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Savage Rifts RotRwT

Starting Game Thread for Duet Game with No GM

Savage Rifts RotRwT

This is the discussion thread for a Duet game with no GM played by myself and my wife. If there any comments on the game, please post here and not in the game thread. Thanks!

Savage Rifts RotRwT

After leaving the company of the Heroes of Sandpoint, with a rather nebulous open door policy, you find yourself walking the streets of your home and with a heavy burden in a dimensional pocket. The staff seems to be powerful enough to draw a lot of attention, but you aren’t even sure what it does. Still, you have things to figure out and so you think of where to go next and how to get there. The throng of people that walk Sandpoint’s streets have come to at least tolerate, if not accept your presence, though you can sense that even today, some of them are still unnerved by it. Nonetheless, a few give you the occasional respectful nod as you pass. Now, where was it that you had to go next?

I’ll let you figure out where to and we’ll go from there.

I know it sounds ominous, but alas, some things have changed in my life where I need to make some adjustments. So, after almost ten years of subscribing to all things Paizo, that must come to an end. I will continue to piecemeal buy as needed and able. After the current round of orders are completed for this month, please cancel all of my subscriptions. It's been a good run and hopefully I'll be able to pick it up again in the future. Thank you.

PS, I will still retain access to all my PDFs, correct?

So... being the Gamer Geek that I am, I love doing conversions of ships and mecha and, well, you get the picture. I am honestly surprised that I haven't already seen anything like it here, nor is there a Starfinder specific Conversions thread header, so I thought I'd put this in General until otherwise changed. That being said, I've been messing with the Ship Creation System and came up with my first conversion:

TIE Fighter:

Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/In Fighter Tier 1/4
Tiny Interceptor
Speed: 12 Maneuver: Perfect(Turn 0) Drift: None
AC: 15 TL: 13
HP: 30 DT: -- CT: 6
Shield: None
Attack (Forward): linked light laser cannons (4d4)
Power Core: Micron Light (50 PCU); Drift Engine: None; Systems: Budget Sensors, Mk 2 Armor, Basic Computer; Expansion Bays: None
Modifiers: +1 Piloting
Pilot: Computers +5 (1 rank), Engineering +5 (1 rank), Gunnery +5 (1 rank), Piloting +11 (1 rank).

Apologies if this isn't supposed to go here, but if it's cool, my next project is the Mitchell-Hyundyne Aurora-class Starfury...


Savage Rifts RotRwT

Sandpoint, shining star of the Lost Coast of Varisia. Approximately 2000 souls live, work and die here. Another thousand are merchants, wanderers and ne'er do wells that don't stick around long to make a permanent imprint on the residents. Today is different.

The Swallowtail Festival, this day of the turning of seasons from the warmth of Summer to the falling leaves of Autumn, marks the consecration of a new temple in Sandpoint. Calling it 'just a temple' does it no justice, as it is actually the size of a cathedral. The thing is massive. Other than the keep, it is the largest building in Sandpoint and probably the most ostentatious too. Rumor has it that this is also a big deal because a short number of years ago, a fire destroyed the last church here and so the celebration of simple folks' willingness to strive on regardless of the circumstances is in full swing.

In the morning, several people, some you have seen around town, some you have not, made speeches about the whole deal. First up was Mayor Kendra Deverin, a short human woman with light red hair cut short and a happy attitude. She welcomes everyone to the event with smiles and grand gestures towards the many folks in attendance from the town. Her words give way to Sheriff Belor Hemlock, a Shoanti man who reminds the town of why they are actually here today, giving a brief moment of silence for those lost before. Another, someone named Lonjiku Kaijitsu, a foreigner by the sound of it, was supposed to appear, but according to the Sheriff he had fallen ill and could not appear. Next up was a flamboyant man with brightly dyed hair and clothing to match, one Cyrdak Drokkus, apparent owner of the the Sandpoint Theater and who wasted no time telling of their newest show, the 'Harpy's Curse' starring none other than Allishanda of Magnimar! This seems to excite the crowd, but you can tell who the foreigners are by their apparent ignorance of who that is. When he is finished selling himself and his theater, Priest Abstalar Zantus takes the stage to thank everyone for coming and to see him here again at noon for the parable of Desna and the release of the swallowtails.

With that, the crowd disperses to try their hands at various games, food stalls and shopping tables. There are sack races, arm wrestling contests, a magical duel circle, tents from each of the town's taverns to sample their food goods, jewelery, exploration gear, even a table of knickknacks...

Feel free to describe your self and what activities you would like to indulge in as the day progresses. Welcome to Sandpoint! See yourself as we see you!

