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Perfect! That's about what I was thinking just eyeballing it.

So, I have a custom item that one of my players founds after a particularly nasty boss fight, and he wants to upgrade it. I did not use the PF guidelines for creation, and thus, have no real idea of what the price (and thus the cost to upgrade it) is. I figured you folks might be able to help me.

Ring of Warping
CL 10
Five times per day, you may activate this ring use Dimension Door. Once per day, as a Swift Action, you may Dimension Door to five different squares. Until the end of your turn, you are treated as though you were in all five squares and may make any part (or all of) a full attack action from those squares.

Thanks in advance lovelies!

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Well what is your vote then?

NPC Codex, Monster Codex, Both, or Neither.

I for one would like both, and I am *absolutely* willing to contribute to this wonderful project should it come to pass. Not bad for a Tzimisce and a Gangrel team-up, eh?

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Both to be completely honest! I love the monster groups in the Monster Codex, but I also love the NPC codex.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
One if the things my company (Jon Brazer Enterprises) is working on is a "Monster Codex" II. Is an "NPC Codex" II something people are interested in?

I know it's something I'd certainly be interested in, though I cannot speak for the people at large.

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With the retirement of 1e, I find myself saddened that there was never an NPC Codex made to included non-base classes. I was wondering, however, if a. someone had went ahead and made a non-base class codex (whether in the community or a 3pp), and, failing that b. if there would be interest in making one.
Anyhow, thanks, y'all.

Okay, so the advice here is all very solid. Something important to remember- Ileosa herself is an Evil Bard. You know what Bards do? Mind Affecting Effects. A simple first level spell (prot vs. alignment (evil))accessible to most spellcasters removes these as a problem, and there are more powerful spells that bestow this effect. I *strongly* suggest making Illeosa not an enchantment monster or, at the very least, make her a Bard/XYZ Gestalt.

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Oh boy. Necro post. My party messed up the Mantis Assassins and the Cinderlander at the Skoan-Quah camp, leading her to flee. So, my party took mercy on Cinnabar at Death’s Head Vault, allowing her to flee once again. They later came upon a redheaded woman named Cin at the vaults who looked an awful lot like her, handing out food, who got queasy at the sight of blood. Many sense motive checks, and an alignment check revealing her to be NG, they let her go.
Later, during the a later fight Cinnabar reappeared, wielding her sawtooth sabers to save the party from a bad spot. After helping them dispatch some Gray Maidens, apologizing that she couldn’t stay long. And that the party must not tell Cin that Cinnabar still lived. Cin returned, saw the blood and burnt bodies, and passed out.

So, lemme tell you the DMs secret: we don't actually need dice. What we say happens happens. Unless you're running PFS, you decide when the PCs hit and miss, how much HP the mob has, when the mobs hit or miss. If an encounter is too much, feel free to tone it down. If the PCs are piledriving an encounter, bring in reinforcements, boost the mobs To Hit, boost their damage, increase their AC. I have quadrupled my bosses HP in the past. The tricks to being a "good" DM are consistency, improvisation, knowing when to pull your punches, and knowing when to hit the party with a semi-truck.

A common trick to facilitating this is a DM screen that hides your rolls.

Step 1- Talk to your DM.

Ask him WHY your character would care about the opening of the campaign. Don't worry about being interested in killing Lord Wears-A-Black-Cape. That comes *during* the campaign. But why are you in the starting village? This applies doubly so if you are a weird race. How do you know how to be (character class)? If you have any unusual gear (exotic weapon, etc.), where did you grt it? What god do you follow?Why? Super important if you are a religious class.

Just a note for first level characters- you are not a badass yet. If you're really unlucky, a first level commoner could take you in a fight. So, no, you didn't join a band of mercenaries because they were super impressed with how awesome you are. A first level character is a small fish in a big pond.

Hey all! I am going to be taking a break from this project for a bit to do some homebrewing. I *do* have all the loot laid written out. I just haven't gotten around to valuing and adding it all up. If someone wants to take over I am more than happy to share my notes. Further, is the anywhere I can get feedback on homebrew? I have done something to the hive that is potentially beautiful and horrific but want some feedback.

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Escape From Old Korvosa

Into the Dying City
4x Masterwork Studded Leather (87gp 5sp) [350gp]
4x Masterwork Heavy Wood Shield (78gp 5sp) [314gp]
4x Masterwork Battleaxe (160gp) [620gp]
20x Throwing Axe (4gp) [80gp]
4x Potion of Bull’s Strength (150gp) [600gp]
2x Potion of Resist Fire (150gp) [300gp]
4x Alchemist Fire (10gp) [40gp]
2x +1 Leather Armor (580gp) [1160gp]
4x +1 Sawtooth Sabre (1167gp 5sp) [4670gp]
8x Dagger (1gp) [8gp]
2x Cloak of Resistance +1 (500gp) [1000gp]
2x Mask of the Mantis (3000gp) [6000gp] {These guys aren’t gonna be easy to move}
1x Bag of Holding Type I [1250gp]
1x Cloak of Elvenkind [1250gp]
12x Masterwork Dagger (151gp) [1812gp]
1x +2 Slick Leather Armor [3950gp]
1x Boots of Elvenkind [1250gp]
1x Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location [17,500gp]
1x Gloves of Swimming and Climbing [3125gp]
1x +2 Keen Mithral Rapier [9510gp]
{Laori Vaus is *technically* a friendly NPC… so. Her gear isn’t posted here.}
1x Marvelous Pigments [2000gp]
54pp [540gp]

Running Total: 82,503gp 0sp 3cp + 1 Artefact

Emperor of Old Korvosa
{We are assuming the PCs are Spetsnazing the
palace. Have fun storming the castle!}
18x Masterwork Studded Leather (87gp 5sp) [1575gp]
18x Masterwork Heavy Wood Shield (78gp 5sp) [1413gp]
18x Masterwork Battleaxe (160gp) [2880gp]
110x Throwing Axe (4gp) [440gp]
2x Potion of Barkskin +4 [450gp]
1x Rod of Wonder [6000gp]
1x +1 Glamered Chain Shirt [1975gp]
1x Masterwork Light Crossbow [167gp 5sp]
10x Bolt (1sp) [1gp]
1x Masterwork War Razor [157gp]
1x Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 [2000gp]
1x Cloak of Resistance +2 [2000gp]
1x Small +1 Leather Armor [580gp]
1x Small +1 Greataxe [1160gp]
1x Small Amulet of Natural Armor +1 [1000gp]
1x Small Belt of Giant Strength +2 [2000gp]
1x Silk Glove w/ Pearls [250gp]
1x Masterwork Hand Crossbow [200gp]
1x Wand of Slow 13/50 [2925gp]
11x Macabre Painting (20gp) [220gp]
1x Dining Set [500gp]
1x Crystal Decanter w/ Fine Brandy [750gp]
1x Creepy Religious Painting [450gp]
1x Very Creepy Religious Painting [1100gp]
1x Incredibly Creepy Religious Painting [2000gp]
3pp [30gp]

Running Total: 113,051gp 5sp 3cp + 1 Artefact

Wrath of the Arkonas
{More rampant murderhobo-ing}
1x Ring of Evasion [12,500gp]
3x Scroll of Sending (350gp) [1050gp]
1x Wand of Haste 19/50 [4275gp]
1x Wand of Illusory Script 12/50 [3300gp]
1x Wand of Shield 23/50 [195gp]
1x +2 Kukri [4159gp]
1x Bloodstone [1000gp]
1x Bloodstone [200gp]
{That’s not a misprint. There are many bloodstones of variable value in this part.}
3x Bloodstone (100gp) [300gp]
1x Variant Marble Elephant Figurine of Wondrous Power [13,000gp]
6x Morbid Painting (800gp) [4800gp]
4x Bejeweled Hookah (350gp) [1400gp]
1x Asst. Smokables [1400gp]
2x Bloodstone (500gp) [1000gp]
1x +1 Ghost Touch Kama [4151gp]
12x Masterwork Dagger (151gp) [1812gp]
1x Masterwork Falchion [187gp 5sp]
6x Masterwork Punching Dagger (151gp) [906gp]
2x Masterwork Sai (150gp 5sp) [301gp]
2x Masterwork Siangham (151gp 5sp) [303gp]
3x Masterwork Spear (151gp) [302gp]
1x +2 Light Fortification Leather Armor [4580gp]
3x Bloodstone (150gp) [450gp]
1x Magic Toilet [150gp]
1x Asst. Arkona Papers (9000gp/pc) [36,000gp] {The pricing is given in Mantis and Maiden}
1x Asst. Gems [5500gp]
1x +1 Holy Light Crossbow [4167gp 5sp]
{I am assuming that the PCs give Vencarlo his stuff back. It’s not printed here.}
1x Asst. Furniture [3000gp]
1x Sitar w/ Leafed Engraving [350gp]
4x +1 Scimitar (1157gp 5sp) [4630gp]
4x +1 Chainmail (650gp) [2600gp]
4x Masterwork Light Steel Shield (79gp 5sp) [318gp]
1x Blue Coral Gecko Sculpture [300gp]
1x Redwood Firepelt Cougar Sculpture [200gp]
1x Gold Flame Drake Sculpture [1200gp]
1x +1 Kukri [1159gp]
1x Wand of Dimension Door 3/50 [1260gp]
1x +1 Ki Focus Shock Kukri [9159gp]
2x Javelin of Lightning (750gp) [1500gp]
1x Set of Gold Armbands [1400gp]
1x Wand of Dimension Door 19/50 [7980gp]
1x Wand of Magic Missile CL 9 18/50 [2430gp]
1x Large +1 Leather Armor [585gp]
2x Large +2 Kukri (4168gp) [8336gp]
3x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (375gp) [1125gp]
3x Potion of Lesser Restoration (375gp) [1125gp]
1x Bloodstone [750gp]
2x Amethyst (500gp) [1000gp]
1x Masterwork Longsword [157gp 5sp]
1x Masterwork Kukri [159gp]
500pp [5000gp]
4000sp [400gp]

Running Total: 277,256gp 0sp 3cp + 1 Artefact

As usual, I would like it if someone could check my numbers.

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@Malefactor This was completely unrelated to by poor sleep habits. It just gave me something to do while I waited for a reasonable time to pass out. I just slept 18 hours so I'm good.

@Duametef Unused- the used ones are just boxes and have no printed value.

