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The extra 2d4 damage from Copycat Cut for using your opponent's attack roll (Shattered Mirror), is this in addition to the normal 1d6 damage, or a replacement?

The many maneuvers in Path of War mention teleport specifically with italics. Are they referring to the spell, in which case they all suffer from mishap percentage?

Simply put, do the Path of War Prestige classes receive the ability to swap maneuvers at even initiator levels like the base classes?

It doesn't state it anywhere directly, but it would seem like they would be severely gimped in up-to-date maneuvers known if not.

Back in the Book of 9 swords, I don't believe the Prestige classes had the ability to swap maneuvers.

"Q: Can you switch maneuvers that you know for ones that you don't know?
A: Yes. The crusader, swordsage, and warblade can trade one maneuver known for another at certain levels (see their respective descriptions in the Tome of Battle). (Prestige classes that grant maneuvers can't trade maneuvers known.)"

I think they might have carried the same concept over to Prestige classes in Path of War too, but I'm not certain. What does everyone think?

Do the PoW prestige classes get to swap maneuvers at even levels or are they just gimped in terms of known maneuvers?

Which class even has access to Mithral Current besides for prestige classes? I couldn't find it in any of the classes or archetypes.

All of the martial adepts get the ability to swap maneuvers starting at initiator level 4 and then every 2 levels from then on. Let's say you are a multi-class adept or you entered a prestige class and hit an even numbered initiator level (4, 6, etc) but took a level in a class that does not receive maneuver swaps, for instance if you were an 11th level Stalker who took your 12th level in Umbral Blade, or you were a Fighter 1 / Zealot 3 and took your 5th level as a Fighter. Does your Zealot, Warden, Stalker, etc maneuver swap mechanism still kick in?