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The for the Help :)

Hello all,

I was on the pfsrd, trying to calculatr the cost of a ring with one use à day of the Overland flight spell with the Table: Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values

But well ... I coudn't figure the price ...

Andy Help?

Thx all

Thanks for your Help guys!


The cloak give you the possibility to turn into a Lion like using Beast Shape 2.

Is it possible to upgrade a Lion cloak with 'Beast Shape 3?

It yes, how much Will it cost?

Is it Wise to let a player do this, or is it broken?



Thx for the answers.


Thx for your answer :)

Anyone else?

Hello there!

I'm working on my tiefling paladin build for WOTR.
I'm planning to take the Tiefling alternate trait "Vestigal wings" + Optional Tiefling Ability "Levitate".

My questions are:

Can I fly with the combo of those traits and abilities?

if yes, Can I fly with my armor on me, or is it too heavy?

thx for your help!


Tank you for your help, it really helped me. :D

Thank you for your help :)

Of course not being a halfling bard would have help, but that´s the challenge ^^


for our next campaign WOTR, one of our player wants an halfling bard.
She really wants her pc to go into melee. So well, how would you do it?

I was thinking of a character like Syrio FOREL from GOT, but well ...

You can use any paizo's books, and 25 creation points, full bard leveling.

Thank you for your help.

thx guys :)

Nice one ;)

Hello there!

In my campaign, à new king rose recently in the country of Galt.
Do you have any suggestion of what title this new king can bear?

Well Grégory, since we Will be 4 players with me as the only frontliner, I nées to dish out some serious DPR. I dońt need it to be totally cheezy, but If I can the Job, it should be okay.I like a good image too, and I'm not worry about getting magic weapon. My GM always reworks the APs to match our choices.

To blackbloodtroll and Fomsie. I didn't understand what you said about the fiendish feat. Is it still a feat or a trait?

Thx for your advices all.


Hello there!

My GM offered me the EWP: Bastard Sword because I chose Ragathiel as the god of my Tiefling Paladin for our next Wrath of the righteous campaign.
I chose the demon-spawn heritage. Now I really hesitate.

I find it fun to take a Large Bastard Sword and go the Amiri/Guts way.
I don't want Shatter as my tiefling power so I hesitate to trade it for "Use Large Weapon" abilities to negate the -2, or to take "Levitate at will", because it is fun to.

what do you think?

My build for the moment with 25 points bye

Tiefling Paladin of Ragathiel 1

Str 17
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 8
Cha 16

- fey Foundling (reflavored with the demon thing)
- EWP: Bastard Sword (offered by GM)


-Still hesitating but I like Finding Haleen for +1 to skills and HP (I really like Skills :) )

Thx for your help !

@Diego I nerver said that I would cast a wall of stone. I said that I would unshrink a “shrinked wall of stone”. My wizard is only 7th level of character. I can’t cast wall of stone. But I have enough money to buy a wall of stone built by hard workers and shrink it for seven days. So the wall can have the size of 50’ by 50’ and be as thicker ast I want, it is not a problem. I can even made it in iron if I wish to (If I have enough money of course).

But thx for your answer !

@lastblacknight. If I'm correct, Youtube can unshrink an item with a command word. Speaking a single word is a free action. So I was thinking that you can cast Create pit with your single action, then drop your shrink item with your move action, And Samy the command word for free.

But well, it is the first Time I play a caster And I'm not sure of this combo ^^.
I guess I Will let it go ^^

And thx for the BS explanation!

Sorry, but english is not my native language. What BS means ?

And well, thx for your help :)

@ Kalshane and Mortagon: Is it RAW or RAI?

Let's say that I cast the spell in the street of Magnimar, so it will be earth.

@cap Darling. The wall is not falling on the prisonners of the pit. The wall cover the whole pit. When the spell is over, my ennemies will rise up with the bottom of the pit until they are standing on the surface. But on the surface, I have my wall of stone.

Will they be crush?