@Smurf Many many MANY MANY thanks. With that,

Running Total:25174gp 0sp 3cp + 1 Artefact

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Seven Days to the Grave
1x Masterwork Mithral Dagger [401gp]
1x Wand of Daze Monster 10/50 [450gp]
1x Escort Bounty [500gp]
{This chapter is pretty lame.}

Running Total: 52,710gp 6sp + 1 Artefact

1x Escort Bounty (250/pc) [1000gp] {I am assuming a typical party of four}
1x Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds 18/50 [810gp]
1x +1 Shortspear [1150gp 5sp]
1x Silver Unholy Symbol of Urgathoa [25gp]
1x +2 Cloak of Resistance [2000gp]
1x Urgathoan Prayer Book [1500gp]
6x Masterwork Studded Leather (137gp 5sp) [825gp]
18x Short Sword (5gp) [90gp]
9x Light Crossbow (17gp 5sp) [157gp 5sp]
180x Bolt (1gp/10) [18gp]
3x Smokestick (10gp) [30gp]
1x Tanglefoot Bag [25gp]
1x Thunderstone [15gp]
20x Tindertwig (5sp) [10gp]
1x Copper Trumpet [120gp]
1x Set of Masterwork Carpenter’s Tools [27gp 5sp]{While the SRD bizzarely has a shaving kit, it does not have a carpenter’s. I’m pricing this as MWK Artisan’s Tools}
2x Potion of Bear’s Endurance (150gp) [300gp]
1x Potion of Blur [150gp]
7x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp) [1050gp]
1x Potion of Shield of Faith +3 [150gp]
3x +1 Chain Shirt (625gp) [1875gp]
1x +1 Mithral Rapier [1160gp]
23x Dagger (23gp) [23gp]
4x Chain Shirt (50gp) [200gp]
16x Alchemist’s Fire (10gp) [160gp]
1x Masterwork Longsword [157gp 5sp]
1x Masterwork Chainmail [150gp]
1x Bottle of Air [3625gp]
1x Pearl of Power II [2000gp]
1x Wand of Charm Person 14/50 [210gp]
1x Wand of Remove Disease 3/50 [225gp]
2x Giant Wasp Poison (105gp) [210gp]
1x Circlet of Persuasion [2250gp]
1x Asst. Silver and Violet Jewelry [180gp]
2x Light Steel Shield (4gp 5sp) [9gp]
3x Masterwork Hand Crossbow (200gp) [600gp]
37x Hand Crossbow Bolt (1sp) [37gp]
2x Masterwork Rapier (160gp) [320gp]
1x Asst. Perfumes [800gp]
3x Lapis Perfume Bottle (45gp) [135gp]
1x Alchemist’s Lab [100gp]
1x Asst. Reagents [800gp]
1x Ring of Jumping [1250gp]
1x Pipes of Haunting [3000gp]
1x Silver Tooth [1gp]
2x Masterwork Thieves’ Tools (50gp) [100gp]
1x Boots of Springing and Striding [2750gp{
1x Asst. Goods [100gp] {Technically, you don’t obtain this or the passes until the next part, and it’s “worth less than 100gp” but since 100gp is the only value listed, we’re going with 100gp}
4x Season’s Worth of Free Theater Passes [Gotta be worth something]
2x Potion of Invisibility (150gp) [300gp]
1x Potion of Remove Disease [375gp]
1x Wand of Animate Dead 4/50 [300gp]
1x Wand of Cat’s Grace 11/50 [495gp]
1x Wand of Sculpt Corpse 5/50 [37gp 5sp]
4x Smoke Bomb(12gp 5sp) [50gp] {I cannot, for the life of me, find a smoke bomb on the SRD. I am pricing these as smoke pellets}
1x +1 Glamered Studded Leather [1937gp 5sp]
1x Masterwork Dagger [151gp]
3x Screaming Bolt sized for a hand crossbow (137gp ) [411gp]
1x Flint and Steel [5sp]
1x Masterwork Manacles [25gp]
4x Pesh (10gp) [40gp]
1x Sealing Wax [5sp]
1x Asst. Stolen Jewelry [80gp] {The text actually says 8pp, for some asinine reason}
{There’s also probably assorted loot in the manor.}
130pp [1300gp]
62sp [6gp 2sp]
22cp [2sp 2cp]

Running Total: 90,347gp 2cp + 1 Artefact

4x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp) [600gp]
1x Scroll of Bless [12gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Burning Hands [12gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Cure Light Wounds [12gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Magic Missile [12gp 5sp]
2x Alchemist’s Fire (10gp) [20gp]
1x Holy Water [12gp 5sp]
1x Thunderstone (15gp) [30gp]
1x +1 Studded Leather [577gp 5sp]
1x Light Crossbow [17gp 5sp]
10x Bolt (1sp) [1gp]
1x Masterwork Rapier [160gp]
1x Disguise Kit [25gp]
1x Everburning Candle [25gp] {Price taken from eternal candle in RotRL}
21x Healers’ Kit (25gp) [525gp]
1x Thieves’ Tools [15gp]
1x Spellbook, Empty [7gp 5sp]
1x Wooden Holy Symbol [5sp]
6x Full Plate (750gp) [4500gp]
6x Heavy Steel Shield (10gp) [60gp]
6x Composite Longbow (50gp) [300gp]
120x Arrow (5cp) [6gp]
6x Longsword (7gp 5sp) [45gp]
16x Masterwork Club (150gp) [2400gp]
16x Leather Armor (5gp) [80gp]
18x Plaugebringer’s Mask (1000gp) [18,000gp]
56x Potion of Cure Light Wounds (25gp) [1400gp]
14x +1 Breastplate (675gp) [9450gp]
14x Scythe (9gp) [126gp]
14x Silver Unholy Symbol of Urgathoa (12gp 5sp) [175gp]
1x Potion of Remove Disease [375gp]
1x +1 Mithral Chain Shirt [1125gp]
1x +1 Human-Bane Rapier [4160gp]
1x Amulet of Natural Armor +1 [1000gp]
1x Elixir of True Healing [12,500gp]
20x Set of Queen’s Physician Clothes (5gp) [100gp] {It could also be extrapolated that each plague doctor is wearing a set of these. However, they are not listed in their monster entry, and so are not listed here.}
1x Potion of Poison [700gp]
1x Scroll of Teleport [562gp 5sp]
1x Wand of Magic Missile CL 3 43/50 [967gp 5sp]
1x +1 Dagger [1151gp]
1x Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 [2000gp]
1x Cloak of Resistance +1 [500gp]
1x Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 [2000gp]
1x Ring of Protection +1 [1000gp]
6x Unguent of Timelessness (75gp) [450gp]
1x Masterwork Thieves’ Tools [50gp]
1x Fine Mortician’s Tools [100gp]
6x Black Onyx (150gp) [900gp]
1x Spellbook containing all cantrips except illusion and transmutation, Animate Dead, Dimension Door, Enervation, Infuse Decay, Dispel Magic, Hold Person, Lightning Bolt, Ray of Exhaustion, Vampiric Touch, False Life, Ghoul Touch, Scorching Ray, Touch of Idiocy, Spectral Hand, Charm Person, Chill Touch, Mage Armor, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Unlock Flesh, and 5 each of levels 1-4. {The exact text is 2d4. Taking the average this is 5} <15/11/10/10/9> [2040gp]
23x Black Onyx (50gp) [1150gp]
4x Broken Scimitar (5gp 6sp 2cp) [22gp 4sp 8cp]
4x Broken Chain Shirt (37gp 5sp) [150gp]
12x Midnight Wine (14gp) [168gp]
1x Robe of Bones with human and wolf skeleton patches [200gp]
1x Onyx Skull Sculpture [35gp]
1x Pink and Green Sphere Ioun Stone [4000gp]
1x Amulet of Natural Armor +3 [9000gp]
1x Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 [2000gp]
2x Cloak of Resistance +2 [2000gp]
6x Flask of Acid (5gp) [30gp]
1x Asst. Distillations of diseases [Worth something. To someone. Also ew.]
1x Asst. Alchemical Equipment [500gp]
1x Asst. Tomes [1500gp]
1x Set of Crystal Vials [1000gp]
1x Aged Locket [100gp]
1x +1 Composite Longbow [1200gp]
2x Potion of Barkskin +4 [450gp]
1x +2 Breastplate [2175gp]
1x +2 Vicious Scythe [9159gp]
1x Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 [2000gp]
1x Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 [2000gp]
1x Onyx Unholy Symbol of Urgathoa [200gp]
2x Silver Hand Candelabras (150gp) [300gp]
1x Asst. Incense [450gp]
1x Wand of Cure Serious Wounds 37/50 [2775gp]
1x Wand of Remove Disease 8/50 [600gp]
1x Scroll of Restoration [450gp]
1x Scroll of Raise Dead [5562gp 5sp]
3x Incense of Meditation (2450gp) [7350gp]
1x Death’s Head Coffer [500gp]
1x Family Friends Reward (250gp/pc) [1000gp]
1x Good Neighbors Reward (1000gp/pc) [4000gp]
1x Local Heroes Reward (2500gp/pc) [10,000gp]
1x City Saviors Reward (5000gp/pc) [20,000gp]
91pp [910gp]
61sp [6gp 1sp]
163cp [1gp 6sp 3cp]

Tentative Running Total: 231,225gp 2sp 3cp + 1 Artefact

I am about 127% certain I did my math wrong for this chapter. If someone could re-run the numbers for me, that'd be great. I am running on -14 hours of sleep.

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Pedantic Pundit, The wrote:

Many thanks. I didn't hit any of the traps. Further, many items are given generic names so as to avoid spoilers. Also, I as a GM have issues valueing a Harpischord at 50gp. It's basically a freakin' piano, sooooo.

Personally, I think actions boil down into 5 basic types per axis.

Saintly: This is good taken to the extreme. This is being a 20th level paladin with leather armor and a longsword because he donated all his money.
Helpful: This is good that costs you little, or is tempered by law or chaos. Helping the little old lady across the street. "Good" falls between this and saintly.
Neutral: You brush your teeth.
Sketchy: This is unpleasant. It borders on evil, but has some redeeming factor. Passively sacrificing (i.e. allowing them to die) 20 to save 200.
Vile: Eating babies for pleasure. "Evil" comes into play between here and Sketchy.

Paladins, in my opinion, should perform 15% Saintly actions, 40% Helpful actions, 30% Neutral actions, 5% Sketchy actions (at most), 0% Vile actions.

Rigid: The letter of the law. If eating ice cream on Tuesday is illegal, then you MUST arrest the offender.
Legal: The spirit of the law. If a law is either obsolete or ridiculous, it can be ignored or lobbied for change.
Neutral: You brush your teeth.
Erratic: Doing your own thing. It doesn't bother you if other people are lawful, but if you want ice cream on Tuesday, you're gonna eat ice cream. This is the type of chaos that most CG characters are, I find.
Anarchic: Rage against the machine. Do what you want. And everybody should do what they want.

Paladins, in my opinion, should perform 15% Rigid actions, 40% Legal actions, 30% Neutral actions, 5% Erratic actions and 0% Anarchic actions.

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Lawful Good. Paladins. The bane of many players. The foe of many DMs. The catalyst of many a game table argument. But what constitutes lawful good? What constitutes a Paladin's fall?

Just a couple guidelines:
1. Let's avoid strawman fallacies. My favorite comes from the "Weirdest Justification of a Ruling" thread in the form of what is essentially "Eating Breakfast is not Good. Paladin falls."
2. Let's avoid personal attacks. Alignment varies from table to table and player to player. Just because someone has a different LG from you does not make them stupid or crazy. Unless they think burning down a town and killing the residents as they flee is LG. In this case, you may call them stupid or crazy.
3. Don't be a Shelyn/Calistria-shamer. Seriously. Uncool.

So, I'm going to kick this off woth that famous Paladin quandry: "What in Baator do I do with these Goblins?"

I personally think that the Paladin is in the right if he executes them in battle/on the spot.

