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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Oh. I never saw double barreled weapons in use.

Consider yourself lucky then...

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PRD on Pits wrote:
Covered pits are much more dangerous. They can be detected with a DC 20 Perception check, but only if the character is taking the time to carefully examine the area before walking across it. A character who fails to detect a covered pit is still entitled to a DC 20 Reflex save to avoid falling into it. If she was running or moving recklessly at the time, however, she gets no saving throw and falls automatically.

If it's a pit covered by brush, a charging character would fall automatically.

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7th, 8th and 9th level spells are not available for purchase via scroll/casting services/etc. until you are high enough level to cast them yourself (assuming you were a full caster)

It's in the Guide.

EDIT: They've changed the language some

Finally, scrolls of spells of 7th level or higher are
not permitted for characters below 12th level unless
you gain access to them on a Chronicle sheet that
specifically lists them.

Spells that are 7th level or higher can’t be purchased
from hired spellcasters, unless listed as available by
your faction.

Both quotes from pg. 20 of the Guide that came out in Aug. '16

2nd EDIT:

And slightly differing language on pg. 22

Any Seeker with sufficient Fame and experience can
purchase scrolls containing 7th-, 8th-, and 9th-level spells,
following the price guidelines in the Core Rulebook. Access
to these spells is restricted to scrolls and is not available for
spellcasting services. Upon reaching 13th level, Seekers are
eligible to select spells or purchase 7th-level scrolls. Upon
reaching 15th level, they are eligible to select spells or
purchase 8th-level scrolls. Upon reaching 17th level, they
are eligible to select spells or purchase 9th-level scrolls.


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nosig wrote:
John Compton wrote:

About a year ago, Linda and I began listing magical ammunition rather than more +1 flaming arrows because we recognized that Chronicle sheets unfairly rewarded bow users and ignored most other forms of projectile weapons. The term ammunition represents whatever form of ammunition the PC wants to buy. Need +1 flaming blowgun darts? Go for it. Want those three pieces of ammunition to instead be +1 flaming staff sling bullets? Have fun! Would you rather pepper foes with +1 flaming pistol bullets? We're not stopping you.

Basically, you should enjoy the listed ammunition no matter what variety of ranged character you are. Ammunition is anything from arrows to bolts to atlatl darts, using Table 1–7 in Ultimate Equipment as a solid but not exhaustive guideline.

First: I really-really like this.

Second: I fear someone is going to screw it up for the rest of us... so, I got to speak up about a possible problem.

Darts (thrown, and from an Atlatl) are re-usable, so if they count as ammunition it's likely going to throw up issues with game balance. "I'll just go pick up this Human Bane Dart and shot it at the human. Best investment I ever made - I seem to use it 2 or 3 times each game..."

I will assume re-usable thrown weapons are NOT going to count as Ammunition for this? Please?

Bolded relevant bits...darts are thrown weapons, blowgun darts, however, are ammunition. Completely different type of item.

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Murdock Mudeater wrote:

For big weapon damage, try a Large (Oak) club, with shillelagh and enlarge person.

Normal medium character with Large club 1d8 damage
Enlarge person raises weapon size by 1, for 2d6 damage
Shillelagh treats weapon as if 2 sizes larger, for 4d6 damage.

It being oversized makes it -2 to attack, but it's normally 1 handed so a normal PC can do this. Enlarge person as +2 strength, so +1 to attack and +1 damage. Shillelagh adds +1 enhancement on attack and damage rolls, so now you wield it at no penalty with +2 damage (and in two hands for 1.5x damage).

Best bit is that the club has a base cost of "-" so a large club is still free.

Don't forget the -1 size penalty to attack rolls when you become large from enlarge person though...

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Actually it was such a FAQ, they did answer this one.

If you bypass DR/magic, then you can affect incorporeals was the response. So dragons, claw away.