Savage Rifts RotRwT

For whatever reason, here was home. A 13th Century Castle, built in the 20th Century, being used in the 22nd Century for what? A base of do-gooders out to rid the world of evil. Heh. That would be something wouldn't it? No, it was more than that. This place was a Refuge, not only in name, but in spirit. Every last person here was running from something. Life before, the Tolkeen War, the Coaliton, the Federation, criminal backgrounds they'd rather left forgotten. It didn't seem to matter to those who mattered here, as long as you did your job and didn't mar up the Tomorrow Legion name.

You find yourself in the Special Unit HQ briefing room. A few chairs line the room with a holo-projector showing a map of the area and underneath its light, a short round man with more cyber than you care to count. The only thing not cyber appear to be his beard, which is a stark red with grays streaking through it. His nameplate says he is Major Gundar Grimjack and it fits. You have never seen the man smile, for anything. He coughs to get your attention.

"Listen up! Some yahoo upstairs told me you lot were special. Looking at ya, I can't see why, but orders are orders. By now yer familiar with the Legion and what we do? If not, see Kessa outside, she's the friendly talks a lot type. I'm not. You've been assigned to one of my SETs. Special Exploratory Teams for those of you not paying attention. Today's your lucky day. Milk run. Real simple. Go here, take a look, come back and report. Easy? The map's been uploaded to your machines' nav systems. Don't get lost." He stands to leave and as some of you stand to salute, he waves you off. "I don't stand for that crap much as the humies do. Just do yer job and we'll be keen." He leaves and the projector shows a map to an area outside of Refuge's region of influence. An overlay shows the area used to be called McGehee, Arkansas, American Empire, many centuries ago. Now it seems to be overrun with trees and hills and a big red area tagged as 'Unknown'. That's where you are going.

Take this time to introduce yourselves. You have known each other a short while, some of you longer, so play it up and then we'll get to the mission...

Savage Rifts RotRwT

For all the above table talks...

Savage Rifts RotRwT

For discussiony things...

In honor of GM's Day, I'm allowing myself time to start two (!) new campaigns, this one and a Savage Rifts one. I am not a stickler for time, as I myself am not the best of posters, especially when the wife and I go on vacation for weeks on end, but that being said, I expect some sort of commitment to once every other day if not more, even if it is to simply add to roleplay.

I am a story person more than a tactical gamer, so I hope to delve into each person's background during the game to make the game seem more real to each character.

Here's the deal though... I like to mess with variant rules and I want to try a couple here.

1. 3d6 v. d20...making the bonuses mean something. I was pondering doing both this and variable bonuses, but I will stick with one major change at this point.

2. Limited Resource Dice... here's the fun one.. In this, all limited resources (meaning ammo, food, item charges and yes, even spells) have a die attached to them rather than a set number. Roll a 1 and you go down a die. This occurs until you are down to exactly one item. I borrowed this rule from IntWisCha, so it isn't mine, but I like it, so I want to play with it and see how it works in game.

3. Players Roll all the dice. Your fate is completely in your hands, even defending against an attack...

4. I haven't decided on any others at this point, as I want to keep the variants to a minimal, but if there are other suggested variants you'd like to try, speak up, this is the game to do it in...

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to Dot in with a character idea and concept. And welcome to Sandpoint, see yourself as we see you...

The world ended and now you are a part of its rebirth and aftermath. The Tomorrow Legion protects the innocent from those who would harm, hinder or simply eat them. You are a part of the Legion, make us proud.

In honor of GM's Day, I'm allowing myself time to start two (!) new campaigns, this one and a Pathfinder one. I am reserving a spot in this one for one of the players in another game here on the boards, so that leaves 5 spaces open for this one. I am not a stickler for time, as I myself am not the best of posters, especially when my wife and I go on vacation for weeks on end, but that being said, I expect some sort of commitment to once every other day if not more, even if it is to simply add to roleplay.

I am a story person more than a tactical gamer, so I hope to delve into each person's background during the game to make the game seem more real to each character.

Now, I have never run a Savage game, but the rules are pretty familiar to me and I have played in a couple of games. I look forward to exploring the nuances of Savage Rifts with you...

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to Dot in with a character idea and concept. And good hunting, Legionnaire, you'll need it..

Greetings and welcome to the CIA Special Activities Division... we have a team in the field that will need additional support and you are it. Those of you familiar with the Middle East, the Soviet Union, know your way around negotiating tables and guns, you are definitely wanted. Make sure your applications are up to snuff and get to packing, the next mission is a go.

Recruitment Thread, click here to continue.