1. It's more than inconvenient to transport a caravan of Goblins to the nearest town- it's a liability to the Paladin, his allies, and the townspeople.
2. The Goblins are likely out of any jurisdiction of a nearby town, and must thus transport them to the county/national seat to legally detain them.
3. The Goblins are almost certainly not citizens of the jurisdiction, which removes any protection by the law. If they are mentioned in the law at all, they are either likely outlawed via racial profiling or considered vermin, in which case the law likely encourages their extermination.
4. Any "trial" the goblins may recieve is likely a sham, and likely to result in a painful, extended, and torturous death. Killing them on the spot is more humane.
5. Given the fact that it's unlikely that Goblins are in a heavily trafficked area, and ergo near any city of significant size, it's fairly likely that, in a religious nation, the paladin is the ranking authority in the area, giving them the legal right to hand down a sentence on the spot.

So. Yeah. Let the yelling begin.

Update: I have itemised the entirety of CotCT, and will begin pricing the items tomorrow.

Turelus wrote:

Firstly nothing to be sorry about (at least in my mind) this is an awesome aid to the community and I'm grateful for the work, will hardly be upset if it takes a while.

Secondly you write all this on a phone? Not sure if possible to give more respect for you than now given.

My computer is currently an expensive paperweight. Soooo. Yeah. I've been doing this on my phone sonce RotRL chapter five.

Super sorry this is taking so long. Typing lots on my phone apparently messes with my wrist.

I would rule that you can totally cast Purify Food and Drink on fecal matter. If you are a dog or rabbit caster.

The paladin fell because she counted backwards.

The paladin disrobed.

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The Paladin fell because, this being the internet, it quickly devolved into defamation of the Paladin's character on Macebook. Because the Paladin's deity does not know how to use Gnoogle to fact check, he had to believe the monk's claims that the Paladin was in fact, a "goblin faced bby-eeter lollolrofl," whatever that means. The deity also smote the monk.

The Paladin made pancakes.

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Zebbie wrote:

Great idea. I haven't had a chance to double check yet. But is this from newer Handcover version or older Paper modules? Appears there was lots of changes along the way.

Either way, thanks for posting.

This, along with the list I did for RotRL here are the updated editions.

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I messed up the brooch bounty. The actual value is 1250gp
As such:
Running Total: 51,359gp 6sp + 1 Artefact

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Oh man. My bad. That was actually a major snafu on my end.

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Uh. Guys. I started a thing.

The Madness Spreads

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It's that time again, except for CoCT this time! And, I'm ACTUALLY running this one!

For thise of you just joining us:

Now, this thread makes a few assumptions.
1. The party loots EVERYTHING. If the wall has gold leafing, they have scraped it. If the table is made of darkwood, they're packing it. If it's nailed down, they're pulling it up.
2. The party has found a way to sell everything. I don't care if they have to hike to Absalom, they've found someone to buy everything. Additionally, they have, for whatever bizarre reason, decided not to keep anything.
3. Mundane items and all magical items are sold at half value, as per the rules. No diplomacy check has been made to change the value.
4. Commodities (coffee, sugar, etc.,), art items, gems, etc., are sold for full value.
5. The PCs are unusually kind and haven't killed any friendly NPCs for whatever reason.
6. Any item larger than medium has its base and material value doubled for every size larger than medium. Any item smaller than small has its base and material value halved.
7. Broken items have a value equal to 75% the normal value. Because we're selling items at 50% of their value, this means that broken items are sold for 50 percent of that 75%, or a total of 37.5%.
8. All values are rounded DOWN to the last copper (i.e. Something worth X gold, Y silver and 3.4 copper has its copper value rounded to 3. If it has a copper value of 3.999 bar, it is rounded down to 3.
9. The formula I am using to determine wand value is value*.5*(x/50), where x is the number of remaining charges.
10. I am assuming optimal performance- the bad guys don't get to use their potions or scrolls, and none of them are destroyed.
11. I am using a spellbook cost calculator from a website called Kingdom of Morrain. Sorry if this isn't terribly accurate.

This thread is also using some formatting. (Parentheses) are used to denote per-item value. [Brackets] are used to denote lot value. For items that are singular for their chapter, (parentheses) are skipped. {These thingies} are used for personal notes/commentary as well as adjudication. Further, spellbooks have the number of spells by level listed between <these guys>, starting at cantrips.

Join me in my madness:

Part 1: Edge of Anarchy

Chapter 1: Haunted Fortunes

1x Wand of Acid Splash 28/50 [210gp]
3x Vial of Acid (5gp) [15gp]
1x Thunderstone [15gp]
1x Light Crossbow [17gp 5sp]
10x Bolt (1gp/10) [1gp]
1x Garnet Amulet [100gp]
1x Small Studded Leather [12gp 5sp]
1x Small Masterwork Kukri [154gp]
1x Disguise Kit [25gp]
3x Potion of Cure Light Wounds (25gp) [75gp]
1x Chainmail [75gp]
1x Composite Longbow +3 Str [200gp]
20x Arrow (1gp/20) [1gp]
1x Flail [4gp]
1x +1 Padded Armor [577gp 5sp]
1x +1 Dagger [1151gp]
1x Masterwork Hand Crossbow [200gp]
10x Hand Crossbow Bolt (1gp/10) [1gp]
7x Vermin Repellant (2gp 5sp) [17gp 5sp]
1x Darkwood Coffer [100gp]
20x Shiver (25gp) [500gp]
1x Bounty for ledger and code [500gp]
1x Teak Cigar Case w/ Jade [25gp]
1x 2-lb Cheliax Gold Ingot [100gp] {Interestingly, this is worth 4gp more than 2 pounds of gold coins, as each coin is ⅓ an ounce, which means that there are 48 to a pound, or 96 to two}
1x Miniature Gold Crown [350gp]
1x Scrimshaw Kraken w/ Garnets [200gp]
1x Silver Lover’s Ring [150gp]
1x Entwined Succubus Figurine [450gp]
1x Masterwork Shuriken [3gp 1sp]
1x Adamantine Arrowhead {I’m going to just price this as though it were an adamantine arrow.} [30gp 2cp]
1x Masterwork Key Dagger [750gp]
1x Abalone Holy Symbol of Shelyn [300gp]
1x Oil of Keen Edge [375gp]
1x Wand of Magic Missile 23/50 [345gp]
1x Crystalline Vial [50gp]
1x Silversheen [125gp]
1x Zellara’s Harrow Deck {I’m counting this as an artefact}
200cp [2gp]

Running Total: 4952gp 6sp 2cp + 1 Artefact

Chapter 2: A City Gone Mad
{We’re assuming each event plays out exactly once. Further, I am including each of the bounties for the various missions on this part.}

1x Brooch Bounty [500gp]
7x Club [No value]
1x Gold Ring [250gp]
1x Small Silver Chest [50gp]
1x Bounty on Verik Vancaskerkin [500gp]
1x Bribe Money, Optimal [1500gp]
1x Bounty on Trinia, Optimal [2000gp]
1x Bounty on Gaeken’s Body [1000gp]

Running Total: 10,752gp 6sp 2cp + 1 Artefact
{Note that the structuring of this chapter is weird. So. Yeah.}

Chapter 3: Blood and Bones

13x Potion of Cure Light Wounds (25gp) [325gp]
50x Masterwork Arrow [150gp]
22x Tanglefoot Bag (25gp) [550gp]
20x Thunderstone (15gp) [300gp]
10x Leather Armor (5gp) [50gp]
10x Longbow (37gp 5sp) [375gp]
200x Arrow (1gp/20) [10gp]
10x Sap (5sp) [5gp]
1x Mithral Ring [500gp]
1x Asst. Jewelry and Gems [800gp]
1x Masterwork Chainmail [150gp]
1x Masterwork Composite Longbow +3 Str [200gp]
20x +1 Arrow (20gp) [400gp]
1x Masterwork Spear [151gp]
11x +1 Studded Leather (587gp 5sp) [6462gp 5sp]
10x Masterwork Buckler (77gp 5sp) [775gp]
10x Masterwork Sap (151gp) [1510gp]
1x House Drake {Gotta be worth something}
4x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp) [600gp]
2x Potion of Invisibility (150gp) [300gp]
4x Medium Spider Venom (75gp) [300gp]
1x +1 Leather Armor [580gp]
1x Masterwork Hand Crossbow [250gp]
10x Hand Crossbow Bolt (1gp/10) [1gp]
2x Masterwork Spiked Gauntlet (152gp 5sp) [305gp] {In the 3.5 version, these are bladed gauntlets which are basically spiked gauntlets that do slashing.}
6x Shiver (25gp) [150gp]
1x Jasper Studded Amulet [500gp]
1x Gold Necklace w/ Emeralds [600gp]
1x Mother-of-Pearl Horn [50gp]
1x Ring of Feather Falling [1100gp]
1x Elixir of Love [75gp]
2x Dust of Appearance (900gp) [1800gp]
1x Pair of Blackmail Letters {Gotta be worth something}
4x Broken Chain Shirt (37gp 5sp) [150gp]
4x Broken Scimitar (5gp 6sp 2cp) [22gp 4sp 8cp]
4x Small Leather Armor (5gp) [20gp]
4x Small Aklys (2gp 5sp) [10gp]
4x Small Repeating Light Crossbow (125gp) [500gp]
40x Small Bolt (1gp/10) [4gp]
1x Amber Necklace [350gp]
1x Silver Dagger [11gp]
1x Elixir of Vision [125gp]
1x Wand of Spiritual Weapon 48/50 [2160gp]
1x Ring of Swimming [1250gp]
1x Alchemist’s Lab [100gp]
3x Vermin Repellant (2gp 5sp) [7gp 5sp]
4x Black Adder Venom (60gp) [240gp]
2x Silversheen (125gp) [250gp]
1x Handy Haversack [1000gp]
1x Potion of Lesser Restoration [150gp]
2x Scroll of False Life (75gp) [150gp]
1x Scroll of Dispel Magic [187gp 5sp]
1x Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds 34/50 [1530gp]
1x Collection of Golemancy and Necromancy Books [300gp]
1x Scroll of Identify [12gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Command Undead [75gp]
1x Broken Keyblade [150gp] {The text says it’s worth 300gp, however, it also says that it’s the MWK component for a Masterwork Dagger, so I am halving the value}
1x Set of Masterwork Thieves’ Tools [50gp]
1x Silver Snuffbox [250gp]
1x Dust of Disappearance [1750gp]
1x Sustaining Spoon [2700gp]
1x Small Robe of Bones [1200gp]
1x Wand of Ghoul Touch 22/50 [990gp]
3x Blue Whinnis (60gp) [180gp]
1x Small Masterwork Dagger [152gp]
1x Small Ring of Protection +1 [1000gp]
1x Spellbook containing Fly, Vampiric Touch, Blindness/Deafness, False Life, Spectral Hand, Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Sleep, Resistance, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Daze, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost, Ghost Sound, Bleed, Disrupt Undead, Touch of Fatigue, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation, Command Undead, Darkness, Feather Fall, Gentle Repose, Scare, Water Breathing <18/7/7/4> [815gp]
2x Silver Ring (100gp) [200gp]
1x Gold and Pearl Bracelet [150gp]
1x Mithral Hip Flask [400gp]
1x Traveler’s Anytool [125gp]
740sp [74gp]

Running Total: 50,609gp 6sp + 1 Artefact

Probably the thing I am most thankful for from CoCT is the merciful lack of wizards.

