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Which class even has access to Mithral Current besides for prestige classes? I couldn't find it in any of the classes or archetypes.

The only place I find it is in the Martial Traditions section under the Lens Maker Society. I may have overlooked it, but certain Martial Traditions favor one Discipline over the others. So the character you want to play may possibly have to be a member of that Martial Tradition. I personally don't enforce that rule, allowing all disciplines to be available to my players, but that's just me.

Lens Maker Society

Bushi class template for stalker, warder or warlord.

Warpath follower for inquisitor and warpriest if your deities favoured weapon is a mithral current discipline weapon

Failing that any class can swap a discipline with this trait.

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Several of the archetypes for non-initiating classes get it:

Rubato Bard, Myrmidon Fighter can pick it, Roil Dancer Kineticist, Monk of the Silver Fist, Hidden Blade Rogue

Thank you so much for the answers! So just societies, subject to DM approval, and non martial archtypes, as I suspected.

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