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Great flavor-tough fights


As one of the opening scenarios for the ramping up of difficulty in season 4, this is a excellent example of that. I ran it a few times before finally coming down of the side of I love this scenario.

There are a couple of combats that can be extremely difficult, but with a good party or appropriate actions can be made much easier.

The story and detail of the scenario is great for delving into the history of Thassilon. The setting is extremely gruesome, and that can be played up or down depending on table composition.

Overall, a very memorable story with a finale that can challenge what most groups can throw at it. I strongly recommend this one if you're looking for an eerie crawl through a long lost temple.

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Excellent quick intro to Golarion


It has been awhile since I actually bought this, but another thread brought this product to mind again.

The Primer is an excellent starting point for any player who wants to join in the adventure in Golarion. It gives a nice 1/2 page snippet of each of the countries of the Inner Sea, along with some discussion of the religions and magic schools found around the area.

There are 3 fighter and 3 wizard archetypes that fit well into the backstory of the realm, and are well put together as well. The Aldori Swordlord is still one of my favorite fighter archetypes (mixes well with the newer Aldori Swordlord prestige class from Paths of Prestige).

Shortly after this book came out, I ended up buying extra copies so that I could give them as Christmas gifts to my gaming group who was going through Rise of the Runelords at the time.

Old style look and feel


I recently had a chance to finally look through this book, and I must say I was rather pleased. I was a long time AD&D hold-out, never caring anything for 2nd or 3rd edition until I got Rise of the Runelords and had to run it. This book takes me back to the simplicity of the game used to be.

The artwork and editing on the book were excellent. I really liked the B&W images, and they had old style feel, like it could have been something done by Dee back in the day.

All in all, based on an excellent system, this brings old school gaming back to life. Definitely worth a look.

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Excellent intro scenario


I just ran this tonight, and I must I was really pleased. The scenario was fairly straight forward (it's a dungeon crawl), but RP scenario to start it off really set the scene well IMO. My players were actively concerned about the specific requests, and how they could fulfill all the requests without being rude and displeasing one or both factions.

The fights were easy by themselves, but most of them were setup to make not getting 2 fights at once somewhat difficult. My players managed to "double" up 3 separate times, and made memorable encounters all the way around.

I highly recommend this series to all new comers, and it can actually be a good set of scenarios for the experienced players as well.

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Excellent game aid


I just got these a couple of days ago, and used them for the first time last last night. I was surprised how many times we the cards came into play. The consensus at the table was it was a great idea.