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Ashkar wrote:

Just my five cents, after one player asked me if he could sell the protoflesh from Halls of Wrath:

James Jacobs wrote:
In a case like this, where it's unclear what something might be worth, the best bet is to look at table 12–5 in the Core Rulebook and use the value per encounter per the PC's level. So if your party was an average level of, say , 14th at the point they emerged from Runeforge and looked to sell the protoflesh, I'd cost it at about 13,500 gp (which is the value for an encounter at 14th level on the fast XP track, which Runelords uses).

For that one, I would rule that the magic preserving the protoflesh dissipates upon leaving Runeforge, causing it to dust. Similar to the dude.

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The Final Chapter: Spires of Xin-Shalast
Part 1: Seeking Xin-Shalast
This is a research chapter. No loot.

Part Two: Whispers in the Wind
1x Large Black Opal [2000gp]
12x +1 Crossbow Bolts of Distance (160gp) [1920gp]
1x Elixir of the Peaks [1225gp]
1x +3 Punching Dagger [9001gp]
1x +2 Constructbane Earthbreaker [9020gp]
5x Sack of Gold Dust (1000gp) [5000gp]
2x Sack of Gold Nuggets (2500gp) [5000gp]
1x +4 Improved Cold Resistance Padded Armor [32,577gp 5sp]

Running Total: 1,712,817gp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Part the Third: On the World’s Roof
3x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (375gp) [1125gp]
1x Huge +2 Breastplate [2475gp]
1x Huge +3 Greataxe [9190gp]
1x Huge Ring of Feather Falling [1100gp]
4x Huge Chain Shirt (200gp) [800gp]
4x Gargantuan Morningstar (32gp) [128gp] {Curiously, the named cloud giant opted to use a huge Greataxe, even though cloud giants can use gargantuan weapons}
1x Chest of Copper Bars [500gp]
1x Fine Cave Bear Pelt [2000gp]

Running Total: 1,731,340gp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

bubun no yon: Xin-Shalast
{While it’s very likely that the PCs will run into more bad guys than are listed, I will only be documenting the listed loot}

12x Large Masterwork Composite Longbow (250gp) [3000gp]
260x Large Arrow (1gp/10 Arrows) [26gp] {While these are not listed anywhere in the monster entry, everything else with a bow has 20x arrow}
1x Large Chain Shirt [100gp]
1x Large Greatsword [50gp]
1x Large Composite Longbow +7 Strength [400gp]
1x Mithral Breastplate [4200gp]
1x Platinum Armband [2000gp]
1x Ring of the Ram 5 charges [2150gp]
1x +2 Vicious Kukri [9154gp]
1x Bronze Griffon Figurine of Wondrous Power [5000gp]
1x Ring of Invisibility [10,000gp]
1x Sihedron Ring [17,500gp]
4x +1 Vicious Dagger (4151gp) [16,604gp]
4x +1 Composite Shortbow (1187gp 5sp) [4750gp]
80x Arrow (1gp/20 arrows) [4gp]
4x Ring of Protection +1 (1000gp) [4000gp]
1x Bag of Holding II [2500gp]
1x Staff of Healing 50/50 [14,800gp]
1x Scroll of Greater Restoration [3637gp 5sp]
2x Scroll of Heal (825gp) [1650gp]
1x Scroll of True Resurrection [28,825gp]
8x Elixir of the Peaks (1225gp) [9800gp]
1x Large Returning Frost Spear [4152gp]
1x Large Sihedron Ring [17,500gp]
3x Darkwood Chest (100gp) [300gp]
220pp [2200gp]
1x Asst. Gems and Jewelry [8000gp]
1x Ring of Greater Cold Resistance [22,000gp
1x Gargantuan Sihedron Ring [17,500gp]
64,000sp [6400gp]
520pp [5200gp]
1x Gold Coffer [1400gp]
1x Asst. Gemstones [12,000gp]
1x Silver Bracelet [25gp]
1x Jade Comb [300gp]
1x Pair of Red Silk Gloves with Gold Thread [800gp]
1x Glass Display Bow [100gp]
1x Masterwork Mithral Half-Plate [4825gp]
1x Masterwork Breastplate [175gp]
1x +2 Banded Mail [2200gp]
1x Wand of Lightning Bolt CL 6 23/50 [6210gp]
4x Potion of Cure Light Wounds (25gp) [100gp]
1x Potion of Owl’s Wisdom [150gp]
1x Oil of Magic Vestment +4 [1200gp]
1x Ivory Scroll Tube [300gp]
1x Scroll of Foresight [1912gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Mass Heal [1912gp 5sp]
1x Ring of Evasion [12,500gp]
1x Rod of Extend Metamagic [5500gp]

Running Total: 2,032,452gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Five: Scaling Mhar Massif
3x Iridescent Spindle Ioun Stone (9000gp) [27,000gp]
{Short chapter, I guess.}

Running Total: 2,059,452gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Almost the Last Part: Pinnacle of Avarice
23x Asst. Baubles, Gold and Gems (700gp) [16,100gp] [ {The exact value is 2d6x100gp. I took the average, and multiplied it by the number of rooms the party can do this in.}
10x Huge +2 Full Plate (5075gp) [50,750gp]
10x Gargantuan Morningstar (32gp) [320gp]
15x Huge Sihedron Ring (17,500gp) [262,500gp]
1x Potion of Haste [375gp]
5x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (375gp) [1875gp]
1x +5 Full Plate [13,325gp]
1x +5 Heavy Steel Shield [12,585gp]
1x Chellan [Artefact]
1x +1 Composite Longbow +10 Str [1700gp]
20x Arrow (1gp/20 arrows) [1gp]
1x Belt of Physical Might +6 keyed to Constitution and Strength [20,000gp]
1x Boots of Teleportation [24,500gp]
1x Cloak of Minor Displacement [12,000gp]
1x Ring of Freedom of Movement [20,000gp]
1x Scarab of Protection 10 charges [15,833gp 3sp 3cp]
1x Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone with Fly spell [18,150gp]
3x Huge +4 Full Plate (8475gp) [25,425gp]
3x Huge Masterwork Composite Longbow +14 Str bonus (1100gp) [3300gp]
60x Huge Arrow (1gp/5 arrows) [12gp]
3x Huge Masterwork Greatsword (250gp) [750gp]
1x Asst. Salvage [60,000gp]
2x Gargantuan +5 Full Plate Armor (18,575gp) [37,150gp]
2x Gargantuan Sihedron Ring (17,500gp) [35,000gp]
2x Gargantuan Masterwork Longsword (180gp) [360gp]
6x Gargantuan Masterwork Spear (158gp) [948gp]
20x Pelts (250gp) [5000gp]
1x Periapt of Proof Against Poison [13,500gp]
4x +2 Falchion (4187gp 5sp) [16,750gp]
4x Masterwork Leather Armor (80gp) [320gp]
4x Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 (4,000gp) [16,000gp]
6x Sihedron Ring (17,500gp) [105,000gp]
1x Large +3 Holy Greatsword [16,200gp]
12x Leng Rubies (2,000gp) [24,000gp] {The Denizen of Leng entry has the rubies as valued between 500-2000gp. Since these ones are advanced, I am adjudicating that they are worth the maximum value each. Besides, this is almost the last adventure anyway.}
1x Staff of Size Alteration [13,075gp]
1x Amulet of Natural Armor +2 [4000gp]
1x Variant Black Robe of the Archmagi [37,500gp] {This one subs out the +4 Resistance bonus for +4 Int. Fortunately the cost of a +4 Cloak of Resistance and a +4 Headband of Int cost the same. So. Same pricing.}
1x Gold and Ivory Contingency Statuette [2000gp]
1x Spellbook set containing all core spells bar Enchantment and Illusion spells, along with the Monstrous Physique spells from the APG. Requires 14 standard spellbooks. [79,675gp]
1x Gemstone Dust [15,000gp]
1x Large +1 Unholy Dagger [4152gp]
1x Large Headband of Alluring Charisma +4 [8,000gp]
1x Large Necklace of Adaptation [4,500gp]
1x Large Ring of Force Shield [4250gp]
1x Large Sihedron Ring [17,500gp]
4x Golden Anklet (2000gp) [8000gp]
1x Gold and Sapphire Choker [6000gp]
1x Anima Focus [Artefact]

Running Total: 3,065,833gp 8sp 9cp + 5 Artefacts

The Final Part: The Eye of Avarice
1x Rod of Greater Quicken Metamagic [85,000gp]
1x Wand of Blood Money 33/50 [495gp]
1x Wand of Dispel Magic CL 10 40/50 [18,000gp]
1x Wand of Magic Missile CL 9 24/50 [3240gp]
1x Wand of Stoneskin CL 10 17/50 [9180gp]
1x Karzoug’s Burning Glaive [Artefact]
1x Talons of Leng [33,500gp]
1x Belt of Physical Might +6 keyed to Strength and Dexterity [20,000gp]
3x Crimson Sphere Ioun Stone (12,000gp) [36,000gp]
12x Emerald Ellipsoid Ioun Stone (10,000gp) [120,000gp]
3x Onyx Rhomboid Ioun Stone (12,000gp) [36,000gp]
5x Amber Spindle Ioun Stone (5000gp) [25,000gp]
{Note that these stones gotta be extracted from Karzoug. Also note that, while the RotRL:A considers these artefacts, I do not and will not be adding them to the artefact total.}
1x Ring of Protection +5 [25,000gp]
1x Ring of Freedom of Movement [20,000gp]
1x Runewell Amulet [Artefact]
1x Robes of Xin-Shalast [99,000gp]
1x Sihedron Tome [Artefact]
1x Ruby inscribed with Rune of Wrath [1000gp]
1x Ruby Dust [1500gp]
1x Vial of Powdered Gemstones [10,000gp]
1x Diamonds [75,000gp]
1x Gargantuan +5 Full Plate [18,575gp]
1x Gargantuan Sihedron Ring [17,500gp]
1x Gargantuan Masterwork Longsword [180gp]
3x Gargantuan Masterwork Spear (158gp) [474gp]
2x Huge +4 Full Plate (11,075gp) [22,150gp]
2x Huge Masterwork Composite Longbow +14 Str (1100gp) [2200gp]
2x Huge Sihedron Ring (17,500gp) [35,000gp]
40x Huge Arrow (1gp/5 arrows) [8gp]
2x Masterwork Huge Greatsword (250gp) [500gp]
{The Soul Lens is not included. It got destroyed.}

The Final Total: 3,780,335gp 8sp 9cp + 8 Artefacts

So. Yeah. Two posts in one day. Turns out my PC becoming a toaster means a bored Scottie, which means accounting. I'm thinking that it goes without saying that I am the accountant in my group.

Just a caveat- it's very likely that I have missed a few things, probably screwed up my math at parts and made other errors. That said, this should be mostly correct. Mostly. After I recover, I am going to do CoCT: Updated.