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swoosh wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Curaigh wrote:
Hmmm... I don't see the shaitan modifying the eidolon's base form.
I didn't until i looked it up and the stat bonus is written under a big old heading of "base form"
And then you read what's under that heading and realize it doesn't modify anything at all and just gives you a bonus if you pick a specific type of eidolon and you're back to square one? `



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Fromper wrote:
There's been some debate about the PFS legality of photocopying pages from books that you own. I believe Mike Brock said it was ok, but that was probably 2-3 years ago. I'm not sure if that ruling has been changed since then.

Hard copy of book, watermarked PDF (available to be read), or print out of pages of resource used from watermarked PDF are the 3 viable options for use of additional resources.

Photocopying of hard copies are not permitted.


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Andrew Christian wrote:
You cannot apply it to the character that can play in that scenario.

Yes, yes you can. The actual rule that's been in the last couple of guides has been explained above. If they wish to remove the possibility of such an option, it would be an easy change of language (as they have (or at least had) such language for module play), but they haven't.

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Tectorman wrote:
The bolded part only applies to the successful save part of the spell. A failed save against Harm causes yhe victim to take 10 points of damage per caster level, never mind whether he would go below 1 hit point.

Not sure where the other poster quoted from, but the PRD has slightly different language and it can't lower you below 1 regardless of save or not.

PRD wrote:
Harm: Harm charges a subject with negative energy that deals 10 points of damage per caster level (to a maximum of 150 points at 15th level). If the creature successfully saves, harm deals half this amount. Harm cannot reduce the target's hit points to less than 1.


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Jessex wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:

They rescinded the FAQ limiting free actions. It continues to be the sole discretion of the GM.

But let's look at this logically.

Archers are required to use a free action every time the draw an arrow. Notching and drawing the bowstring back is considered part of shooting. But archers take as many free actions as they need based on how many arrows they shoot.

This is where you go wrong. Drawing an arrow is not an action of any sort. It is not mentioned anywhere at all. This makes using a bow distinct from a crossbow or a firearm.

Note that the efficient quiver doesn't even specify what action it takes to retrieve an item from it unlike a handy haversack.

Under Equipment Ammunition:

PRD wrote:
When using a bow, a character can draw ammunition as a free action; crossbows and slings require an action for reloading (as noted in their descriptions).


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Robert Hetherington wrote:
The why is we don't know the details and are giving the gm the benefit of the doubt rather than jumping on them based on one side of a story.

^^100% this

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Oracles do not HAVE to worship a deity. However, they CAN if they so choose.

If you wish to take that trait, you would just need to be within one step of NG and worship Sarenrae.


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claudekennilol wrote:
Is an Amulet of Mighty Fists considered a weapon with regards to +1 weapons being considered to be always available?

IS a yes/no question.

Regardless, with your clarification, I see you are looking for discussion to add this wonderous item to the always available list.

Personally, I see no real need to add it as an exception, as you normally will get enough fame to purchase a 4,000gp item by the time you can realistically save up for one from what I've seen. That, and the fewer the exceptions to the house rules for purchasing, the easier they are to explain and understand. And, with the number of threads asking if I can buy this or that, they are already a bit complex for starting characters IMO.


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Awesome work Mike! I wish I could have made it down for this. If you do manage to make it an annual event, I shall definitely try and work it into my schedule.


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No, it is not.

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PRD on Magic Item Creation wrote:
Note that all items have prerequisites in their descriptions. These prerequisites must be met for the item to be created. Most of the time, they take the form of spells that must be known by the item's creator (although access through another magic item or spellcaster is allowed). The DC to create a magic item increases by +5 for each prerequisite the caster does not meet. The only exception to this is the requisite item creation feat, which is mandatory. In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting their spell prerequisites.
PRD on Scrolls wrote:
The creator must have prepared the spell to be scribed (or must know the spell, in the case of a sorcerer or bard) and must provide any material component or focus the spell requires.
PRD on Wands wrote:
The creator must have prepared the spell to be stored (or must know the spell, in the case of a sorcerer or bard) and must provide any focuses the spell requires.
PRD on Potions wrote:
The creator must have prepared the spell to be placed in the potion (or must know the spell, in the case of a sorcerer or bard) and must provide any material component or focus the spell requires.

