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Good but title misleading


I enjoyed this book, but I may have enjoyed it more had I not been mislead by the title.

While there is encounters with the spider people Its not in my opinion enought to justify the title itself. As other reviews have said already "Blades of Mars" would have been more appropriate.

I would say that the last quarter of the book was probably the best part of the book, and really made me want to pick and read the last book in the Kane trilogy.

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A fun, light read

This is the first Planet Stories title that I have read, and to be truthful I was a little skeptical if it would be any good.

I thought that I would find the whole earthman goes to mars (and a mars that seemed a little to far fetched to boot)to be too goofy to get into.

None the less the explanation for said planet hopping as well as the fantasy version of mars was well done, and the story was a fun, easy reading romp that was full of action and indeed left me looking forward to reading the next volume in the series.

I would give it a full 5 stars because it really was a great read, but I think that 5 stars should be reserved for only the most exceptional works.