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Season Five: Sins of the Saviors
{Within Runeforge, there are a bucket load of spellbooks. They are not fully fleshed out. We are going to assume that they have all the castable spells of their specialisation school, prepared spells of other schools, plus 2 more of each castable level}

Episode One: The Scribbler’s Rhyme
1x +1 Breastplate [650gp]
1x +1 Cold Iron Returning Dagger [4152gp]
1x Fanged Falchion [11,375gp]
1x Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 [2,000gp]
1x Diamond Dust [750gp]
17x Ink Vial (8gp) [136gp]
1x Revelation Quill [Artefact]

Running Total: 713,759gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Two: Seeking Runeforge
1x Asst. Treasure [16,000gp]
14x Masterwork Arrow (3gp 5cp) [49gp]
2x Greater Dragon Slaying Arrow (2032gp) [4064gp]
1x Belt of Giant Strength +4 [8000gp]
6x Thunderstone (15gp) [90gp]
1x Lesser Bracers of Archery [2500gp]
1x +3 Darkwood Buckler [4602gp 5sp]
1x Chime of Opening 5/10 [750gp]
1x Cloak of Resistance +3 [4500gp]
1x Flametongue [10,515gp]
1x Masterwork Fullplate [825gp]
2x Onyx Raven (200gp) [400gp]
6x Holy Water (12gp 5sp) [75gp]
1x Pearl of Power 1st level [2000gp]
17x Potion of Cure Light Wounds (25gp) [425gp]
6x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp) [900gp]
3x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (375gp) [1125gp]
2x Potion of Resist Energy 20 Cold (350gp) [700gp]
2x Small +1 Mithral Shirt (1050gp) [2100gp]
1x Scroll of Globe of Invulnerability [825gp]
1x Scroll of Remove Blindness/Deafness [187gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Heal [825gp]
1x Wand of Bear’s Endurance 38/50 [1710gp]
1x Wand of Cure Light Wounds 48/50 [360gp]
1x Wand of Magic Missile CL 5 8/50 [300gp]
1x +1 Adamantine Warhammer [2506gp]
39,500cp [395gp]
9410sp [941gp]
250pp [2500gp]

Running Total: 786,529gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Three: Runeforge and the Abjurant Halls
12x Ethillon (2,500gp) [30,000gp]
3x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (375gp) [1125gp]
1x Potion of Haste [375gp]

Running Total: 818,029gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Four: Ravenous Crypts
1x Large Fullplate [1500gp]
1x Gold Leaf Scrapings [800gp]
2x Star Sapphire (1000gp) [2000gp]
12x Amethyst Grape (300gp) [3600gp]
68x Fancy Wine (100gp) [6800gp]
2x Scroll of Plane Shift (1137gp 5sp) [2275gp]
1x Set of Necrology Books [400gp]
1x +3 Chain Shirt [4625gp]
1x +1 Human Bane Dagger [4001gp]
1x Masterwork Dagger [151gp]
1x Amulet of Natural Armor +2 [4000gp]
1x Cloak of Resistance +1 [500gp]
10x Magnifying Lenses, varying sizes (100gp) [1000gp]
1x Set of Necromancy and Necrology Tomes [10,000gp]
1x Spellbook containing all Necromancy spells 0-7, Displacement, Prismatic Spray, Cat’s Grace, Chain Lightning, Disintegrate, Mislead, Fabricate, Magic Missile, Telekinesis, Wall of Force, Dimension Door, Mass Reduce Person, Stone Shape, Fly, Gaseous Form, Slow, Stinking Cloud, Tongues, Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Grease, Obscuring Mist, Reduce Person, Arcane Mark, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Prestidigitation, 2 additional spells each of levels 0-7, requiring 3 typical sized spellbooks [12,635gp]
1x Staff of Hungry Shadows 10/50 [3465gp]
1x Bracers of Armor +5 [12,500gp]
1x Headband of Vast Intellect +4 keyed to Knowledge Nobility and Spellcraft [8000gp]
1x Ring of Protection +2 [4000gp]
1x Contingency Statuette [2000gp]
1x Asst. valuables [7000gp]
1x Eversmoking Bottle [2700gp]
1x Golembane Scarab [1250gp]
1x Spellbook set with 2 each non-abjuration or enchantment school core spells up to 8th level, and all necromancy spells of up to 8th level, requiring 6 standard spellbooks. [29,720gp] {The exact text here is “a wide range of 1st to 8th level.” Since his spellbook(s) already contain a wide range of spells, I am adjudicating here what is inside it. As with the numerous spellbooks found in this chapter, contents and price vary from DM to DM. Consider this applicable to any other spellbooks found in the dungeon.}

Running Total: 967,397gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Five: The Vault of Greed
1x Asst. Precious Gems [50gp]
1x Spellbook set containing all Transmutations 0-7, Prismatic Spray, Greater Dispel Magic, Mirror Image, Cone of Cold, Dismissal, Shield, Wall of Force, Dimension Door, Dispel Magic, Fireball, False Life, Protection From Energy, Acid Arrow, Glitterdust, Mage Armor, Scorching Ray, Grease, Magic Missile, True Strike, Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, and 2 spells each levels 0-7. Requires 5 standard spellbooks [21,310gp]
1x Staff of Mithral Might 50/50 [29,000]
1x Cloak of Resistance +1 [500gp]
1x Pearl of Power 2nd level [2000gp]
1x Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection [5250gp]
1x Diamond Dust [500gp]
{The dude is also coated in Mithral, which 1. Ew gross, 2. LOOT! Which 3. Ew gross.}
1x Transmutation and Golemancy notes [10,000gp]

Running Total: 1,036,007gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Six: Iron Cages of Lust
4x Masterwork Ranseur (155gp) [620gp]
4x Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 (2000gp) [8000gp]
4x Bracers of Armor +3 (4500gp) [18,000gp]
4x Asst. Jewelry (8000gp) [32,000gp]
13x Gold and Silver Cages (1000gp) [13,000gp]
5x Large Greatclubs (5gp) [20gp]
4x Censers of Endless Incense (500gp) [2000gp]
1x +2 Glamered Chain Shirt [3475gp]
1x Sadist’s Lash [11,301gp]
1x +1 Dagger [1151gp]
1x Belt of Physical Might +4 keyed to Dex and Con [20,000gp]
1x Handy Haversack [1000gp]
1x Tome of Understanding +1 [26,250gp] {I am breaking my own rule of half-value. However, given that this item requires wish or miracle. As such, this and items like it will be sold at crafting cost}
6x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp) [900gp]
1x Potion of Remove Disease [375gp]
1x Potion of Remove Paralysis [150gp]
1x Asst. “toys” and other erotic devices [2400gp]

Running Total: 1,178,649gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Seven: The Shimmering Veils
1x Spellbook containing Feeblemind, Shadow Evocation, Confusion, Greater Invisibility, Phantasmal Killer, Scorching Ray, Dispel Magic, Displacement, False Life, Fireball, Major Image, Invisibility, Minor Image, Mirror Image, Resist Energy, Scorching Ray, Charm Person, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Silent Image, Arcane Mark, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Mending, Prestidigitation. [1670gp] {This spellbook explicitly only has the bad guy’s spells prepped}
1x Masterwork Dagger [151gp]
1x Ring of Protection +1 [1000gp]
1x Headband of Vast Intellect +2 [2000gp]
1x Cloak of Resistance +2 [2000gp]
1x Noble’s Outfit [200gp]
1x Golden Peacock Statue [800gp]
1x Thassilonian Book Collection [1500gp]
1x Black Robe of the Archmagi [37,500gp]
1x Headband of Vast Intellect +6 [18,000gp]
1x Cape of the Mountebank [5400gp]
1x Ring of Wizardry II [20,000]
1x Spellbook set containing “a wealth of spells” including every core illusion spell. Requires 9 standard spellbooks. [52,700gp] {I am going to interpret this to mean all non-conjuration and transmutation cantrips, all illusion spells, as well as three spells of each level of each non-illusion, transmutation, or conjuration schools. As usual, contents and value may vary.}
1x Tome of Leadership and Influence +2 [52,500gp]

Running Total: 1,374,070gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Eight: The Festering Maze
1x Rod of Extend Metamagic [5500gp]
1x Bag of Holding Type I [1250gp]
1x Set of Transmutation Sin Specialist Spellbook [Indeterminate value] {There are no guidelines of these spell books. No level for the wizard. No nothing other than the fact that he came from the Transmutation wing}
1x Rod of Absorbtion [25,000gp] {I am assuming this is a fresh rod.}
1x Cloak of Resistance +3 [4,500gp]
1x Handy Haversack [1000gp]
1x Ring of Protection +2 [4000gp]
1x Diamond Dust [500gp]
1x Ivory Plaque [50gp]
1x Silver Mirror [1000gp]
1x Set of Spellbooks with all core Conjuration spells 0-8, Dispel Magic, Power Word Blind, Greater Dispel Magic, Dismissal, Feeblemind, Shield, Mnemonic Enhancer, Confusion, Scrying, Stoneskin, Fly, Suggestion, False Life, Hideous Laughter, Resist Energy, See Invisibility, Charm Person, Ray of Enfeeblement, Detect Magic, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, 2 additional spells each of levels 0-8. Requires 4 standard spellbooks. [18,210gp]
2x Immovable Rods (2500gp) [5000gp]
1x Scroll of Planar Ally [2075gp]
1x Scroll of Teleport [562gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Stone to Flesh [825gp]
1x Manual of Gainful Exercise +2 [52,500gp]

Running Total: 1,496,043gp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Nine: Halls of Wrath
1x Diamond [5000gp]
1x Gem of Brightness 13 charges [1690gp]
15x +2 Chainshirt (2125gp) [31,875gp]
17x +1 Greatsword (1175gp) [19,975gp]
15x Spellbook containing Displacement, Fireball, Haste, Bull’s Strength, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Shatter, Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, True Strike, Acid Splash, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost (510gp) [7650gp]{These spellbooks have only spells prepared in them}
6x +2 Breastplate (2175gp) [13,050gp]
6x +1 Greataxe (1160gp) [6960gp]
2x +1 Ranseur (1155gp) [2310gp]
2x +1 Longsword (1157gp 5sp) [2315gp]
1x Wand of Clairvoyance/Clairaudience 32/50 [7200gp]
1x Wand of Lightning Bolt CL 10 25/50 [5625gp]
1x +4 Mithral Breastplate [10,175gp]
1x +1 Adamantine Flaming Ranseur [5505gp]
1x Amulet of Natural Armor +2 [4000gp]
1x Belt of Physical Perfection +2 [8000gp]
1x Cloak of Resistance +3 [4500gp]
1x Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 [4000gp]
1x Ring of Protection +2 [4000gp]
1x Spell Component Pouch [2gp 5sp] {Curiously, this is the first NPC entry to have this. In a dungeon populated by wizards.}
1x Set of Spellbooks with all core Evocations 0-7, Project Image, Feeblemind, Vampiric Touch, Confusion, Fly, Greater Magic Weapon, Haste, Keen Edge, Blindness/Deafness, False Life, Mirror Image, See Invisibility, Expeditious Retreat, Ray of Enfeeblement, True Strike, Detect Magic, Read Magic, 2 additional spells each of levels 0-7. Requires 3 standard spellbooks. [10,985gp]

Running Total: 1,646,860gp 5sp 6cp + 3 Artefacts

Episode Ten: Weapons of Power
There is no loot here, except any Runeforged weapons the party may make.

See above for running total.

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Also, an addendum.

In Under Jorgenfist, I did not catch the Runeslave Cauldron. Add an artefact to the total.

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Sadly, my PC has exploded on me. I will be working on this still, but it will be slower as I am working on my phone.