In the case of these types of items, the creator must know or have prepared the spells being put into the item. If you can't cast the spell, you can not make a potion/wand/scroll of the spell.

As kestral287 mentioned, you might wish to make a wand of Infernal Healing.

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There is a FAQ that mentions items with a weight of - are counted as half a pound. Go to town with it.

EDIT: Starglim found it before me...LINK


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Lune wrote:

Ah, so we screwed it up.

What is the best way to proceed from here? Mark it as out of subteir for all involved and just not make that mistake again?



Except for the GM, the GM gets rewards based on the level of the character the credit is being applied to. Their reward in just about every circumstance ignores what actually happened at the table (level, rewards found, boons gained, etc.)


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No new tieflings/aasmiars since start of season 6, technology had some issues early season 6, and wayang, kitsune, nagai, and tengu are legal for play without boon.

Oh, the new faction cards are out (check for a late April/early May blog about those), and are an interesting little boost for play IMO.

I'm sure I'm missing loads, but those are the major items I remember off the top of my head.

EDIT: Oh, and welcome back ;)


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UndeadMitch wrote:
Nefreet wrote:

I don't see anything wrong with what Kevin said.

Can you elaborate? I don't feel either he or I are being knee-jerk, melodramatic, or overreacting.

Kevin's reaction is kind of a knee jerk reaction since some people have brought up concerns in a reasonable fashion (it feels like he's of the position of "if you don't like it I'll take my toys and leave"), and some of the people on the other side are being overly melodramatic.

Once again, this isn't an attempt to take a shot at Kevin or you, I actually agree that this should just be left the way it is. But, it has become somewhat of a trend for people to bring up an issue only to have people just lobby for the thing to just get removed (SLA's counting for prereqs, feral child/true primitive, et al).

Not trying to be melodramatic, and definitely not lobbying for removal, just pointing out another possible resolution. Locally (and at conventions), I've never seen any issue with folks using slow progression, and I think it works as is for what it was designed for.

My previous post was mostly trying to answer Fox's question about what problem the rule solved.


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The Fox wrote:
I just wish someone could point out one issue this rule intends to solve.

The rule wasn't created to solve a problem. It was added to provide an additional option for people who wanted to play their characters longer. If it's really that much of an issue, the option should probably just be retired.


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Personally, I'd rather see it taken back to core races only.


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There's another line after that bit about the only exception on not needing a requirement being the feat. It actually adds another requirement for certain items (such as wands and scrolls).

PRD on Making Magic Items wrote:
The only exception to this is the requisite item creation feat, which is mandatory. In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting their spell prerequisites.

You NEED someone able to cast the spell you're making a scroll, wand or potion of. You can't cast a formulae, as it's not a spell.

Alchemists can break this rule concerning potions, only because they have special rules in regards to making them in their class write up.

PRD on Alchemists wrote:
Brew Potion (Ex): At 1st level, alchemists receive Brew Potion as a bonus feat. An alchemist can brew potions of any formulae he knows (up to 3rd level), using his alchemist level as his caster level. The spell must be one that can be made into a potion. The alchemist does not need to meet the prerequisites for this feat.

Without that, they could not take brew potion or create potions of their formulae.


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Irwin, the Gnome wrote:
WiseWolfOfYoitsu wrote:
You cannot buy an Alchemist spell on a scroll anyways
Why not? You can buy wands of Alchemist spells.

I'm sorry, but unfortunately you can't buy those either.


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Thewms wrote:

I Imagine a character similar to Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights pre stabbing himself in the leg.

XYZ was subject to a Blindness/Deafnes spell at some point early in his Society career and was traumatized. Despite a remove Blindness being cast to remove it, XYZ still believes he is blind. You won't take any penalties, yes, but you could roleplay being blind and make decisions as if you were.

For bonus points you could name your characted Ricky and try to adapt his persona for a few laughs. Or claim you just guessed where something was correctly and your 'supernatural senses' help you overcome you disability.

