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Will there be new monsters?

Will this have full write-ups for the monsters?

Does anybody know the solution to the puzzle in the Ancient Cave? I would like the complete answer please.

The description of the manticore in the 1e bestiary says it can interbreed with other similarly shaped creatures, but griffins weren't included in the listings. Why not? Can they interbreed?

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Shamus Nicholson wrote:
When is this going to be updated?!



It STILL hasn't been updated! Why not? This is inexcusable! Please update the description already!

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When is this going to be updated?!

The bestiary in Part 1 had a lava ape, Part 2 has a radioactive dragon, so will this part include a rock shooting rhinoceros/triceratops or sentient blobs?

I ordered this two weeks ago! Why hasn't it shipped yet?

Any treasure tables?

Will this have treasure tables (which are much needed)?

How about the Tarkus? It could probably be an inevitable.

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Adventures In Fantasy at a decent price? I tried ebay, but the cheapest they have it is around $200.

Will there be magic items?

This sounds interesting. I can't wait until August.

I ordered this a month ago? Is this ever going to be in stock?

Ok, I finally got a copy and I noticed that none of the creatures has a Treasure listing, and the introduction doesn't say what type of treasure they have, which it should have if you're converting to Pathfinder. Are there even rules for treasure in Starfinder?

I tried to get this yesterday, but I couldn't. Can anyone please tell the monsters?

When is this coming out? It's a week into June, and there's still no release date!

Eh, when is this coming out?