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Revery wrote:

Clarifying in my little head..

L1: Power Attack (1st level feat, which I forgot)
WB2: Weapon Focus
W3: Taunt
WB4: Improved Slam
W6: Parry
WB9: Double Attack
TF: Weapon Specialization
TF: ?
TF: ?

Or you could take a point of Dex and bump your bow attack, reflex save, and AC...

i will do the point of Dex. for the Reflex, the AC,and the initiative.

A highly regarded expert wrote:

I don't disagree about the kikko, but it lists a 20% spell failure. I prefer knowing all spells automatically work with light armor. Like you said, if your campaign allows it, go for it. I (and most people I play with) don't like the mix and match. "Katanas in Absalom? Maybe if there are some visiting Samurai. Otherwise, not likely. We make (European-style) weapons."

Oriental items are great in an oriental campaign, where the game is (or will be, hopefully) a little different, anyway. I'd like to see psions and wu jen again in Golarion. Just not in a European-inspired setting.

I look forward to the Asian and even Indian takes on future products, though.

20% -10% from mithril =10%

a non-mithril chain shirt also has 20% before mithril (10% after)

Mithril Kikko

AC +5 max Dex +6 ACP 0 ASF 10% Weight 12.5 lbs 4,030 GP

Mithril Chain Shirt

Ac +4 Max Dex +6 ACP 0 ASF 10% Weight 12.5 lbs 1100 GP

Kikko has the same failure as a chain shirt

and Kikko is just another name for brigandine

if you do use it in a western game, it is easy to write "Brigandine Armor" instead of "kikko armor" and use the "Kikko" stats.



Type of Mithral Item Item Cost Modifier
Light armor +1,000 gp
Medium armor +4,000 gp
Heavy armor +9,000 gp
Shield +1,000 gp
Other items +500 gp/lb.
Mithral is a very rare silvery, glistening metal that is lighter than steel but just as hard.

When worked like steel, it becomes a wonderful material from which to create armor, and is occasionally used for other items as well. Most mithral armors are one category lighter than normal for purposes of movement and other limitations. Heavy armors are treated as medium, and medium armors are treated as light, but light armors are still treated as light. This decrease does not apply to proficiency in wearing the armor. A character wearing mithral full plate must be proficient in wearing heavy armor to avoid adding the armor's check penalty to all his attack rolls and skill checks that involve moving. Spell failure chances for armors and shields made from mithral are decreased by 10% , maximum Dexterity bonuses are increased by 2, and armor check penalties are decreased by 3 (to a minimum of 0).

Items not primarily of metal are not meaningfully affected by being partially made of mithral. (A longsword can be a mithral weapon, while a quarterstaff cannot.) Mithral weapons count as silver for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

HP/inch 30
Hardness 15
Cost Weapons or armors fashioned from mithral are always masterwork items as well; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.
Weight 1/2 normal
Weight (Longer Wording) An item made from mithral weighs half as much as the same item made from other metals. In the case of weapons, this lighter weight does not change a weapon's size category or the ease with which it can be wielded (whether it is light, one-handed, or two-handed).

Byrdology wrote:
So what is a good casting stat by lvl 12?

if you are a partial caster. a 16 is workable

but if you are a full caster. a base 20 before items is fine. even though some people will try to push for the 26-28 after items.

master_marshmallow wrote:
Byrdology wrote:
What's the difference? Every optimal guide I see min/maxes. I am looking for optimal guides that aren't afraid to say that an 18 is a good melee stat for a 2hw unless you can afford to go to 22. 20s and 31s are wasted. Or how about a good save or suck stat that can be buffed with a +4 spell like owls wisdom? Something that meets in the middle.

Buy a 16 and use racial mods to get it to 18, don't buy an 18 and use racial mods to get it to 20 and screw yourself out of being able to do anything except hit things and do damage.

That's the difference.

even better

Buy a 15, use racial mods to make it a 17, and bump it up to 18 at 4th level.

now you can still kill stuff, and depending on your point allotment, you can afford more skill points to do stuff out of combat.