Hello there,

If I cast spell pit/(any pit is okay), then I cover it with a shrinked wall of stone (tossing in the air and use command word), and then I dismiss my Pit spell.

The spell says "When the duration of the spell ends, creatures within the hole rise up with the bottom of the pit until they are standing on the surface over the course of a single round."

Will my ennemies be crushed like pancakes?

She was stuck ni the Orb. A tought fight since were 6th And earn our 7th lvl after the fight.

Hi there!

In our last game, we fought a succubus. I dispelled her ability to teleport, then openned a pit under her. She was fighting with our summoned monsters, so I had the time to cast an Aqueous Orb in the pit(and bit her SR). The I casted an Admixture Fireball with cold damage.

Do you think that the Aqueous orb can be turn in a prison of ice with this kind of ICE FIREBALL?

I will use it. Thank you very much.

Mathius wrote:

If you pick up improved unarmed strike you can get viscous stomp so each person you trip will invoke 2 attacks of opp from you.

Is there a limit of the number of AoO I can take ?

Let's say I succeed on tripping 4 opponents, do I have 8 AoO with the right feats? Or do I only have the 3 given by my Combat Reflexe Feat and my Dex 12 ?

That's exactly what I mean Claxon :)

Thx guys !!!!

Zhayne wrote:
You must use a full-attack action to use Whirlwind Attack.

Okay, and if I don't whirlwind, can rush in, trip and then disarm, and rush out?

Or stay right in the front line, Whirlwind everyone with a trip and disarm?

Hello everyone,

I will go on a 6 lvl party. I want to play a lore warden fighter.

here the feats I have.

Combat Expertise (lore warden)
Combat Reflexes (3 AoO/round)
Spring Attack
Whirlwind Attack
Improved Trip
Greater Trip
Improved Disarm

Eyes and Ears of the City
Finding Haleen (Fighter)

First question:

Can I rush on my ennemies with Spring Attack, Whirlwind on everyone in my reach, Trip them all, and with the AoOs given by Greater Trip, disarm them, and then withdraw from the front line to finish my move with Spring Attack?

Yep, was thinking about it ;)

I Will give this Crawling vine the shape of a tree woman for a bit more sexy flavor ;)
If some of you know "Space adventure Cobra", I am thinking of an Armanoid-like Crawling vine!

I don't mind bending the rules at all if it can give a special flavor that can please my pcs without unbalancing the game too much :)

Thx for the advise, I will look for this Crawling Vine :D

Hi everyone,

I'll DMDing a new campaign in a few weeks. I would like to give my druid Pc a special "animal" companion to match thé Story he wrote. Basicaly, his parents have fields of blueberries. I want to give him a kind of "flower companion" that Will reflect this BG.

Do you have any suggestion of how can I do this?

Thx :)

Hello there :)

Any chance to see some paladin's build ??

Thx :)

Hello there :)

I'm a new GM and this saturday I will run the last game of this fantastic AP: Carrion Crown.

Why do I post here?

Well, I did a lot of rework, and in my campaign, Aroden was killed by Iomadae herself. Okay, don't throw me rocks, I know where the door is ;)

I will tell the story next week I think,in the Carrion Crown messageboard.

I was wondering if my BBEG could dispel the smite of my paly pc?

What do you think?

What happened with all the links?

Thank you all, for your amazings answers and solutions.
I will add these too my own sauce and let you know at the end of it, how and what my pcs faced.

I expect the last chapter of these amazing campaign on the 14th of july 2013.

Thx again everyone!


maybe you are right, but I can't do it.
If sommeone can help to make the change ??

thx :)

Hello everyone,

First, sorry for my english.



Well, my Carrion Crown game is about to end. I think we will have 4 more games before the great ending.

Well, I change a lot of things but here is how it should end.
In the ruins of Adorak,at the feet of the Gallowspire, my four heroic pcs and there allies, paladins from Lastwall, werewolves from Shudderwood, Luvik's Caliphas's vampires, the army of Ustalav lead by Aduard 3, will fight Worshipers of the whispering way, Marrowgarth the ravener, the orcs from Belkzen,thousands of zombies and skelletons, vampires lead by Mallyas, and Warforgeds from Eberron.

