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Sorry guys but I'm not going to be able to play any more. Lost iternet at my house. Got talked to at work for beig on line while on the clock, so that's not an option any more.

Going on vacation myself, and tomorrow is likely to be the craziest day of the weekend. I'll should have internet every night/morning though.

GM Roycilo, love the idea behind this. The concept I'd like to apply with is very Rastilenesque...a physically weak spellcaster with a bit of a bad attitude. Thinking true neutral or lawful neutral alignment, and while he's a team player (he's smart enough to know he wouldn't survive long without a team) he is a bit scathing and abrasive. Would something like that be kosher?

Congrats to the folk who made it, happy gaming!


I think the expectation is for the PC taking it to have more in the wy of Con/base fort save. It's likely to bite me in the rump...so I might adjust my attributes a hair to at least have a Con mod, and/or might spend a feat on a bonus to Fort save down the road.

Mostly I was just thinking something along the lines of Raistlin from DL...though not quite so debilitating.

As for the motivation, he was recently informed of his bloodline conection to the royalty of Osirion. I honestly haven't worked out the details yet, but I'm thinking a son or daghter of the man who bought Puq let it slip, "My family is so rich we don't have any old common slaves..." which got him curious and snooping around. He eventually found something in his owner's records, though it was circumstantial. When he heard about the chance to explore the tombs he figured here was an opportunity to find real proof, so he escaped.

I'm leaving a good portion of the specifics vague right now, as I don't know how much of it you'd like to incorporate if I'm selected. Maybe Puq's owner lives in a distant town, and doesn't have th reach to make any waves in the campaign and this is all truly just back story...or maybe the owner lives here in Wati and wants his slave, selected specifically based on the bloodline connection, back so will be a subplot.

As for the skills, I'll straighten those out. At one point I dumped Int to get a 12 in Con and Wis, but decided against it.

Thanks for the feedback :)

I've used OB a bit, and honestly if you can manage working things out there you can manage a free Wordpress site.

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This is an awesome read Tangent, thanks for taking the time to write it up.

Obviously I wasn't there to see the specifics, but when you mentioned Wilhelm looting the body during combat my first thought was First Person Shooter games where you're killing people and picking up their ammo and guns.

The pawns idea is brilliant. Next time I run Rise I'd love to do something similar.

As interesting as this idea is I'm going to bow out. Was picked up in another Rise game. Though I'm going to be following along, reading the game play thread.

I'd be interested. Was a subscriber back in the day, but I didn't really pay much attention to the issues that had Shackled City, so it's the AP I know the least about. Likely there is no player's guide, but if you get a couple other people interested would you be willing to write a little bit of an intro?

I think I'll stick with just Iron Gods.

Latrecis - if you play on roll20, or other vtts, it helps to tak me the grid off as Paizo's grids are regularly off. Not just a little here or there, but the squares aren't the same size, nor square, so you can't actually resize it enough to get things to line up. Some people it isn't a big deal for, but for me personally it was a deal breaker.

Not sure if it ever got better. Iron Gods is the newest AP I picked up that has problems unless I turn the grid off.

Any specific thoughts on the summoner? Wasn't mentioned, so I doubt it, but it's the kind of class I've found it best to double check on first.

Thought the anniversary edition had the dynamic maps or whatever they're called, like the newer APs. Wh he re you can turn the grid and lables off. Other than that, I'm pretty sure if you pull the image from the pdf they come sans lables due to the layering.

My preferance would be for Iron Gods, though I have to admit I'm running a house ruled up version of that AP at the moment. If you decide to run it and don't mind someone already familiar with it I'd apply.

As for Gamma World, I'd like to hear a little more before saying yay or nay. I've never actually played it, but over the years I've looked at the books in different shops and had people tell me about different campaigns they were involved in. It sounds like something I'd like. How familiar with the system would one need to be, once a system is decided on? Also, I take it Far-Go is a location, or possibly a known adventure? In either case, what sort of characters would be apropriate? What sort of tech level would we be using?

I'm interested. Very interested actually. Will you be creating a separate official recruitment post, or shouod we post characters here? Also, what would yu like to see for posting frequency, once per day alright?

Been a little bit since I've mucked around with Numenera, so I need to freshen up a bit, and I was only ever familiar with the setting in the most broad of terms. Thinking I'd like to play a jack or nano. Would there be leeway to make a near human type race? Mechanically I'm thinking no different than a human, just a little different cosmetically.

Have your PCs ran into Tsuto yet? Been a little while since I looked at the specifics, but I thought he/his journal was one of the leads to Thistletop.

Other than that, there are the merchants who were attacked and had their horse stolen by the goblins. They could stumble I In to Sandpoint looking for heroes to go horse saving.

After that, Shalelu could point them in the right direction. Maybe after the raid she spent some time working on locating the base, and now that she found it she needs help taking it.