Greetings Paizo,

I received my package this month and to my surprise, everything was in it except House on Hook Street.. with it being the holiday season, I understand, but is there a way that can be sent to me soon? Thank you for looking into this.

I realize these orders were sent separately for shipping costs, and that's all fine, but I received my shipment of the Wrath of the Righteous Card Set#2 last week, which is fine, then today I received a box with most of the rest of my stuff in it, which is great, then I also received another small box with an extra Wrath of the Righteous Card Set #4, which already came in the big box. I have not yet received the Monster Codex box. I am wondering if I have been charged for the extra box and if I need to send it back, and if my Monster Codex Pawn Box is still on the way. Thank you for looking into this. You guys are overwhelmed already, I know.

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Alright folks, time to get this ball rolling... Good luck everyone and above all, have fun. Your very first rolls are the following. Birthday. You choose your age based on race, unless you want to roll that too, but 1d12 for month, 1d30 for day. If you roll a 30, you may choose the 31st if that month has it.. I am a stickler for story details, so there you are. Without further adieu...

Oathday, 11 Lamashan 4707, 0915.

Finally! Whatever life circumstance brought you here to Absalom, whether a life of hardship or blessings upon blessings, you spent the last few months training with the Pathfinder Society. An escape from your former life, a choice to search for greatness, or simply something to do other than be bored the rest of your life. Maybe it was even all three. Nonetheless, you stand here, among quite a few others, ready to take the final Oath. You look at some of the others, the same thoughts probably going through their minds. Several humans, a couple of elves, dwarves even, and even a few more exotic species of sentient beings stand proud among you. As smile comes unbidden to your face as you recall some of the antics from training with them, but that is all called to a halt when the speaker at the podium finally stops yammering about how great the Society is. "With me now, take your Oath. Explore! Report! Cooperate!"

As the words echo in the stadium and in your minds, several messengers go running into the crowd to deliver your first missions and the all important Pathfinder Pin. When a messenger reaches you, he hands you not a Pin or even a mission. No, instead he hands you a message.

See me in my office. Pronto.- Venture-Captain Valsin

When you arrive, you find that you aren't alone at least. Six others are with you in front of Ambrus Valsin, Venture-Captain and downright pain in the arse if you cross him. A fairly heavy set human with a mustache and beard that make him look like a dwarf more than the human that he is. It's almost comical. Until you see his face noticing you, to which you quickly look away. He doesn't waste much time with pleasantries and gets started right away.

"All right, Pathfinders! Listen up. I know you are new recruits eager to make names for yourselves in the organization, but first we need to make sure you are up to snuff and won’t get yourself killed out there. This team I have put together has made some of the highest marks in training and I'd like to see the results of that. I've seen you work together and I think that cohesion will help you. I have a number of small assignments for you and your team, and it would be best if you could finish them before the day’s end.

“Every day we get some doe-eyed hopeful or some sniveling bootlicker willing to do anything to join up with the Pathfinders. Most of them are
good kids, but not all of them have the salt to make it in a world like this. It’s rough out there and I’m not just talking about the ruins, tombs, and wilderness Pathfinders find themselves in on missions. We’ve got people who look down their noses at us, folks who think we squander our resources, and agents who want to take everything we have collected. This wealth of knowledge and these items of lore make us the
most powerful organization on the planet. That said, since we are fractured and widespread, it’s difficult for that power to light on anything for too long. For every friend of the Society, there are two enemies. I don't believe you are like those people and that's why I had you brought in here instead of simply giving you your mission outside.

“Your first mission, to test your mettle, sends you to meet a few people important to the Society living here in Absalom. These are other venture-captains or close allies of our organization, so follow their orders as you would mine. I’ve prepared a list of things I want you to do. They’re not arranged in any particular order of importance, but I want them all completed as quickly as possible. Only report to me once you complete them all. Included in the envelope you hold in your hands is the list, complete with the name of your contact, and directions to the meeting location.

"These," he says, indicating a stack of pins on his desk, "Are yours."

The List:

Assignment #17:
☐ A man named Guaril Karela runs a curio shop in the Docks called
the Pickled Imp. Go to him and fill his request as a favor to the
Society. I believe it has something to do with a set of rare books.
☐ Ollysta Zadrian requested aid and is expecting you at the Temple
of the Shining Star in the Ascendant Court. She needs someone
to deliver a parcel of medicine and curatives to a needy orphanage
and verify the character of the recipient.
☐ Visit the offices of Osirian nobleman Dremdhet Salhar in the Wise
Quarter. The Pathfinder Society needs to obtain permission to
delve the Salhar ancestral vaults beneath Sothis. He has made a
verbal agreement, and your visit makes it official. You will receive an
official charter and detailed maps. Do not embarrass the Society in
this matter.
☐ Chelish Paracountess Zarta Dralneen possesses an item loaned
from the Vaults. Meet with her in her estate in the Ivy District and
retrieve the item in her possession.