And that, as long as it doesn't bog down the table, is perfectly fine by me. It's flavor, that's all. It's when you start including mechanical issues it starts to become a problem and will bog down a table in minutiae.


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DesolateHarmony wrote:

Wait to write in the chronicle number until it can be applied. That way you have a solid tracking of experience, gold and prestige by chronicle number.

I use a post-it note on the chronicle, and place it in the binder with my character: "To be applied at level 7".

I write it down on the chronicle itself. A post-it note might come off and get lost/forgotten. A note written in ink on the chronicle...not as easy to misplace. It also answers at a glance why you have it and it's not really accounted for yet. Personal preference is all though, as long as you notate it and it recorded that way appropriately, do whichever method makes most sense to you.

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No...but you can use a Harakami or Silken Ceremonial armor as a base line "clothes" type item that is armor. It's also base AC +1.

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Yes, it counts as magic for incorporeal as well.


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Personally, I treat it exactly like a whip, except for the few things specifically called out as different in the item.

So, just as a whip: 15ft reach, does not threaten, provokes AoO when using, use whip proficiency and feats, finessable, disarm, reach(of 15ft) and trip qualities.

Differences called out in item: deals lethal damage (so need to attack with -4 to deal non-lethal), affects creatures regardless of armor type, deals damage based on scorpion whip (d4 rather than d3 for regular whip).

So add all those together and that's how I treat a scorpion whip...


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Something that caught my eye out the interview...

Erik Mona interview wrote:
Almost every Pathfinder Society organized play scenario that we’ve done uses these maps. We’ve got 199 of those scenarios out as of today since the beginning. A lot of them reference maps that have gone out of print, so Flip-Mat Classics bring eight out-of-print, very popular, very high utility maps like ship, tavern and forest back into print.

I want the tavern...

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BetaSprite wrote:
Sniggevert wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
Sniggevert wrote:
Komoda wrote:

You don't "gain it multiple times" you have it two different ways. Any feat that you can "gain multiple times" has a numeric component that may stack.

You do not "fail" to gain a feat just because a previous class already had it. But if they do not stack, it usually does not matter.

I can see why a GM might disallow it, but I do not see this example as a rules reason to do so.


So you gain it at 1st level by taking the feat.

Then you gain it at 3rd level by class bonus feat.

How is that not gaining it multiple times?

Just to be clear, it's not a "class bonus feat" it's simply granted by the class. No choices are being made. I'd call a "class bonus feat" something like the fighter or warpriest Bonus Feat, or hunter's Teamwork Feat.
Pathfinder Field Guide wrote:

Expertise (Ex): At 2nd level, a lore warden gains Combat

Expertise as a bonus feat, even if he would not normally
qualify for this feat. This ability replaces bravery 1.

It's specifically called a bonus feat, and is specially stated as being gained...

So, either you're gaining Combat Expertise a 2nd time (which is contrary to the feats rules) or you're not, and you only have Combat Expertise once so you don't have anything to retrain away....

What if he retrains his bonus feat (level 2) to something else, then retrains his level 1 feat, then retrains his level 3 class (either directly back to Lore Warden, or to something else and back) to gain Combat Expertise, and then retrains the bonus feat back to Improved Trip?

Same outcome, way longer path.

Not saying there's not a longer retrain route to do what he wants. You can finagle most anything if you do it right with retraining nowadays.

I'm just saying it's not possible to do in the one step proposed.

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IMO, no.

PRD on retraining feats wrote:
The old feat can't be one you used as a prerequisite for a feat, class feature, archetype, prestige class, or other ability.

While you would normally get CE for free at 2nd in Lore Warden, since you already have it, you don't gain it again. And you have already used your 1st level feat as a prerequisite for a feat you have chosen so you can't retrain out of it.

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Couple of minor nitpicks, but otherwise fairly good analysis IMO.

First, combat reflexes takes a Dex of 13 IIRC...this mechanically changes nothing else in your scenario.

Second, slightly bigger, is that that maneuvers generally only provoke from the target, not adjacent allies. So, in this case, Goblin2 wouldn't have an AoO event.


