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Correct. Official Godsrain Releases™ will begin in July. Wildwood leads up TO July and is "business as usual".

And of course it's all a bit scuffed, and I wouldn't have it any other way. :V

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I've mentioned this before, but a bit more about pre-Worldwound Sarkoris (especially a bit of elaboration, and maybe An Editing Pass For Safety, on the information currently found in 1E's Lost Kingdoms book) would be neat, but even moreso would be information about the Sarkorian *Diaspora* that resulted from the Worldwound, how that scattered community weathered that, and more information about how things are going in the wake of the closure of the Wound. There's a lot of room for storytelling here, and I'd be real curious for elaboration on this front.

And on purely personal tilt, I'd love to know a bit more about Pulura and specifically her place in the Sarkorian pantheistic tradition. From the way things have developed over the years, it seems she's come to occupy a place in the lore of a "unifying deity" - not a ruling deity (that not really being possible in the Sarkorian tradition) but one of the very few divine entities that virtually EVERY clan acknowledged and venerated. It'd be neat to have confirmation of that and a little more about how her worship worked, how it was kind of unique to Sarkoris, and how outsiders saw such worship (there's been a few hints the answer was often "not well").

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I'm a +1 for looking forward to seeing what the tie-in products look like, especially the Not Announced But Absurdly Obvious Adventure Path that will be coming with it and precisely what shape it ends up taking. Six-parters have fallen out of favor a bit, but if any event calls for a big, "full-fat" adventure, it kind of feels like this is the one.

Also, my wild hope against hope that flies in the face of the Office of Expectation Management is that one of the things announced is going to be a Kingmaker-style 2E reissue of Wrath of the Righteous, so that all the "mythic" APs (WotR and whatever we're getting alongside this book) are playable in one system. WotR also had a number of balance problems (mostly in favor of the player) in 1E, so I'd be really curious to see the 2E crew take a crack at it, particularly in the wake of the CRPG.

It's absolutely something I'm foolish for anticipating, but I can't help myself. It would be absurdly cool if it happens.

My understanding was that this is going to be an ORC book.

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LittleZenbuddha wrote:
This needs to be a mega adventure path! I have been loving Godsrain!

Paizo has not explicitly *announced* it yet, but it is extremely, *EXTREMELY* likely that War of Immortals will be accompanied by an Adventure Path of at least four parts, and will be the second AP overall to use the Mythic rules in some form. (Especially since the currently announced APs go up to September of '24, and what will accompany War of Immortals has NOT been announced.) Possibly it will be two APs, linked or otherwise. It depends on how hard Paizo wants to go on this large a setting and rules expansion.

I also hope beyond hope that Wrath of the Righteous gets a treatment similar to Kingmaker, even if I know how much ungodly work that was to do for KM.

I'm still quite curious about what precisely is being done with the demons, devils, angels and archons (and to a lesser extent the azatas) because those creature types were absolutely riddled with OGL content at the "base" level. Originally on purpose (they were these when Pathfinder didn't even have a CRB yet!) but obviously that's a lot more problematic now. It'd be nice to hear what exactly the plan is going forward (redesigns and renamings on a 1:1 basis? Full on rearranging of the hierarchy and lore? Something even more radical?)

Aaron Shanks wrote:
The Painted Oryx wrote:
Will the art in this book be the same as in the old Bestiary?
It will be a mix of new and preexisting art.

Specifically, I would imagine that anything previously sourced directly from the SRD and "D&D-adjacent" (the SRD demons, devils, celestials, etc) will get new art. So a Kalavakus or a Contract Devil would be fine, for example, but Not-Babaus (who'll probably get renamed) and Not-Pit Fiends will get changed.

I guess this is as good a place to ask as any: as a result of the above, will pre-Remaster non-core rulebooks (most prominently Secrets of Magic, Guns & Gears and Dark Archive, e.g. The Books With New Classes) be getting errata and possibly new printings for Remaster compliance, or no?

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I mean, sure, but Age of Worms itself is nearly 20 years old at this point. It works perfectly well for the thread.

Meanwhile, what's funny is that B2 KotB doesn't work in the Worldwound, it might well make sense for a border area between Mendev and the Sarkoris Scar in PF2E. :V

Also, yes, S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks is the classic Numeria plot.

I1, Dwellers of the Forbidden City, could easily be in the Mwangi Expanse, though given its age you may want to, uh. Massage it a bit for unfortunate elements.