Ashiel wrote:

If the goal was to derail, it always succeeds. *wipes sweat off*

It's very hot outside today where I live. o_o

But yeah...I also think that in addition to fighter/rogue/monk, aristocrats are pretty meh. I mean why be an aristocrat when you could be a warrior, expert, or adept, I mean really?

Aristocrat is the jack of all trades of the NPC classes

they don't get as many skills as an expert or the bab of a warrior, but they get the proficiencies of the warrior and slightly less skill points than the expert. they are the in between to warrior and expert.

but yeah, warrior. expert, and adept. are all superior

the commoner is the monk of the NPC classes. far worse than even the most useless of Racial Hit Dice.

the best "NPC class" is the outsider

2 good saves of your choice
proficiency in all simple and martial weapons
6+int modifier skill points
d10 hit dice
free darkvision
a possible bunch of racial immunities depending on subtype

ifrit wizard with a greensting scorpion familiar, reactionary trait, and improved initiative feat.

+14 initiative before applying Dex Bonus nor School Powers.

3.5 Loyalist wrote:
Yeah, sharing item slots with the caster. Pf disgusts me some days, so desperate for gear bonuses--even going so far as to apply item slot bonuses to something not actually wearing the items! Pfft *spits*.

actually, in the summoner's case

they have to choose whether they benefit from the item, or their eidolon does.

the eidolon can still be dismissed via dismissal and banishment.

takes a minute to summon, which can be interrupted

has a harder time fitting into most dungeon spaces

has a lot less hit dice than most PCs

shares item slots with it's summoner master

and maxing out the eidolon comes at the cost of a gimped summoner.

plus the majority of the broken eidolons are illegally built

yes, an eidolon can be an massive death machine. i admit it too. but the summoner is short on Evo Points, even with a particular favored class bonus, and well

natural attacks are harder to enchant

effectively a 3/4 bab natural weapon user

has less hit dice than an animal companion

has poor saves

requires the sacrifice of summoner gear slots to be effective

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3.5 Loyalist wrote:

Swarmed by mudkip, the dm kills the mudkip queen (with fire, or from orbit) and bans the class.

So yeah, not a summoner fan. It is pretty dodgy.

Summoners, even Master Summoners, are still inferior to Wizards, Clerics, Druids, and Witches.

yeah, they have discounted spell levels on a lot of spells, but nowhere near the number of slots per day, and fewer spells known than a darned sorcerer. let alone a wizard.

and even though they can churn spells on their eidolon, that merely turns them into a glass cannon (Eidolon) with a portable healing battery (Summoner).

Eidolons make a lot of attacks, i know. but so does an archer, and an archer both has a better BAB, more Range, and a Similar Number of Attacks.

the archer also has a better time bypassing DR, better defenses, and fits into a dungeon a lot more easily.

EldonG wrote:
I'm playing a bard right now...and OMG...he can't disable traps. He's not a dungeon expert. He doesn't do what rogues are famous for doing. He won't be half the combat character that Sherwood is...and still, good money says that if he survives...he'll be a great...and effective character...and NOT do what rogues rock at.

1. Cross class ranks in disable device, make it a class skill for the price of a trait, or take the archaeoloigist archetype. your bard can now disable traps. plus use of dispel magic and a wand of mount, can deal with most traps too in your Typical AP. the only exception is if your DM uses an automatic reset magical trap that resets every round and has a ludicrously high caster level for its CR

2. they get knowledge (Dungeoneering) as a class skill, Intellegence as a possible secondary stat, and bardic knowledge

3. the bard could specialize in archery and after buffing with performance, do more damage through a combination of archery, the benefit of ranged attacks from over 100 feet away, and the damage of buffed allies, outdamaging your rogue. plus they have battlefield control options the rogue lacks

if i had a rogue and a bard competing for the skill monkey slot, Experience dictates i would take the Bard.

EldonG wrote:
Schrodinger's Love Child wrote:

lets just forget about the Norse hentai anime that 3.5 loyalist asked for links to.

the original point was that ninja could wear anything

somebody pointed out the ninja having difficulty hiding stuff in a loincloth

and it made me think of some hentai anime.

then we got sidetracked by trying to find this particular series.

Yeah...didn't mean to contribute to that.

