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He's on the roster for Officials. I don't know where that is used though...

It doesn't really matter where it is, but it does matter if the scenario rules still apply, because the scenario allows you to close a location when encountering a barrier. This is very relevant even after the lair is revealed.

As a follow up question on Mirror Image, regarding the "When you suffer damage, roll 1d4..." power - if I have Mirror Image displayed already, can I use this when I suffer damage after failing a combat check in which I used a spell? Does this not count as activating a power on the card?

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I actually strongly disagree that "it's always worthwhile to pick up a random card at no cost". If it has no useful purpose except as a potential hitpoint, then if I'm not in danger of dying, I'd far rather not dilute the effectiveness of my deck by including it. Plus hopefully its basic and I can banish it and never see it again...

I believe there were a couple examples in the season 0 scenarios of cards that dealt mental damage that didn't specify it couldn't be reduced.
The ship, Hu-Hazhong, for example.

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I have some specific examples I'm curious about, using everyone's favorite monster, the Elemental Arachnid (You may play any number of armors during this encounter. Before you act, you are dealt 1 Acid damage, then 1 Cold damage, then 1 Electricity damage, then 1 Fire damage).

1. If I have (only) Reed Snake Armor in hand (reveal to reduce Acid, Cold, Electricity or Fire damage by 3), do I take a total of 3 damage or 0 damage?
2. If I have an Elemental Treaty at the location (While displayed, reduce Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire and Poison damage dealt to characters at this location by 1) and no armors, do I take 3 damage or 0 damage?
3. If there are two Elemental Treaty spells at the location cast by different characters, do I take 3, 2, or 0 damage?
4. If I am at the Stonework Passages (Damage dealt to you is reduced by 1) with no spells/armors, do I take 3 or 0 damage?
5. If I am playing a scenario using Defensive Stance (When you are dealt damage, if the damage is not reduced to 0, banish the top card of your location deck and each unoccupied location deck) and I have no armors/spells to reduce damage, do I lose 4 boons per location or just 1?

In search of Chisisek requires you to replace 6 blessings with Forgotten Pharaoh Cultists in the blessings deck. Unless my base set was missing one, I only have 5 in the base set, and 2 in the character add on. So if I didn't own the character add on, I wouldn't have enough?

Your FAQ refers to Five Pointed Star where it should be Five Pointed Sun.
To be clear, temp closing every other location and defeating the villain at the Five Pointed Sun is now a win, since it doesn't specify other locations must be permanently closed?

Summoned creatures can't summon themselves again, which prevents the infinite cascade of henchmen.

But you will have to do the other check and examine effects for each player.

The favor is only put into a stack at the end of the scenario.

You will still need to advance the blessing deck. You are costing yourself a turn.

Thank you!

The winning condition for the scenario is : "You win the scenario only when the loot Muminofrah's Favor is in a trophy stack."

The Camel Race Finish Line says : "Add this card to a trophy stack associated with one of the highest rolls. Then put the loot Muminofrah's Favor into one of the stacks with the highest number of cards."

This could be the trophy stack associated with the Cultist Charioteers.

Do I still win if the charioteers get the loot? The loot will end up in one trophy stack or another after the Camel Race Finish Line is encountered (and not evaded). So I could progress without getting the loot reward?

This actually contradicts some earlier discussions, although they never made it into the FAQ :

They probably did. I got to over 350 with Balazar, definitely without accumulating mythic charges. Time stop, Verbovezzor etc - there is a lot of abuse you can put out when you know its the last check.

Does the Heart outright defeat the Herald? I thought it just gave you success on one check?

Ah, yes, fair enough. The scenario always picks my characters who can only roll d4s the first time she shows up, so I was just assuming that happened to everyone.

Also, isn't the scenario escapable? You have to advance the blessing deck before adding her back, so if she is the last card it would be game over.

I have. Admittedly I used the ball of twine to have the maze already available and populated, so both could be temp closed in one turn and I could win that turn.

Mundane61 wrote:
We played it today. She showed up late in the game and Enora had to fight her. We hadn't closed Heaven but we did defeat four of the henchmen. With blessings and spending all her mythic charges, Enora was able to win the encounter and we decided to end the scenario since we had encountered a lot of the cards.