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Erevel Ver Nao wrote:
RtFM wrote:
No. Consult the Guide to PFS Organized Play for more information.

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt the latest revision of the additional resources page state...

"The boon restriction to create a kitsune, nagaji, and wayang was removed at the start of Season 6 and all three are now available for open creation.?
There by removing the previous boon only allowed play? are posting 2 years after the previous poster. The guide has changed since then. They were not legal then, but they are now.

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Jim Groves returns to writing scenarios...excellent! Can't wait to see this one unfold.


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OK, how's this...PFS is RAW, except for its house rules laid down by its GM(Campaign staff).

Question asked previously: (1st post in thread)
"So... what to do with the money we make in the sessions? Can I make any use of it or do I simply donate it to the temple/orphanage of my choice and forget about it?"

Answer by Campaign Staff: (3rd post in thread)
"You donate it to charity."

There is your specific "house" rule that says you can not keep money earned on a chronicle.

So dream up your ways to be a millionaire Vow of "poverty" monk, it's not legal at a PFS table.


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pH unbalanced wrote:

I'll also say that my personal preference is that people save up their money and buy a physical copy of the CRB from their FLGS (even if that means violating the assumption for a certain period of time) than that they immediately by the PDF from Paizo just to be in compliance of a rule with no enforcement provisions.

But then, my favorite FLGS just went out of business, so that's where my head's at.

I would not expect any VO to advocate such a stance, because, as mentioned above, that is against the PFS campaign rules.

Nope. I actually, have no problem with that. Mike has even stated on occasion, that it's fine to come and play without buying the CRB to start. However, 2, 3, 4, whatever games days/weeks down the road after the player decides they like PFS and wish to continue they should pick up the CRB however is most convenient for them.

EDIT: Post from feel free to have them save and support their local stores while testing the waters.


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pH unbalanced wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:
Core expevtation or not, you need to own the core rulebook.

This one is a bit of a grey area. You are "assumed to own" the Core Rulebook, but there is no requirement to actually prove ownership of the CRB.

Virtually everyone gets one pretty quickly, so I don't think there's any harm caused by leaving this one a little fuzzy.

You don't have to show ownership of the CRB to play options from it. So, it's not something someone would audit and deny use from if you don't have it with you.

That said, it's not gray or fuzzy. As you said, You are "assumed to own", and the rule is called the expectation, so yes buying the core is expected of all participants.

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PDT did speak to this when they put out the FAQ.

PDT quote

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Crypt breaker alchemist archetype comes to mind...not really spells, but extracts/bombs along with the trapfinding ability.

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The stacking is referring to the type of bonus, not the type of the source of a bonus.

Strength of Beast: +2 inherent bonus

Power of Giants: +6 size bonus

Spiritual Form: chooses one ability score to which she gains a +4 (untyped) bonus

Bulls Strength and/or Belts of Strength: +X enhancement bonus

As, you now have an inherent, size, untyped, and enhancement bonus lined up, they all stack as they are all different types of bonuses.


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It's actually tucked in Conditions, Death and Expendables on pg. 22 of the Guide.

Previous thread similar to this..

GUIDE wrote:

PCs can also sell off gear, including

the dead character’s gear, at 50% of its listed value to raise
money to purchase a spell that will return their slain ally
from the dead, though they can only do so in a settlement
and they cannot sell off any items found during the current
scenario that they haven’t purchased.

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Claxon wrote:
Cheapy wrote:

Remember that time that one of the designers came in here and said that he thought that even if he gave the answer, it wouldn't stop the debate?

And then he gave the answer.

And it didn't stop the 'debate'?

I remember that. Good times.

Pepridge Farm Remembers

Told you the DC was higher than 13... =p

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Unless you get a second

Related FAQ

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Claxon wrote:

[rolls will save]

[dice=Will Save]1d20+10
[dice=Will Save]1d20+10
[Looks like I succeeded]

I will avoid being drawn back in to this silly conflict.

I'm sorry, but the DC is OBVIOUSLY much higher than 13...please continue. ;)

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