Feel free to describe yourselves and your reactions and any questions to VC Valsin.

Savage Rifts RotRwT

For Discussing stuff, as if you didn't already know... once I finish the selections in the morning, I will have you guys check in here...

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Okay everyone, welcome to End of an Era, the FFG Star Wars Campaign. It is my hope to capture your imaginations and the Star Wars feel. First off, somewhere in your first post, roll for Destiny. That is 1 White die, or 1d12. It is assumed that we put speech in bold and thoughts in italics and OOC stuff as you see here. So, without further ado...



Twenty years ago the GALACTIC EMPIRE replaced the OLD REPUBLIC ending the long CLONE WARS conflict. As the EMPIRE secured its power base, many worlds saw this activity as oppressive and tyrannical and so rose up to form a REBELLION.

One year ago, the REBELLION struck their first major blow against the EMPIRE, the destruction of the DEATH STAR, a world killing machine. It's repercussions would be felt throughout the galaxy and the EMPIRE scrambled to spin the story against the REBELLION.

For those in the Outer Rim, news doesn't travel as fast and even those in the know may not even care. It is here that we find the most unlikely of people in a galaxy full of sentient beings put together for some unknowable purpose...

Who is this JackSnap and how in the hells does he (she?) know who I am? This is the thought that permeates your mind as you board the Jade Empress, a luxury liner bound for Brentaal IV, that you only recently found out. Your tickets were sent to you anonymously, but they were legitimate. As the BG-99 Protocol Droid welcomes you aboard, a pang of worry goes over you, hoping that among these other passengers isn't a bounty hunter, Imperial agent or Hutt thug come to collect.

Instead, other than a slight barely perceptible blink in one of its ocular sensors, the droid allows you through. It is then that you arrive at security.

Roll PR (d8+d12) Skulduggery to conceal any weapons, otherwise they will be confiscated and placed under hold until you leave the ship.

As you wait in line for your turn to be scanned, you ponder the reasons you chose to go along and find this JackSnap and find out just what it is he really knows about you.

As you post, feel free to describe yourselves and how you interact with the crowd of people around you.

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Here is the discussion thread. Please check in here.

So here it is... ever want to play the Pathfinder Society Scenarios but just didn't want to get into the Society or be restricted by the rules there? Have a character you would love to fill in the background for and play as part of the world s/he lives in and not just mission to mission? Love the story more than the rolling?

This campaign is for you.

I am running the PFS Scenarios, starting with First Steps, then Season 0 and so on, with some obvious (and not so obvious) modifications. With that in mind, here are the concepts I'm going with. Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts as we go through this process.

  • 15 pt buy. You're going to be heroes, but not yet.
  • Max Hp at start, average each level.
  • Races.. Absalom is a big city with lots of variety, but they are still human dominant. Exotic races need to make sense. If the story is awesome, I will more than likely allow it.
  • Classes- I have all the Paizo books, including Occult Adventures, have fun.
  • Allowed Sources- Paizo stuff only. I have all the current Paizo books, but none of the third party stuff.
  • Starting Money is average for class.
  • I like the Unchained Rules, so if you want to play an Unchained class, that's cool with me. That said...
  • Unchained Background Skills are in effect, you get two extra skill points at first level to spend on background skills. If you are not familiar with these rules, let me know and I will explain them to the best of my ability. I don't believe they are in the PFSRD.
  • Overclocking Spells- Unchained
  • Spell Rolls vs. Saves- Unchained
  • Wound Conditions- Unchained

I think that is it for now. Remember in your background that I am looking for story. What was your character like before they joined the Society? What did they do for a living? Why did they join? What does your family think about your decision?

We will be starting at the end of your graduation from PFS recruit training, so if you want backplay with the characters once we begin, that is highly encouraged. Memory montages are always fun...

All that said, let the questions and submissions begin...

Here is the recruitment thread for the asked for Edge of Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny role-playing PbP. Before I get into Character Generation, the obligatory scroll...


It has been a year since the REBELLION destroyed the DEATH STAR in order to prevent the benevolent EMPIRE from keeping peace and security throughout the galaxy. This is after they willingly sabotaged the DEATH STAR to destroy ALDERAAN, a peaceful planet with billions of innocent people...

