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Twitchy Boom Boom wrote:

After the battle with Vorka came to an end, Twitchy sat up in the Crow’s Nest of Vorka’s ship with Ronk. She put her head on his shoulder. “We did it, Ronk! We got Vorka, we got loot, we got this awesome pirate ship that doesn’t sail stupid places, but stays right here! But you know what the most important thing we got?”

Ronk scratches his head. “Ummm, we still alive?”

Twitchy hugs him. “Yes, and we gots each other! Forever!”

Nuzzling Twitchy’s face, Ronk mumbles into her ear. “Twitchy wants to keep Ronk?”

Twitchy looks into his eyes, and strokes his monster hat. “Always!”

Darting his face forward Ronk kisses Twitchy quickly. Pulling back he keeps his face inches from hers. “Ronk is keeping you forever!”

“Let’s go! Just the two of us... And Fluffer!”

*quietly dabbing eyes with a handkerchief*

Bigwort always cry this part. So beautiful.

Jynnjun wrote:
Mike Schneider wrote:
Human rogues trying to do a halfling's job and failing miserably are an embarrassment to the profession.
Halflings? The poor dears don't even have low light vision, let alone darkvision. No, halflings aren't the best rogues despite Bilbo's history.