Okay. Thread has been dead for about a week. But here are my 2cp. A quarter of alignment, I think, is intention. Another quarter is circumstance, another is reaction, leaving just a quarter for action. If a paladin sets up a trap against a numerically and physically superior force, which backfires and kills innocents, I wouldn't make him fall immediately. But you can darn well bet he'd better be digging through the rubble, healing folks and trying to fix his screwup. If I tell the player the consequences of his actions, and his reaction is "meh," he's gonna fall. Fast. If the party comes across a lone bandit, and they kill him outright, that's a Bad Thing. If the party comes across a group of known-hostile bandits outnumbering them 2-1, who have them outgunned, killing the bandits is unfortunate but necessary. Self-preservation againsts those who seek to snuff you out, I don't think, is an evil act. Self-preservation at the expense of those who mean you no harm is neutral, at best.
That said, if you come across something that pings as evil, that does not mean you have carteblanche to slay them, ESPECIALLY if you have an upper hand before combat. My favorite example is Salvatore Scream in CoCT. I am honestly confused as to why he's considered evil in the first place. Morbid, sure. Evil as a person? No. I do understand that he has a corruption, but still. It's tenuous at best.

Anyone who's read this far: thank you for reading my barely coherent ramblings on alignment.

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shou no yon: Fortress of the Stone Giants

bubun no ichi: Stones Over Sandpoint

10x Large Greatclub (5gp) [50gp]
1x Large Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 [2000gp]
1x Gold and Amber Ring [500gp]
1x Large Silver Armband [2500gp]
1x Large +1 Dwarfbane Heavy Pick [4158gp]
1x Large +1 Light Pick [1154gp]
1x Large +2 Hide Armor [1095gp]
1x Large Ring of Protection +1 [1000gp]
{The next few entries make a few assumptions. It is assumed that the party manages to loot the Scarnetti Manor, rescue the Scarnetti’s, discover the incriminating info, accept the bribe to keep quiet, the turn in the info anyway. The theoretical party is a bunch of jerks.}
4x Woven Tapestries (1,200gp) [4800gp]
1x Set of Silver and Gold Tableware [1000gp]
1x Set of Wine, Brandy and Olive Oil Barrels [1200gp]
1x Various Rewards [6000gp]

Running Total: 248,469gp 8sp 9cp

bubun no ni: The Journey to Jorgenfist
6x Large Javelin (1gp) [6gp]
3x Barrel of Fine Brandy (400gp) [1200gp]
8x Large Greatclub (5gp) [40gp]
6x Large Hide Armor (15gp) [90gp]
1x Mammoth Bone Mammoth Statue [700gp]
1x Black Star Sapphire and Moonstone Eyepatch [900gp]
1x Mithral Anklet [1000gp]
1x Jeweled Gold Crown [10,000gp]
1x +2 Defending Bladed Scarf [9156gp] {This isn’t mentioned in-text, but most of these scarves are heirlooms. Given how valuable this is just by enchantments, it was likely treasured by the Varisian family who owned it would like it back.}
7x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp) [1050gp]
1x Potion of Remove Disease [375gp]
1x Efficient Quiver [900gp]
16x +1 Undeadbane Arrow (80gp) [1280gp]
1x Greater Monstrous Humanoid Slaying Arrow [2032gp]
9306sp [930gp 6sp]

Running Total: 278,129gp 4sp 9cp

bubun no san: Into the Valley of the Black Tower
{None of the tribes are fully statted, so the residents will be treated as typical members of their race, whereas the named giants will be given entries reading “NPC Gear [gp value].” The value is determined by using their CR for their level, and halving their WBL. We are also assuming the party levels these camps with the speed and efficiency of the Spetsnaz.}
1x Huge Hide Armor [30gp] {Remember, the value is doubled for EACH size above medium, so this is two doubling of 15gp. So. 15*2=30. 30*2=60. 60/2=20.}
1x Huge Spear [4gp]
80x Large Hide Armor (15gp) [1200gp]
160x Large Javelin (1gp) [160gp]
156x Large Greatclub (5gp) [780gp]
Doach’s NPC Gear [5025gp]
Papa Beshick’s NPC Gear [2325gp]
Halvara’s NPC Gear [10500gp]
Vlorian’s NPC Gear [6375gp]
Zinderall’s NPC Gear [3900gp]
Oriandiam’s NPC Gear [8175gp]
Drogart’s NPC Gear [6375gp]
{End of Spetsnaz, though I should note that there are an indeterminate number of stone giants in Kavaratti}
1x Fire Opal [200gp]
1x Staff of Heaven and Earth [27,000gp] {Indeterminate charges. I will assume it is full.}
11x Longsword (7gp 5sp) [82gp 5sp]
1x Large +1 Longsword [1165gp]
1x +2 Halberd [4155gp]
3x Large Warmhammer (12gp) [26gp]
1x Full Plate Armor [750gp]
1x Druid Quarterstaff w/ Spellstaff Rusting Grasp CL 12 (720gp+480gp divided by 2) [600gp] ( {I will be pricing this at half the cost of a quarterstaff and NPC casting of Spellstaff and Rusting Grasp at CL 12}
1x Water Opal [1000gp]
1x Rich Blue Diamond [1600gp]
1x Black Opal [8000gp]
53x Asst. Gem [3500gp]
1x Fine Linen Tapestry [600gp]
5x Silver Idol (600gp) [3000gp]
1x Silver Idol of Karzoug [5000gp]
3x Ring of Protection +2 (4000gp) [12,000gp]
3x Mammoth Tack and Harness (300gp) [900gp]
{Note that there are four mammoths here. It is likely that the party could harvest ivory from them.}
1x Ember’s Pelt [1200gp]
2x Large Chain Shirt (100gp) [200gp]
2x Large Greataxe (20gp) [40gp]
3x Brown Green Garnets (100gp) [300gp]
1x Platinum Ewer [700gp]
1x Mithral Bear Idol [500gp]
1x Belt of Giant Strength +4 [8000gp]
1x Ring of the Ram 45 charges [3870gp]
1x Adamantine Scroll Tube [1200gp]
{Many of these scrolls have expensive material components, and as such, those costs are added to the price.]
1x D Scroll of Greater Restoration [1350gp] {Huh. This doesn’t denote where or not it can remove negative levels. We’re going to assume it can.}
1x D Scroll of Heroes’ Feast [825gp]
1x D Scroll of Order’s Wrath [350gp]
1x D Scroll of Resurrection [11137gp 5sp]
1x D Scroll of True Resurrection [26912gp 5sp]
1x D Scroll of Regenerate [1137gp 5sp]
1x D Scroll of Scrying [450gp] {I am assuming that the Focus only adds 1/10 it’s value to the cost.}
1x D Scroll of Symbol of Stunning [6137gp 5sp]
1x Anathema Archive [Artefact]
23pp [230gp]
37114sp [3711gp 4sp]
360,055cp [3600gp 5sp 5cp]

Running Total: 464,408gp 9sp 4cp + Artefact

bubun no yon: Under Jorgenfist
{We’ve already established the PCs aren’t wandering around slaughtering friendly NPCs. However, Conna is the exception. This theoretical party is made of jerks, and are gonna see a stone giant and think “murder.”}
1x Potion of Heroism [375gp]
1x Potion of Gaseous Form [375gp]
1x Oil of Darkness [150gp]
1x Large +2 Breastplate [2275gp]
1x Large +3 Heavy Pick [9174gp]
1x Large Cloak of Elvenkind [1250gp]
100x Silver Ring (10gp) [1000gp]
1x Tattooed Marsh Giant Hide [20gp]
1x Asst. Broken/Dented Armor Plates [20gp]
32x “Shields” (1gp 5sp) [48gp] {The text does not specify what type. I will assume they are light wooden shields}
1x +1 Arrow Catching Heavy Steel Shield at Full Price [9170gp]
11x Large Greatclub (5gp) [55gp]
1x Small Necklace of Fireballs Type IV [2700gp] {We are assuming this is full.}
1x Small +1 Breastplate [675gp]
1x Small +1 Buckler [577gp 5sp]
1x Small +3 Shortspear [9150gp 5sp]
3x Small Leather Armor (5gp) [15gp]
3x Scythe (9gp) [27gp]
3x Large +1 Ogre Hook (590gp) [1770gp]
3x Large +1 Hide Armor (582gp 5sp) [1747gp 5sp]
1x Huge +3 Greatclub [9155gp]
2x Leather Armor (5gp) [10gp]
2x +2 Falchion (4187gp 5sp) [8375gp]
2x Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 (2000gp) [4000gp]
3x Ring of Protection +2 (4000gp) [12,000gp]
2x Silver and Mithral Incense Burner (400gp) [800gp]
1x Set of Torture Scrolls [500gp]
1x Scroll of Remove Curse [350gp] {Assuming this is arcane, and thus, 4th level. The other divine scroll denote that they are divine.}
2x Large +2 Ranseur (4160gp) [8320gp]
2x Large +2 Breastplate (2275gp) [4550gp]
1x Small Halfplate [300gp]
1x Masterwork Breastplate [175gp]
6x Chain Shirt (50gp) [300gp]
1x Ghosttouch Gauntlet [1151gp]
1x Air Elemental Gem [1125gp]
1x Potion of Barkskin +4 [450gp]
1x +1 Large Shortspear [1150gp 5sp]
1x Large Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 [4000gp]
1x Large Ring of Minor Acid Resistance [6000gp]
19pp [190gp]
25sp [2gp 5sp]
12cp [1sp 2cp]

Running Total: 567,914gp 5sp 6cp + 1 Artefact

bubun no go: The Ancient Library
1x Huge +3 Greatclub [9010gp]
1x Large +1 Fullplate [2000gp]
2x Large Runechill Hatchet (2656gp) [5312gp]
{Interestingly, it describes the baddy in this room as literally a suit of armor. However, in its monster entry, it doesn’t have armor as combat gear, nor does he have an armor bonus}
4x Large Masterwork Halfplate (675gp) [2700gp]
3x Large Masterwork Fullplate (1575gp) [4725gp]
1x Ring of Levitation [3750gp] {There are no rules for custom magic item pricing by item slot. The text indicates this ring to behave as Boots of Levitation, so it will be priced as such.}
1x Net [10gp]
{The components of the clockwork guardian are probably worth something, as is the VAST wealth of the library’s knowledge.}
1x Scroll of Limited Wish [2637gp 5sp]
1x Wand of Bear’s Endurance 13/50 [585gp]
1x Large +1 Defending Spellstoring Club containing Vampiric Touch [9165gp] {I will add half the cost of NPC casting for Vampiric Touch at CL 11 to the price of this item}
1x Bag of Holding Type II [2500gp]
1x Fog-Cutting Lense [4000gp]
1x Robe of Runes [22,000gp]
1x Diamond Dust [500gp]
1x Spellbook Set containing a metric boatload of spells. [32,325gp] {The text specifies that Mokmurian’s spellbook contain nearly every wizard spell in the Core Rulebook levels 1-6. I am taking this to mean every Core Rulebook spell 1-6 that is not Enchantment or Illusion, his forbidden spells, or alignment gated. Further, this is a minimum of 8 standard spellbooks at 749 pages. Note that a DMs interpretation of “most core spells” may vary, and as such so might the price.}
1x Set of Wizard Lab Equipment [1500gp]
1x Amber and Sapphire Necklace [4000gp]
1x Set of Ivory Runestones [1400gp]
1x Scroll of Contact Other Plane [562gp 5sp]

Running Total: 689,696gp 5sp 6cp + 1 Artefact

YEAH! Good obsessive accounting!

Also, fun fact- the party has now more than doubled the money they had at the start of the chapter. So. There's that.

