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Ipslore the Red wrote:

Why does everyone insist on my character giving a bloody speech every time he does something important? He's a barbarian, actions are more important than words. Why shouldn't I be able to do nothing but smash baddies, grab treasure, and bask in my rightfully-deserved adulation and wenches? It's perfectly "in-character", and video games work just fine with that model, after all. I'm a heroic fighter, not a wussy talker.

I just feel that people shouldn't be able to try to ruin my fun by making me think about anything other than how to optimize AM BARBARIAN and which spells to sunder first.


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MrSin wrote:
137ben wrote:
shallowsoul wrote:


Give it up.

You can't always play what you want in a campaign.

Where did MrSin say he could always play what he wanted?
I'd like to know that too!


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Solomon Grundy want Furry Magi TOO!

Vic Wertz wrote:
Azaelas Fayth wrote:

Peermission... That is a new one...

It is up. Look for J.T. McAnally.

Also why do you get the cooler unique Abadar Avatar!

EDIT: Removed link. Did you know Facebook has rules against posting personal page links anywhere public?

All of the Paizo folks get our own avatars. It's so we don't have 150 people disguising themselves as Erik Mona. :-)


Solomon Grundy want puppet made from a sock TOO!

Ugh d'Ogh wrote:
<Collapses on top of the donut table>

Solomon Grundy wants donuts too!

Solomon Grundy wants extra goblins too!

Solomon Grundy want team up movie too!

When Legion of Doom movie come out?

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Solomon Grundy want Evil too!

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Priapus wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Sekrit moon base is filled with moon gnomes.
And we want our world back!!!

Solomon Grundy want moon base too!

Wet Blanket wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:
Wet Blanket wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:
Wet Blanket wrote:
Infernal Healer wrote:

Please no trolling or flaming.

I'm hoping we can civilly discuss that you are all idiots.

My proof

This prove's nothing.
Interesting. You suggest that People will watch any old rubbish? Or Theatre has degenerated into entertainment for the lowest common denominator?

Nice. You're keeping with the spirit of this thread.

I have a 214 IQ. If I am kicking you in the knees, It is because I intend to harvest them for my Fleshgolem.

Numbers. Anyone can make up numbers.

Here's one: Avogadro's.

Solomon Grundy want avocado too!

Guacamole, mmmmm.

Solomon Grundy want to be an idiot too!

"Solomon Grundy want orisons Too!"

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lordzack wrote:
All I want is a decent pair of pants!

Solomon Grundy want pants too!