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Well...I definitely still have these files, and have been granting 'em to folks who email be 'bout the dropbox. Email is in the original thread. Shoot me a line!

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My email is listed above. And here it is again:

(my first name) [dot] (my last name) [at] gmail [dot] com

I'll happily share the dropbox!

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Helaman wrote:
Something may be badly wrong either with your site or how my browser engages with it... after hitting it performance went to heck and I ended up having to shut down the browser (latest ed Firefox) altogether... I didnt see your update til now.

Dropbox, my friend, and I'll invite you if you want the files.

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I've reworked the site that hosted these files in the past several months, which broke those links. However, I still have the files, and will happily share them via Dropbox to anyone who might want 'em! Just hit me up with an email:

[firstname].[lastname] at gmail dot com

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Erevis Cale wrote:
Really? I guess I could write it. Could you give me your email so we can discuss this?

skyler at colorfulfrog dot net.

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Erevis Cale wrote:

Same here. :D

And since, IMC the storyteller is disguised Pazhvan, who hangs around Kelmarane, watching over the PCs, I planned to have Davshum kill him in Chpater 5 (where audio files stop :D ), but now I guess I'll have to think of something else. :D

Any info about Jhavul's speech would be appreciated. :)

In the end, it turned out there was no grand speech for Jhavhul to make.

Instead, I had him capture the NPC romantic interest of one of the party members (Haleen), and threaten her life at the cost of the single Final Wish. Make a wish, she goes free. Refuse, she dies. As it was a paladin of Sarenrae who loved her, it was a classically delicious moral dilemma.

So! If you can engineer it such, I'd recommend you do that instead; make the characters choose between Love and Duty, as Love is a major theme in this story, as is Sacrifice.

That said, if someone writes up an appropriate speech for Jhavhul, I'd be happy to talk about recording it!

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Okay! Long, long overdue, here they are!

The Complete Songs of Shazathared


As for Jhavul's speech...hmm. That's not a bad idea. I'm concluding the adventure path tomorrow evening, and I'll see if something doesn't come up for it.

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It looks like, based on the PRD, that Sculpt Sound only allows a saving throw or spell resistance for objects, not creatures themselves. This means that if a bard was to cast that spell at any given creature as a target, the creature automatically is affected, without a save or spell resistance (since it lists that only objects get the benefits of either). And if a spellcaster's voice is changed drastically enough (say, from the voice of an elf to that of a frog), that spellcaster can no longer cast spells. NO SAVE APPLIES.

Am I reading that right?

If so, a 7th level bard would be able to shut down a 20th-level caster, and all he'd need was to win initiative. No save, no spell resistance, and now all your archmages have the efficacy of a 6th level fighter.

Somebody chime in and tell me I'm still sane.

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If you are an actor, or have a theatre background, and would be mad enough to consider staging such a maddening show, raise your hand!

*Hand raised nice and high*

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If I'm only picking one, then I'd go with B, under the premise that if the setting arrives, so too must rules follow to support it.

So, really I'd like to see both, insofar as I could purchase "Modern Adventure Paths".

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Michael Brock wrote:
Awesome. Thanks so much for knocking these out. I would be interested in recommendations of where to place these as well. I have only read through Book 1.

They probably should be played sequentially, for the sub-story about the barber and his guest to make any sense, and if that doesn't jive with you for some reason, do with them what works best for your group.

I play the odd numbered ones (1, 3, 5, 7, and eventually 9 and 11 when I make 'em) right at the start of each chapter. I like to make a clear demarcation to my players that we're beginning a new chapter, and these are one of the ways I do that.

The even numbered ones go well usually some point around the middle of the adventure. They tend to be relevant to the adventure at hand, so I try to start off a session with one just before we dig into the part of the adventure that relates to the myth. There are a few exceptions, though; I might play #7 right as they get sucked into Kakishon, just before the part where I describe Jhavul escaping and mocking them as he does (thus linking Jhavul thematically with Rovagug), and then kick off the next session in Kakishon with #8, to heighten the mystery and tension of having been sucked into Kakishon itself.

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I've just finished parts 5 through 8, so hop on over and check 'em out:

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Howdy Paizo folks.

I'm still waiting for this to process; it looks like the other folks with this subscription have access to the PDF, and I haven't been able to for this file yet.

When, oh when do I get my precious Pathfinder?

Many thanks!

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Michael Brock wrote:
Any word on when the next one will be available? :)

Well, I'm waiting in part to get the final installment of Legacy of Fire, so I can see where the themes of the final two go. When I have that (still not available for downloading yet, to me), I plan to finish 'em out. Hopefully I'll get it by the end of this week, and then I can do it this weekend.

