon the lower level and face the cultist and his dark portal only for the ritual he was casting to summon his lord to be interrupted. This causes a break in reality that sends the pcs back in time to the days of the keep, and they meet Sir Keegan and witness his descent into madness. They learn it is due to the Cult leader messing with his mind. They can stop him from becoming insane and attacking everyone and save his soul.
Thunder spire Labyrinth: They then learn the bad guy has fled to an old wizard sanctum in the nearby mountains and follow him there where he again engages them. This time he tries to lock them in a time bubble but splits himself through time and space. The pcs then must find and defeat the pcs of him in the Labyrinth.
Pyramid of Shadows: After facing his shades in the various parts of the Labyrinth they learn that some parts of him still exist back in various time bubbles. They use a ritual to recreate the portal home and seek out and destroy his incarnations… They do this with the help of a woman they encountered who worked with him but was betrayed by him and switches sides… they find that in the future she has been decapitated and reanimated and to get her help must deal with her body. Finally upon defeating the final version of the baddie they learn he was trying to summon his master to the world. The party must then deal with the unified baddie in which he is trying again to summon his boss. They defeat him again but are thrown through time again, with no sighn of their ally the woman… this time to a diseased and wasted land… use some dark sun maybe?
The pcs adventure around and figure out what’s going on and learn they are after the entity known as the Devourer has come and devoured the essence of the world. They learn that he did it in the “present” and vow to stop him they then venture into a desolate canyon of wild magic to invoke the ritual to get home.
The ritual doesn’t go as planned but instead sends them to a version of time that is futuristic, and in a steam punkish way. (Use Ebberon) and the Pcs learn that they are so far back in the timeline that they are before the first destruction of the world. They learn that the being known as the Devourer is actually a Proto-diety that exists here aswell, as evidenced by the people who worship it, the various nobles who exist… it is their worship of it that destroys their civilization when it is summoned the first time in a proto state and the pcs engage it and drive it back into the world to sleep until it is fully powered… the battle throws them into the future where they are in a primitive world full of savages and almost no magic or anything…

they learn of a woman who is a witch to her people who may be able to help them after they save a small tribe of proto elves from orcs. The woman who lives in a volcanic peak turns out to be the woman who helps the baddie then pcs later. She is here after being thrown here during their battle before. She uses the pcs magic and help to gather the stuff to go back to the present so they can throw down with the devourer who is a mighty demonic Being.

Anyway this mimics Chrono trigger pretty good overall but needs some more development. I was figuring someone might have some ideas that could really help tie it all together and any ideas for more iconic chrono trigger things that need to make an appearance. :P

I'm asking for good horror themed adventures out there for 3rd or 3.5 preffably for my halloween game this year. I'm ok with going outside 3rd to other systems aswell but would check here. Also any dungeon mag adventures that fit are welcome!

So my first post became a delicious snack for the post monster, so I'll try again. Here's the meat and potatoes of it: I have seen games inmpliment "action cards" and points and what not that give players nifty advantages they can play that changes the scene and combat in some way. I was contemplating something of this nature and wanted to brainstorm my ideas aswell as maybe pluck ideas from the community. I am thinking of something along the lines of "Twist of fate: Turn any natural 1 or natural 20 into the opposite" or "Back from the brink: If an attack drops you to below 1 hp you are instead left at 1 hp" or "En Garde: Force an opponent to take it's attacks on you this round".

These are some random off the top of my head examples. I was thinking of awarding so many of these to the players randomly at the start of the game session with the possibility of extra ones. Just to give them some random luck advantage. Any thoughts? Any way to make the idea cooler? Has it already been done for d20?

So I was thinking I like the concept of a card or somesuch that lets the players change things, similiar to how some games handle action or drama points. I like the idea of them being able to do some sort of boon to change things in their favor. I was contemplating "action cards" or some such, and as I don't know of any d20 product like this have endeavored to maybe make my own. I'm thinking stuff like "Twist of Fate: You can change any roll to a natural 1 or natural 20" or "Back from the brink: instead of hitting negatove hp, you are left at 1 hp" or somesuch. I know Ive seen mechanics similiar somewhere before and possibly even the names. If there is already a product like this please point me to it, however if not what are some other cool "cards" that we can make?

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