Heck, I'm not even that big an anime fan, at all. Ghost in the Shell, Akira...just about anything by Miyazaki...those rock...hentai pretty much blows. :p

(just my opinion)

it was of the Hentai Genre, but it had beautiful though creepy levels of bodily detail, and amazingly detailed facial expressions. the action was also wonderful, not like your standard shonen. there was no 5 episodes spent powering up. but lots of detailed military combat elements.

lets just forget about the Norse hentai anime that 3.5 loyalist asked for links to.

the original point was that ninja could wear anything

somebody pointed out the ninja having difficulty hiding stuff in a loincloth

and it made me think of some hentai anime.

then we got sidetracked by trying to find this particular series.

3.5 Loyalist wrote:

you expect me to link to a bunch of DVDs i ordered 2 or 3 years ago on a computer that has died and been replaced. especially when not only can i find the link to order the DVDs because it is on a computer i no longer have, but even if i could, the art is so NSFW that i could get permabanned.

and as much as i would love to loan you the DVDs, mom said the series was too Racy and traded them to dimple 3 weeks later.

3.5 Loyalist wrote:

i already stated, that even though the dialogue was subtitled. that i could not read the title because the title was in Japanese and i cannot read Japanese. the description said something about being based on Viking, Saxon, and Celtic Lore. which was what intrigued me to order it off the internet.

Rynjin wrote:
Schrodinger's Love Child wrote:

Damn it. i just had an akward moment

a tall and muscular man clad in sky blue runic body paint and a loincloth, pulling his gear out of his magically enhanced loin cloth of holding. ((haversack property on a loin cloth))

where does he get the gear?

"let me reach down my frontal flap, i might have something useful"

So what anime/manga/whatever is this?

one of the questionable ones you have to import from japan to watch. it is based on Celtic, Viking, and Saxon Lore. even though i was lucky to find it subtitled. i couldn't read the title because it was in japanese.

the main character was a tall and muscular blonde haired man who ran around in runic blue body paint with a loincloth, and was essentially a commando. and he always seemed to be pulling stuff out of his loin cloth.

it's not really a safe for work anime. think it was rated 17+. lots of pale, blonde, slender, petite, pointy eared women clad in extremely revealing see through sheer white clothing.

amazing quality artwork though. lots of detail on the human body, to the point of being creepy.

it was by the artist who drew "Reign; The Conquerer" nearly every major character was a blue eyed blonde with fair skin.

Damn it. i just had an akward moment

a tall and muscular man clad in sky blue runic body paint and a loincloth, pulling his gear out of his magically enhanced loin cloth of holding. ((haversack property on a loin cloth))

where does he get the gear?

"let me reach down my frontal flap, i might have something useful"

EldonG wrote:
Chengar Qordath wrote:
EldonG wrote:

Nice try, but you're wrong. I know how to play a rogue.

Apparently it must involve using loaded dice so you can still hit on all your attack rolls even when your attack bonus is terribly low.

Which, come to think of it, is the kind of thing a rogue would do.

Nice accusation, but nonsense.

Why is it that some people seem to think a rogue has to compete with the fighter, in combat? Why are you people so silly to believe that someone who has played for 35 years doesn't understand the basics of how a rogue is played?

Do you all play rogues as if they are fighters, just misnamed?

the game has changed each edition over those 35 years, and so has the way one approaches a class.

but even in first edition, rogues were useless, because trap rolls could be negated by sheer player cleverness, and the guy who was a former boyscout, soldier, engineer, or fan of mcguyver could solve any puzzle through sheer description. plus paranoid players could check every square to find something.

back then, there were no skill checks.

MrSin wrote:
Schrodinger's Love Child wrote:
a ninja could be clad in anything from a sailor schoolgirl uniform or french maid dress, to a victorian style gothic lolita dress, elegant kimono. or hell, even a peasant's burlap potato sack.
If we're referencing anime, don't forget cat costumes, trench coats, metal armor, and orange jumpsuits.

those too. and don't forget that they can also be clad in skintight black leather/spandex, a brigandine tunic with a pair of tights, a robe and turban, or even blue body paint with a loin cloth.

a ninja could be clad in anything from a sailor schoolgirl uniform or french maid dress, to a victorian style gothic lolita dress, elegant kimono. or hell, even a peasant's burlap potato sack.