JackSnap here, sorry to burst your bubble, but that's blasted Imp propogarbage. Look, you don't know me, but I know you. At least, I know your datatrail. You gotta watch yourself better than that if you want to keep ISB out of your hair. I got connections to some of your connections and let's just say they had this great idea to stick it to the Imps. Starting with you. Meet me at these coordinates. Your tickets to the passenger liner, Jade Empress, are already taken care of. Good luck and I'd say something about the Force, but you see where that got the Jedi.


Character Generation

Standard Character generation from all 3 book sets. As far as extra money/ experience goes, I will allow you to add to whichever Debt you wish. Your character starts with either Duty, Obligation or Morality, depending on how you start out. You will have the opportunity to add the others through game play. As far as starting resources (i.e. ship, fighters or a base), you will receive that during the first parts of game play.

Speaking of, Destiny Points will be rolled in the very beginning and we will use them throughout the game. As long as we continue to use them judiciously, we shouldn't need to reroll them. However, if I notice that they aren't being used or I forget to use them so you can get some back, we can roll after every major plotpoint.

On that note, dice rolling I am going to go with the one at Orokos. The campaign will be called FFG-End of an Era.

Looking for about 4-6 players with good improv skills. Your Advantages are described by you. It's your character doing the cool stuff, tell us how cool s/he is. Knowledge of the Star Wars universe is not required, but it really helps.

Posting time- I am notoriously able to sometimes to be on all day and then be gone for a couple days. If you are able to be cool with that, I usually look for a post of some kind every 24 hours before I push ahead.

So, let the submissions and questions begin...

I wasn't able to find something like this in a recent search, but I am wondering if anyone has thought of/ started/ wants to play in/ wants to run a Pathfinder campaign of the PFS Scenarios, but as an actual campaign rather than PFS rules. If this happened, I would love to start with First Steps and work through each Season as a growing campaign, obviously modifying for Character Level, Challenge, etc. My goal would be for the PCs to be part of the 'real world' of Golarion, with jobs, families, etc, that also happen to be members of the Pathfinder Lodge. I love PbP for the ability to really shine as roleplaying experience that I've found FtF doesn't always have, going into back story and personality and such. If such a thing happened, I would be very interested in playing in it...

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Place holder...

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Discussion thread for IRL Rise of Tiamat Campaign.

Savage Rifts RotRwT

This is the online thread for the continuation of the biweekly DnD 5th campaign I run IRL.

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Please note that this is a continuation of a long running offline campaign and you will note some discrepancies and missing information along that vein.

The party had just explored the temple hidden beneath Sandpoint and encountered several demons and lost one of their own. They are now conversing with the controller of said demonic creatures that they subdued...

When the man looks up to Matthias, the crazy grin reappearing on his face, he says again,

"I can bring your warrior back. For a price of course. A life for a life. Who will you bring to me in exchange for him?"

Hi everyone, I'm creating this thread for the character generation of a few of my friends starting an online campaign using the Pathfinder rules for Curse of the Crimson Throne. That being said, if there is room once they sign on, I may open the recruitment to fill out the ranks.

Since I want this to be a gritty, yet heroic game, here are some of the rules in play.

  • 15pt Attribute Buy
  • Average Starting Gold
  • Using IntWisCha consumable (ammo, food, etc.) rules
  • Using Laying Waste Critical rules
  • Make use of the free Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide available here on the site.
  • Using HeroLab to keep track of characters

As far as races go, I'm pretty open, but a good backstory should come with the more exotic races. Or for everyone for that matter.

As far as posting times, even I am not on daily, but as long we don't go a full 24 hours with no posts at all, I'm comfortable with that.

If anything else pops up, I will edit this post as necessary. Once you are ready, chime in with character ideas, questions, etc.

I may have missed this somewhere, which is likely considering the vast amount of research I have done lately, however, this came up in one of my games and I'm curious how others would rule it.

Our resident Hunter (Packmaster) only had one companion at the time, her wolf. At this point, she was Large size and had all the benefits of being a full powered animal companion. During her adventures (bonus if you gues which one), she encountered a Huge Bear and wanted to claim it as her next Animal Companion. Her Handle Animal skill roll was sufficiently high and thus it was ruled that the bear was made to be Helpful. It was then ruled that the bear would also keep its size because it didn't make sense to me that it would all of a sudden shrink in size. I had bad visions of WoW Hunters here... I kept the ruling as it was, because it made sense story wise, but rules wise:

1. Is it actually possible to simply use Handle Animal to turn an animal into your Companion?

2. Does its previous size suddenly change? To what?

3. In the case of those with multiple Companions, a previous Companion that was Large, does it change down to Medium if you place more levels in the new Companion?

