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Man, this thing has been an *odyssey*. I'll be really curious to see the final product!

A no-sarcasm good luck to the team getting it over the finish line! It seems like it's been a real struggle.

arcady wrote:
The only thing that I thought was peculiar about the bundle is that while it included the Beginner Box and Abomination Vaults, the Foundry plugin was for AB and not BB. I'd have preferred both obviously, but if just one then wouldn't BB have been a better one for starting players?

If you get the BBox PDF, the Foundry module is super cheap. It did feel like a slightly odd omission, but given that they had to work with Foundry to include modules at all, everyone involved may have wanted to keep it to just one item for this first outing of the concept of having Foundry modules involved.

(Given the sort of numbers this did, I suspect that next time we'll have the full Foundry set for *everything in the bundle* included.)

In general, the Worldwound soucebook has a lot of content in line with this; it has a number of suggestions for making sure the Worldwound seems as dangerous to survive in as it should be.

Definitely take a look at it, and at book 3 of the AP, for suggestions about how tabletop handled the dangers of the Wound.

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Hmm, this might be nice for interiors in general. Caravan knows I can never have enough interior maps ready to go.

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GGSigmar wrote:
SnowBeast90 wrote:
Will this come out on Foundry pre-built at the same time?
It's likely, but probably too early to get Paizo confirmation.

I would bet (a tiny bit of) cash money that, even if they somehow fall behind on other things, Sigil Entertainment is going to be asked to give this AP's conversion a *priority* treatment so that the Foundry version is available day-and-date with the magazine.

This is probably one of the bigger, more visible APs in years. I'm sure it'll get treated right.

So with 20 hours to go (again), we're sitting at about 112,300 sales. Can we hit 115k with less than a day to go? We'll have to find out.

I do still kind of want to hear a bit more from Humble and Paizo about just how hard this bundle blew everything else out of the water, and what future plans might be. (And also a little humble-bragging. I think some bragging is warranted.)

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Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but if the book's future is looking dubious, perhaps it could be removed from the front page's upcoming releases banner? I think that's giving a lot of people false impressions about the state of the project.

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And at roughly 7:30 PM Pacific on Feb. 22, the bundle crested 100,000 units sold with an average purchase price of $25.05 and $175,000+ raised for Code for America. And it's still going.

Genuinely stupendous. Now I'm *really* curious to hear what Paizofolk think of all this.

A little more than 900 to go with 19 hours and 30 minutes left on the clock. I think it's safe to say this will be, to my knowledge, the first RPG Humble Bundle to ever cross the six-figure mark in sales volume.

Would really be neat seeing a follow-up post from the Paizo crew talking about this.

I would presume it'll be sanctioned soon after release. Probably not day-of, though.

(If nothing else, Alchemists would benefit from it being sanctioned quickly...)

Jason Tuttle wrote:
Looks cool and at level 4 this might be a good one for newer folks after BB that are wanting to stretch their legs a bit. I hope we get a Foundry version right away.

I mean, at level 4 it'd lead straight out of Troubles in Otari, assuming you aren't then hitting up the AVaults. Getting to Thuvia might be a little adventure in itself, too.

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At four days to go exactly, we've crossed 90,000 bundles at an average of $25.12. That is bonkers. It has outsold the 2016 bundle by 13,000 bundles, and it just keeps climbing.

Congratulations on an absurdly successful bundle, Paizo. And welcome to the many, many new folks!

Hupdeit: At 96 hours in exactly, this bundle has officially become the second-best-selling Paizo Humble Bundle by sales volume. It's 18 days and 30,000 copies to go to become the best-selling.

At this pace, I doubt it will take that long. Congrats, guys.

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Just as a little update, we're a sneeze away from this having been live for four full days, 96 hours, and as of the time of posting this bundle is ~700 copies away from selling as many units as the very first 2e Humble Book Bundle managed in four weeks. It has around 30,000 units to go to beat out the old three-week-long 2016 Humble Bundle to become the best-selling Pathfinder/Paizo bundle ever, and has 18 more calendar days to do so.

Congratulations, team. Now do some good with that moolah, and help folks get on board!

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Yeah, as much as I'm not (currently) a PFS player, so I have no skin in the game, that decision does feel a little... iffy.