EldonG wrote:
Thomas Long 175 wrote:
EldonG wrote:
He doesn't play like that. This is why you never have rogues at your table, then...nobody plays them correctly. They aren't martials. Quit comparing them to martials, or just give up...on not just rogues, but also on trying to tell people why they don't work...because a lot of us have played them, and seen them played...and they do.

Then why don't you explain what he does because I can't see it.

He's not:

  • Damaging enough to be a damage dealer
  • Tanky enough to even tank through damage for another
  • better at any skills than a person who could cast spells would be
  • able to shape the layout of a battlefield and change the course of battles since he can't do damage
  • Capable of being a good face person outside of combat

You claim rogues aren't martials. They're certainly not damage dealers I'll agree. But they're not that great at skills in comparison to other skill classes. They certainly can't tank. And they don't have the utility of magic.

He doesn't fill even one roll competently. There is nothing he does that they would not be better served by having someone else in the party.

Have you even bothered to look at the damage he does? If he hits with 4 or 5 attacks, he can do 200+ damage...easily...but that's not all...he also has AoOs out the ying-yang...and goes invisible anytime he's not killing. Maybe the rest of the party isn't supposed to do any damage, or something...but that's not how it works.

how does he hit with 4 or 5 attacks when the first 2 have a 50% miss chance and the 2nd 2 have a 75% miss chance.

ninja has no requirement to wear pajamas

Ninja could just as easily be
a magically gifted cat burglar with a hint of alchemical knowledge
an assassin of any flavor, doesn't matter whether she wears pajamas, a school uniform or a leather catsuit
a government intelligence agent with a handful of thematic gadgets
a military scout with some sorcerous blood

and that is just the tip of the ice berg

Thomas Long 175 wrote:
Lumiere Dawnbringer wrote:
3.5 Loyalist wrote:
Yeah I've done that. Str two hander rogue.
it is the optimal rogue build for murder. still behind a fighter or barbarian though. let alone being behind a nonsmiting paladin or a ranger against a nonfavored enemy.

Actually take sap master with about 3 levels of cavelier and then two hand with vital strike. because of the recent errata where your mount is charging not you, you can vital strike on a mounted charge.

With sneak master its 3xsneak attack + 2x Strength bonus + 3x weapon dice + 6xsneak attack dice + 2x (or maybe 3x) bleed + 2x power attack.

but most of that damage is nonlethal

you have to have a mount that isn't a class feature and will die against any self respecting foe. a 3rd level cavalier mount is weak

the triple damage requires a lance, and since you cannot use deal nonlethal damage with a lance, sapmaster cannot be combined with a lance

sneak attack doesn't multiply short of a few niche abilities that specifically specify it multiplies them

2 doublings is a tripling and a doubling and a tripling is a quadrupling

meaning the spirited charge build deals

4.5xstr bonus, 3 times enhancement bonus, 9 for 1 power attack multiplier, 1x sneak attack and 1x bleed

vital strike does not work on a charge, even if the mount is charging, you are charging too because you are on the back of a charging mount and attacking.

3.5 Loyalist wrote:

Why don't they stack?

I checked your spoiler tags, I couldn't find what you meant.

the reason the boots, nor haste, stack with the monk's speed bonus, is that all 3 bonuses, are enhancement bonuses.

monk speed bonus = enhancement bonus
boots of striding and springing = enhancement bonus
haste = enhancement bonus
expeditious retreat = enhancement bonus
longstrider - enhancement bonus

barbarian speed bonus = untyped bonus
travel domain bonus = untyped bonus
oracle flames/metal bonus - untyped bonus

Rogues pretty much have to focus on strength, take a 2handed weapon with power attack, and dump charisma. your trapfinding bonuses are plenty for disable device, 3 levels of weapon master grants access to gloves of dueling. and a 4th grants specialization in your preferred 2hander,

a paladin is the lowest available caster level and spell level. so a wand of lesser restoration is 750 GP to purchase or 375 to craft. except in PFS or with a similarly houseruled campaign.

Lets see this monk that came from my Daddy's Box.