Thanks in advance.

Savage Rifts RotRwT

It's the 1980's. In December of 1979, Russian forces moved in to Afghanistan in an effort to support their allies in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Unfortunately for them, the locals did not want Soviet intervention in their rebellion and thus began a war which would last almost ten years. The United States became involved for a number of reasons, but few knew just how involved. Until now...

Natalie Burns:

It had been a long time since you've heard from your agent, Frankie. You had asked him to get you a part on Charlie's Angels alongside Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd. Your career would have shot to brand new heights with the popularity of that show at it's current height. No, instead his last message was odd. He sounded as if he was nervous and Frankie, he's never nervous. It went something like this:

"Hey, uh, Nat. It's me, your old pal Frankie. I, uh, couldn't get you the part you wanted. I know, I know, buzz kill and all that, but um, look. I have a friend, see, and he tells me he's got a great thing for you to do. It'll go a long way to helping your career and your country, he says. Don't worry, it's not porn or nothing. That guy keeps calling, but I blow him off. Anyway, my friend, uh, Eddy. He's good people. Come down to the diner, I'll introduce you two, see if you like the job he has for you."

That was over a month ago. You're not sure what kind of movie or TV show required you to go through two weeks of paramilitary training and a battery of psychological tests, but in the end, Eddy said you did great. He also said that you probably wouldn't be seeing Frankie again and that he would be your new agent.

Now, you're walking into an office where Eddy said, "Natalie Burns, you are hereby authorized to be a part of this operation. You will receive your orders when you get to board room 17. Good luck and please, come home safe." Were they filming this? Where were the cameras? The director? Hello?

Jason Ward:

"You know, it's interesting 'Snake'. Your name that is. You've spent the last couple years clearing your family name and yet they call you 'Snake'. I think somewhere in the dictionary they have a picture of your sorry ass next to irony." Your handler was never the nicest of persons, but he was brutally honest, almost to a fault. This was rare in the CIA, but it has its merits.

"Here's some real irony though. Some knucklehead up top says you have, ahem, 'the right skills for the job ahead and are a valuable asset to the Company'. I don't know who slipped LSD in their coffee this morning, but I should be the one going out. I have all the skills and whatever. I can shoot straight and most of all, I can be trusted." The smirk on Jerry's face was the same as always. One side half turned up, the other a complete 180 the other direction. It was comical some days. Not today. "Upstairs by the way. Board room 17." Then he said something that sounded like "apple" but it was muffled.

Timothy Smith:

You've seen it all. You have been a mercenary and a spy and you have a reputation that goes way back. It was no surprise to you that you got called back to Langley for another assignment, but with current events and things still not settled in Rhodesia, it did seem kind of odd though.

"Look Sergeant, or Officer Smith. Sorry. Here's the deal. You've been out of country for a while, so you may not have heard the latest. Middle East is starting to flare up a bit and it looks like we may have need of your services there rather than Rhodesia. From the sounds of it, you almost have things wrapped up there anyway. I'll keep you posted with what I can, protocols and all, you know." Field Manager Michael Anderson was never a man for beating around the bush, and he didn't disappoint here either. When you arrived back in Langley, he had already setup a rack for you and got you some contact protocols for your friends back in Africa. Whatever was going on, he wanted to make sure you knew he was on your side. "Listen, man. I'm not going to be your handler any more. Edward Chavez is. You probably don't know him. He's, um, above my pay scale. Whatever he has you doing, it's big time important, copy? Take care of yourself, Tim. I mean it. Board room 17, upstairs." He shakes your hand and claps you on the shoulder before turning away.

Board Room 17

This room has no windows and a half-time working air conditioner. A faux wooden table with equally faux wooden chairs around it takes up the majority of the room. In the middle of the table is a projector and at each chair is a file with your names on them along with a glass of water. When you arrive there are others seated around the table and a woman in a simple gray business skirt and blazer goes about her business making sure you each have water and sorting some files in her hand. She doesn't make eye contact and only speaks when spoken to, except to say, "Please have a seat, Director Chavez will be here momentarily."

You may describe and introduce yourselves here, as you like.

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For discussiony things...