Um, I thought you could only spend mythic charges on something you got a mythic bonus on.

Add your number of mythic charges to your something check. Then you may expend 1 or more charges...

I think the "then" means you only get to spend charges if you added the bonus for having charges.

And, yes, the scenario can be very nasty. I haven't died yet, but I've come very close.

My 6P group does not have a Lancer, and was kicked around a bit in Twisty Passages, but mostly though the second half hasn't been bad. I'm not sure a Lancer would help all that much in Twisty Passages - the Lancer would probably end a lot of turns stuck in the middle of nowhere...

Basically the open location cards get rearranged. So if you were at The Ivory Labyrinth, after the rearranged locations you might be at Blackburgh. But the location deck would still be the one that was originally at the Ivory Labyrinth, because only the location cards, not the card piles or characters, move.

I found this scenario very hard for my 6P group, but mostly due to the second scenario rule.

skizzerz wrote:
Andrew L Klein wrote:
They are separate instances of damage, so playing a card to reduce damage only reduces it for that one instance, then you take the next damage and play another reduction card if you can, go to the next, etc. till you're done. Unless you have reveal to prevent elemental cards, you'll need 5 cards to prevent it all.
Even nastier than that, the first 4 all need to say "you may play another armor on this check" otherwise you'll run headfirst into the "only one card of each type per check" rule after the first damage instance and be very sad when the others hit.

I don't think so, I think each instance of damage would be a different check.

If the card is shuffled into a deck it is not going to be banished. The Mist Horror is very hard to get rid of.

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There is a Chimera villain in WotR adventure 2 with 3 checks as well.
But I don't read it as you only being able to use one other character. It says other checks may each be attempted by any one character at the same location. I think its just emphasizing that you can't have multiple characters attempt the same check.

I think when you use Mythic Marshal only 1 charge goes to another person, not every charge you spent.
"and if you succeed at the check, choose another character at your location to get a charge."

I've wondered that too. I think not, because they aren't listed on the redemption card. But nothing in the rules seems to say you can't.

Yes, you can.

bbKabag wrote:

Wow, I did not see this coming. Picking which characters to play is a difficult choice as it is. Oh boy!

Question about her Fallen role:
When a player chooses not to attempt to acquire a card (Ally), is that considered as failing a check to acquire an an ally?

I imagine that's a no because if it were, everyone would just choose not to attempt just to secure that the party gets that ally.

Not attempting is the same as failing the check. Still no reason not to attempt the check though - if you succeed you save Arushalae from spending a card, if you fail she gets it anyway.

I did it with 6, but it took a few attempts and came down to the wire. I was fortunate enough that I could at least make all the checks without anybody rolling d4s, but it was horribly hard.

Plus there's a location that turns everything into a demon for you...

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I think its no different to the Regatta being unwinnable in S&S if you close a location. Its not like this can happen to you accidentally. If you close all the other locations before you go to the Chasm, well, that's your fault.

I think you're giving him to the wrong person.
Give him to someone like Lem, and he can auto-fail by using Intelligence, or auto-succeed by using Knowledge and recharging a card for his power (or even better for Shadow Merisiel).
This makes Slip excellent for exploring over the top of garbage, getting two explores for one card, while still being able to cherry pick any card you actually want to encounter.

There doesn't seem to be any indication of what Servitor Demon to use.

Yeah, I was overthinking it. Sorry.

So at the Abbatoir, I draw a Mongrel Wizard. I draw into a Cambion for the check. There are 3 players.

The difficulty of the Cambion is 12, +3 for the Abattoir = 15.
So the difficult of the Mongrel Wizard is 15, +3 for the Abattoir = 18.

Or is the difficulty just 15?

As well as the villain "Millorn" who has been confirmed to be the intended villain in "Under the Broken City", I can find no mention of the cohorts "Aron Kir" and "Sosiel Vaenic", or the henchman "Derakni".

Is this expected?

She has 16. Everybody else has 15. Is one of them a mistake?

When it is impossible to fulfil a *requirement* you can't do the action. So, no, you couldn't temp close the location.