In general, the big problem, especially post-Remaster, is going to be matching monster types from 1E or 2E to more modern interpretations, and making use of the larger bestiary available to PF to fill things in. Old testament adventures are certainly usable, but they might be a lot of work to adapt in some cases.

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I mean, PF2 and PF2R are still perfectly inter-compatible, so it'll be fine.

Also I would be flabbergasted if Sigil Ent, or even Foundry themselves, don't do a day-of module for this.

Apropos of the PFS announcement today, I am super curious to see the final stat blocks for the celestials, fiends and undead with the holy/unholy change implemented.

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It's also worth remembering that, currently, the anathemas and edits are (usually) listed in terms of severity and importance, with a few outliers. For example, Iomedae's current anathemas are "abandon a companion in need, dishonor yourself, refuse a challenge from an equal"; only in the direst need (or if a "companion" is obviously trying to exploit the letter of this anathema) would she forgive the abandoning of a companion, but refusing challenges is, while not great, obviously something with a lot more leeway and reasons why you might decline a challenge at a given moment, and it would only become a problem if it became habitual.

Meanwhile, though, you've got something like Cayden's layout, where his anathemas are "waste alcohol, be mean or standoffish when drunk, own a slave" in that order, when one would think that the third one would be a liiiiiittle higher in the priority list.

So, basically, when combined with the thread so far, you see the problem: a lot like the alignments of old, there needs to be language in the books making it very clear that edicts and anathema are generally not straight-jackets, and that, outside of the very top-end E&As or really egregious breaches of faith, your god is not going to smite you for a single transgression, particularly one at need. While I think the move away from the incredibly hard-to-define alignments is a good one that's been a long time coming, the E&As still leave a lot of room for potential behavior policing and table discord if not given clear guidance in a book. Which, probably a bit too late for Player/GM Core if those books lack that, but hopefully there's time to get it into Divine Mysteries or PCore2 if it needs to go there.

As for a specific example I can think of, Pulura has a third anathema of "pollute the skies with smoke or light", so it's not her most severe one and especially given her second anathema is "deny warmth to others" she obviously will forgive lighting a large, warm campfire or similar (and the anathema is far more "don't participate in the large-scale, long-term obscuring of the skies in a way that impacts a wider population") but the current phrasing could still be brought up by a particularly strict or a-holish GM as an argument against a Puluran lighting any sort of campfire or other bright light source that contributes to local light pollution or makes it harder to see the stars in any way.

Also, just in general, it occurs to me that the Pantheons, Philosophies & Spiritualities section in 2E Gods & Magic is a better example of how these should be formatted; the really short E&As of the existing CRB or in the appendix of G&M could be open to misinterpretation (e.g. "be temperate, fight for justice and honor, hold valor in your heart/abandon a companion in need, dishonor yourself, refuse a challenge from an equal" is a bit squiffy in places, but "protect your clan and your people, educate the clan’s children’s in the traditions and histories of the clan’s god, and carefully record the name and image of each new god when they first appear so that they are not forgotten and can continue to watch over the people/make no deals or bargains with demons, as the advent of the Worldwound led to the destruction of many clans and the loss of many gods, some of whom may never be seen again" is a lot clearer about the hows and whys of these E&As and the specific ways you'd violate them and why that's bad is a lot more clear-cut.

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So, that's the "very quietly dropped" column, then. :V

But yessss. I also dig how Pulura has shaken out over the years, and I would absolutely love love love to see more done with her and a bit of an examination on her seemingly-unique place in Sarkorian culture (and maybe a bit more on the post-4606 Sarkorian diaspora generally, both how it endured the Worldwound and what's going on post-Fifth Crusade!)

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The NDA pit, eh? Well now I'm all a-flutter.

Andrew White wrote:
Just to clear up some confusion: Yes! Rusthenge will be getting an official premium Foundry module. We obviously won't be releasing it on the same day as the print and PDF versions, because that day is now in the past, but development has begun and you can absolutely look forward to getting your hands on it Soon (tm).

Holy f***les, this makes me bang my knuckles.

Thank you! That's going to make Rusthenge + Dooms another fantastic set to potentially start people off with! And I'm sure even veteran players will deeply appreciate it. This is a wonderful move and I'm glad Paizo is pursuing it.

Also, Cori, it is going to take me forever to adjust to Papa Smurf after seeing the serpent elf lady for so long.

EDIT: Hold on, I've been smurfed!


Also, on the subject of Rusthenge proper:

Vloriak despoiler demons, huh? These are new to Rusthenge and PF2, I believe? I don't think these appeared in any PF1 products. Can we expect to see them crop up in future products?