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Michael Brock wrote:
Awesome work Skyler. I have used the first one at the beginning of our adventure path, just before they entered the monastery. The second I plan to use when they have their first encounter with gnolls as I read somewhere was a great suggestion. When do you propose the best time to use #3 and #4?

I like to kick off each chapter with one of the even numbered ones, and then do the corresponding odd numbered one about half-way through that same chapter.

The odd numbered ones tend to more closely correspond to what happens in that particular chapter, so I'd play the one about the founding of Katapesh probably right before they enter the city itself, for example, at the beginning of that particular session.

Thanks for the kind words! :-D

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Here it is!

Myth 4

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Installment 3 is up! Check it out:

Only one this time. I'm hoping to nail down the next one later this week, when I'm not under the weather.


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yoda8myhead wrote:
Where did you get the music behind these? Is it creative commons?

I have a pretty extensive archive of music I use as background for the games I run; everything from movie soundtracks to world music and video games.

Shoot me an email for more info on it: skyler at colorfulfrog dot net.

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yoda8myhead wrote:
When are the next two coming out?! I can't wait.

I'm hoping to finish them this week.

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yoda8myhead wrote:
These are great! It makes me want to make the Pathfinder's Journal audio-books I have dreamed of. Do you have a background in audio production, cause these sound really professional?

Thanks! :-D

It's a hobby of mine; call it the result of a degree in acting with a lifetime of technology enthusiasm.

I think a Pathfinder radio drama would be utterly awesome. I'm down for it.

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Hey folks!

I put together some audio intros for Legacy of Fire, using the Songs of Shazathared as printed in the covers. Check 'em out at my blog:

Hop on over there and drop me a line! Feel free to download 'em and use 'em for your own games. :-D

I'm interested in your feedback on these; I'm looking to have the rest of 'em finished by GenCon.

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And bumped again!

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Very sweet, man!

I dig it, and can't wait to see updates!

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Alright, so as much as I love the idea of Tamir's dinner conversation during Pathfinder 21 - The Jackal's Price, I'll admit that remembering and thinking up jokes on the spot is not my strong suit, especially ones that fit for a desert-themed setting, with crass or lewd punchlines.

So what desert, genie, or other setting appropriate jokes can we put together as a resource?

I'll start with one (and not a crass one, but better than none):

A man on a camel rode through miles of the sun-drenched desert searching for some sign of life. His supplies were running low when his camel died.

Now on foot, he desperately sought refuge from the heat, and, most importantly, a source for water.

Suddenly, he came across a vendor in the middle of the desert.

"Thank the gods I found you!" the man cried. "Please help me. I'm in dire need of some water."

"Well," said the vendor, "I don't have any water. But would you like to buy one of these fine dinner robes?"

"What am I going to do with a dinner robe?" the man asked.

"That's what I'm selling sir. If you don't like it, I can't help you."

The man left the vendor and walked on for many more miles, praying each minute that he would find refuge from the scorching sun.

His eyes squinted a bunch of times when he came across a restaurant in the distance. Unable to comprehend a restaurant located in the middle of the desert, he assumed the place was a mirage, but decided to check it out anyway.

As he approached the door, his mouth opened in amazement, seeing that the place actually existed.

The doorman stopped him before he entered.

"Excuse me sir," the doorman said, "But you can't come in here without a dress robe!"

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Wooo! What a blast!

I think the party's best tank is the druid's animal companion, ironically enough. Go doggie!

Thanks to everyone for making it happen; can't wait for the next one!

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Yoda, I don't have your email; can I nab it from you to email my sheet?

Or you can email me at skylerbrungardt [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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yoda8myhead wrote:
hogarth wrote:
One question: Will this game use voice or "chat room"-type software?
TTop does not have voice capabilities, but I'm not opposed to using a voice application in parallel, though I have no experience doing so. If it's something you'd like to try, I'm more than happy to do some tests with it if you want to do so.

From what I understand, Ventrillo can do this pretty well. I've never setup a server for it, but I hear it's easy. I might be able to make that happen, if I can squeeze in some time to research it.

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Kelon Dango, Andoran Human, Bard 1 (0 XP), #3606.

Thank you VERY much for doing this.

Liberty's Edge's been a month and a half since the last order shipped, or downloads became available.

When does the next module ship? I'm waiting eagerly for my subscription to come in (given that the original Monthly subscription promise has fallen to the wayside long ago).

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I'm pretty firmly in the camp of "Psionics isn't fantasy."