Thinking about GMing a game on here again, but rather than Pathfinder, since I am in several of those already, I am looking at Spycraft 2.0. Simply because it has a lot of the rules systems I feel necessary for what I want to run. I have been running an idea through my head about a CIA SAD team that did some work during the Russo-Afghan war during the 80's, during Operation Typhoon. If you've ever heard of the movie Charlie Wilson's War, you'll know what I'm talking about. As most SAD teams are made up of ex-special forces soldiers and usually at least one Field Agent, that is the background of the team. I intend on it being a pretty heavy role-play/ serious type game, but as we all know, some humor always finds its way into games. Nonetheless, I'm just looking for interest at this point. If enough is garnered, I will post more details. Thanks for reading.

tl;dr: Interest check for 80's CIA SAD team set in Russo-Afghan War using SpyCraft 2.0

So, at some point in the future, after I finish my real life Rise of the Runelords campaign, I plan on running another campaign, but with some (meaning a lot) of rule variants to get what I feel is a more gritty and somewhat within the realm of realistic gameplay as far as Pathfinder goes. Here are the variant rules I am considering:

  • 15-pt buy.- I realize this isn't a variant, but a choice, however I want to set a standpoint.

  • 3d6 instead of 1d20.. I realize this changes the general idea of the game, but it gives more average rolls, making bonuses that much more important.

  • Players roll all dice.- Fate in the hands of the players.

  • Parry and Dodge rather than AC, but they would roll it, see above.

  • Armor is DR, corollary to above. Makes no sense to have it add to dodge or parry. Or does it?

  • I also enforce Background to earn traits, to help facilitate role-playing the character, but that's not so much a variant rule.

This is where I am at so far. I have other ideas, but this is the baseline. My question is would you play in this campaign and if so, what would you change, if anything?

This campaign, as it were, is actually me running a group of characters through the Rise of the Runelords campaign setting, by myself. On my off gaming time, I do these kinds of things, but have never published or written about them until now.. If it is well received, I may do Second Darkness the same way... So, without further ado, my subjective version of Rise of the Runelords, starring:

  • Broken Tusk, Varisian Half-orc Trophy Hunter
  • Garrus Marchek, Taldan Academic Wizard
  • Jigoro Bunkai, Tian-Min Ninja Diplomatic Aide
  • Prudii, Chelaxian Pharasmin Cleric
  • Raven, Keleshite Monk
  • and the ensemble NPC cast of the Adventure Path.

And So, It Begins...Broken Tusk

Crash! Rocks and dirt spit up into the face of a broken warrior recently slammed into the hard packed earth of the Storval Plateau. His body shuddered before passing into welcome unconsciousness. A blood encrusted axe lay buried in the ground next to his face.

"It is done.", a voice split through the fog of dust and fast forming webs in the mind. "Jautyuk is defeated. I am the new chieftain." The owner of the voice stalked over to the fallen leader, the crunch of his feet on the rocks sending small jolts of electricity throughout the former chief's body.

"No, Kurhak!" All at once, a young warrior leaped from the surrounding crowd, sound not unlike thunder escaping from something in his hands, a cloud of smoke soon following. Kurhak stood still for a brief moment, slowly realizing he had gained a new opening in his throat. When his body finally slumped to the ground, blood crept along the ground, slowly forming a puddle of blackish red.

As the newcomer realized his mistake, a heavy thud impacting his jaw brought him to the present. Looking at his attacker, he saw no anger, no hatred, only pity.

"Jaukyat, son of Jautyuk. You have interfered with the rightful ascension by way of combat. You have also introduced human tools into this tribe, though being told numerous times that they are dangerous and not to be trusted. For that, you must be punished. You are to take your things, all your human trinkets, and begone from this place. You are never to return, for if you do, you will be deemed Black Blood and be set to the hunt."

Jaukyat's eyes searched the shaman's for some sense of forgiveness, some sense of anything that might stay this death sentence. There was none. Only pity. He turned away, heading towards his hut, just outside his father's. After gathering what he could carry, the tribe had formed a line outside, waiting to see him off, each one carrying a small knife.

As he walked by, each member nicked his arms, legs or back. Each cut deep enough to leave a scar to remember his crimes. No one said anything to him and he had nothing to say in return. As he reached the outskirts of the tribe's living area, he fought the urge to look back.

With a heavy sigh, he headed south, towards the humans...

I'm looking to poll the collective memory of the community... I'm looking for the rules that were published in a book regarding variations of both the masterwork quality and if I remember right, magic qualities as well. Instead of giving the straight +1 to Hit for Masterwork, it would give it to damage, or AC, or whatever depending on the quality. Problem is, I don't remember what book it was in... I tried Unearthed Arcana and no luck. I did a search and just keep coming up with homebrew rules on the subject.. so.. Any ideas would be welcomed as to where I read that at...

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Upon returning to the Rusty Dragon, you immediately notice that the place is mostly empty, obviously due to recent events. Most of the chairs and tables are put up and a halfling woman is busily cleaning glasses behind the bar, humming a tune that every once in a while seems to tremble, as if a sort of fear is gripping her. There is no one else here. She notices as you walk in.

