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I cannot edit my previous post to fix it (made with cellphone)
I'm not talking of the pdf from when you deleted my physical rewards, i can accept a sostitution for the pdf part but is not acceptable to have the regular edition of thornkeep, instead of the kickstarter one that is: signed, with bookplate and should be teorically limited version, the value of two pieces is not comparable, plus tshirt and poster that are also not avaible at your store.
Hmw this options came out now, from your email i can only take a refound.

Windows 7 doesn't attempt to strip the watermarks from PDFs you bought from paizo.com before uploading them to filesharing sites.

i don't know anything about this; the only file that can been placed online is the zip, not the pdf or modded pdf, but as ever you not tell me of what file you are talking.

Additional dimostration of this is that you not find files from my "sock puppet account" as you called in any places (in fact this is an account of one of my player that it share with me, but again you acting without clarifing with people)

Joshua paizo delete my kickstarter reward without consulting me before.

Vic, w8 a second, i've make an question because YOU send me an mail telling me thath i can claim my pdf and they are not present on my account, in answer you deleted also my physical item (an special collectable item) whithout asking me.... and i still not receiving answer from you privatly, so i hope to can have an feedback here.

You not specified condition on who can or cannot partecipate to kickstarter (in fact the kickstarter and money are of another company) and as i just said plus times i just want what i paid for, it was an unrepeatable limited time offer, i've paid it and i want it, if you do not want to sold item to specific category of people you should tell before to take money, in addiction i remember you that when i ask explanation about the fact of plus of 2 year ago you(if i remember correctly you personally vic) refused to explain what happened exactly, locking access to my paid files(in fact it was a windows 7 problem because it mess download and emule folder, was not volontaire).

Since i not receiving answer via mail i should write here, not only i not see my pdf now also physical rewards are been deleted.
Useless to say that there aren't condition of who can access to kickstarter and now i've paid 100$ for nothing?

You miss one passage: paizo not want to deliver me my rewards cause of problem occoured plus of 2 years ago that they refused to explain.
I've buyed an product from GOBLINWORKS that have an collection potential and is not acceptable a refound from PAIZO, i just want the product buyed month ago, complete in all his part.

Your options is not acceptable i've paid GOBLINWORKS for specific rewards and now i want this rewards, complete, i'm not interested on PAIZO problem, find an way.
Useless to say that i've just contacted kikstarter for this.

i see nothing on my download page after the errata

Hi to all i received an email abot the fact that the thornkeep pdf and flipmat are ready to download but i'm not able to locate wheer i can perform this action... any help please?

Per finire seconda oscurità ci sono voluti esattamente 3 anni (lucca 2008 il primo lucca 2011 l'ultimo), concilio dei ladri invece ne ha richiesti esattamente 2 lucca 2010 il primo, lucca 2012 l'ultimo (c'è da dire che col nuovo editore sono usciti 5 moduli in un anno quasi regolarmente(a parte l'ultimo che è slittato da ottobre a novembre), vedremo come andrà Morte Sovrana.

To complete Second Darkness they need 3 years (from lucca 2008 to lucca 2011), Council of thieves instead has required 2 years (from lucca 2010 to lucca 2012) it's to tell tha the last five mudules has been printed from new publisher in a year near regolarry (the last is skipped from october to november), will see Carrion Crown

simple because is not "so easy" translate directly in gaame when you playing

Here they are:
I update also first post

Sì, grazie per la segnalazione provvedo immediatamente a fornirne di funzionanti (non trovi ancora nulla sul sito in quanto per ora la guida alla morte sovrana è stata annunciata solo sulla loro newsletter, poichè dopo la figuraccia fatta nel primo semestre non si azzardano a dare piane di usciti, consci di non poterli rispettare)

Yes, thanks for reporting, i will immediately provide more functional (you can not find anything on the site, as for now theCarrion Crown Player's Guide was announced only on their newsletter, because after the fool made ​​in the first half of the year they decided to not take out new pubblication plan, conscious that they are not able to respect)

I write here to inform you that, in Italy, Carrion Crown Player's Guide will be released only in print edition (without possibility to have this product as free like here on paizo) selled at a price of 7 EURO, this combined with the horrible decision to hide part of your beautiful cover with the repetition of the logos of the editor on the cover, leads me (and i think also others who have just criticized the choice of logos that ruin the aesthetics of the product) to decide to NOT buy Pathfinder.
Here a couple of quick examples form editor shop.
I hope that you can do something, because the dialogue with Giochiuniti itsels is not possible, they not accept critic.
EDIT: updated links with working one.

