Infinite Top Performers: August in Review!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Welcome back to another exciting collection of Pathfinder Infinite & Starfinder Infinite Top Performers! We’re changing the format of this a bit so that we can showcase an equal number of Starfinder and Pathfinder Infinite titles.

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August’s Top Performers

Titles are ranked by an average of units sold and revenue earned and are presented in alphabetical order. Asterisks indicate titles that have been on a best-seller list previously. Because they’ve consistently topped the list, and due to the number of their titles that typically take up spots, “Team+” and “Team Index” have asked to be removed from the calculations for ongoing top performers lists. This will allow newer publishers or book series to get more attention. Thanks, all!

A spread of the covers for the Pathfinder Infinite Top Performers.

Pathfinder Infinite Top Performers

Classy Dragons

Dragons have existed for millennia and are well known for being majestic, powerful, imposing, and dangerous... but now it's time for them to get classy! A variety of dragons exist across Golarion, each with their own story to tell and role to play! Why just throw a red dragon at your players for the sake of it when they could interact with an interesting NPC such as the curious and friendly Paatic, with their hoard of plants and baubles, who could serve as an ally for your party? If that’s not your speed, maybe terrifying Rike, the Bitter Behemoth, might be just the thing for you!

Faith’s Reward — Irori

Celebrate and serve the Master of Masters with this document that details his followers and allies, including some that might surprise you. This book presents new ways to express your faith in Irori or in one of his surprising allies and includes denominations and a pantheon.

Kitsune of Golarion*

Living clandestinely among Golarion's ancestries, kitsune make formidable foes and canny heroes. Kitsune of Golarion unlocks the full potential of this ancestry, detailing kitsune from every corner of the globe. This supplement expands the work presented in Pathfinder Lost Omens Ancestry Guide and is penned by some of the same authors who write the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Queerfinder Issue 2: Absalom Winter Traditions

Welcome to the second issue of the Queerfinder Society's travel magazine, a guide to Golarion from queer creators and allies that’s focused on queer characters and stories! Celebrate the winter solstice with festivals, fiction, recipes, and more!

Smoke and Sail: A Pathfinder 2e Naval Warfare Sourcebook*

Few environments conjure feelings of excitement and trepidation more acutely than the ocean, with its endless rhythm of churning waves and all its possibilities for adventure. Tenacious crews sailing ships of all sizes make perilous journeys across the majestic vastness that stretches from horizon to horizon, certain that their vessels will carry them to shore under any sky and over any sea.

This sourcebook provides a comprehensive ruleset for running such a vessel and engaging in thrilling, ship-based combat encounters.

A spread of the covers of the Starfinder Infinite Top Performers.

Starfinder Infinite Top Performers

Barlow Gryffynkritz’s Guide to Xenofactors Engineering

Is your Starfinder character an enterprising dreamer dually fascinated by psychology and science? Or, like the slacker students at the antiquated and underfunded Akiton University of Technology and Technomancy, is your character utterly clueless about their life’s direction? Then Barlow Gryffynkritz, an overly enthusiastic career expert, thinks the path of xenofactors engineering will be a perfect fit!

Deep Space Adventurers: Grand Promenade Summer Catalog: 323 AG

This Jamfinder Game Jam entry features a collection of magical and hybrid items for summer-themed adventures! From magical tattoos and dawnflower sashes to leaf blades and rhythm sticks, this menagerie of items has everything a summer game needs!

FrightFinder: The Radiating Abyss

FrightFinder: The Radiating Abyss is a gruesome horror adventure designed for four 5th level Starfinder characters. As this is a horror adventure, please make note of the listed content warnings.

A research facility named DMEI-4 has gone dark. Past the final planet of the Pact Worlds system, this derelict space station contains room after room of nightmares, the unfortunate aftermath of research without morals. Good luck, Starfinders. You'll need it.

Into the Void - A Starfinder Adventure

Into the Void is a beginning adventure for Starfinder and can serve as a starting point for the Dead Suns Adventure Path.

The Lazarus, the ship that the heroes find themselves aboard, suffered a catastrophic problem before it arrived at its intended destination and crash-landed on a desolate planet in The Vast. Now they must figure out who they are, repair their ship with the help of the locals, and return to Absalom Station.

Starfinder - Planar Powers*

Harness the power of the Planes in your Starfinder game! Play a conrasu or tap into the power of the Maelstrom with Chaos, become a totemist, or upgrade your character with elemental augmentations! Within this supplement, you’ll find 30+ pages of content, including a new playable species, alternate class paths for mystic, soldier, and solarian, 10 pages of new feats, and 6 new augmentations.

New from Infinite Masters!

Want to see what’s been cooking in the Infinite Masters’ alchemy lab? Here’s a selection of new products from some of our Infinite Masters!

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Paizo Employee

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Awesome stuff! While I haven't been able to keep on top of Infinite releases the last couple of months I did manage to snag Votefinder and hope to use it in my home game.

Thank you for continuing to support these awesome creators!

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Dustin Knight wrote:

Awesome stuff! While I haven't been able to keep on top of Infinite releases the last couple of months I did manage to snag Votefinder and hope to use it in my home game.

Thank you for continuing to support these awesome creators!

I hope you enjoy Votefinder! I can't wait to expand it to Starfinder2e.

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Especially with Skull & Shackles so far behind us, it doesn't surprise me to see a naval warfare supplement doing well. And with Foundry support! Congrats to Trollope & Steen!

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