I'm not very familiar with 5th, so I don't have much to offer mechanically....but conceptually, what about a Legendary Action that can turn someone into gold? Probably something that would take multiple turns to complete...first turn suffer penalties to move and attack...second turn more severe penalties...third turn no movement and only mental/verbal actions...fourth turn you're a super valuable paper weight.

Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but I'm working on the mechanical aspect here. I'm not planning on putting the AP into the Dragon Empire as my group is familiar with Golarion, but as I go I can add in thoughts on adapting the setting.

After seeing Joey Virtue's extensive POST on running the AP both for variable table size and with properly balanced encounters, I was motivated to write my own article on the subject. What subject is that, you ask...how is mine any different? Well, I'm running the AP through 13th Age.

I've been paying Pathfinder since the beginning, since this AP replaced issues of Dungeon magazine, and while I still enjoy the game, I do feel the rules often get in the way of the story, and this particular story deserves something special. With my current group we play a heavily modified Pathfinder game, mixing lots of 13th Age mechanics. Right now we're finishing up the first book in Iron Gods. After that I'm going to run Rise in a fairly pure 13th Age game.

Part One: Festival and Fire
These three combats are compressed into a single encounter, staggered by Escalation Die result. If all enemy combantants are defeated before the ED gets to the next stage, give the PCs a few seconds to catch their breath and then spring the next encounter, resetting the ED and beginning the following encounter one stage earlier.

Describe the chaos and fighting of the townsfolk fending off scores of goblin raiders. Goblins terrorizing the civilians at first, making sure to emphasize goblin antics. As the fight goes on, more and more of the civilians fight back, largely having the raiders defeated by the time Die, Dog, Die is wrapped up.

Initial Assault, ED: 0
3 heroes - 4 goblin mooks, 2 goblin slashers
4 heroes - 4 goblin mooks, 2 goblin slashers, 1 goblin tosser
5 heroes - 8 goblin mooks, 2 goblin slashers, 1 goblin tosser
6 heroes - 8 goblin mooks, 2 goblin slashers, 2 goblin tossers

Goblin Pyros, ED: 3
3 heroes - 1 warchanter, 1 goblin burner
4 heroes - 1 warchanter, 2 goblin burners
5 heroes - 1 warchanter, 3 goblin burners
6 heroes - 1 warchanter, 4 goblin burners

Die, Dog, Die, ED: 6
3 heroes - 1 Brunkel, 1 goblin dog, 4 goblin mooks
4 heroes - 1 Brunkel, 1 goblin dog, 8 goblin mooks
5 heroes - 1 Brunkel, 1 goblin dog, 8 goblin mooks, 1 goblin slasher
6 heroes - 1 Brunkel, 1 goblin dog, 2 goblin mooks, 2 goblin slashers

Goblin Mook:

Normal 1st level Mook (humanoid)
Initiative +3
Club +6 vs AC: 4 damage
AC: 17; PD: 14; MD: 11; HP: 5

Goblin Slasher:

Normal 1st level Troop (humanoid)
Initiative +3
Dogslicer +6 vs AC: 6 damage if outnumbering enemies, 4 if not outnumbering
Nat Even Hit - goblin slasher makes a disengage check with a +5 bonus.
Nat Odd Hit - goblin slasher makes a disengage check with a -5 penalty.
AC: 17; PD: 13; MD: 12; HP: 22

Goblin Tosser:

Normal 1st level Archer (humanoid)
Initiative +3
R Tossed Junk +6 vs AC: 4 damage
Nat 16+ target blinded
AC: 17; PD: 13; MD: 12; HP: 22


Normal 2nd level Leader (humanoid)
Initiative +6
Salted Whip +6 vs AC: 5 damage
R Creepy Chant +6 vs MD: target Weekened
Nat Even Hit: One near by goblin mook makes an attack as a free action.
AC: 18; PD: 13; MD: 14; HP: 35

Goblin Burner:

Normal 1st level Troop (humanoid)
Initiative +3
Torch +6 vs AC: 4 damage
Nat Even Hit: 4 on going fire damage
AC: 17; PD: 13; MD: 12; HP: 22


Normal 2nd level Wrecker (humanoid)
Initiative +6
Horse Chopper +7 vs AC: 9 damage
Nat Even Miss: 3 damage
AC: 18; PD: 16; MD: 12; HP: 34

Goblin Dog:

Normal 1st level Spoiler (beast)
Initiative +4
Infected Bite +6 vs AC: 4 ongoing damage
Iritating Dander: Any non goblin suffers a -1 to hit while engaged with this creature.
AC: 16; PD: 13; MD: 12; HP: 22

The goblins have little in the way of treasure.

The goblins are armored better than is typical. The raid is made up of a variety of goblin tribes, something all but unheard of. These two clues can either be noticed with an appropriate background check DC:10 after the fight, or explained by Shalelu later on.

Any suggestions, comments, questions ar re welcome.

Awesome work Joey, this is an amazing resource. I might try to do somethig similar when I convert Rise to 13th Age...mind if I steal your format and give you credit?