Like I do also get it - PF1 went *hard* on the Belkzen orcs being unequivocal Bad Guys with no redeeming qualities (jeebus, the old Belkzen books and the uniformly CE orc pantheon - in 2015 no less) but I don't think it's a problem to let PF1 games evolve along with the rest of the line and hobby.

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keftiu wrote:
Final cover art for this is up on the AP landing page and is gorgeous. Any bets on where in Sarkoris that site in the background is?

A bit late, but that's actually in Mendev, innit? Icerift Castle, the spooky undead place in northern Mendev, east and a bit north of Drezen. (And ironically close to where that village on the Icy Rill is in the CRPG.) Wouldn't be surprised if, overall, we bounce between Mendev and Sarkoris on our way up to the far north; it does seem like the adventure will conclude in the Crown of the World.

Yeah, it's a bit unfortunate, but it is what it is. The PDF and physical versions are different products, and the VTT module is produced in collaboration with a third party. The discount is thus tied to a specific product.

I wouldn't be surprised if a future edition of the Beginner Box's physical version came with a code or somesuch for a VTT version, but for now it is how it is.

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WildManPiet wrote:

No Darrington Press eh?

How sad.
Well at least they have their loyal fanbase.

Like others have posted, the Darrington crew almost certainly have metaphorical - and perhaps literal - guns to their head. Hasbro will want them to continue to promote the D&D brand, and are certain to face major repercussions if they just cut out and run in the middle of a campaign.

If Matt's been smart (and I hope he has), any such agreements will only last to the end of the Bell's Hells campaign.

A bit late, but you could pretty easily replicate one or two of the given powers for additional scales; the only rule is that one person cannot carry multiple scales to gain multiple powers. So if two of your PCs would benefit from Cloudwalking, it won't be overpowering to let them both have a scale that does that, for example.

But in general, what the scales do mechanically is offer the player three uses a day of a 2nd-level spell from the wizard/sorc or cleric/oracle list that might be reasonably appropriate and interesting for their character (so cloudwalk/levitate's good for front-liners avoiding foot-level hazardous terrain, resistance/resist elements is generally useful, sacred weapon/align weapon is good for a melee fighter, etc). So give those two spell lists a look and see if anything else seems like it'd be interesting or needful for your PCs. Just remember to make sure they can't be used for evil (easily, at least).

Do note that, if you're coming in from the CRPG, the scales DON'T have the revival effect they did in that in the rules as written; you could rule that the scales can be "discharged" to have a Raise Dead effect but using them in this way makes them inert, but that's potentially a lot of free raises from the off in an AP that already has some power curve issues.

RobertTHEPerylous wrote:
I too would LOVE to see this done with a Second Edition AP, like Outlaws of Alkenstar or Age of Ashes. But, if we're resurrecting 1E APs, my vote is for Wrath of the Righteous. I've been waiting for Mythic to get to 2E, and that would be a great way to introduce it. Just my pair of coppers now, but if you do it, I'll gladly lay down a lot of gold for it. I'd even be willing to join a Playtest if you want a 5G GM. Just sayin.

It also feels like an obvious pick-up because WotR's CPRG adaptation is, from all indications, drawing in even more attention and affection than Kingmaker did.

Granted, Kingmaker was meant to be turned around in about a year and turned into a multi-year odyssey that ran into issues on every front (even if the final product is so, so good) and I have to imagine our poor crew is a bit hesitant to jump right into another one of these, even for a product that's doing as well and is as iconic to PF as Wrath.

(But man... a Daeran tabletop entry in the vein of the KM ones... or expanded/alternate entries for Lann and Wendu compared to Worldwound Incursion...)

While I know the art's not final, I find the choice to put a very iconic Hellknight image on there *very* interesting.

Speaking of Infinite, I'll admit I'm burning to know: were the Dragonkin influenced in any way by the idea of being able to play a Fire Emblem manakete in PF2e? Because it kind of feels that way, and this is in no way a complaint. It's pretty much The Final Character Archetype I wanted in the game, and now I have like three or four ideas for characters rattling around in my head. And at least one is thanks to you!

So thank you for all your hard work, and I can't wait for more Lost Omens releases!

I think this might be the one that a lot of CRPG nerds are actually interested in. :V Definitely picking up the PDF version on Oct. 26! I'm particularly interested to see how "Tartuk" and Jubilost were handled compared to the 1E release.

I presume the pawns include ones for all the Owlcat Kingmaker companions, going by the description?