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Ancrym Morn wrote:

Dear Ulgulanoth's hat,

This thread was moved into the archives as an eternal monument to its glory. We of the Skoan-Quah watch over such things to honor the ancestors and make sure they are never tainted with undeath. In this case, I will allow an exception and permit thread necromancy.

Ancrym of the Skoan-Quah


Scipion del Ferro wrote:
If I recall correctly James actually said he didn't mind it if someone address something specifically to him and in that same post provided his e-mail address if it was a question someone didn't want to publicly ask.

Oh great! Because I have something to ask.... on behalf on my cousin. He was changing and had this pathfinder miniatures standing upright on the floor, and he slipped on a revenge of the kobold king adventure lying on the floor and he fell and.... it was a million-to-one-shot, I tell you!

KaeYoss wrote:
Captain Ice Cream Croissant wrote:
Teach wrote:

Free Love!

Holodrum wrote:

Oh and W0nko, I love your name. Any new additions to the asylum?

He's lying! He's completely batsh*t! I saw him in the Asylum when I... was visiting there. A friend of mine is batsh*t, too. And he has the same name as me. Crazy, isn't it?

They're fractured entities. One soul in two minds.

You're all crazy.

And what does that make me?

Pretty Voices singing a chorus just for me, but writing it down for the deaf music lovers.

Beethoven would approve of this.

And so would I.

I hope someone revises the heck out of grapple. Alas, our problem child.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:
For the upcoming holidays, we are taking a look at the Combat Chapter (something that might be useful in dealing with relatives)

Not you, too. First, I find myself entertaining notions of murdering various family members and stash their body somewhere (or serve it to the rest), then the voices add their consent to this, and now you suggest something like that, too?

Or am I only hallucinating that you wrote that? I had hallucinations like that before (the TV guy who called me by name and gave me statistics on how likely I'd get away with murder if it was close family and I created a suitable diversion was definetly one, or that direct television is getting more advanced by the minute), but not that subtle before.

Anyone looking for answers to questions no one else has? I can provide. I cannot guarantee that they will be nice answers. Some may make no sense on first look. Or second. Or any.

KaeYoss wrote:

Okay, now you've done it. I can't get the idea of "Golarion Island" out of my head!

Little Chibi Iconics in their humorous fight against Chibi Runelords, Mad Chibi Queens, and Chibi Drow. Of course, the Drow are sweet-toothed candy thieves.

Valeros wants to become the best swordsman in the world.... and also to peak under Seoni's skirt any chance he gets. He never succeeds, except to make her angry, and she whacks him with her magic staff, and his pants catch on fire.

This is crazy.

Looks perfectly sane to me.

The voices have learned a new word. It's a weird word, just two letters. They keep repeating it.


Mean anything to you? I hate it when I don't understand the voices.


I'm completely sane, by the way

The voices told me so.

They never lie

They told me that, too.


The voices told me that, too. It's fancy for "told you so"

Dear Ask a Shoanti,

Doesn't living on the endless wastes of the Storval Plateau drive you mad? Because I lived there for a hundred years one month, and.

I'm obviously sane, but not everyone is as resilient as me.

Some nutjobs here even claim that fire is not blue. Lunatics.


Me (if you know who I am, contact me and let me know)

KaeYoss wrote:

I now officially know too much.

Beware of that friend. Too much knowledge can shatter your mind. SHATTER! LIKE KINDLING IN A STORM!

Or so I've heard.

Madness Follows wrote:

Madness Follows


Uh, except, that I'm not mad.

I'm so very lucid. All the voices agree. Well, except the one, but it's ceaselessly quoting monty python, and star wars, and mixing the quotes up. Drives me nuts.

"I'll be careful"
"You'll be dead"
"I'm feeling fine"
"We're wanted men"
"I think I'll go for a walk"

"*Where* is the rebel base?"
"I'll never tell you"
"If you won't, I'll say Ni to you!"

"Who's that then?"
"Dunno, must be a jedi"
"He hasn't got s&++ all over him"

It insulted Jason's mother*. So he wiped it out.

*Either with "your momma drags tractors on sports channel" or "your momma's a fun fair boxer named Butch"



brent norton wrote:
Turn, turn, turn...

I'm... getting... dizzy...

Timespike wrote:

*Runs, screaming, into the night.*

I hear you. Happens to me all the time. Except, with my luck, I run, screaming, into a policeman.

How sparper than a sperpents tooth is it to have a spankless child?

With all this P - ing going on, I thought I'd join in.

Singular Lucid Malkovian wrote:

This is making me crazy!!!!!

No, it is not. No, it is not. Everything's alright. Serenety now. Serenety now. Serenety now.

Captain Ice Cream Croissant wrote:
KaeYoss wrote:
Captain Ice Cream Croissant wrote:
KaeYoss wrote:
Chobbly wrote:
what do I know!
How would I know?
I don't know!
Does anybody know?
No one knows...

Knows what? No one knows whether anybody knows it, or no one knows?

This is making me crazy!!!!!