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shadowkras wrote:
It hurts my suspension of disbelief that someone is willing to pay for all those small-sized dogslicers and short bows.

Even if they have to travel to Absalom, by the gods, they'll sell it.

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Chapter the Third: The Hook Mountain Massacre
{While we are assuming the PCs aren’t killing friendly NPCs, NPCs have a nasty habit of dying when PCs are involved. Thus, their crap has a good chance of landing in PC pockets. Thus, I will add their loot at the bottom and give a potential bonus wealth instead of a running total.}

Part the First: In the Hook's Shadow
1x +1 Spear [1151gp]
1x Belt of Giant Strength +2 [2000gp]
2x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (375gp) [750gp]
2x +1 Ogre Hook (1162gp) [3324gp] {But why are ogre hooks worth 24gp a pop?}
2x Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (1000gp) [2000gp]
2x Ring of Protection +1 (1000gp) [2000gp]
3x Masterwork Handaxes {Cleavers} (156gp) [468gp]
5x Spear (2gp) [10gp]
1x Jade Ring [300gp]
1x Masterwork Quarterstaff [150gp] {That’s an expensive stick}
2x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (75gp) [150gp]
1x Wand of Magic Missile CL 3 44/50 [990gp]
1x Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement 28/50 [210gp]
1x Wand of Vampiric Touch 33/50 [3712gp 5sp]
1x Spellbook with Bestow Curse, Contagion, Dimension Door, Displacement, Fly, Ray of Exhaustion, Slow, Vampiric Touch, Blindness/Deafness, False Life, Ghoul Touch, Mirror Image, Spectral Hand, Chill Touch, Grease, Mage Armor, Reduce Person, Light, Mage Hand, Message, Open/Close, Touch of Fatigue, Animate Dead, Magic Missile, and Ray of Enfeeblement {Note that is spellbook also contains 2d4 additional spells of the DM’s choice} [1200gp]
5x Flask of Acid (5gp) [25gp]
3x Masterwork Thieves Tools (50gp) [150gp]
1x +1 Hide Armor [582gp 5sp]
1x Agate Studded Gold Ring [50gp]
1x Silver and Emerald Necklace [350gp]
1x Gloves of Arrow Snaring [2000gp]
1x Ruby Inlaid Red Dragonscale Cloak Clasp [600gp]
{The next few items are Kaven’s. I am assuming the party is not interested in redeeming the guy, murder him, and take his stuff.}
1x +1 Leather Armor [580gp]
1x +1 Rapier [1160gp]
1x Masterwork Dagger [151gp]
1x Composite Longbow [55gp]
20x Arrows (1gp/40) [5sp]
229cp [2gp 2sp 9cp]
562sp [56gp 2sp]

Running Total: 139,755gp 3sp 9cp

Part the Second: Retaking Rannik
2,000gp {I am assuming the party charms the socks off the mayor and boosts their gold gain}
1x Large Leather Armor [10gp]
2x Large Flail (8gp) [16gp]
4x Large Javelin (1gp) [4gp]

6x Pearl (100gp) [600gp]
1x Phylactery of Positive Channeling [5500gp]
1x Ivory and Jade Scroll Case [300gp]
1x Scroll of Cone of Cold [562gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Hold Monster [562gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Telekinesis [562gp 5sp]
1x Large +1 Hide Armor [590gp]
1x Large +1 Ogre Hook [1174gp]
10x Large Javelin (1gp) [10gp]
4x Large Hide Armor (15gp) [60gp]
4x Large Greatclub (5gp) [20gp]
1x Cracked Emerald [400gp]
1x Pearl Eyed Golden Comb Shaped Like a Behir [850gp]
1x Gloves of Swimming and Climbing [3125gp]
1x Large +1 Vicious Adamantine Trident [7015gp] {This may seem a bit pricy, but remember- one of the assumptions we accepted states that a weapon’s base and material costs double for every size category above medium.]
1x Pale Lavender Ellipsoid Ioun Stone 6 charges [1500gp]
1240sp [124gp]

Running Total: 165,433gp 8sp 9cp

Part the Fourth: The Haunted Heart
1x Book of Harpsichord Music [5000gp]
{There is also a harpsichord, which given the music, is probably masterwork. I couldn’t find a value on the bugger, but it’s probably worth a pretty copper piece if the party can get it out of the swamp.}

Running Total: 150,433gp 8sp 9cp

Part the Fifth: Harrowing the Hook
5x Large +1 Hide Armor (582gp 5sp) [2912gp 5sp]
5x Large +1 Ogre Hook (590gp) [2950gp]
56x Large Javelin (1gp) [56gp]
1x Gargantuan Star Medallion [1750gp] {Likely worth more to a collector, and probably more for materials}
1x Gargantuan Masterwork Half-Plate [4950gp] {Value explicitly stated in text}
11x Large Hide Armor (15gp) [165gp]
12x Large Greatclub (5gp) [60gp]
1x +1 Chain Shirt [625gp]
1x +1 Icy Burst Composite Longbow [9130gp]
20x Arrow (1gp/40) [5sp]
1x Wand of Enervation 12/50 [2520gp]
1x Large Masterwork Earth Breaker [190gp]
1x Large Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 tied to Arcana [2000gp]
1x Large Star Medallion [1750gp]
1x Asst. Black Onyx Gems [650gp]
Spellbook containing Animate Dead, Fear, Fireball, Fly, Ray of Exhaustion, Vampiric Touch, Blindness/Deafness, Command Undead, Ghoul Touch, Spectral Hand, Chill Touch, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Touch of Fatigue, Bleed, Disrupt Undead, Cause Fear, False Life, Scare, Spectral Touch, Gentle Repose, Halt Undead, Bestow Curse, Contagion, and Enervation. [1540gp] {The text explicitly states that this spellbook has all necromancy spells 1-4. I am going to take this to mean that he has all of the Necromancy spells from the Core Rulebook.}
Asst. Treasure [9,200gp]
32x +1 Arrow (20gp) [640gp]
1x +1 Giantbane Arrow [60gp]
1x +2 Light Fortification Studded Leather [4567gp 5sp]
1x +1 Composite Longbow [1205gp]
1x +1 Longsword [1157gp 5sp]
1x Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 [2000gp]
1x Cloak of Elvenkind [1250gp]
1x Boots of the Winterlands [1250gp]

Running Total: 223,012gp 8sp 9cp

Appendix the First: Friendly NPC Gear
{Instead of assuming best case scenario as we are for bad guys, we are assuming worst case scenario. The friendly NPCs don't get a shot off, don't consume any of their consumables, and die horribly. Because NPCs suck.}
1x Chainmail [75gp]
1x +1 Battleaxe [1155gp]
1x +1 Handaxe [1153gp]
1x Composite Longbow [55gp]
60x Arrow (1gp/40) [1gp 5sp]
1x Studded Leather [12gp 5sp]
1x +1 Shocking Composite Longbow [4055gp]
1x Masterwork Longsword [157gp 5sp]
10x Sleep Arrow (66gp) [660gp]
1x Potion of Delay Poison [25gp]
2x Potion of Lesser Restoration (150gp) [300gp]
1x Wand of Cure Light Wounds 25/50 [187gp 5sp]
1x +1 Studded Leather [582gp 5sp]
1x +1 Composite Longbow [1205gp]
1x Masterwork Shortsword [155gp]
1x Amulet of Natural Armor +1 [2000gp]
1x Campfire Bead [360gp]
1x Cloak of Resistance +1 [500gp]
1x Backpack [1gp]
1x Bedroll [5cp]
1x Climber’s Kit [40gp]
1x Flint and Steel [5sp]
1x Manacles [7gp 5sp]
1x 50ft Silk Rope [5gp]
3x Sunrod (1gp) [3gp]
4x Trail Rations (2sp 5cp) [1gp]
1x Waterskin [5sp]
1x Winter Blanket [2sp 5cp]
1x Wooden Holy Symbol of Desna [5sp]
8pp [80gp]

Potential "bonus" loot: 11,627gp 8sp

DrDeth wrote:
Scàthach Ulster wrote:

I have a few.

Undead are immune to criticals. Because they don't need kidneys to function.

Well how about all the memes about killing zombies etc with head shots? And vampires with heart shots?

Dropping a zombie with a headshot relies on those zombies being created via a disease (Zombie Survival Guide Zombies) and not magic (Most tabletop zombies).

I do allow crits against vampires with Vorpal weapons and wooden piercing weapons. This is the exception and not the rule.

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CorvusMask wrote:

In case of Grauls, I'd assume its Mammy Graul.

In case of Kreegs, I guess Barl might enchant them? Then again I'm not sure he had item crafting feats and he is the boss so why he would do that. Maybe there is just some master smith ogre in the mines who has that feat that allows you to craft magic weapons with craft weapon :p

Well, there's no way it can be Mammy Graul- she lacks Craft Magic Arms and Armor.

Also, worry not, lovely humans, I am still working on this project!

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Well. I mean. It is the first AP, and I do plan on running it.

Eventually. Maybe.

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This is mostly just my personal "issues" with cataloging things. I was gonna do it anyway, then I figured I should share my insanity with you kind people.

I have a few.
Undead are immune to criticals. Because they don't need kidneys to function.
If you roll two twenties in a row, you roll to confirm a second time. This confirmation causes you to deal max damage with the crit.
I handwave carry weight to "You cannot carry a house, no."
XP isn't a thing. You level up when I say so. (Usually as the AP says.)
You can't roll most "social skills" against other players.
You roll for HP. If you get less than half, you get half. Same for healing, for I am a kind and merciful goddess.

That pretty much covers my thingies.

Let me start off by saying that these are old deaths. My group is currently at "A History of Ashes," so I'm likely foggy on some of the details. All three (plus an NPC) of these deaths took place while I was converting the 3.5 version to PF on the fly.

Name of PC: Tylenol
Race/Class/Level: Human Rogue 5
Adventure: Seven Days to the Grave
Catalyst: Bringing grenades to a knife fight.

The Gory Details: :
The party went to go solve the wererat problem for Yelloweyes. The party gets down there and everything is going typically. The party sent the rogue down to scout, and lo and behold, he gets jumped. Now, the wererats weren't too terribly high level, but having four rogues flanking you is going to do some Bad Things. This resulted in the Tylenol very quickly being dropped, but not dead. Now, almost immediately prior to this adventure, he'd picked up a bunch of alchemist's fire and grenades of various types. I rolled a die to decide which way he fell. Flat on his back. The flasks broke, which set of the grenades, making him an unrecognisable pile of gore. To add insult to injury, all of the wererat rogues proceeded to succeed their saves with evasion. The upside? The party proceeded to come down on the wererats with the speed and efficiency of the Spetsnaz.

Name of PC: Rogar
Race/Class/Level: Dwarf Cleric of Iomedae 6
Adventure: Seven Days to the Grave
Catalyst: A successful will save, followed by a failed fortitude save.

The Gory Details: :
The party had just finished off a fairly brutal set-piece encounter, which included almost all of the Clerics of Urgathoa, almost all the plague doctors (which I'd given levels of Alchemist to), Jolistina (who had escaped), Davalus (also escaped), and Rolth. Nobody actually died in this encounter, but 2 party members were hit with a blindness spell (the fighter and the alchemist, if I recall), and the party had maybe 10 first level spells between them. What do they do? They look at each other, and say "Yeah. Let's keep going."