I like the idea of psionic characters in Sci-Fi. I DON'T like the idea of them with my Gandalfs, Merlins, and such -- this is for the same reason that the Monk class, with all of its Kung-fu and Ki powers, drives me absolutely up the wall.

Slap that sucker into it's own genre, it's own setting, or something else. Keep psionics out of my fantasy, please.

If I want a telekeneticist or a mentalist, a mystic or a telepath, I'll use Fantasy to do it, not the pulp-era powers of the mind, which is what it seems like psionic rules have tried to retro-fit.

Now, if you establish a pulp-era setting, or something more modern than that, I'm all ABOUT psionics.

I don't care about what ruleset it uses, so long as it's no more complicated than the current magic system (which already is more complicated than I prefer).

Hell, I'd be happy with just changing a "Wizard" in a sci-fi setting to an "Empath" or "Psychic", and keeping the rules the same.

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I am ALL ABOUT gaming for PFS in Maryland!

I'm way up in Carroll County, but I can do Laurel if I know the date.

When's the next game???

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I agree with the attention to detail in clothing and style. I'd like to see more of it. I don't think any words need to be "wasted" on it, as it can mostly manifest in the art, and if the Paizo folks decide to spend some word count on that kind flavor, I'm even happier.

Sean brings up good points, and I still find myself more in line with Selk. So, I suppose really my request is for the art director and artists to be conscious of such things, and not to fall into the classic "Fantasy Outfits" trope that I judge often happens. In fact, I'd like them to be more than conscious of it; I'd like them to work a little to highlight the changes.

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I pretty much agree with the OP on all accounts. I think these are great ideas.

I ESPECIALLY like allowing Smite Evil to also be Smite Chaos, and allowing it to apply to ANY attack, including Combat Maneuvers. And the idea about Damage Reduction is great; if the target is Chaotic or Evil, ALL damage reduction should be negated from a Smite Attack.

My two cents.

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KaeYoss wrote:
I'd have thought more like artificer. With lots of weird contraptions intended to get at the kids but that will ultimately backfire ;-)

Indeed. Always ordering the parts from the Alchemical Construction Material Engineers, with their initials engraved on the boxes they use.


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So, reading through the Osirion entry in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, I got hit with a funny thought.

Ojan and Jasilia, the heirs to the Khemet Dynasty, are fond of traipsing all around the Osirion desert in search of Adventure and Mystery. Their father, fearful for their safety, sends his Risen Guard to bring the young heirs back to the palace.

Here's a set of serial adventures following the deeds and mis-adventures of these two youngsters, chased by the bumbling Risen Guard whom they continually outwit and manage to get killed, only to have them raised and sent back out again to find them.

It's like the Golarion version of Duck Tales, Alvin and the Chipmunks, or any other Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Anyone else see it? :-)

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Sothrim wrote:
More gritty and dark, please.

Ditto, count me into the crowd who likes it dark, gritty, and deep.

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Repairman Jack wrote:

I agree that Smite should be usable at range, but there should be a range limit. Every other kind of damage boost has a range limit, i.e. Sneak Attack. Just off the wall, say 30'. Or maybe one increment, though that isn't really fair for thrown weapons.

Another option would be that it is usable only for ranged favored weapons.

In Races od the Wild, I believe, there is a substitution level for elven paladins that grants ranged smite instead of melee smite.

I don't think it would be unbalanced or overpowered.


Now that sounds like an elegant solution to it: let it apply to any ranged attack, even ranged touch like a ray, to a limit of, say, 30 ft.

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Jal Dorak wrote:

I think it's just a hold-over from previous editions where missile weapons lost the properties of the bow firing them once they were released (ie. a flaming bow did not fire flaming arrows).

I think it is about time they gained this ability, as long as it specifies weapon damage. Otherwise we get sorcerers smiting evil with spells.

That seems fair to me.

To play devil's advocate, though, would it be that unbalanced for a multi-class paladin/sorcerer to be able to smite evil a few times with his rays and ranged touch attacks? He wouldn't be doing it as much as a straight paladin, and the spell wouldn't be as potent as a straight sorcerer, so it seems like it might be a decent marriage of the two. Especially considering how few Smite Evils a multi-class paladin would get.

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So, the purpose of this thread isn't to debate whether or not the number of uses of Smite Evil for a paladin should change, or even what the bonuses are. My question is simple:

Why can't Smite Evil apply to ranged attacks in addition to melee?

I see no reason that it would be unbalanced. Let's say I want to make up a Dexterity based paladin rather than a Strength based one; Smite Evil with a crossbow or bow and arrow would seem an appropriate change.

Thoughts? Designer insight? Let's open this up.

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