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Delays... don't talk to me about delays...

Anybody here play the L5R CCG during the last two edition releases before AEG sold it? Remember how Emperor Edition, a core, legality-altering set went from a November release to a January release? And then to a February release? Remember how there were tournaments slated for the new legality before those dates?

Remember how it happened again with Ivory Edition?

Remember how, after buying the IP and turning it into an LCG, FFG gave absolutely NOTHING of substance for like, a year, because they believe in more "traditional" customer-company communication?

Yeah. This? This I can wait on.

Eekster Buhnay wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Jade eggs are intended to train the pelvic muscles.
Sissyl wrote:
Jade is heavy. That is probably the point.
I just now occurs to me that maybe Paltrow is just a big Legend of the Five Rings fan, and the jade egg is for kinky LARPing.

Or she's REALLY worried about, uh... let us say animation-minded Oni...

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Tacticslion wrote:
Also: I didn't see your lost! Thanks for the heads up! Another guy some time back thought it was "Tactic Slion" for a while. So you're not alone. (If I had my normal avatar, I'd imagine there'd be less confusion. It's the lion guy from Final Fantasy Tactics. Secretly - so do t tell anyone, okay? - that's where my name comes from.)

Huh, I almost thought it was an L5R thing...

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Freehold DM wrote:
Cole Deschain wrote:
After years of reminding people that Rokugan is not Japan


It is you....

Who, me?

Aelryinth wrote:
As a philosophical musing on bushido and swordplay, the Book of Five Rings can be VERY dry reading.

It's short and to the point, though.

(Saw a Henshin, so up this alias goes...)

A hardcover for Dragon Empires.
A hardcover for Distant Worlds.

While Vudra, Arcadia, Casmaron, southern Garund et al deserve hardcovers,I'd be perfectly happy to see some softbound stuff for them.