And so they do. Whatever little sense they possess keeps them from messing with the leukodaemon, but that sense leave them quickly, as they barge into Lady Andasain's room. The party quickly took shots from range (she has air walk) on at her before her initiative count, which is when she hit them with her Mass Suggestion to go prone. All but the Cleric decided that the Temple of Urgathoa was an awesome place to lie down. The cleric took one more shot at her, and was hit by a ranged touch of death. Now, this particular player has problems with "magic dice" that always seem to roll high, so I casually announced that this was a big save and gestured toward the center of our table. All eyes on him. And he fumbles his save. Boom. Dead. The small consolation is that the blind fighter, directed by the bard proceeds to lay waste to Andasain, even with the house-ruled -4 to hit and the 50% miss chance.

Name of PC: Ibuprofen (of Tylenol fame)
Race/Class/Level: Tiefling Alchemist 10
Adventure: Escape from Old Korvosa
Catalyst: Trying to tank. Was not a tank.

The Gory Details: :
A little info on this guy. This was Tylenol's replacement. This alchemist had the strangest aversion to carrying alchemist's fire and/or grenades on her person. So, shortly after descent into the vivified labyrinth, the party came across the fungal Djinn. For some odd reason Ibuprofen was in the lead, and was promptly flanked, and laid to waste. No silliness with this one. Just plain bad luck. The Djinn got a few good crits on her, and down went the alchemist.

Name of NPC: Vencarlo Orisini, aka "Snazzy Robinhood"
Race/Class/Level: medium-age [sic] human Rogue 2/Fighter 5/Duelist 2
Adventure: Escape from Old Korvosa
Catalyst: A few bad saves

The Gory Details: :
Vencarlo, whom the party insisted on calling "Snazzy Robinhood," did not have an intersting death. Vimaya, being the walking TPK she is, had many of her stats subbed out, which did grant her some spellcasting. Now, Vencarlo happened to be part of the densest line, and got nailed by a lightning bolt, and a few other spells before dying an ignominious death.

What WAS interesting was what happened after Vimaya went invisible. Using her Disguise Self, she turned into Vencarlo, (Pretty sure this would break invis, but it didn't because I say so.) lay down next to him, and cast invisibility on his body. Pretending to be Vencarlo, "he came back to life." Now, despite the reincarnated cleric making an awesome heal check and determining that Vencarlo was 110% stone cold dead a minute before, nobody questioned it. Not one of them. These people are not nearly paranoid enough for people whose job involves treasure chests trying to eat them on occasion.

They make it up to the topmost bridge, which was above the bottom-most ledge. Vimaya then attempts to make a CMB check to reposition the cleric from "on the bridge" to "not." She rolled a one. It was frustrating to have this awesome plan that was destroyed by a die roll, as I roll in the open. Then again, I've seen many players experience the same.

As written, no. But, I would rule that yes it would, though at half efficacy. This does not apply to an LN cleric of an LN god. Only an LN cleric of a LE god.

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Tacticslion wrote:

EDIT: Immediately embarrassing myself with failed coding! XD Fixed!

Look, given that you've figured out how to edit posts, you're ahead of me.

EDIT: Oh. Welp. Figured it out. Go me.

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Glass and Wrath
4x Unholy Water (12gp 5sp) [50gp] {There are no published rules on the pricing of unholy water that I could find, so I am basing this off holy water. Further, the source of unholy water produces a theoretically infinite amount of unholy water, but we’re going to assume the PCs take what’s there and leave}
Running Total: 35905gp

Chapter Two: The Skinsaw Murders
Part One: Murder Most Foul
500gp {No. Seriously. That's it. Lame part.}
Running Total: 36405gp

Part Two: The Thing in the Attic
{for the purpose of this chapter, we’re assuming the party is going in full SWAT style, killing and looting everything. Go murderhobos, I guess.}
2x Studded Leather (12gp 5sp) [25gp]
2x Shortsword (5gp) [10gp]
2x Light Crossbow {17gp 5sp) [35gp]
40x Bolts (1gp/10) [4gp]
1x Wand of Gentle Repose 17/50 [765gp]
2x Potions of Cure Light Wounds (25gp) [50gp]
1x +1 Padded Armor [577gp 5sp]
2x Masterwork Dagger (151gp) [302gp]
1x Masterwork Manacles [50gp]
1x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds [150gp]
1x Potion of Gaseous Form [375gp]
1x Wand of False Life 29/50 [1530gp]
1x Wand of Identify 15/50 [112gp 5sp]
11pp [110gp]
Running Total:40560gp

Part Three: Walking Scarecrows
3400sp [340gp] {Another lame chapter}
Running Total: 41000

Part Four: Misgivings
1x Hungry Decapitant [500gp] {as with the eternal candles, I don’t know if the given value is sell value or craft value. Sooooo.}
1x Haunted Scarf [100gp]
1x Fancy Magnimarian Painting [600gp]
1x Scroll of Lightning Bolt [187gp 5sp]
1x Scroll of Keen Edge [187gp 5sp]
1x Set of Silver Salver and Crystal Decanters [1000gp]
3x Small Violet Garnets (100gp) [300gp]
8x Bottles of Fine Wine (100gp) [800gp]
1x Bandit Bounty [500gp]
1x Pearl Ring [300gp]
1x Adamantine Longsword [1507gp 5sp]
1x Hat of Disguise [900gp]
1x +1 Heavy Pick [1154gp]
1x +1 Leather Armor [580gp]
1x +1 War Razor [1154gp]
1x Ring of Jumping [1,250gp]
1x Ring of Protection +1 [1000gp]
1x Stalker’s Mask [1750gp]
1x Extravagant Noble’s Outfit [200gp]
1x Cameo [100gp]
1x Portrait [200gp]
1x Silver Key Ring [10gp]
1x Round Opal [100gp]
1x Chime of Opening 5/10 [750gp] {I used the same formula as wands for this, except that it has a max of 10 charges.
20pp [200gp]

Running Total: 56199gp

Part Five: Chasing the Skinsaw
2x Masterwork Longsword (157gp 5sp) [315gp]
200pp [2000gp]
1x Possible Townhouse Deed [Unknown Value] {The exact text is "legal papers pertaining to the townhouse." I did not include the deed to the manner due to the reversion clause, though it is not out of the realm of possibility the Lord-Mayor may grant them the potentially haunted keep. Further, the text does imply that the sawmill was collateral for the manor, so that may well go to the hands of particularly economic PCs}

Running Total: 58514gp

Part Six: The Seven's Sawmill
13x Leather Armor (5gp) [65gp]
13x Hand Crossbow (50gp) [650gp]
140x Hand Crossbow Bolts (1gp/10) [14gp]
13x Masterwork War Razor (154gp) [2002gp]
13x Skinsaw Mask (750gp) [9750gp]
3x Potions of Barkskin +3 (300gp) [900gp]
1x Crystal Decanter with Obsidian Stopper [300gp]
3x Poorly Cut Diamonds (200gp) [600gp]
1x Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds 12/50 [540gp]
1x Mithral Chain Shirt [550gp]
1x +1 Buckler [577gp 5sp]
1x +1 Short Sword [1155gp]
1x Masterwork Hand Crossbow [200gp]
1x Reaper’s Mask [6000gp]
1x Fine Painting [200gp]
1x Spellbook containing Blink, Cat’s Grace, Chill Touch, Enlarge Person, Fox’s Cunning, Grease, Haste, Lightning Bolt, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Scorching Ray, Shocking Grasp, Shrink Item, Spider Climb and Web [675gp]
1x Rare Fairy Tale Book [500gp]

Running Total: 82817gp 5sp

Part Seven: Shadows of Time
1x Large +1 Scythe [1168gp]
1x Large Cloak of Elvenkind [1250gp]
1x Tarnished Silver Ring [75gp]
1x Silver Mirror [50gp]
3x Masterwork Longsword (157gp 5sp) [315gp]
1x Impaler of Thorns [4500gp]
1x Medusa Mask [5000gp]
1x Star Medallion [1750gp]
1x Snakeskin Tunic [4000gp]
Asst. Jewelry and Gems [4200gp]
4x Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (75gp) [300gp]
1x Small +2 Kukri [4154gp]
1x Ring of Jumping [1250gp]
1x Golembane Scarab [1250gp] {Wow. I had no idea what this did until now. How is this only worth 2500 (buy price)? That’s insane.}
6,000gp/character [24,000] {I am assuming a standard 4 man group.}
33000cp [330gp]
8409sp [840gp 9sp]
100pp [1000gp]

Running Total: 115257gp 4sp

Welp. No more nice round total. Wah wah.

Join us next time on "Scottie Must Have Some Sort of Mental Imbalance!" aka "Who's Enchanting All These Ogre Hooks, and What Does a Masterwork Ogre Hook Look Like?"
It's not Mama Graul. I checked.

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Latrecis wrote:

1. Good stuff. If you have the ambition (mental imbalance) to do the whole AP, go for it. Many running the AP will never need it but every once in a while someone shows up complaining there isn't enough treasure. And it can help GM's know how adding their own treasure might impact things. Or removing it. "No, you can't find anyone willing to give you 4000gp for a magical toothpick." But...

2. This is (and will be if done for the whole AP) CHOCK FULL of spoilers which isn't called out in the thread title and the text isn't tagged. I would think the best place for this would be the Community Created thread which comes with a spoiler warning and is largely the province of GM's. Not sure what to do about it now... I would agree the thread title should suggest there are likely to be spoilers contained within. But that assumes everyone reads thread titles carefully.

3. Should you list in your assumptions this is based on the Anniversary edition (my assumption) and Pathfinder prices? There is a 3.5 (original) version of RotRL.

1. This isn't a matter of practicality. Heck, PC are nothing if not impractical. Which is why, if this theoretically loot obsessed party needs to travel to Absalom to sell this stuff, by Iomedae, they will. Also, I happen to have that Gygaxian love of cataloging (read: mental imbalance). The funny thing is, I'm not even running RotRl.

2. I will make a spoiler announcement in my next post listing stuff.

3. That was one of the original assumptions. However, a power surge knocked that out of the post and I forgot it while re-writing it.

Tacticslion wrote:


This is awesome~!

Thank you.

I'll be watching this, for sure!

Oh! The wonderful Tacticslion! I recognise you from HomeAlone's Serpent Skull thread.

Azten wrote:
There are so many silk pillows and bedsheets in some sections of the book it's just not even funny that they have no price listed.

Apparently, silk bedclothes are a dime a dozen.

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NobodysHome wrote:

Er... I'm aware of all that. What did I say that made you think otherwise?

One of the other commenters asked if the levels had settled in. I assumed that he meant "become level loss." Rereading their post, I realise I was being redundant.

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The big issue I have with the unholy water is that the party actually technically has an infinite amount of it. For practical purposes, we'll assume they loot and an move on. Unfortunately, I haven't the foggiest how much those knives would be, I am assuming the kukris are part of the statue (i.e. carven stone), and I don't know enough about the braziers to price them

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Hi. Long time lurker here. I feel the need to point out that Pathfinder negative levels never result in level loss unless you've houseruled otherwise. A temporary negative level allows for saves to remove it, while a permanent does not. Basically, think of it like ability damage and ability drain. That said, if a creature dies from permenant level drain, their resurrection spell requires a restoration tacked on.

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