can felling smash been used during an charge action?
it's a full round action that generate an single melee attack so it should be and i should have the swift action free

Hi, sorry if this question is just been asked, but i need clarification about negative levels mechanic:
whena negative level is taken the pg take a series of malus and this is clear, is not clear for me what happen to spellcaster, if they loose speellcaster level to launch spell, they can homewher launch studied spells or not?
And day after they can study spells for what they no more have requisite due to negative level/s?

hello i need some clarification about this combat manouver:
with quick dirty trick can i make an dirty trick as aoo (for the sentence in your turn)?
with greater dirty trick you gain +2 on perfoming the CM but not the +2 to resist to the CM, as for other greater CM, in addiction the combat manouver target do not generate aoo, is this correct? there are a way to restore this effects for dirty trick manouver?

my pc is a warrior, vital strike not help me, in fact it works with combat reflesx and combat manouver, so if there are feat to increase damage on single aoo without renounce to action is welcome.

ok, vital strike it seems not much convenient to me
about trip (and disarm and sunder) can they be done as attack of opportunity?

hello i have some question:
Vital strike is an attack action, so i can do an vital strike as Attack of Opportunity?
trip can be done "in place of a melee attack" so if i have enough bab i can make trip and all other rest of attack in the same round?

thank you for your clarification there is an faq or an official post from authors about it?
Or there is a way to segnale this bug?

according to table 7.9, horse have an speed of 6 miles/hour this should be around 52.8 feet/round (according to bestiary 50 feet rounded)
heavy horse instead have an speed of 5 miles/hour that should be 44 feet/round but bestiary call heavy horse speed 50 feet like light horse
What is the right one?

hi guys i want to make a suggestion: instead to sell an archive with all maps separatly why not make interactive the AP Map Folio?
It should make map folio more appetible and you don't have to study a new format for this specific application.

uhm i see paizo point but i think that ecl problems was that on 3.5 was assigned casually like cr, now whit arg you have builded an mathematic system to calculate the power of the race you have only to define what race point is an ecl unit

Hi i'm just starting nowo readng the new playtest i want to ask if is present or is in program to add an way to calculate the difference between classes race point like old level adjustment

exactly as i thought thx but planar adaptation is an APG spell's there are a place to report errata?

The oracle says: "Spells: An oracle casts divine spells drawn from the cleric spell lists."
Planar adaptation says "Level alchemist 5, cleric 4, sorcerer/wizard 5, summoner 5"
Can an oracle cast planar adaptation?

uhm there are a lot of option, but in not clear what i can do with greater grapple

greater grapple feats says that "maintaining the grapple is a move action", i can do any type of standard action with this or i should do another grapple check as described later "This feat allows you to make two grapple checks each round"?
thankyou for your time

I see paizo reason, and it's ok, but what you think to reintegrate this "cutting" on next print (with the inclusion of errata), or at least on PRD?

someone can tell me someone of definitive pls?

description missing also on core rulebook

i notished that is vanished the rule that only neutral god can have nutral cleric from 3.5 to pfrpg, this mean that an cleric of neutral-something gods (like Abadar, Calistria, Gorum, Irori, Norgorber, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Urgathoa) can be fully neutral?

this is only an suggest, for me will be better remove the doubled menu on home page it make confusion

on http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/spellIndex.html
there is an error on Order of presentation link http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/spellLists..html doubled dot

hello sorry if this is not the right place but i have some important question:
I manage an italian website maked undo community use terms and regularry registered here, but i have received notification that this website should be approved by italian translator Wyrd Edizioni, i want to know if this is real.
Second question about PRD what rules i have to accomplish to transate and republish on my site?
It still under community use, have parrticular requisite or what?
thankyou for your time

ok now i understand is really similar to 3.5 the +10 should be intend splitted in 2 +5 (bonus and other) it ask an 15th level caster, the only exception is ability modifier that can reach +6 with an 18th level caster now is all clear thank you

hello sorry if this question is just answered somewhere but i'm not too much good with mssageboard:
first question: about item creation a magic item can have an maximum bonus of +10 and to make it the caster should be three time bonus level, it's mean to make an +10 item is needed an 30th level caster?
second question: ever on item creation you can add some other thing on item listed on table 15-29 but i no have clear what is the limitation or the bonus to determinate the power of item
for example an item that take an +2 dexterity bonus it cost 2000 gold it's ok (uhm n item that take +10 to an ability cost only 10000 gold 8)?) but what power it is to determinate maximum level of this item?