(Also holy lol, some of those abilities are incredibly nasty for a level 5 creature.)

As far as we know, it remains "in process" and is scheduled for Q1 2024. The January date is likely a placeholder; expect it out at any point between and in January and March.

This does sound really rad. I'll be curious to see what PFS players think of it!

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From the perspective of a "modern" Pathfinder player (who got back into it after a lengthy break thanks to the Owlcat CRPGs and PF2), this is definitely one of the more worthwhile "historical" PF1 products to pick up for its setting information and whatnot. It's one of the primary repositories on Sarkoris lore (and was one of the primary sources Owlcat used when constructing the WotR game adaptation) and provides a very good snapshot of how things were in Sarkoris just prior to the Fifth Crusade. It has a lot of still-pertinent information on the layout of the land and its people, it's just about the only major source for how the worship of Pulura worked in Sarkoris and where her major holy sites were, and you can extrapolate where a lot of the "hot spots" remain if you combine the information here with what's in the Lost Omens World Guide and have a general idea of the kinds of hazards that might remain.

It's definitely worth considering picking up or consulting, especially if you're going to be running an adventure in the larger Broken Lands area and would like to look for some backstory hooks.

For those of us who were emphatically not around for this particular issue but are curious about the Modron write-up, Sean Gandert of Exposition Break has done a write-up about the article as part of his now long-running series on the history of Planescape and the Planes in D&D.

That Rogue Modron is ready for ADVENTURE.

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So to come back to this thread for a bit:

James Jacobs wrote:
Kostchtchie is a weird one. He's based on the real world story of Koschei from Russian[/wider Slavic] mythology, but the version of him specifically as a giant cold demon is very much from Gary Gygax, so he's one we'll also be staying away from in the remastered rules. We'll be moving toward Sithhud as our big cold demon in the setting.

So I've been curious concerning this: the 1E Sarkoris & Pulura lore had it posited that Pulura and Kostchtchie were often seen in the Sarkorian pantheistic tradition as dualistic gods of cold, with Pulura being the "holy" one (and one of the more widely venerated entities throughout Sarkoris), and Kos as the "unholy" one (and who influenced the giants who eventually moved into Dyinglight after it was evacuated). With Big K quietly being shown the door as of the Remaster, is this dynamic going to be shifted over to being Pulura vs. Sithhud, or will this aspect just be very quietly dropped and not referenced again?

(Playing a would-be Puluran cleric makes me extremely hungry for as much Pulura lore as I can lay hands on, needless to say.)

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Yeah, the Cleric blogpost today pretty much sorted it all out. :V So thanks to you, and thanks to Paizo for that! I suspected I understood it, but I did want to be sure.

Well I mean, going by the Core Preview:

Change chaotic damage, evil damage, good damage, and lawful damage to spirit damage. If you have a bit more time, you can instead incorporate that damage into the other damage of the attack if it makes sense, increasing the physical damage instead, for example. Consider adding the holy trait or unholy trait to an action, spell, or item if it’s often strongly themed to a deity or the metaphysical fight of good versus evil.

Mostly I was just wondering exactly how the holy/unholy trait would interact with that and if some of the existing verbiage that emphasized the damage only happening to opposite alignment/sanctification should still be adhered to.

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I mean, if you want to ask questions about a legacy product whose contents are largely known, go for it, I suppose. :V

So, germane to all this discussion, I do remain a little confused on how spirit damage will interact with the Holy and Unholy (and related sanctification) traits.

So, spirit damage is pretty clear in what it does in the preview. Zaps the spirit, can do direct damage to entities possessing another body, not explicitly alignment-locked. Easy enough. And all instances of alignment damage are spirit damage now. Very clear.

Or so it'd seem. I'm still a bit unclear on how it interacts with Holy and Unholy, especially in the context of, say, the alignment damage done by a celestial or by Divine Lance. This was previously the alignment of your deity, and could do bonus damage to creatures of opposite alignment (a lot of fiends are weak to Good damage, a lot of celestials weak to Evil). Is this just a blanket weakness to spirit damage now? While the attacks gain the holy or unholy traits, what does that actually do to effects? Can on-hit effects that were previously, specifically noted to only affect opposite-alignment creatures now deal normal damage to everything?