"I'm sorry friends, I've done my best to keep the place tidy until Ameiko's return from the festival, but after tonight, well..," she stutters a bit. "Sandpoint just can't seem to catch a break. If it weren't for you, I don't know what we would have done."

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Whether fortune, fame or both, all of you have reached points in your lives that it's time for something different. Something new. A way to define yourself and your place in this world.

First Group:
For the past few days you and the rest of the town of Sandpoint has been getting ready for the upcoming Swallowtail Festival, a celebration of Desna and her ascension of the butterfly as her symbol and herald. Whether you have lived here for some time or are just passing through, all thoughts are on this festival and everyone you have spoken to is excited about it.

Well, maybe not everyone. Some of the local nobility has been rather vocal about how much the new church has cost the town to rebuild. Again.

Nonetheless, the morning of the Festival brings much activity and the naysayers are quickly forgotten or simply ignored. You find it impossible to sleep in with all the ruckus and set about your morning rituals, whether simply rolling out of bed into your clothes or actual prayers and rotes of personal care.

Blinking against the early morning sun, you find yourself among a bustle of people, all preparing for the festival. The sights and sounds and smells assault your senses while you decide where to go first.

The Rusty Dragon and other inns have set up tables for their foods to be sampled, Savah and other sales proprietors have set up their wares for your perusal and several games of luck and skill are being readied as well. All of this is occurring in the town square in front of the new church.

Second Group:
Another Sky Citadel in Varisia! What are the chances? Slim to none if you ask almost anyone else, but no, not the lords of Janderhoof. At least one on particular. Guildmaster Kessle Ironshins has it in his mind that somewhere along the west coast of Varisia is the remains of a Sky Citadel forgotten about in the old records. Whether it's true or not remains up for debate, but his gold is as real as his zeal, and that is where you came in.

Whatever extensive contacts he had, Ironshins found the lot of you in Janderhoff and decided that it was your dwarven cunning that would be able to find it, along with the help of a misplaced orc, a gnome trickster and a halfling that knows more about traps than any of the local kobolds do.

The travel west was mostly uneventful, but the caravan master decided that after a quick stop in Magnimar, there would be time to spend in Sandpoint before heading up to Riddleport to find your contacts.

That's where you find yourself this morning. Sandpoint is a mess of activity and as your caravan master explains, they are preparing for a festival to honor the goddess Desna. When you step off into the town square, you can see many tables of food, wares and kiosks for games of skill and chance being prepared. The caravan master tells you all to go and enjoy yourselves, he plans on leaving in the morning.

This is where you all can begin to mix and mingle and enjoy the upcoming festival...

Savage Rifts RotRwT

Here we will have great debates and stuff...

So a friend of mine asked me to run yet another Pathfinder game IRL, but alas that time is limited, however I do have some online time available. So I plan on running Rise of the Runelords with the possibility of adding in side adventures and possibly even parts of other APs in the area. Note: I always think this epically... practically, we will see what we can accomplish..

I'm looking for roleplayers more than optimized characters, with that being said here are creation guidelines for those interested. I am saving a spot for my friend to join us, so I am looking for 3-5 more people.

Standard Fantasy 15 point buy
All Standard Races, others by request
All Classes Available
Average Starting wealth
Two Traits, Three with a drawback- would prefer using UC's History to come up with available traits, but I leave that to you. Also, all AP traits are available, but it has to fit your background. Of course, all Rise of the Runelords traits are available.

If there is anything I missed, please ask. I would like to see stories in your backgrounds, something I can tie into the campaign.

I will be putting all your characters into HeroLab and using that to keep track of things.

I can commit to a minimum of one post a day, barring unforeseen circumstances. With that, let the apps begin! (T-7 days til start).

I usually don't pester you guys much because I know all the hard work you do in getting our subs out on time and the new ordering software, but I was just curious about one thing. This month's shipment is still pending, waiting for a back-ordered product, Ultimate Psionics. I had pre-ordered that back in November. I was just wondering if it was because the first print batch was taken up by earlier pre-orders or if there was something else wrong.

Thank you for your extra time.

So, a long time ago and every so often I think about running an all commoner campaign, having people work into being heroes, rather than starting out as such. That thought and reading that some folk have tried this (i.e. Joe Wood, etc.), has made that idea fresh in my mind again.. I may even run it here on the boards. I have an idea as far as everything else, just not sure how much money for the PCs to start with. RAW says NPCs start with 260gp worth of items total at first level. That's more than twice what PCs start with on average. So, question is, what should be a good starting wealth for PC commoners?