I think you meant you are Jirelle. Lirianne is the gunslinger.
Jirelle does not get Swashbuckling on her charisma checks unless you use a power that gives it (some items would do it, e.g. Old Salt's Bandana, and she has a power feat on one of her role cards that would let her reveal a Swashbuckling card to add the Swashbuckling trait to any check).

I've been playing hard mode with all my groups so far too...

I have beaten it with several groups, including one solo character (the number of attempts that took is best left unspoken).

I agree it is very hard, probably the hardest scenario I've played in either RotR or S&S. But apart from the solo character, most of my groups have gotten through with an average of probably one fail (some groups got through on the first try, some had a couple fails).

Finding where the villain is so you only fight him once is very helpful.

I don't understand. Why wouldn't everyone just take whatever skill feat they want on the very first card encountered in the next scenario? Why not just grant two skill feats?

I have questions regarding the close requirement for this card.

Examine the top card of a random other open location deck, if any. If you did not find a bane, automatically close this location; otherwise, defeat the bane to close this location.

If I find a bane and defeat it, is it removed from that location deck?

If so, if I find a bane that is a henchman and defeat it, can I close that other location?

If so, if I am playing solo, and my first exploration is at the Teleportation Chamber, and I encounter a Henchman, and I defeat it, and I check another location, and it has the Villain, so I encounter it, so I have to temp close my location (since until I defeat the Villain it isn't closed), so I check another random location, and find a Henchman, and defeat it, so I close that location permanently, and I temp close my location, and I defeat the Villain, then have I won on the first turn?

Just got deck 4 last night, and have several questions.

1. Home Sweet Home - this has henchmen of Gholdako, Ghol-Gan Obelisks.
I only have 1 Ghol-Gan Obelisk and lots of Gholdakos, so should this have been Ghol-Gan Obelisk, Gholdakos, or is my deck defective?

2. Vailea
I presume to take the skill feat I would have to add her to my deck, then draw her in the next (or later) scenario to use her ability?

3. The Feast of Spoils
This needs 8 shipwrecks. Unless we buy the character expansion pack, don't we only have 6?

4. Teleportation Chamber - At this location says
"Choose a random character. If that character is at another location, move her to this location; otherwise, move her to a random location."
When do you do this? Start of turn? After moving?

Can I confirm the expected behavior?

If you fail to defeat a villain, it escapes normally (since at least its current location will be open).
If you defeat a villain and both other villains were in the same location, you win (regardless of open locations).
If you defeat a villain and at least one other villain was not present, and another location is open, the villain escapes to one of those open locations, using blessings from the box to add to any other open locations.
If you defeat a villain and at least one other villain was not present, and no locations are open, the villain escapes to a random location, which becomes open. This could be a temporarily closed location or a permanently closed location, and could even be the location you encountered him at (in which case all cards other than villains are still banished from it).

csouth154 wrote:
Orbis Orboros wrote:
Look on the bright side - there are 47 non-S&S-character-add-on characters available to play. :3
Not if you have no intention of buying the class decks. ;)

And not anyway, since the class decks aren't out yet either.

Alessan wrote:

Received an e-mail, got $10 worth of credit, and free shipping for the char add on pack next month.

I'm satisfied with the resolution.

Got an email saying I should have got another email. Got nothing else. I'm not satisfied yet.

Mike Selinker wrote:

Without getting too deep into matters of shipping and ordering, I would like to say something about playing without the Character Add-On Deck.

You can do it with very little trouble at all.

At least temporarily, anyway. The characters of Damiel, Feiya, Oloch, and S&S Lini are all available online as PDFs.

You'll never use all the blessings in the base set in the early parts of the campaign, even with six characters. There are a few very nice cards in the Character Add-On for some of the C characters, but you don't need them to start playing. It's pretty easy to put together a set of Basic cards for every character. If you ever run out (say, you need more potions for Damiel), swap in a few from Runelords. Then when the decks come out, you can trade them for Basic cards in the deck lists.

As far as the banes go, there's a few monsters you won't meet yet. Don't worry, you'll get to them. The only real problem will come in the lack of repeated henchmen in a five- or six-player game, and I recommend proxies for that.

I'm not saying any of this is ideal. I am saying it's not that hard to do, at least for a little while. Maybe give it a try?


How about listing the details of the C exclusive cards, especially the boons, so we can proxy them?