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I made this order several weeks ago and it appears to not have shipped yet. Is there something preventing it from shipping?

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@silverfoxdmt73 I started my oldest on RPGs at 9 using the Beginner Box and it worked out great. It's a really well put together set for new players. Don't forget to grab the free add-on downloads posted above.

Let me second that. Plus it adds one of my favourite bad guys! Think I'll be running that one.

Are you aware of this page:


Chock full of free downloads for noob BB GMs. The GM kit has an adventure in an old mine, and the Demos give you 4 short ones. Transitions book shows you how to convert adventures and gives you a step by step guide to convert Master of the Fallen Fortress to BB rules (which is free too).

Just to add to the aforementioned Master of the Fallen Fortress:

The BB Transitions book (free download if you don't have the latest printing) has a section that guides in converting that adventure for the Beginner Box.

Went looking for one 3 days ago at a LGS in Toronto for a Christmas gift. They had just got themselves a fresh case of the new printing.

Indigo, the big Canadian online book retailer still has them on pre-order with no actual release date. Amazon.ca just a bunch of insanely marked up boxes.

So you may want to give your LGS another look. They may have it now.

Good stuff. I finished running a couple 10 year olds through Black Fang and had the same issue. One Rogue and one Wizard. I knew with no Cleric they would get chewed so I grabbed the pregen as a GM-PC. And yes, it is also handy if a younger sibling comes along and wants to play. I just hand them the sheet and tell them what dice to roll.

I didn't reduce any numbers and I ran the whole thing with just the three characters and they did fine. Mind you the rogue rolled a crit with Dragonsbane on Black Fang right off the bat which made that fight way easier.

The free Hero Lab works well for making chars but I found the kids were more into rolling physical dice and writing on their sheets.