Okay, I know it will be something huge and maybe it is too big ...

My questions is: How would you play it?

How can I make it Epic without doing all the fights for my pcs? (too many fights kill the fight)
I want my pcs to feel the power of Marrowgarth, the fear that surround Mallyas, the scream of thousands of lost souls in the hands of the WW.
I want them to fear that they can loose the war...

But I don't know how to make it.

Just telling the stories of battles? I think it won't work.
Let them do the beginning of each fight?

How will you do it?

Thx for your help.


Hello there,

I'm DMing Carrion Crown, and my pcs have just ended the 5th book. Half of the team was kidnapped by the evil guys, and now my players without pcs will play some friendly NPCs to go rescue their pcs.

I have this cleric of Pharasma, Friar Sylvestre, Lawful Neutral, that I can give to one my players. I need your help to make a good build, and some advices of how to play him.

Friar Sylvestre is really respectful of law, and consider that those who died earn to repose forever. He was never saw with a weapon, but lately, he fell into a divine coma, and awaked with with divine strenght.

(He was a 7th level NPCs, and I need a 12th one, so ...)

So here it is!

He is level 12. 25 points build. He can expect a good armor from his temple, and he will have in his hand Raven's Head.

Thx for your help.

Let's say, you have access to level 6 spells maximum. Is it possible?

Thank you Malachi. Now it's cristal clear ;)

Well that's the aura power thing that I don't understand.

May the paladin say "Okay, this guy over there is level 8, and if he is wearing loosy clothes, I can say that he is a rogue and he is intending to ambush me." ?

I don't understand how it really works.

My friend told me that his paladin could know the level of his foes. Is it true?

Thanx all :)

Since the last errata, you can flurry with a monk weapon. How does it work for a multiclass Monk 2/ fighter 5, who flurries with his Kama? Does he have extra attack?

I like the idea. Maybe I will steal it ^^.

Paul I'm a huge fan of your cut-scenes. We've just finished Broken Moon with my players, and I served them the horrible truth behind the end of Feldgrau. And they were all impressed by your creativity.
I told them "The only reward I can take from this text is the translation from english to french".

Again, if you have extra scenes for Ashes at Dawn and Shadow of Gallowspire, please, share :)


the fighter is going for 2-3 manoeuver master monk/x lore warden. a tripper with intimidating skill focus.

merry chrismas everybody!

we are à four party's adventurers for Kingmaker. We have a bow specialist ranger, a monk/fighter tripper intimidator, a sorcerer and a cleric of Erastil. I' m here for the cleric. which archetype/build should she take? At first we thought about cloistered cleric with the feather domain, but well, we are only four and maybe the sinergy is not so good

Which build/archetype do You suggest?

nate lange wrote:

@nicos- power attack requires +1 BAB (can't take it @1st for monk). however your thoroughness inspired me.

** spoiler omitted **
** spoiler omitted **

Wow, huge help from you both, Nicos and Nate !!! :)

Nate, I used your build and change it a little and add it the lore warden archetype, instead of the normal fighter.

So here is what I did with your work.

str 17 (15+racial) dex 14 con 14 int 13 wis 12 cha 13
Raise Str @ 4, Int@ 8 and Cha@ 12.

1. Fighter 1: Additional traits , Power attack(F1), Focused Study: skill focus[intimidate](H Feat)
2. F2: cleave (F2)/ combat expertise (lore warden)
3. Maneuver Master& Weapon Adept 1: improved trip (M1) eldritch heritage[orc],
4. MM2: combat reflexes (M2)/weapon Focus: Naginata (Weapon Adept)
5. F3: intimidating prowess
6. MM3:
7. F4: Cornugon Smash, Felling Smash (F4), Greater Trip (replace F2 Cleave)

With the lore warden Archetype, my fightriper is at +17 to trip.
Do you think the extra feat and the cmb bonus worth the lost of heavy armor?

Thx for the help :)

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