Or, for weaknesses previously keyed to Good/Evil alignment (like damage weaknesses or turning off a pit fiend's regen, for example), should Good and Evil for resistances, weaknesses, on-hit effects etc. be swapped for Holy and Unholy, respectively? That would make sense, and make how the damage works a lot clearer, but I do wonder how that affects Sanctified mortals and whether they suffer additional ill effects from an opposite-santification attack.

Still, in the long run I'm very glad to see alignment and all the bugbears it's caused over the years shown the door, and a lot of the other changes will be very healthy for the game. Roll on Remaster!

I was going to say, the conceit of that new cover style is *sick as hell*.

Will that be a going theme for SE covers post-Remaster? Or is it just for the Remaster Core books?

This book has some additional creatures not in the original release, but it would broadly work, I suppose.

There have been no plans for a translation announced.

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Swiftbrook wrote:

Will it double in size when the rest comes out?

It *shouldn't*; most of the size of a VTT module comes from the assets, and all the musical/sound and visual assets are already included with the module. It's just that the map rigging and actor placement isn't finished for chapters 7-12 currently. So the module will get a little bigger (with the new map data) but it won't double in size.

Yep, so far the only word is "before the end of 2023", so that's a commitment to having it out before 11:59PM Pacific Time, Dec. 31st, 2023.

Which suits my group just fine, since we're just starting tomorrow and there's no way on God's green earth we'll be getting past Varnhold by December, but different groups do go at different paces.

That said, unless your group plays a *lot*, I can't imagine you'll hit a content wall ahead of Dec. 31st.

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Yeah, the angel types shouldn't be too hard to finagle. They'll have to source more from public domain concepts (although the source of the deva names is itself PD) but the actual types and ideas will likely remain intact.

I've been a lot more interested in what happens to the venerable MotP/Planescape/SRD demons and devils, since they've been around for ages but are *very obviously* D&D intellectual property. Some of the demons, in particular, are iconic but also *extremely* specific to D&D and its descendants.

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Cori Marie wrote:
Don't have experience with TTRPG paperbacks of this size, but comic trades regularly hit this size and do fine.

Also, a lot of BattleTech/Heavy Gear and such books could hit this size.

I wouldn't exactly leave them exposed to the sun and flopped open-cover on the floor, but so long as you keep them on a shelf in reasonable condition, they should endure just fine. I've got a classic 80s-era BTech Technical Readout that looks like it came fresh off the printer, despite being 35 years old.

Anyway, Seven Dooms, woo! I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on this one. Six months!

JiCi wrote:
I'm just getting tired of NOT having a substitute for the Half-Dragon template.

Okay, on this front: I'm afraid you're never, ever, ever getting that thanks to editorial tilt.

JJacobs, Erik Mona, and many other vets from the Dragon/Dungeon era got thoroughly sick of of half-dragons a long, long time ago. We are not going to see a half-dragon in print in an official Pathfinder book.

To wit:

JJ wrote:
Correct; a half-dragon with no racial HD would have a breath weapon that deals 1d6 points of damage. Not an awful lot, but this was a purposeful design choice because the flavor of a humanoid half-dragon isn't one that we at Paizo particularly like, and it's one that a LOT of our customers have expressed exasperation with. Primarily because back in the 3.5 days, half-dragon was probably THE most overused template of them all. We (Paizo and our readers) mostly got sick of them, causing the half-dragon to go on the LIST for the last 50 or so print issues of Dungeon. That meant that if someone put a half-dragon into an adventure, they had to have a GREAT reason and GREAT background for that half-dragon.

So I would absolutely not hold your breath for half-dragon anything. The absolute most we're likely to get is Luis Loza's Dragonkin PF Infinite booklet.

joeparis wrote:
Hi, just wondering if there be a recommended flip-mat(s) to go along with this adventure?

As it so happens...


Good day, I am quite newbee in all this purchasing thing. I have purchased https://paizo.com/products/btq02du7?Pathfinder-Kingmaker-Adventure-Path-Spe cial-Edition in May, 2023. Does it give me opportunity to buy just the CODE version here?

So long as the PDF version is in the system (it should be), it will give you the discount, yes. You should be good to buy this version.

ragemawx wrote:
I am a little new to foundry but from what I understand it's highly customizable! Can anyone who has purchased the Kingmaker Foundry license confirm this for me perhaps? I would really appreciate it!

Converting the stats of every single monster over to 1E is going to be a significant challenge over time, but it *should* be doable, especially if you have the 1E Bestiary already. Note that the actual 1E books won't quite cut the mustard by themselves; there are creatures in KM 2E that aren't in the original AP.

