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Isaac Duplechain wrote:
Sgm Kobold wrote:
ya H-town now i have some one to root for!!!! i havent been home in so long. what part are you from i lived in cy-fair

I grew up in the Medical Center, barely exposed to the outskirts. For me, anything outside 610 was far. Eventually, by the time I left Houston to go to college at Texas A&M, that limit was expanded to outside the Beltway. I currently live (and work) in west Houston, almost in Katy. I expect that I will continue to follow that westward tendency, as will Houston itself.

My wife grew up in Cypress, so I've gotten to know that part of town better than when I was growing up. While we've known each other since high school, we both went to Catholic schools inside the city. I think I went up to the Cypress area maybe once or twice prior to coming back and getting married.

From what I've seen of it, it is quite nice. My wife would be all right with moving back there, but I'm not ready to commit to a long commute. I already have to drag myself all the way across the city to Clear Lake for classes twice a week.

god haven't been home in ever army keeps me abroad all my family has ether move around lake Conro or Jonhson city (out side of austin)

Isaac Duplechain wrote:
I am from Houston, Texas. 4th largest city and 6th largest metropolitan area in the United States. Largest city in the nation without zoning regulations, which causes quite a few problems. Still, though, I love my hometown.

ya H-town now i have some one to root for!!!! i havent been home in so long. what part are you from i lived in cy-fair

Kerney wrote:

Note: This is a very slightly different version of the item entered. Due to unfamiliarity with Microsoft 2010, I saved over that version.

Clay of Flesh Crafting

there is a group of pcs in a cave right now that is not going to like this any where as much as i do

Dhampir984 wrote:
To find a new gaming group. Germany....they speak nerd there right?

i had the same problem with mine but i bought mine over seas and thought that the deployment just had taken its toll on my pathfinder books because i used them more.i had be thanking of re-buy the core rule book as well



ya it so my wife's mom Deven is evil i knew it

Ross Byers wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:


No piling on the newbie, until he posts something to pile on, ok?

We want to be civil here.

Indeed. I've removed a post or two.


Sieglord wrote:
Factotum. Pathfinder needs the Factotum.

+1 i miss it so

i would like to see this happen as a more close combat alchemist archetype over a whole new class. to emphasize this point i am working on it my self in hopes of it being picked up. i will post it hear when i am done if you have any suggestions or would just like to say you like the idea i will appreciate it greatly

note: following the theme of archetypes i will most likely change the mutagen and bombs adding discoveries

mmmmmm it kinda every where ..... so i don't know how you would play test it it more like a bunch of archetypes cramped together

i would add some thing like a bigger + from str tripling some one by pulling the a rug from them and throwing a 300lb sack a meat and armor are a let different

i have used the house ruled that a Elixir of life can be used as the spell needs for alchemical golems and alchemical zombies. and just said that alchemist count a as a caster -2 for feats .......but there to a feat (hint hint wink wink paizo)

i would have to agree with you ravingdork manly on the point that it is simpler to rule that way till something is put in a book this the way i would do it (simpler = faster = more game time less talking about rules time)

A more important question....

What Rogue worth his street cred wields a Great sword? Where you going to hide that thing? Not in your boot? Try tumbling past an apponent with a great sword strapped to your back!

: ) (smilie so you all know im trying to be funny)

the most bad a** one you know

+1 to your rouge sir go on with your bad self ;)

it been posted in great detail on "message board loot"

much better then a new class

the first thing that comes to mind is that most spells say commanding something (like orb of fire) is a move action but i like you take on it and if that works for you go with it

white it had the lowest cr but in the hands of a great dm it was by far the hands dragon in the game (you never fight them in caves..... never.....cringe)

point but is really the best way to keep this from happening (pg16 of core rule book)

i gives loot if you gives loot funny hood man

the paizo message boards are great for finding rulings and help on characters but what is the best loot you found on the message boards
mine was from a wile back. i wish i cloud claim this

Gloves of the Deceiver
Aura Moderate Illusion; CL 7th
Slot hands; Price 52,400 (+1), 58,400 (+2), 68,400 (+3), 82,400 (+4), 102,400 (+5) gp; Weight --

These normal looking gloves allow the user to seemingly conjure any sort of weapon into the palm of their hand. In fact, however, these gloves allow the user to create a weapon made of illusionary shadow, as in the spell Shadow Conjuration. The wearer can say the command word to create any type of weapon as a standard action (if the user conjures a weapon that he is not proficient with, normal penalties for wielding it applies). The weapon has a +1 through +5 Enchantment bonus depending on the level of gloves used. The weapon created with these gloves may be wielded like a normal weapon of its type, only upon every successful attack the recipient makes a Will save (DC 20) to disbelieve the illusion (objects always succeed). If the target succeeds on their save they only take one fifth (20%) of the damage the weapon would have normally caused, the conjured weapon then dissipates.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Shadow Conjuration; Cost 26,200 (+1), 29,200 (+2), 34,200 (+3), 41,200 (+4), 51,200 (+5) gp

close combat alchemist plz

my grope has really short games as it is so waiting is not a problem. often we switch dm as well. even thew i had all my books open to ever one. i cant get players in my grope to want to play a pathfinder. i thank if i got the other dm in to pathfinder. i just cant sell it to some one who wont read the book and see the differentness.

i did something very similar before in the past but not with clerk. his reasoning behind my casting evil spells for good was the necromancer did not thank he was evil nor did he do any evil where he came from it was not evil to make undead not that it still did not make trouble for him

so this is kinda a follow up question to a earlier post "pathfinder+3.5= dm's mess" i want to know some of your successful way of getting your players to switch from 3.5 to pathfinder you advice will very helpful .thank you

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Sgm Kobold wrote:
my problem has been get players to movie to pathfinder from 3.5 and their stubbornness.... what would you all suggest

Before we can make ideal suggestions, we should know more about this stubbornness. Do you know WHY they are being stubborn about the switch?

Are they afraid they'll lose access to their 3.5 material maybe?

some of that, but they just don't want to crack a pathfinder book it seems like.i tried to let them use 3.5 books to easy the change but it not getting me any where

my problem has been get players to movie to pathfinder from 3.5 and their stubbornness.... what would you all suggest

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Sgm Kobold wrote:
just wanted to know if any one let pathfinder and .5 mix in their games
Always and forever, for as long as I GM Pathfinder.

how was your game i have had huge problems with is like mixing water and oil

just wanted to know if any one let pathfinder and .5 mix in their games

the assassin spell list all of those great gems four lvls of pure tool spell hate

a class that works only with power words dose not seem like a bad idea thow

Lyrax wrote:
Magus schools would be awesome. They could be distinct and separate from wizard schools, and would allow some degree of customization. Perhaps... a ranged school? A two-handed-weapon school? With spells chosen to augment these abilities?

this is the best answer i have seen so far. It would still make the Magus distinct but add more customization that i think the Magus needs anyway, in order to be like the other spell casters. Maybe instead of the bonus feats, have weapon specialization much like the ranger allowing him to cast spells wile holding a 2 handed weapon or 2 weapons. (i thank that there is the workings for one really powerful cross bow sniper in the Magus)

ps: he should have poison

Jonathon Vining wrote:
Cult of Vorg wrote:
A sacrificial altar with blood runnels that can contain a certain con damage amount of blood. Amount should be no less than the total of the toughest PC. If the minimum amount of the right race or species blood is spilled on the altar, it opens the wall behind it to reveal something interesting. Do they share the cost, let it go, or go searching for sacrifices?
Along this topic, pretty much the entirety of Saw V can be used as inspiration.

not looking for something as cruel. doing this as a team building thing and sacrafice the elf because she is easier to kill is not what i am looking for

Cult of Vorg wrote:

Mirrors on the ceiling and on each wall, with inscriptions surrounding each. When a wall mirror is activated by someone in front of the mirror reading the inscription, it creates a doppleganger of themselves or minor death or something that attacks them, and the corresponding section of mirror activates and part of the ceiling inscription becomes visible. To fully activate the ceiling mirror, the 3+ wall mirrors must all be activated at the same time, and the attackers kept off a 4th person that reads the ceiling inscription to activate that one, which delivers the reward. (Perhaps the ceiling mirror reflection showed something in the room that wasn't in the room until it was solved, or it gates in the big boss, or opens a portal to somewhere interesting.)

have you used this one if so how did it turn out

pc puzzles that involve a whole party but don't require any one class; that could fit in one room (of any size or scape)i would prefer open ended answers

The Ghost of Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Wally Wabbit wrote:
Hey George! Kill any kobolds today?
Kill da wabbits!

oh that's gust messed up

well i don't like you ether

thats the only way to when the other side is to old to fight forever and i will roll die of there graves

dose any one cross-class or did it go the way of the dodo?
if so how and why because i cant see any advantage in doing it any more all the classes are so squared off there you seem to all ways be losing some thing in doing it

you sir are fighting the oldest fight in dnd history.and that fight pulls more hits on google then kittens.for some reason people believe that dnd makes crime and no one knows why

my bad i kobolded that last post
i mean to meant to say that humans have a "claw" attack that dose a 1d4 points of damage and it is that attack that improves from lvls of monk
(i hope that's clearer)

any human "claw/natural attack " dose a 1d4 and is still gains tthe advantages as well dose a monk gain the advantages from feats/spells/items that only effaced natural attacks

"PCs are not normal folk" dose how ever needs to go on a t-shirt or tattoo

monks fists, knees, elbows, ect. are all natural and none natural weapons for the use of spell and there like. as far as advancement 2 way to deal with monks ether improve the damage as you would there if the size changed(a med lvl1 monk dose a 1d6 but a lrg dose 1d8 i thank but i not looking at it) or use the better of the 2 it up to your dm but the rules are there look at weapons of different size charts for more help all read the monks rules it dose give more help with problem

I would allow it based on the flavor of the guy i like the idea of it and it fits well with that whole Talent tree as well as binning a good feat for a low lvl guy with out binning over powered later or becoming useless all so it can only be arcane so ya putting that out there

1 no
2 ???? i have no idea nor have i ever heard of such but i would put me gold on no

Exle wrote:

As RezDave suggests, I think I'll start by running a few sessions, but with the goal of transitioning into the background.

I'll have assistant DMs to do things like run specific encounters, create NPCs or handle plot questions until they feel ready to take the reigns, with me as an advisor.

BTW RezDave, which Rez?

this is probably the best idea as well having a paperwork shield of permission from parents

but good luck to you ether way, and thank you for binning a good teacher.
i am not afraid to say that trading card games like magic the gathering and table top games like dnd helped me become better at math as well as improving my ability to read. all of which was suggested by my 6th grade reading teacher

i am in a similar place the army proves a lot of time but not many dnd gorps i all so would like to join a similar grope if there flexible

if i may say throwing weapons they need to be covered but there is plenty of other items to find a rule for such cases (see pg 101 of the magic item compendium -gauntlet of infinite blades-)

but i so using this item in my games

pg124-125 of the cityscape book . done

... and its gargantuan for med or huge for small humaniods

i am a nuclear,bio,chem,and rad guy in the army (74D) if that counts right now i,m doing stuff in places i cant talk about, but you may have seen it on the news

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