Correct. The Kingdom Actor Sheet is just the stats for your kingdom as a whole.

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Especially with Skull & Shackles so far behind us, it doesn't surprise me to see a naval warfare supplement doing well. And with Foundry support! Congrats to Trollope & Steen!

I *think* all you'd have to do for either PF1 or 5E would be swap out the monster stats according to the appropriate bestiary. Which, not trivial, but it's doable. A 5E Kingmaker game still uses the PF2-styled Kingdom rules, for example.

An end date hasn't been given, but I can't imagine it'll be so short that it won't last through the 6th of next month.

The party functionality is new in Foundry 11, so it's not surprising that it's still relatively unknown.

But yeah, you can now treat The Party as an aggregate whole. Very handy for this sort of thing.

Coming from downtown fifteen years later again...

Aside from finding them on Archives of Nethys (and the D20PFSRD, for First Edition), the Kalavakus was, to my knowledge, first statted out in Bestiary 2 for PF1E. PF2E first had stats printed for the Kalas in Pathfinder #147: Tomorrow Must Burn, the third chapter of Age of Ashes.

I *do* wonder if there was any rules drift from the Sanctum CE to Bestiary 2, though...

(And don't worry, I promise I'm not doing this for every single miniature or whatnot in the store archives. It's just fun tracking down the origin of the Kalavakus from the pre-PF days onward!)

Oooh. If you don't have a PDF version of the core Kingmaker 2E book at all (did a code for one not come with your local game store version?) then I fear you'll be out of luck. You need the PDF registered on Paizo.com to get the discount.

A poppet-focused quest. Magnificent. Always a bit of a shame that these can't really be Foundry-ready, but this still sounds like a fun romp for those who play at physical tables (or those willing to elbow-grease their own maps for Foundry).

a n g e r y o w l.

Sam Hornigold wrote:

Does buying this also include the Kingmaker PDF as it did for Abomination Vaults?

It does, that's why it's $100. The discounted code-only version, if you already own the PDF or hardcover (w/PDF), can be found at https://paizo.com/products/btq02esb/discuss?Pathfinder-Kingmaker-Adventure- Path-CODE

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To kick off discussion here: yes, I own the Kingmaker PDF, and I can confirm that the purchase did work for me.

Probably going to be a little confusing that the discount splits the purchase into two distinct objects, but it *does* work.

The reduced cost bundle can instead be found at https://paizo.com/products/btq02esb?Pathfinder-Kingmaker-Adventure-Path-COD E%20

I can confirm that it does work if you own the PDF already.

Darkensedd wrote:

Awesome work! Two questions:

Will it include the Kingmaker´s Companion Guide?
Also, will it include the Kingmaker´s 5e bestiary?

No and no. The modules are based exclusively on the core Kingmaker 2E book; they don't integrate anything from the side books.

They *do* have tokens and whatnot for all of the companions, so it's easy enough to include them, but if you want their sidequests, you'll have to map those out yourself. The cooking and weather systems aren't included, either, but there should be some free modules on Foundry that handle those easily enough.

The one tricky thing, if you're playing 5E, is that the modules have been constructed with the assumption you'll be playing them in PF2E rules. If you're using That Game's 5E instead, you'll have to go through and re-stat every single monster as it comes up. Everything else will be fine, but you'll have to convert the creatures yourself.

Still not the worst prep in the world, but playing Foundry Kingmaker in 5E, even if you have the book, will be a bit more work.

It's finally here!

And whoof at that price. About what we expected, given the scope of it all, but still whoof.

I'll be very interested to play this soon! Have a GM who's lined up and eager to give it a go.

Yeah, the metal minis ended up being not nearly as cost-efficient as a lot of other options. On top of this, because the adventures were *so* short and had to slot in to other things (and thus couldn't have real narrative hooks), their quality tended to vary wildly, as you may note from the reviews. (There are a few Compleat Encounters missing, as well, as they went on to... other things.)

On the whole, it's a neat idea that still kind of worked in the 2005-2007 timeframe of their production, but was already kind of on the outs. They make for neat historical artifacts, but in a Pathfinder-having world (these debuted before PF existed!) there's better ways of accomplishing the goals.

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Andrew White wrote:
We don't currently have any plans to support every standalone adventure on Foundry, but we have been discussing the possibility of doing at least one in the near future, and Rusthenge is definitely one of the top contenders. Stay tuned!

Oooooh. Needless to say, having this and Seven Dooms Foundry-ready would be incredibly spiffy. Please keep us up to date!